How to Get Subscribers for Your Blog

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When it comes to running a blog successfully, getting subscribers is one of the key elements and this becomes if certain tactics can be implemented. In as much as there’s nothing we do on earth now that’s is new again, we can always learn from other people who have likely things we do.

Since we know we share no single idea in blogging that no one has ever shared, it becomes a possibility that we can tap from other people’s ideas in whatever we do even in writing articles as I’m doing right now on this blog but must try to be unique in all respect, meaning that we must imitate but do so in our own unique versions to ensure we do things distinctively.

Getting subscribers too is not a new thing no one has ever done. Obviously and indisputably, thousands of bloggers who had been into blogging decades before you thought of blogging at all had implemented strategies for getting subscribers and many wrote articles on how this can be done for any other blog. Thus, you do things with ease when you try to learn by imitation.

In today’s publication, I’ll show you the key tactics for getting lots of potential subscribers for your blogging empire. Such practicable tactics will surely bring forth good dividends in the short run.

These are what you can do to get more subscribers for your blog daily:

  1. Be vibrant while writing and create content naturally
  2. Feel your readers’ feelings during the course of writing
  3. Be a problem solver with your content
  4. Install an email subscription form on your blog and place it where readers can easily find it
  5. Ask your readers to subscribe and follow you through an email subscription form
  6. Build site engagement with your readers
  7. Build email engagement with your subscribers
  8. Remove inactive subscribers from your subscriber database after 3-4 times of reaching out to them
  9. Build social engagement with your fans
  10. Publish frequently (Preferably daily)

Be Vibrant While Writing and Create Content Naturally

I’ve always discovered that I write better and more wonderfully only when I try to be natural and vibrant. I always see that it flows more easily with writing when I do it naturally and passionately than when I just want to write for a specific purpose in my mind. Writing entails being natural in order to do it more productively.

Many people couldn’t figure out that they have what it takes to build productively. Immersing yourself into one thing in life is the only challenging part. Once you’ve successfully immersed yourself into the writing, you will hardly relent from doing it.

Feel Your Readers’ Feelings During the Course of Writing

It’s very important that you feel your readers’ feelings while writing as this would be the only feasible way to really get them captivated. Trying to figure out what your audience might be going through in their own businesses will help you fine-tune your content in the direction where readers’ appetites can be satisfied.

You wouldn’t be concerned about what you would like to write alone but what your readers would want to read in your content. Once you can get this fugured out, winning is yours.

Be a Problem Solver with Your Content

You must bear in mind to be a problem solver while creating content as this would be the reason subscribers would need to keep reading actively whenever you publish a new post on your blog.

Once they know they’ll feed from you, your blog will surely become a dining hall they can’t do but visit on a daily basis. They’ll be left with no option other than checking out the latest posts on your blog.

Install an Email Subscription Form on Your Blog and Place it Where Readers can Easily Find it

To ensure that people subscribe to your feeds, you need to install and activate a sutable email subscription plugin to your blog and place that where visitors can quickly find it. They will never need to be told before they’ll subscribe to receive all of the new posts and updates on your blog.

When the potential readers find out that you have a lot of informative content on your blog, they wouldn’t hesitate to subscribe to your list.

Ask Your Readers to Subscribe and Follow You Through an Email Subscription Form

Endeavor to remind the readers to subscribe for the latest posts on your blog and ask them to follow suit. You can easily win the readers’ minds once they’ve found your blog an indispensable tool for their business. This is why you must make frantic effort to write informative and engaging posts at all times.

You must be consistent for you to expect consistency in your subscribers. When they see that you’re an active blogger, they’ll emulate you by being active as well. When they always see you active, they’ll automatically share from that weakness too.

Build Site Engagement with Your Readers

Site engagement has the uttermost importance when it comes to building readership and getting more active email subsribers for your blog.

So, you must figure out the best strategy for doing a lot of engagement on your site so you can improve your Alexa rank and, thus, get a drastic increase in the number of active subscribers you get on your blog.

Build Email Engagement with Your Subscribers

Email engagement is as crucial as site engagement as this would form part of the basis for improving your rankings too. This will let you focus on the active subscribers and give you the opportunity to remove the inactive ones from your list.

The moment you find that some of the subscribers on your list are no longer clicking through let alone reading, don’t hesitate to remove them from the list.

Remove Inactive Subscribers from Your Subscriber Database after 3-4 Times of Reaching Out to Them

Why must you remove the inactive email subscribers from your database? When you keep sending emails to the inactive subscribers, it affects your trust flow and overall Alexa ranking as you’ll be seen and treated as an email spammer. So, in order to keep your trust flow and domain authority intact, you’ll need to remove the inactive ones from your subscriber database.

Be cautious before removing anyone from the list lest you remove a good subscriber unjustly.

Build Social Engagement with Your Fans

As you’ve read in some of the latest posts on this blog, building followership is not all you’ll have to focus upon alone on social media but engagement.

When you start receiving some comments on your social media posts, respond to those comments as soon as you can and keep your fans fully engaged. This will definitely increase your Alexa ranking and you’ll have become an authority blogger before you know it.

Publish Frequently (Preferably daily)

Do you really want your subscribers to see you as a passionate blogger? Would you like Google spiders to visit your blog over and over again at constant intervals? This is what happens when you try to publish content daily.

I’m also aware that to so many veterans out there, writing daily would be a daunting task, whereas, it’s not one you believe you can start doing it. Before you know it, writing will become like a mere hobby or the most favorite meal to you; something you cannot do without doing on a daily basis.


Sending an email should start along with blogging from the first day as every blog comes with zero visitors. So, when you try to build a subscriber database for your blog, you’ll start getting some appreciable traffic on your blog from there and this will keep you going until your blog skyrockets on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Having gone through the entire post, you may have one or more questions to ask based on how you can get more active subscribers for you blog. If so, don’t hesitate to leave a comment using the comment box below and earnestly expect a quick response from me.

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  1. I absolutely need to implement this especially with the upcoming programs I’m running. Thanks for your great tips! One thing with email marketing is that you don’t have to send out value emails only from your blog. You could probably send emails leading to other websites that have great content related to your niche. 


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