How to Get More Comments and Traffic

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When it comes to getting search engine ranking and traffic, comments are extremely crucial. You must find all possible means to ensure that you start receiving comments soonest on your blog if you haven’t been doing so at all.

Do you publish content daily, yet, you’re worried about the zero traffic which your blog has been generating so far, right? Yeah, you’ll keep getting zero traffic so far you’re not willing to implement the working strategy. You must make comment taking an essential part of your daily blogging activities.

Most veterans do get baffled on how they can continually receive blog comments from others, whereas, it’s just a simple strategy that needs to be implemented by everyone. In today’s publication, we shall itemize the main blogging strategies to be implemented to ensure that you keep receiving comments until your blog ranks well in search engines.

Here are the main strategies that will enable you to receive more comments and more traffic.

  1. Make readers admire your style of writing, making use of bullet points.
  2. Encourage your readers to leave valuable comments after the reading.
  3. Respond to all valuable comments within 24 hours, latest.
  4. Help other people solve their problems on social media, and elsewhere.
  5. Participate in question and answer platforms.
  6. Guest post for others (Niche related blogs).
  7. Read other bloggers’ posts and comment on them.

Make Readers Admire Your Style of Writing, Making Use of Bullet Points

The writing style is what really determines whether readers will visit your blog over and over again to check out the latest posts. Sometimes, you’ll think you’ve got enough subscribers on your database but you’ll discover that most people who have already subscribed to your list have not been clicking through let alone reading the posts on your blog.

If this is the case about making people read blog posts, then you must change your style of writing to a pro writing style so you can generate more readers to your blog while satisfying the readers’ appetites through your blog content.

One indisputable fact we all cannot deny is that readers find it so boring to sit back reading down the page, whereas, there are bloggers who create the kind of content that people will always love to read over and over again.

In order to make readers fall in love with your content,

  • Use bulleted or numbered lists across your blog posts.
  • Don’t write ambiguously.
  • Feel your readers’ feelings.
  • Make awesome promises in your introduction and fulfill them in the content body.
  • Make your content practicable for both the newbie and veteran struggling bloggers.
  • Always write well-researched posts on your blog.
  • Always make your content informative and engaging.
  • Make your content more chatty for the audience.

Encourage Your Readers to Leave Valuable Comments After the Reading

It’s the practice of pro bloggers asking their audiences to leave some comments after the reading. This is one of the strategies adopted and implemented by authority bloggers to build engagement with their readers and it really works out for them. They continue to implement this strategy as they keep getting nice results.

Though it’s really good to receive more comments through blog posts, the quantity of comments doesn’t matter when it comes to building engagement for ranking purpose. Instead of counting the number of comments you’ve been receiving so far, you should rather focus on ensuring the quality of the comments that people leave on your blog.

Some veterans never knew that Google penalizes and lowers rankings for invaluable and irrelevant comments. Some just want to keep counting and always see a continued increase in the number of comments that comes in not minding the relevance and authenticity at all and such people end up getting lower rankings in search engines which is highly frustrating.

Respond to all Valuable Comments Within 24 Hours, Latest

How long does it take you to respond to the authentic and valuable comments that you’ve received on your blog? How do you measure those comments to determine their authenticity? Well, different pro bloggers adopt different measures and criteria to determining how authentic and valuable a comment is and make an appropriate judgment.

Points to consider when deciding on which comments to approve and which to disapprove should include:

  • How topically-relevant the comments are
  • How authentic and valuable the comments are
  • The minimum length of the comments which shouldn’t be shorter than 50 words each
  • The minimum number of paragraphs which shouldn’t be less than 2 paragraphs each
  • The originality and uniqueness of the comments (Must not be plagiarized)
  • Whether the comments are contributing to the discussion or not.

Several bloggers don’t really have the time to respond to the comments people passionately leave on their blogs and, thus, leave those people frustrated after days, weeks, and even months of refusing to approve those comments let alone responding to them.

Normally, it shouldn’t take more than 24 hours of receiving a comment to reply. This will keep the audience very active and motivated to leave more comments from time to time. Put yourself exactly in the shoes of a blog commenter who passionately drops a comment on your blog with the hope of getting a response in earnest but who wouldn’t get any response even for days and weeks.

Help Other People Solve Their Problems on Social Media, and Elsewhere

People do have problems that they believe they can get solutions to on social media platforms. Thus, you need a lot of passion to help others solve one problem or the other through social engagement and this is simply part of the good strategies to build a blog audience.

So far the passion is there, you wouldn’t feel reluctant to always be on the lookout for those who need your help and will surely be willing to help at all costs. Once the passion is found in you, they won’t hesitate to follow you back to your blog and will read posts as well as leave comments.

You’ll simply need to work between the most powerful and most commonly used social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. If you can leverage these social channels optimally as they’re used by millions of people out there, you’ll successfully build an ideal audience for your blog with time.

Participate in Question and Answer Platforms

When it comes to building a blog audience, participating in question and answer platforms like is excellent. This particular platform has gone a long way in that it’s used by millions of bloggers out there for building links and generating more followers to their blogs.

