How to Get Your Blog Noticed

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You’ve created a blog but didn’t know how to get it noticed, right? You need to realize that a blogging journey never finishes. It continues in a lifetime. So, it becomes necessary to build it from scratch so that it won’t end up in mess.

Many blogs have become a dumping refuse today because they couldn’t get noticed on time. And several veterans who also started well have given up and quit finally today.

If you really want to get your blog noticed in search engines, you’ll need some form of commitment and dedication to your business in writing articles, building engagement with the blog readers, helping people on social media, outreaching to other bloggers out there, making forum posts and many more.

In today’s publication, we shall discuss how you can get your blog noticed by both the search engines and the individual bloggers out there. I believed you’ll agree with me that these two categories are important when it comes to getting a blog noticed:

  • The blog owner
  • Search Engines
In order to ensure that your blog gets found on time, here are useful blogging tips that your blog needs to grow:
  1. Follow pro bloggers sheepishly
  2. Learn by imitation
  3. Build engagement with your target audience
  4. Promote top bloggers everywhere
  5. Apply the right content strategy into your blog
  6. Add videos to your blog content to improve a page rank within Google
  7. Contact the top bloggers in your niche and submit guest post proposals.

Follow Pro Bloggers Sheepishly

Following pro bloggers sheepishly for a very long time results in getting pro blogging results. It also results in getting found easily. When I started out, I didn’t know much about blogging, so I had to follow the top bloggers so I could learn more from them. I actually did and learned a great deal.

I was visiting their blogs to read posts and leave comments. Along the line, I began to discover that pro within myself more and more and, before I knew what was going on, I had already begun speaking and writing like a pro. Then, I was able to figure out that without following the pros, one can never see pro blogging results.

Learn by Imitation

Aside from blogging, if you just want to be an expert in anything you do or want to start doing in life, you still have to learn first by imitation. Certainly, no one can stop you the moment you’ve made up your mind to achieve it despite critics and their criticisms.

Instead of getting discouraged by critics, you’ll be waxing stronger daily and will keep going higher in the blogging world. This is one of the good strategies I implemented when I was just starting out online.

I had to think back to the time we were born into the world and we started growing up gradually. I could find that we were learning everything then by imitation including what we spoke out, what we touched, what we looked around for, and all of that. That’s exactly what you’ll still need to do if you really want to get going as well as move your blogging empire off the ground.

Build Engagement with your Target audience

Once you’ve identified who your target audiences are, start building engagement with them and you’ll successfully get your blog noticed. You’ll have to be doing this consistently to skyrocket your blog to the first page in Google.

When it comes to engagement, it’s best done within the Wealthy Affiliate Site Comment 2.0 platform whereby you can get hundreds of high-quality comments to your blog daily. Comments are left to blogs at the highest level and everyone is at the core to offer authentic and high-quality comments.

Promote Top Bloggers Everywhere

By helping and promoting top bloggers without asking for anything in return, the law of reciprocity will surely take effect. Yeah, you wouldn’t ever need to ask for a return favor from a top blogger just for offering a comment or giving a free mention at all.

You’ll be doing all these passionately because you need them more than they need you. Or what do you think about this? You want to be commenting on a blog that has been generating millions of traffic hits monthly while yours has not been generating up to 100 hits monthly. Who needs who more than who?

Apply the Right Content Strategy into your Blog

Try all of the pro styles of writing content and start noticing a bright change in the growth of your blog. Pro bloggers have their way of creating content to satisfy their potential readers’ appetites and that actually makes them what they are in the online world today.

Want to be sure you’re writing like a pro? Visit pro bloggers’ blogs and start imitating them while creating content. You’ll successfully build a blogging empire and get your blog noticed.

Add Videos to Your Blog Content to Improve Your Page Rank in Google

Videos help a lot in making readers understand the content they’ve read. It was found that readers understand 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and 70% of what they hear and see. That’s the efficacy of embedding videos within your content.

While most people would find it difficult to assimilate reading content alone, videos and images may likely help them understand more and take actions on that consideration. Start using videos in most of your content to improve a page rank for your blog.

Once the audience finds that they can always learn through images and videos, they won’t hesitate getting back to check the latest posts on your blog.

Contact the Authority Bloggers in Your Niche and Submit Guest Post Proposals

When you want to start offering guest posts to authority bloggers, you can visit their blogs and contact them through their site contact boxes and bring to their awareness what you’re about to do, stating the particular area in which you’re writing a guest post. Once they’re interested in your proposal and you can easily make them fall in love with what you have to offer, you’ll surely receive their invitations to write for them.

While a blog is still under traffic trials, one of the few strategies to be implemented to get results is writing guest posts for top bloggers. Once you can learn first how you can captivate an authority blogger prior to sending a proposal, you’ll always receive invitations to write.

18 thoughts on “How to Get Your Blog Noticed”

  1. I have read your website  From start to finish. I couldn’t stop reading for fear that I would miss something. I found your content engaging. I like how your links open in a new page so that when I’m done I still have the rest of your website to read. Your information on getting my blog noticed will help me get the ranking I need to get free traffic. I look forward to reading your future post. Thanks for the information. 

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jon Martin! Kudos for finding my post useful to your business! It’s good to let all links get clicked away to a different tab so that readers can still continue reading the same post from where they clicked away. Don’t forget to implement all the pro blogging strategies talked about in this post and you’ll become highly-successful in the online world. Thanks for your participation!

      Israel Olatunji

  2. Great post Israel,

    Your points are excellent.

    Writing blogs has totally changed.

    Keywords will always be a part of the search engines, but the results are changing.

    Once it was based solely on keywords however these days engagement, bounce rate and many other things affect search engine results.

    Being part of blogging platforms can be a big help.

