How to Make Money Blogging for Free

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A lot of people have sent me several emails asking for the possibility to make money blogging for free and I’ve decided to respond to their emails in today’s publication through this blogging empire.

Are you such an action taker who is ready to build up an online empire giving it everything it takes without giving up on the way? If you’re such a person who is ready to go online blogging, I’m pleased to inform you that you can make cool and consistent money blogging for free even without spending a dime on setting up a niche blog.

One thing about blogging is that it takes a lot of time and energy to really improve a page rank in Google, but with the way some newbie and veteran bloggers go about it all, it seems to be so frustrating while others are busy earning thousands and even millions from the web space blogging daily.

If you’re really sure of building a rocking blog and have determined to build a page rank in Google for no matter how long it takes to actualize this, don’t hesitate to sit back and read down the page as you’re just few clicks away from having genuine breakthroughs through blogging.

I know how much you would have possibly incurred on buying several eBooks as well as trying out Cost-Per-Action (CPA) programs upon which you couldn’t earn a penny. Despite all though, you’re still contemplating maybe you haven’t come across the right way to make money online.

But I want to congratulate you today on finding this blog having passionately searched the web for the ways to make money blogging for free. You have really made it to the right place and will learn today from this blog how you can go about it getting started right away.

Did you say you’re ready for the time and energy it takes to blog the right way and make money blogging for free? Then, this post is for you. You don’t say it’s over when it isn’t yet over. Though blogging is really a battle, winning is guaranteed so far you’re willing to become successful. No matter what, there’s no barrier to success once you’re ready.

And you need to be sure of the fact that whether you’re running a customized blog or not, you can make money blogging for free

See below the steps for building up a blogging empire without spending a dime from your hard earned money.

  1. Join a timer online business community that has been in business for more than a decade.
  2. Create an account with a reliable and strong blogging platform.
  3. Create a free blog leveraging a lifetime hosting service provider without spending a dime.
  4. Choose a niche which must be from your best interests.
  5. Know your blog audience.
  6. Build out your blog with informative and helpful content while engaging the audience.
  7. Build social and site engagement with your blog audience.
  8. Attract visitors to your niche blog.

Join a Timer Online Business Community that Has Been in Business for More Than a Decade

When it comes to making money with a free blog, it’s not something anyone can do all alone. Doing it that way simply ends in giving up and quitting at last without earning a penny. You never want to have such a bitter experience, right? Then, try and follow my useful blogging advice for you.

As an experienced blogger and a virtual real estate owner, I can boldly tell you that you won’t be able to make money blogging for free without receiving useful blogging tips the right way. There are several online business communities out there that offer online entrepreneurial training to newbie and veteran bloggers, but a few of them can really help you actualize that dream of making money with a free blog.

In this very publication, if you’re such a newbie blogger who has been on the lookout for the right platform to join, I’m more than happy to tell you today that you have found one.

Here, I want to talk about the Wealthy Affiliate online business community as you won’t find such a community elsewhere in the online world that will give you the opportunity to operate on its free blogging platform in a lifetime leveraging the essential tools and resources to build a virtual real estate, having an opportunity to host up to two free blogs in a lifetime, as well as getting access to a 24/7 live chat platform.

Create an Account with a Reliable and Strong Blogging Platform

Once you’ve considered to try out the WA affiliate marketing community whereby you have all the tools to build an online brand at your own disposal, getting your dream of making money with a free blog becomes actualized.

In my honest review about the WA platform, you’ll find out all you’ll basically need to know about the community, its earning potentials, domain authority, as well as its page-rank building tools and lots more.

WA will give you the lifetime opportunity you deserve to build up a business brand leveraging those tools without spending a dime. For instance, as a WA starter, you’ll have access to the SiteManager, SiteContent, SiteDomain, and SiteBuilder platforms and there’s no such a platform elsewhere that will let you get access to all of these.

