How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

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When comments begin to roll in, it symbolizes that you have some quality and informative content on your blog and readers get satisfied at reading your blog posts.

It also gives pointers to those visitors (Who visit your blog) that you’re getting some quality traffic on your blog and it would be a good place for them to visit frequently. The tons of comments you receive daily will speak positively on your behalf as people will believe in you that you’re highly-responsible to others with the way you’re engaging and helping them.

Google and other major search engines will also believe in you that people are visiting because you have some quality, helpful and engaging content on your blog. And they’ll start improving your blog in search results.

Some veterans do outreach as well as comment on other people’s blogs though, they drop poops in the comments they leave and, so, most of their comments will be deleted. They will not be able to build any relationship and they will not get comments back to their own blogs. They are poor at engaging other people. Eventually, they will not get better rankings in search engines

How to Increase Blog Comments
How to Increase Blog Comments

When you visit other people’s blogs, not for the sake of learning more, contributing your own quotas to the discussions going on in the comment sections, building bonds with blogging buddies nor getting quality backlinks, but for some selfish interest, you won’t be able to achieve your selfish goal because it does not work that way. It won’t work out.

Though blog comments are no longer followed nor indexed by search engines as search algorithms have been re-updated long ago and all WordPress site comments have been set to “Nofollow” by default, there are still lots of SEO benefits to gain from commenting genuinely on niche related blogs some of which include:

  • building strong bonds with authority bloggers
  • building trust through genuine and authentic comments
  • getting noticed by other bloggers
  • connecting to online influencers
  • connecting to blogging buddies
  • receiving comments to your own blog in return (Law of reciprocity)
  • getting high-quality backlinks to your own blogs
  • getting refferal traffic, and lots of such other SEO benefits.

There are a lot of tactics you can implement to start getting more quality comments to your blog, some of which are:

  1. Reading posts on other niche-related blogs
  2. Encouraging your RSS subscribers to comment on your posts
  3. Tweeting the posts on your blog and that of others
  4. Submitting proposals to write guest posts
  5. Helping other people genuinely
How to Increase Blog Comments
How to Increase Blog Comments

1. Reading Posts on Other Niche-Related Blogs

Have you ever attempted to visit other people’s blogs purposely to read posts on their blogs? Do you get the time doing that at all since you’ve started blogging? If no, then your blogging is not perfect yet. You are not doing it right yet. I’m not condemning all you’ve been doing so far, but you still have much more to accomplish in the course of blogging. It’s part of the working strategies in blogging.

When I started out with my first blog, I noticed I couldn’t write with ease and I learned all along that creating content consistently and frequently is part of what leads to getting better ranking in search engines and what gives the readers a better user-experience.

So, your publishing frequency must be kept up to date, whereas, I couldn’t find it easy creating content at all times despite the fact that I chose my interest as my blog niche. Then, I began to check out some niche-related blogs out there to see what bloggers in my niche have been doing on their blogs so far. I was so eager to know how conveniently some people could keep their publishing frequency up to date from time to time without breaking it at all.

I figured out that the best strategy to finding content creation so easy is visiting other people’s blogs and trying to read posts on their blogs too. When I began to implement this strategy, I started to see some improvements in my writing. That was how I discovered that I had to blog with passion forgetting any financial advantage thereabout.

How to Increase Blog Comments
How to Increase Blog Comments

2. Encouraging Your RSS Subscribers to Comment on Your Posts

Do you have RSS subscribers that receive updates whenever you publish a new post on your blog? This is one of the good strategies pro bloggers implemented to increase the readership on their blogs. Their blog posts get delivered to the RSS subscribers automatically on publishing new posts and they gain more readership thereafter. Pros believed so much in working strategies and they stepped up in the blogging world easily by implementing those strategies.

