How To Get Ranked In Google

Do you own a website and would want to get top rankings within a few weeks? Have you been performing the various SEO activities to get first page rankings in search engines? How far have you gone in working on your site?

How far have you gone in writing content? Have you been getting zero traffic despite all efforts? Issues related to website development and rankings will be discussed today in this post.

When it comes to getting ranked in Google, you have a lot to do on your site. Getting ranked isn’t a problem if you don’t create a problem. You wouldn’t be bothered about ranking at all, but will be focusing all of your attention on building out your site using certain SEO skills.

Why must you undergo online entrepreneurial training? Why must you get trained prior to starting out online? If you don’t get trained first, you will certainly give up because your natural ideas wouldn’t help out.

Online business entails a lot of technicalities and these must be fashioned out first before starting the money making process. How would you be able to tackle these without getting started the right way?

Part of what you will be learning from online entrepreneurial training is that, while starting a brand online, you must work hard for the first two months before expecting anything at all.

You start from zero traffic, but grow this gradually from that zero level till you get your site indexed. Once you get indexed, you start building out your site for rankings.

How To Get Your Website Noticed By Google

To get your website noticed by search engines, you need to narrow your focus based on site engagement. There are several factors that truly lead to the ranking of your site, but site engagement is the most crucial activity to get top rankings in earnest.

If you sheepishly follow the guide in this post, you will be on your way to getting your website noticed by search engines soonest and tons of traffic will be delivered to your site from time to time if you wouldn’t relent your efforts.

To ensure that you get ranked in 1-2 months, start working on your site fervently in the area of audience/social engagement, and post regularly.

Posting regularly and engaging your audience thoroughly will help a lot in building site trust. More trust equals more rankings and more traffic.

Once you don’t allow anything to distract your attention from the mission, you will achieve maximum success within 1-2 months and will teach hundreds of people how to do the same.

To achieve the best of audience engagement, encourage visitors to leave comments on your site and reply all comments within 24 hours to drive in more comments. Ensure that you receive comments to all of your posts.

This proves to search engines that you are fully committed to your audience and can be trusted. It further proves that you have quality and engaging content on your site.

Get Found By Google

Once your website gets found by Google, you have ranking considerations in the sight of search engines.

Getting your site found by search engines is the maiden step in the ranking process. It’s not difficult to achieve this in two months if you really want to make your way up in online business.

One of the strategies which has been discussed earlier that will help you get ranked in Google is creating quality and helpful content while engaging your audience.

If you would ask many internet entrepreneurs, they will tell you never to focus attention only on content writing, proving to you that you can never get traffic from that alone.

If you have come across such internet entrepreneurs, congratulate yourself. Literally, when you are just starting out with a brand, you wouldn’t be getting traffic no matter how lengthy and keyword-rich your content might be.

You should carefully note that for the first few days of starting out online, your traffic may be at zero. At this juncture, you may start thinking that you are making losses.

You only lose when you give up“, says Hassaan Khan.

If you had got started properly, you would have learned that newly-branded websites have 0% trust with the search engines.

When you continue posting regularly and engage your audience from time to time, you will start building site trust and search engines will begin to improve your site in search results.

Though social engagement may help speed up search rankings, if you don’t create enough time and effort on link building and content creation, you will be missing out as far as getting ranked is concerned.

Get Ranked In Google

Prior to getting your website ranked in Google and other search engines, you need to start building trust. What do I mean by building trust?

Newly created and branded websites are not usually trusted by search engines not until they see you prove really that you can post articles regularly and engage your audience passionately. This matters a lot to Google and other search engines and it’s used as a determinant for trusting in your brand and getting your site ranked.

The earlier you understand this fact, the better it’s going to be in the interest of your business. This is what leads to giving up on the part of most people just starting out in the online business world.

Online business is far different from offline business in many ways. You can open a shop today offline and start selling right away so far your shop is located in a marketable place. This is not the case with online business. You have a lot of things to do to make your online business boom.

Before you can start making sales at all, you need to work zealously on your website and keep that up for the first few weeks of starting out. While venturing into online business, you need to understand that your website is not yet visible to anyone the first day, but only to yourself.

Now that you have understood this, you would want to get your website visible to the world and accessible by everyone. So, you should start building out your site with quality and engaging content.

How To Get Paid By Google

When you get ranked in Google and other search engines, how do you get paid by Google? The ranking of your website by Google and other search engines pays tons of targeted traffic to your ranked or trusted website especially if you can keep up the great work you’ve been doing on your site that led you to getting ranked.

At this stage of your online business, your website will have become a source of online revenue for you and you will be getting enough income to boost your morale further.

Are you still confused about how you will be getting paid by Google? Do you even understand what the ranking of your website by Google means and how it’s relevant to the success of your website?

The ranking of your website is the payment you get from Google. The ranking ensures that your site gets the best search engine visibility in the online world and you make cool money in diverse ways due to that.

Once your website gets ranked, it’s high time you started monetizing it with affiliate products and Google advertisements. The revenue you earn from Google advertisements alone would be a piece of cake for you when you compare the revenue that comes in from it to that which comes from other sources.