Create a Free Blog Leveraging a Lifetime Hosting Service Provider Without Spending a Dime

If you’re not a WA user, you may have every cause to get bothered on which hosting service provider to leverage.

As I rightly mentioned above, once you’re a WA community member, you have all the potentials in this world to build an online empire 100% free including the hosting services. You’ll be able to get up to two different websites hosted free in a lifetime, though it’s up to 50 websites if you’re a premium member.

WA has the SiteRubix hosting platform built in for both free and premium members to build any niche website instantly. SiteRubix is proven to be the most integrated and best hosting service platform in the industry.

Choose a Niche Which Must be From Your Best Interests

Are you ready to get started with a blog? Then, choose an interest to blog about and be sure of making this choice out of passion. Your blogging success solely depends on it and you can’t afford to make a horrible blogging mistake from scratch which is choosing the wrong or another person’s niche.

As I’ve always defined it, your niche is something you have so much passion for and an interest you can readily build upon in a lifetime. For instance, if you’re good at writing, then you have a great potential to be a rocking blogger, and once you’ve chosen your own (Not another person’s) niche, be sure of becoming successful in the blogosphere.

What do you think leads to writer’s block if not operating on another person’s niche? You want to avoid this and would like to have a cool and wonderful experience in your blogging journey, right? Then follow this useful blogging tip.

Build Out Your Blog with Informative and Helpful Content While Engaging the Audience

Updating your blog daily with helpful content is a roadmap to a successful blogging life. You want high search engine traffic and conversions on your blog, right? Then, be ready to build it with informative content while engaging visitors.

Whether you want to specialize in writing the latest news, updates, and all kinds of entertainment reports about the most popular celebrities in your country and the world, blogging is the sure roadmap to actualizing that goal.

All you only need to get started is reading the Wealthy Affiliate review so you can enroll in the online entrepreneur certification courses which will practically show you how you can set up your business and get rolling right away even with the aid of videos to walk you through the process of going from scratch in setting up a virtual real estate (Your blog).

Build Social and Site Engagement With Your Blog Audience

Building social engagement is part of what constitutes or helps you improve a high page rank in Google. If you have a social media account with lots of followers, this will be an added advantage for you to get rolling.

Just make sure you help other people solve their problems passionately and always get back on time whenever someone posts an inquiry or comment on your timeline. This will be counted as part of the social engagement you need for building a page rank in Google.

And aside from building social engagement, you’ll need to build site engagement taking comments as well as responding to the valuable ones in order to improve a Google ranking and skyrocket your blog.

Attract Visitors to Your Niche Blog

Once you keep doing the right thing with your blog as narrated above, there’s no cause for alarm as far as building site traffic is concerned.

A lot of people have inquired via email that: Does a free blog rank well and pulls in tons of organic traffic like the customized ones? And my answer has always been Yes so far there’s nothing wrong with a free blog that will prevent you from ranking well in search engines.

Except that you’ll be missing some premium features in the community you belong and won’t be able to operate on a personal blog which normally adds credibility to your blogging career, other search engine optimization benefits a customized blog derives is equally attributable to a free blog.


Now that you’ve read what to do for starting a free blog, be an action taker. Action takers really make money and, thus, rock their blogs without minding the blogging critics.

If you ever have a question to ask about blogging stuff, how you can set up a free blog, as well as make money blogging for free, don’t hesitate to get back to me and I’ll be more than happy to respond in earnest.


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  1. Hi Israel!

    Great Article! Great advice. I’ve been a blogger and online entrepreneur for many years and your advice is sound. I have learned many lessons the hard way and online success takes patience, skill, and hard work. You must stick to it and never give up! I have bookmarked your site and will be returning! Nice work!

    Talk soon,

    • Thanks for stopping by, Steven! Much grateful! You have the right mindset since you believe and basically understand the fact that blogging takes special skills, patience, persistence, diligence, and a lot of time to start earning revenue.

      Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji


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