Top 7 Tips to Make Money on YouTube

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Everyone desires to make money via YouTube.

Still, believe you can get rich overnight! You create a sequence of videos, upload them on YouTube, sit back and watch the revenue stream in, right?

Not realistic!

Creating videos on YouTube is an awesome way to receive payments for doing what you desire. But, like other things in life, milestones can be achieved based on you investing the energy, time and commitment to make it happen by turning your YouTube channel into something exceptional.

If you’re really serious about making money on YouTube, then plunge around. I’m here to give you a detailed guide to becoming successful on YouTube. Let’s figure out how you can grow your ideal audience, get your viewership monetized, and generate a stream of income on YouTube.

How to Make Money on YouTube

Most folks will conclude that money isn’t the most significant thing in life. You know what’s most significant! Love, right?

However, if you’ve fallen in love with money, then YouTube is the right platform for someone like you!

With a zestful channel and a prominent video tactic, you could end up making hundreds of thousands from YouTube.

When you’ve started generating hundreds of thousands of views and you’ve begun to turn a YouTube celebrity, awesome things can start to happen. Not alone that you can reach out to people who are interested in what you share, but also you can participate in a structure where the money is naturally made.

I’ve generated a ton of revenue from the millions of views I’ve been able to get on one of my YouTube channels, thus I can say a bit about making cool money on YouTube.

Now, I want to open the arched roof and teach you precisely how it should be done. Here are my top 7 tips for making money on YouTube this 2019:

Tip #1: Hone Your Pursuit

So, you want to figure out how you can start making money on YouTube? Then my maiden tip for you is refraining from thinking on how you can start making money on YouTube.

Upon starting your YouTube channel, you wouldn’t want to deepen your focus on making money. The simple reason is that there’s no swift way to make money from YouTube. You wouldn’t upload a series of videos and expect that one of them goes skyrocketing in a couple of days.

First and foremost, you must desire to learn the fundamentals of being a YouTube user that is worthy of being followed. You’ll have to continue uploading quality video content regularly and build out your YouTube channel. It’s just at this juncture that you can think of monetizing your channel. Literally, that’s the case with making money from YouTube. Users aren’t allowed to monetize yet until they’ve proved their tenacity.

My maiden tip for making money on YouTube is honing your pursuit. You have about three basic things to work upon:

Initiate your process

I’ll have to leverage that term again – being consistent. Building out your channel is going to entail a steady flow of quality video uploads and rapport with your ideal audience.

Whether you intend to publish video content a couple of times weekly, on a daily basis, or once every fortnight, you should make frantic efforts to establish a regular post schedule that your viewers can depend on.

As time rolls by, you can perfect your innovatory process. Currently, figure out how you grow from origination to the accomplishment of your video content.

Study how much effort and time you would need to perform research, hit the content, craft a script, get the video optimized and spread the word. Identifying each step will enable you to filter your video-creating exercise.

Additionally, you’ll also figure out how many video pieces you could produce; never get committed to an everyday upload routine when you know you’ll work too hard for a whole week. You should tailor your activities towards building a brand, not just making money alone. You should continually find that easy to do.

Organize the stage

You can, of course, start uploading videos on YouTube whether you have expensive cameras or not. You can even begin with a Smartphone if you don’t yet have the money to buy a powerful camera.

All you need is a strong setup that can film quality videos all the time. The two major keystones of quality are:

  • Audio – Don’t ignore audio. Your viewers are deeply interested in hearing from you loudly. Be conscious of traffic or wind as factors that could be responsible for poor video quality. Try and get a microphone to record unclouded and completely transparent audio. This will help in minimizing background noises.
  • Visual stabilization – Nobody ever wants to watch unsteady, twitchy video footage. Consider using a tripod while covering. However, if you would prefer using a handheld camera while covering, consider using a broader lens.

Whenever you have the money, you can acquire some of the best equipment with time. However, if you really want to start big with YouTube, then do not hesitate to invest in whatever will lead to producing high-quality video content for your viewers. Start to acquire whatever you’ll need to have improved viewer experience.

Identify your brand

As far as becoming successful on YouTube is concerned, you must be consistent. Your consistency wouldn’t be in the upload routine alone, but also in the video content.

The videos you create should indubitably have a unique extremity, but the general tone and style should be uniform. Your brand should remain unchanged.

Having an in-depth knowledge of your brand will, of course, enable you to come up with more honest, authentic, and intense video content.