    I am part of a platform called Wealthy affiliate and it has a commenting feature where members can visit website and leave comments.

    This makes a huge difference to my website.

    Since joining Wealthy Affiliate, my bounce rate has gone down, my engagement has gone up and I have comments all over my website which make it look really busy.

    Wealthy Affiliate has been a goldmine to me.

    Hope this helps.


    • It’s great to be hearing about all these accomplishments, Tim. It’s awesome to know that you maximize the WA Site Comment 2.0 platform to build engagement with your blog audiences. Kudos to you and congratulations! You’re a rocking blogger and, of course, a rock star in the online world.

      As your bounce rate has gone down completely and your engagement has finally gone up, I’m sure that your Alexa ranking position would have experienced a boost. Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. Hi Israel, I was brand new to the activity called blogging until recently. Your title is the biggest question in the head of every new blogger. That’s why it caught my eye. I wanted to see what I could do to improve by blogging experience and my take aways are : building more engagement ( with emphasis on the word ‘consistent’), adding videos, and reading and commenting on other blogs, top blogs preferably. I am aiming for quality blogs. Thank you for these tips.

    • Kudos to you, JJ, for the takeaways you got from that post! It shows clearly that you’re ready to build a blogging empire and wouldn’t mind giving all it will entail to the point of breaking through completely. Aside from adding videos, publishing frequently while engaging the audience will speed up the whole ranking process. Thanks for your participation!

      Israel Olatunji

  4. Hello Israel. It is true that many have given up blogging because they did not get noticed by time and in some cases at all. For a blog to get noticed, the blog owner and Search Engines have important role to play. I’m new in this. I must confess, that is me; I love following pros in order to learn from them. I once had a YouTube channel too. Will start another one for my website and I love to learn by imitation.

    Thank you for sharing

    • Thanks for your comment, Barry! I love and cherish your courage and goal and I must let you know today that there’s no barrier to success so far you’re willing. Once you can follow the pros in all routes of blogging, consider yourself a fortunate and highly-successful blogger. You have no barrier on your way except yourself. You’re the only person that can be a barrier to your success in this journey. Thanks for your visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  5. Something a lot of new bloggers have issues with is taking the time to connect with other bloggers by actually reading other blogs and making sincere comments. When I read a lot of blog comments on other blogs, I can tell the commenter either didn’t really read the entire post or they only make a one sentence comment that really doesn’t add anything valuable to the current discussion. This was a good reminder for those of us that may begin to feel discouraged or may already be feeling like it’s time to give up.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Beauty In A Maze! Thanks for your comment! You left a valuable comment here and that shows you’re doing it the right way. Thanks for taking courage after the reading and for your useful words of courage which are quite good for other struggling veterans who may luckily stumble across this post. Kudos!

      I also notice that some commenters don’t really read down the page let alone giving an in-depth comment to the post they’ve read. Thanks for your contribution to the discussion!

      Israel Olatunji

  6. Great tips. This is still one area I am still trailing, my blogs are drawing very little engagement and attention on social media. I have created social profiles like Facebook and pinterest, but the result is not that impressing. I will have to try Guest posting and promote top bloggers.

    Thank you so much for such great tips

    • Congratulations to you, Ngonidzashe! There is no more worry as the WA Site Comment 2.0 platform has been finally released on which there are two great incentives. The first incentive will help you earn $0.50 per comment you offer to other people’s blogs and the other incentive is called Comment Boost which will let you be on the priority queue to receive instant comments to your blog (REAL TRAFFIC). I hope you’ve been aware of this!

      Thanks for your participation!
      Israel Olatunji

  7. First of all, Israel, take my complements for writing such a useful article for would be bloggers or bloggers who have just started their journey in the online world. 

    Fully agree with you that one needs not try to reinvent the wheel, and following your two suggestions viz. following pro bloggers and diligent working on the SEO aspect will definitely help a lot to get ones blog noticed and ranked in Google.

    I am sure you will also agree that content is always the KING and one should ensure posting unique and plagiarism free content to avoid the wrath of Google.

    Thanks again for the excellent post!


    • Thanks for stopping by, GeeEss! Much grateful! Following the pro blogging experts and buddies will surely bring about some level of exposure and will help you avoid the possible horrific mistakes that most struggling veteran bloggers make. To avoid the wrath of Google, one needs to avoid copying content or images from other sources on the web. Thanks for your contribution!

      Israel Olatunji

  8. You are so right on this article, having a blog with no eyes seeing is not good. Most people do stop blogging just because they can’t get visitors, but as you have explained in detail there are loads of ways to get your blog noticed. I find Twitter a great source of traffic for my blog and like you said using video can be a double hit especially if your Video ranks on Youtube too. Thanks for a great post 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, Martin! Much appreciated! Writing loads of content without getting results on time can actually kill inspirations and the zeal for continuity declines gradually. The fact about receiving rankings is that you don’t get results in your early months of starting out but later as you continue building the site consistently without relenting at all. Thanks for stopping by!

      Israel Olatunji

  9. I completely agree with your advice to follow what the pro bloggers and affiliate marketers do. They know what they are doing to make millions every year. I follow many.

    Writing like a pro obviously takes some time to master. Going to their sites and observing how they do it is key. You shouldn’t exactly copy them, but get ideas on how to do your own.

    I think videos are key, after a person learns how to do them right. I suggest going to YouTube to see how the best marketers are doing them to learn from the best.

    Thank you for another great and useful article.

    • Thanks for your comment, Curtis! You’ve said it all by asking the newbie and veteran bloggers to emulate the experts as this is key when it comes to getting pro blogging results. It really takes some time, effort and dedication to create like pros. It takes some hard work too. Videos are powerful instruments when it comes to skyrocketing a blog to the top of the page in Google. Thanks for your contribution!

      Israel Olatunji


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