How to Improve a Google Page Rank

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Are you willing to skyrocket your blog to the first page in Google? Would you be ready to build a blog loaded with lots of informative and engaging posts? Then consider yourself being able to improve a page rank in Google for your blog soonest.

Some people actually came into online marketing having heard that some bloggers are earning thousands of dollars while others are earning millions of dollars monthly, and also because they too want to earn the same. It’s a good aspiration to long for financial freedom but only a few people would be willing to give all that it’s going to take to build an online empire.

Wishing to become wealthy is one thing, working towards becoming wealthy is the other. Even if you’re convincingly shown the right way to walk through financial freedom,  it’s one thing to be told, and it’s the other to take actions.

Truly, people are making thousands and even millions of dollars online from their blogs and you too can start a journey towards financial freedom today so far you’re willing to do so. One thing you must realize about online business is that you don’t expect to start making thousands exactly like those who have been there for so long.

Blogging involves days, weeks, months, and of course years of creating high-quality informative and engaging content after which you’ll begin to see earnings roll into your bank accounts gradually. Why do some veteran and newbie bloggers quit so early? Isn’t it because they couldn’t give it all it will take them to build a virtual real estate?

Here are useful tips for improving a Google page rank:

  1. Make frantic efforts to practice blogging consistently and persistently
  2. Never cease to keep creating content while engaging the audience
  3. Never mind the acts of critics
  4. Publish unique and informative content most frequently
  5. Build social engagement with the audience
  6. Help the veterans solve their problems on
  7. Join the high Page Rank (PR) online forums
  8. Build engagement with your audience through the posts on your blog.

Make Frantic Efforts to Practice Blogging Consistently and Persistently

You’re competing among the millions of bloggers in the online world and that’s why it literally takes some time to improve a page rank in Google. In the days of Alta Vista, Yahoo, and others, the competition was very low then but now that millions of blogs are being created daily in the online world, it’s become a daunting task to build up a real online empire.

The best strategy to practice is to emulate those who have become successful already in the business. You want to actualize your dream of becoming financially free in a lifetime, right? Then calm down and learn from this blog how you can go into the online world to get your financial freedom. The internet is wide enough to accommodate everyone in the world of blogging if possible.

Thus, you have all the potentials in this world to earn cool and consistent revenue once you can create your own virtual real estate today and start building it out with content and lots of engagement. That is how it works. And you’ll need some premium tools and resources to really actualize this goal in a lifetime.

Never Cease to Keep Creating Content while Engaging the Audience

Do you really want to improve a page rank in Google? Are you willing to build an authority blog in the online world? Then, you must be willing to give all it will take to get to the top of the world as far as blogging is concerned.

Some veteran bloggers really do well at creating the content and very bad at building engagement with their audience. This is still not right at all when it comes to building a page rank. How Google ranks a blog is not based on creating content alone but on engaging the audience as well.

Don’t hesitate to buy all the blogging ideas that will ensure that you receive a moderate amount of comments daily so you can be sure of engaging your readers as you build out your site for ranking purpose.

Never Mind the Acts of Critics

Do you currently have some problems with the critics? Are you being criticized by some people in the course of blogging and you’ve been planning to quit because of this, right? For your information, every blog out there has its own critics. And if that’s why you wanted to quit, it’s not really worth it.

Those who are currently rocking their blogs were severely criticized and are still facing criticisms even till date, but they never allowed the critics to lure them away from their blogging goals. They rather focused on building out their empires than being worried due to criticisms.

Though a lot of newbie and veteran struggling bloggers have had every cause to give up times without number in the world of blogging, it happened because they didn’t have to acquire deep knowledge of blogging before they eventually ventured into it. They only rushed in and had to rush out finally.

Publish Unique and Informative Content Most Frequently

Are you passionate about writing articles? Do you passionately love typing on the computer keyboard? If the response is yes, then it should serve as an added advantage for you while working on your blog towards building an online empire.

Content is king when it comes to improving a page rank in Google for any blog irrespective of the niche the blog is operated on. Veterans talk about some niches that are more profitable than others, whereas, there’s nothing like profitable blog niches in the world of blogging except you didn’t learn blogging properly from the onset.

Every blog niche is promising and can yield cool and consistent revenue for you in a lifetime depending on how much time you’re willing to devote to your business. Content will not serve as king if it’s only written without engagement.