Some bloggers do use the lead magnet opt-in plugin form to get hundreds of subscribers to their blogs by giving a free offer in the form of free downloads or newsletters in exchange for people’s email subscriptions. It really worked out for most bloggers out there. If it never worked out for some people, it could be because they didn’t know how to engage their subscribers. That is where the problem lies.

When you build more engagement with your subscribers, they will trust you more and more, read your blog posts from time to time and comment on your blog posts genuinely. It’s a hidden secret formula strategy for building audience engagement, and for increasing comments on a blog.

3. Tweeting Posts on Your Blog and That of Others

Though I’ve met with some people who don’t really love using Twitter, maybe, due to the use of hash tags or something else. Well, Twitter is a great source of generating social media traffic which, of course, leads to generating much organic traffic on a daily basis.

The use of hash tags in posts isn’t a big deal as most people handled it. Hash tags are simply used in the headlines so that they come out more quickly and faster in search results than the headlines which do not bear hashtags at all (Period), though there are still some disadvantages in using it.

If you have a Twitter account, start leveraging the platform to drive both social media and organic traffic to your blog faster than you can imagine. You can also leverage the Twitter Ads marketing as well. This is almost more productive than most other popular social media advertising platforms.

How to Increase Blog Comments
How to Increase Blog Comments

4. Submitting Proposals to Write Guest Posts

Have you been on the lookout for guest post invitations from authority bloggers but to no avail? Never worry at all. You are not going to continue looking out for that any longer. Were you surprised to hear that statement from me? Never get bothered about receiving guest post invitations from anyone. You are going to focus on what matters. And that is basically on:

  • Creating quality and informative content frequently
  • Building engagement with your readers
  • Helping other people genuinely in your blog posts, on social media, in forum discussions and everywhere else
  • Outreaching effectively
  • Commenting genuinely on other people’s blogs and lots more.

It may take several months or even years to build up an authority blog, and as you go along the way, you’ll be coming across buddies who are already rocking their blogs and making the most of them in the online world. They will challenge you, motivate you and boost your morale to push forward.

5. Helping Other People Genuinely

This is another crucial blogging strategy, yet, a lot of bloggers don’t implement it. And aside from that, most veterans never understood the efficacy of helping other people genuinely.

Do you actually ask people to return any favor you do for them one time or the other? Maybe you offered someone some valuable comments and you expected the favor to be returned back at all costs. Would you be referred to as a passionate blogger at all? Would you be ready to help other people without expecting anything from them at all?

Blogging comes with passion. The earlier you follow the blogging passion, the better your blogging fortune in the nearest future! When you help someone out of a problem or the other, you should not expect anything in return. Let the blogging passion be reflected in you and let other people see the passion in you as well. Let the law of reciprocity take effect.

How to Increase Blog Comments
How to Increase Blog Comments


Do you regularly receive comments on your blog without requesting for such from other people at all times? I’m not saying it’s bad to request for comments from fellow bloggers.

Do you receive comments naturally to your blog as a result of your passion for helping other people solve their problems, offering free and authentic comments to them, helping them answer questions on related platforms as well as building bonds with them.

Comments are a great ranking tool as Google believes in you being a responsible and passionate blogger based on the quality of the comments you receive on your blog. The more of quality comments you receive on your blog, the higher your ranking in Google and other major search engines!

By implementing working strategies as stated above, you will naturally begin to receive quality and authentic comments on your blog and you will get better ranking in Google with time once you’re consistent in doing this.

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  1. Hi Isreal,

    Thanks for recommending me to read this post of yours. I am always a silent reader to many websites and rarely leave any comments. It is only in recent months that I started to do so. You are correct on the Law of Reciprocity. I do receive comments on my site in return. But if I don’t it is absolutely fine. I have learned long ago to give without expecting anything in return – there will be a big surprise in store.

    All the BEST to you and continue with your helpful articles.

    • Glad to hear from you, Sharon! Kudos to you for the reading! Yes, the law of reciprocity will surely take effect so far you’ve implemented the proven and working strategies. Thanks for the visit!

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji


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