Though there are so many similar platforms whereby you can answer niche related questions, is somewhat more superb than others.

According to a recent research conducted on Google, it was discovered that is currently the best and greatest “Question and answer” platform in the online world that has the highest page rank among its counterparts. Hardly will you find an authority blogger in the online world that is not using

Guest Post for Others (Niche Related Blogs)

Have you ignorantly considered or viewed guest posting for others a waste of time? If yes, it’s not a waste of time, but a working strategy to pull in more traffic from other bloggers who have higher ranking and traffic than you do.

Without guest posting at all, it’s difficult to rank in search engines and it will surely take quite a long time to build your blog all alone without minding to tap from the success of others.

Once you’re convinced to start writing guest posts for authority blogs, contact any authority blogger through the site contact box and submit a convincing proposal. A typical example of what you’ll need to state in your proposal is a kind of proposal that will clearly state that you have an excellent idea to write about for them and wouldn’t hesitate writing an informative piece of content on it.

In most cases, you’ll be considered to write a guest post with such a proposal sent forward.

Read Other Bloggers’ Posts and Comment on Them

Reading other people’s posts as well as commenting on them is the simplest strategy to pull in more traffic and comments to your blog. It’s easier to get noticed through the comments you leave on other people’s blogs than just restricting your blogging activities to article writing alone.

How it works is that you’ll be commenting on other people’s blog posts frequently and the blog owners will begin to notice you. Without relenting at all, you’ll surely start getting mentions on their blogs and this will boost your organic traffic.

All of a sudden, they’ll start visiting your blog to check out the posts you’ve published and, on visits, they’ll surely leave some valuable comments. As time rolls by, all the people who have been consistently following them through their blog posts will also follow you back to your blog and read some of the posts on your blog as well as leave comments. It’s a great strategy to build a blog audience.

10 thoughts on “How to Get More Comments and Traffic”

  1. I can’t agree more with you. I have experienced that, when a post of mine receives comments, it is quickly indexed by Google. So, I usually request people to comment on my posts so that they can be quickly indexed by google.

    • Wow, Charles! You’ve got it right with getting your blog posts indexed so quickly! By requesting comments regularly, you’ll increase your rankings and get more traffic to your blog. Thanks for reaching out, my friend!

      Israel Olatunji

  2. Great article, it’s a lovely read on how to attract visitors on a new page, just another question. Do you know any specific way to find bloggers whose blogs you can comment on to get yourself, visitors, I myself am new to this therefore still have a lot of learning to do. I have recently made a blog on headsets where I will be reviewing different headphones for gaming, travel and sports use.

    • Thanks for your comment, Nirdeep! You’re much welcome. When it comes to getting sites too comment on, the newly-launched Site Comment 2.0 will take care of that. On the WA Site Comment 2.0 platform, you’ll have the opportunity to offer as many comments as you want per day and can even request a lot of comments with your cash and community credits. Why not leverage that platform? It’s far better than looking around for which site to comment on. Thanks for the visiting!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. That’s a great article! You went to a great length to show what exactly needs to be done for more traffic and comments. Anyone can learn a lot in here – I did!

    It’s a shame to admit, but I haven’t been able to reply to my comments in 24 hours every single time.
    Something to work on!

    Thank you so much for sharing this post.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Boby! Much grateful! Those comments count a lot in what constitutes site and visitor engagement and it would be quite difficult to rank well in Google without doing much of engagement on your blog.

      Responding to all comments within 24 hours is easier than you think. It seems to be difficult sometimes when you haven’t laid hands on it yet. You just have to plan your time schedule economically to ensure that you observe all of your daily blogging routines without missing one at all.

      Thanks for the engagement opportunity!
      Israel Olatunji

  4. This is such a great and useful article especially for the people like me who are new on online business. Your article is really helpful and I will share it with other fellow as well. Thank you for such a great read.

    • You’re much welcome, Sarah. Thanks for finding my posts useful! Much grateful! As you’re now into blogging, you must build your blog on solid blogging fundamentals which means you’ll have to follow pro bloggers in order to start getting pro blogging results from your blog soonest.

      You must ensure you publish an article on your blog daily while you build engagement with your blog audience. Google ranks blogs based on these parameters. You’ll get more of these in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead.

      Thanks for the engagement!

      Israel Olatunji

  5. Thanks for this valuable article. Surely, it has given me ideas to generate more visits and reviews on my posts. I liked your advice on participating in Q&A sessions and writing guest posts and reading through other’s blogs and leaving valuable comments on them.

    Look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Rudolph! Much appreciated! Yeah, participating in “Question & Answer” sessions such as will help you boost exposure in the online world and will eventually increase the number of comments you receive on your blog daily, weekly, and monthly.

      Aside from gaining much more blogging experience from other people’s blogs, you’ll certainly meet your ideal blog audience when you visit other niche-related blogs, read posts and comment on posts.

      Wish you much success!

      Israel Olatunji


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