Whether a source of revenue is a piece of cake or not, you will just be earning hundreds of dollars from your website.


Now that you’ve got your website ranked by Google, let me be the first person to congratulate you on your success.

At this stage, you’ve just started a journey afresh to financial freedom and you will be watching your income grow day by day including the night hours.

Are you surprised to hear that you will be making money even while sleeping? Yes, you will be making money even while sleeping and that continues and grows forever so far you don’t stop posting.

Should you have any question you want to ask on getting your site ranked in Google or on any other issue related to Google rankings, don’t hesitate filling out the form below and I will be more than happy to reply you as soon as I receive your message.

We truly care about you and your financial success. Do you want to test us out? Would you love to start a journey to financial freedom today?


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10 Comments on “How To Get Ranked In Google”

  1. Wow, very helpful and motivating information! It took me a while for my site to be ranked and I kept on wondering why? What do you have to do for your website to be on the first page on google? And how do you start earning income after your website has been ranked?

    1. Thanks for contributing your own positive quotas to the discussion, Sunewako! Congratulations to you on getting your website ranked in search engines?

      This is a great achievement on your own part and you are now in the right position to encourage hundreds of newbie bloggers out there to buckle down in building out their blogs the right way.

      Getting a first Page Rank is quite cumbersome following the way of the masses, but takes only a little while following the broken-down tips you’re going to learn through the links below.

      Read through the posts and you will be amazed at the sudden speed rise in the rate at which your site will begin to skyrocket to the first Page in Google.
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      Get Paid To Post Comments
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      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  2. Dear Israel,

    Thanks for this article! This is definitely helpful information and good to know when starting a blog or a website. I do have a question regarding google rankings: Imagine I have a post ranked on google page 3 after publishing it. However, I want to push it on page 1.

    Is there any chance to do so? Moreover, is it better to write articles with a high word count (e.g. >2k, 3k words) or is it enough to write articles with around 500-1k words?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Mia,

      Thanks for reading my post! Getting a first Page Rank in Google does not happen in such an easy way but you simply build out your site for it. If your site is currently showing up on page 3, then you still need much more work to do to boost it to a first page ranking.

      The ranking speed of your website depends solely on the SEO skills and techniques you would be putting in place. It wouldn’t happen overnight but as you build out your blog with quality and helpful content while engaging visitors, you build site trust and search engines start improving your rank in search results over time.

      Some bloggers believe that you get top rankings only when you write articles of lengths 2000+ words whereas other bloggers don’t believe at all that word count matters in determining ranking factors.

      What’s the way out to getting first page rankings? What is the determinant ranking factor for getting a first Page Rank in Google?

      To learn more about Google’s top ranking factors, kindly visit the pages below and you will be getting more light into these.

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  3. I’ve just built a blog with WordPress and was hoping you could show me some ways to get ranked on Google. It wasn’t clear to me in your article on how to go about this – I mean the technical side of things. I’ve just transferred from Wix to using WordPress so it’s quite a learning curve here.

    Can you point me to some specific guidelines? I would appreciate your help.

    1. Thanks for reading my post about getting ranked in Google, Cathy! In the first place, I want you to know that you have taken the right step by switching to WordPress. When it comes to blogging, WordPress is the best platform in the world. Pro-bloggers use the platform too.

      Getting your site a first Page Rank would be the next target after getting indexed and achieving that is an easy process if you are ready to learn it, but a difficult task if you wouldn’t be ready to learn the right approach.

      Now that you are ready to start working on getting your site a first Page Rank in Google, head on to the pages below and start riding the boat right away. You will be glad you read.

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      Get Paid To Post Comments

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  4. Dear Israel,

    What a wonderful publication on getting Google ranking! I have learned a lot and the article was very easy to read and I actually made notes! There is always something for us to learn and I learned something today from reading your article!

    I am definitely bookmarking your website as one to follow up on and I am wondering what you will be writing about next?

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for appreciating my writing stuff, Easy-moneys! Kudos for making notes while reading my post, though this seems to be more of feedback than a comment! Did you learn something about how you can get your site a first Page Rank?

      Let me know what you learned from this post and don’t hesitate leaving a comment below enumerating some of those things you have noted from the post.

      To perfect your reading, try and learn straight away how you can quickly turn your passion into a thriving online business by reading through the posts below:

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      Wish you much success,


  5. Great information and guidance. I definitely learned a lot from this simple article. Definitely going to follow what you said and continue making good content on a consistent basis. Hopefully, Google ranks my stuff soon!

    Just wondering, how long did it take for you to earn your first revenue through Google?

    1. In as much as you are ready to build out your site with quality and engaging content as well as engage visitors who leave comments on your site promptly, be rest assured that you will get ranked soonest. You will be focusing all attentions on these without relenting at all and will find out one day on rising that you have been ranked in Google. If you’ve been working 4 hours a day before, try and increase your working hours by 100% and you will be glad you did.

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