Build Social Engagement with the Audience

As mentioned in the blogging tip above, you wouldn’t ever expect content to become king without doing a lot of engagement. Engagement does not end on the site alone but also on social media, online forums, and everywhere else.

How you’ll be going about social engagement is that you’ll be creating posts on social media and will be responding to people’s comments or replies on time. This will greatly motivate the audience and will also make them feel that they’re safe following you.

Google and other major search engines will begin to notice your engagement and commitment to helping other people solve their problems and start improving your page rank gradually. Sooner, you’ll start seeing a decent flow of organic traffic through your blog.

Help the Veterans Solve their Problems on has been in operation for more than a decade now but it’s so unfortunate that most veteran bloggers out there didn’t know about this platform at all despite its link building capability.

There are thousands of niche related questions waiting for you to answer on this platform and you’re always permitted to include your website address in every answer you post, only that you’re not allowed to spam the site. owners deliberately frown at spammers in order to protect or safeguard the site from collapsing all of a sudden in search engines. No matter how ranked a blog might be, it can collapse and disappear into the thin air any time once it’s constantly found violating Google’s operating rules and regulations.

Join the High Page Rank (PR) Online Forums

Join the high Page Rank (PR) online forums such as, participate in board discussions, add your website address to the signature box, and link to the posts on your blog directly.

Forum posting is one of the proven strategies to improve a page rank in search engines. It really works whether a forum allows a “Dofollow” link or not. If you’re posting to forums that have set all links to “Nofollow”, be sure of generating lots of referral traffic which will still help you improve your page rank in Google.

Once you keep getting high-quality traffic with lots of engagement on your blog, improving a page rank in Google is guaranteed. To make it work out as described, make sure you include your website address in the signature box of your forum account dashboard.

Build Engagement with Your Audience Through the Posts on Your Blog

Are you ready to speed up the ranking of your blog in search engines? If the response is yes, the sure way is through engagement. We’ve talked about social engagement above and now we’re talking about site engagement which you’ll implement through the posts on your blog. Both work together and help you improve a page rank in Google faster than you expect or think.

To ensure you do a lot of engagement on your blog, find a way of making people comment on your blog posts and always get back to them with lots of useful and informative replies in comments. This simple blogging act will skyrocket engagement build-up on your blog in that people will get motivated to subscribe to the latest posts, read posts, as well as leave more valuable comments.

7 thoughts on “How to Improve a Google Page Rank”

  1. Great advice, Israel, but I find it all takes so much time. I feel like I’ve a limited amount of creativity each day to spread between writing posts (where most of it goes) and comments on other sites. I just seem to have the time for the extra work of writing in forums and on Quora. Any solutions for that? 🙂

    • You’re much welcome, Gary! Thanks for stopping by, friend! Much appreciated! Improving a page rank in Google literally takes much of the time to accomplish but it speeds up more quickly than ever when you try implementing the working strategies.

      It’s great to see that you’ve managed time to participate in online forums as well as answer questions on Quora. For outreaching to authority bloggers out there, try and get 3-5 of them only from the niche-related blogs and make sure you post attention-grabbing comments on each blog 2-5 times a week depending on how much time you can devote weekly and you’ll get noticed before you know it. This will also ensure that you get connected to influencers in no time.

      Thanks for the reading!
      Israel Olatunji

  2. You are right! I have never heard of Quora. I will be checking them out though! Thanks for all this great information. I do need a boost for my website in the Google rankings, so this information was great!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Matts! Much appreciated! Improving a page rank in Google is not a day job neither is it a week nor month job.

      You actually need to build your blog on solid blogging fundamentals which means creating informative and helpful content while engaging visitors as well as building links. These are, of course, the most crucial ranking signals in Google search algorithm.

      Thanks for the visit!
      Israel Olatunji

  3. This is such great information.

    I am so happy to have come upon this site and reference your checklist to my strategies.

    So far we are both very similar minded. I will be looking into warrior forum as this is new to me. I thank you for this tip to help me continue to build out my blog.

    Thanks again,

    • You’re much welcome, Kahlua. Thanks for stopping by and kudos to you for leaving such a valuable thought on my post! Much grateful! When it comes to building links, forum posting is one of the best strategies and Warrior Forum is the top leading forum in the industry as millions of traffic hits are generated daily.

      It’s best potential for any veteran struggling blogger to generate high-quality backlinks. Make sure you add your blog address to the signature box in your user control panel before you start posting at all.

      Wish you much success in your endeavors!
      Israel Olatunji


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