If you’re still a novice, cultivating and explicating your brand is instrumental. However, most times, even entrenched businesses could, of course, do with a bit of elucidation.

Sit back and inquire yourself about your brand specification. What’s your content based upon? What do you actually do with your brand? What’s your business goal? What exactly do you want that brand to actualize for you? Who’s your target audience? If you don’t have a deep understanding of your own brand, how would you expect your viewers to follow it?

Tip #2: Create Quality Content

It’s necessary – for both the improvement of your channel and the eventual revenue opportunities – that the content you create for your viewers should provide great value.

But what precisely do I mean by Quality Content?”

Literally, quality content means video material that really gives the audience a passion to discern. Providing quality content on YouTube can happen in a myriad of ways.

Probably you’re educating your viewers with something; the quality of your content is that your viewers could potentially learn how to go about certain things or simply acquire a deeper orientation.

Probably you’re putting some smile on the faces of the audience; your YouTube channel becomes a quality one in its capability to come up with a sense of entertainment and fantasy.

Your brand could be providing dieting tips, recipes, live training videos, DIY guide or just any style of content. The most important thing here is that your viewers must be convinced to know that by consistently watching your video content, their lives will get better soon.

If you’re not constantly producing fresh, unique, and original content for your audience to watch, but your channel is rather overwhelmed with tons of content that members of your audience have watched over and over again, they’ll stop watching, rest assured!

Whenever you’re preparing some fresh content for your channel, always think about it yourself that you’re indeed coming up with something that people will enjoy, appreciate, and improve their lives with. So, before you publish a piece of content, always ask yourself that same question

Come up with helpful content that gives your audience fresh ideas – things they’ve hardly heard about before. Eventually, only quality videos stand the chance to generate a residual income. To really make the most from YouTube, you should strive to be the best.

In order to ensure you’re making money indeed with your YouTube channel, you must endeavor to consistently produce video content that viewers will always find indispensable, valuable and helpful.

Tip #3: Grow an Audience

You won’t be able to make money on YouTube if, of course, nobody is watching your video content. Prominent YouTube channels are made by an engaged, loyal audience of viewers. Thus, how do you get noticed and grow a YouTube viewership?

Identify your niche

If you really want to launch a successful YouTube channel, you must stick to your specialty.

I’ve come across several YouTube video content makers who actually became preoccupied with the idea of getting thousands of subscribers. They really want to go skyrocketing, they want to earn revenue on YouTube and as a matter of facts, they quickly lose the original foresight of that particular message they wanted to spread to the world.

On YouTube, success is most frequently attained by those who create specialized content for an industry community. Identify that special thing that is outstanding to your content. Be emotionally smart, and continue to create only the video content you love to make whenever you want. Your real keenness will be a dominant means of building and alluring a loyal audience of viewers.

Examine your analytics

You have some helpful analytics in your YouTube channel menu as others do. Through this, you can easily discover your viewers’ genders, ages, watch times, and geographical regions. You can track how many views you’re generating on each of your videos as well as where the traffic is coming from. So, you can deduce that viewers are finding your video content.

Once you’ve monetized your YouTube channel, you can start viewing Ad performance and estimated earnings.

These features make it possible for you to figure out which content piece resonates with your viewers, and which one doesn’t. You can make great changes to your existing channel on the account that some content pieces are not resonating with the right viewers.

Build engagement with your viewers

If you really want to have genuine breakthroughs on YouTube, you must start engaging with your ideal audience on a personalized basis. You must continually grow a community and come up with higher levels of engagement.

Building engagement with your loyal audience of viewers does not have to be specifically time-consuming or intricate. Follow the steps below:

  • Ask questions
    – Call for dialogues with viewers. Prompt video likes by asking your viewers what they admired about the video content and what they would like to find more in future videos.
  • Build interactions
    – If you are just getting started, you might want to post a response to each an every comment you get. And of course, anything as simple as hitting the heart button on viewers’ comments can get a rapport going.
  • Be an active creator
    – Support the fellow YouTube creators simply by liking, watching and leaving good comments on their videos. This commotion can get you noticed by prospective subscribers, and help your existing viewers acquire a better grasp of who you are.

Essentially, building engagement with your viewers will bring about a sense of circle for your YouTube channel and aid long-term development. Bring people nearer and get them persuaded that you’re somebody worth following. Build your audience by building engagement with each viewer in an individualized way.

Tip #4: Be Calm

Producing content purposely to generate income on YouTube is more of an upfront investment. You’ll need to invest a lot of energy, time, and funds into creating those videos, and from the onset, they’re not going to make you that money.

