How to Get More Organic Traffic for Your Website

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What do you understand by the term “Organic traffic”? Organic traffic is the traffic you generate from search results which is different from the type you generate from paid Ads or social media. When someone searches on Google or on any other major search engine for something, and your website happens to come up in search results, the traffic you get from that is known as organic traffic.

Now, you want your website to start showing up in search engine result pages (SERPs), right? What’s the right strategy for actualizing this? How can your site gain online popularity and skyrocket in search results? We shall be talking about this more and more in this post.

It usually takes some time, effort and little expenses to build site traffic but while putting in the effort, dedicating the time as well as incurring the little expenses, it’s worth noting what can make this work out faster. These are called working tactics. And we shall be looking into this in order to save a lot of people from remaining a struggling veteran blogger for so long.

In today’s publication, I’ll show you 7 working tactics that will help you build organic traffic for your site.

  1. Create high-quality and informative content
  2. Publish content every day
  3. Engage your site audience passionately
  4. Engage your social media audience generously
  5. Share posts on social media and link posts internally
  6. Build inbound links and improve your Google PageRank
  7. Help and promote authority bloggers
  8. Offer guest posts to higher PageRank Sites

Create High-Quality and Informative Content

When it comes to getting more organic traffic, content is king. If you believe you’re weak at writing, then devise the helpful strategies shortlisted for you in this publication and make sure you work on it consistently.

You need to implement the working strategies in order to improve Google ranking for your website. Strategizing content will help you achieve your blogging goal. Writing many blog posts will guarantee search engine ranking as you wouldn’t know which of the posts will rank fast in search engines.

Some experts believe you can rank well with your content whether you’re receiving comments on your blog posts or not. Experientially, I found this to be true. So far your content is topically-relevant, helpful and fully-informative, you’re guaranteed to rank whether you do engagement or not.

One thing you must note about ranking with content is that it speeds up with engagement and will rank well so far it’s published frequently and of length 1000+ words each.

So, if you must build content alone for ranking purpose, then you must write a topically-related article of 2000+ words every day. That’s the mystery about ranking your site with content. That’s how content works for search engine ranking with or without engagement.

Publish Content Every Day

Whilw building out your site with content, note that it would be necessary to publish on a daily basis, not once in a blue moon. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there with Alexa Ranks 5/10, 6/10, 7/10, 8/10, 9/10 and all of that.

Conversely, there are sites with ranks 1/10 and below. Check your Alexa rank and find out if you’re well on your way to the top ranking position in Google.

From the onset, try and write every day and make sure this is done persistently lest you relent in the job of working towards your blogging goal.

Engage Your Site Audience Passionately

How do you engage your audience? Do you try to engage your readers with passion? If you want to speed up your search engine ranking, it becomes easy by engaging your audience passionately. Even if you can only cope with writing articles of length1000+, you’ll rank with ease so far engagement is added.

When it comes to building a Google PageRank, you either stay active writing content alongside building engagement or writing content alongside building links.

If you must work diligently on writing content and building engagement, then try and add a little extra efforts on building links in order to improve your Google ranking.

Engage Your Social Media Audience Generously

Do you leverage social media platforms to build some traffic? What has been your experience since the media went fully monetized? It’s no longer easy to generate social traffic like ever except by building engagement with your social media audience.

To make the most out of the media these days, you’ll have to stay active in helping other people solve their problems.

Share Posts on Social Media and Link Posts Internally

Sharing blog posts on social media can equally help you build your site for search engine ranking. This is part of the top 200 ranking factors in Google’s search algorithm. And aside from that, you can link posts within a website to boost traffic. It’s a proven strategy.

Google looks into how you’ve added social value to your site and how many people link to your site from the numerous social media sites.

Build Inbound Links and Improve Your Google PageRank

Inbound links are links that redirect people from an external web page to your own site. The essence of building external links for your website is to improve your Alexa rank.

The highest PageRank you can achieve in Google is 10/10 and this is achievable with content and links – the two most crucial ranking signals in Google’s search algorithm.

Help and Promote Authority Bloggers

Create connections with the pros and promote them without expecting anything in return. Promote authority bloggers in your blog posts, in your social media posts, in forum posts, and everywhere else.

Give niche-related authority bloggers free mentions in your blog posts, on pages, and offer attention-grabbing comments to them on a consistent basis. Link to their sites from your blog whenever you want to comment on any of their posts.

Offer Guest Posts to Higher PageRank Sites

Through guest posting, you can build tons of targeted traffic to your site. If you wouldn’t count this as a waste of time, then you’ll easily make the most out of it.

Never wanted to remain a struggling veteran blogger for a very long time, right? Would like to improve a PageRank for your blog? Then, consider offering guest posts for niche-related authority bloggers and get the traffic/links back to your site.


Having read the post about getting targeted traffic to your site, why not decide to implement the shortlisted strategies and start getting results.

If you ever need a hand with anything going forward, don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the box below and I’d be more than happy to respond in earnest.

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  1. This is very helpful for my own blog. I can testify that your methods work quite well. One thing I want to talk about though is the “low-hanging fruit” keywords. If you have a keyword research tool of some sort, you can find keywords that people search up and have low amounts of sites ranking for it. I personally found that my articles that use these keywords rank crazy fast. Fastest being within a day of posting it.


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