Typically, your channel won’t be recognized by YouTube until it has got up to 20 quality videos. A lot of YouTube users have seriously failed because they never wanted to give that upfront investment. All they wanted is an immediate ROI, and they give up as soon as they realized that a high level of commitment is required to make money on YouTube.

You must be ready to put that upfront investment in your YouTube channel and you’ll eventually make money.

If you’re just getting started with YouTube, try uploading a video at least once per week.

Note that you may not start to see any appreciable rise in your channel not until you’ve uploaded up to 30 quality videos. The most important thing is getting to be calm while uploading many videos.

On a weekly schedule, it’s going to take roughly 7-8 months before your YouTube channel can start to get a significant rise worth monetizing. That’s a pretty normal frame of time for a business to grow, and a working criterion for achieving success on YouTube.

However, it doesn’t mean you should upload 20-30 videos all together once! That probably won’t attain any significant success.

Do the uploading procedurally and over a modest period of time. In each of the videos uploaded, try analyzing what is working and what isn’t. Build rapport with your audience and figure out what they admire and what they don’t. Improve your next video upload using this piece of information, and try doing it over and over again.

What will happen is that you’re going to become a pro once your upload has hit the 30th video. This is the stage where your video content is going to hit the nail on the very head, and your YouTube channel will definitely crow a rapport of audience that most of your rivals don’t even have.

Do not expect that you’ll make a considerable amount of income on YouTube in a couple of months. But simply expect that if you invest the effort, time and resources, follow the working tips analyzed in this write-up, and keep calm, you’ll, of course, achieve success.

What simply differentiates the successful from failures is the readiness to be committed.

Tip #5: Leverage Other Content Marketing Channels

When it comes to marketing your videos, you don’t have to depend on YouTube alone. The more visible your content is, the more views it’ll get and the more income you’ll stand to generate.

Some of the great and working marketing channels to build visibility and exposure for your YouTube videos include Social Media and Email.

Grow a mailing list

A mailing list is the most prominent way to create bonds with your audience.

I’ve had the opportunity of working with some big-time YouTube earners who don’t even have a mailing list at all – and to me that is craziness! Leverage email marketing even if your subscribers are millions in number as this will encourage personalized and direct rapport with your audience.

Promote a basic page leveraging your videos and use this to collect your subscribers’ email addresses in order to build engagement with them.

Email marketing will, of course, give you a greater opportunity to offer additional value to your subscribers. Some of the things you could offer include exclusive videos, free eBooks, a fun quiz, and many more.

Once you’ve started building a list, send an email broadcast to your followers each time you’ve created a fresh video. You might surprisingly find out how many subscribers aren’t yet aware of the new video content release, so growing a mailing list can be a vital step to your campaign in order to make money with your YouTube video content.

Leverage the email marketing channel in order to ensure your subscribers aren’t going to miss out on your videos and you can have an improved brand experience.

Promote your videos using social media

Building social media engagement is a game-changer for your brand. Set up social media profiles for your brand on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or wherever you know your subscribers always like to hang out. Then, try working across social media whenever you’ve released a fresh video.

Embed the video link into your landing page, or any of the posts on your blog or website and share a link to the video on YouTube.

You could also share your video content on some of the quality social bookmarking sites such as PearlTrees, StumbleUpon, and many more. From there you could get additional social signals for your video content and increase chances of ranking those videos.

Tip #6: Leverage YouTube SEO

Several people are aiming for YouTube success but, unfortunately, they don’t understand the concept of search engine optimization (SEO).

Prior to creating a video, try using some key phrases that encapsulate the video content.

The key search phrase of this post, for example, is “Top 7 tips to make money on YouTube”. And you could, of course, find that phrase in my headline, tags, and description.

You’re enabled to get views on fresh videos released in your YouTube channel and, preferably, videos are kept to rank well in years to come.

Optimize the video content

When you optimize your video content, you’re simply making it more feasible for prospective subscribers to find your video content and watch.

  • Write a captivating headline – Your content headline should be to the point (not exceeding 70 characters), informative and creative. Give intuition into what your video content is about; subscribers who, of course, know what they’re about to find will likely watch the whole video.
  • Add URLs – Use the footnotes and video description to link to your blog, site, squeeze page or social media networks. Linking is a prominent way of improving subscriber engagement and maximizing organic traffic.
  • Add video descriptions – YouTube’s discovery and search algorithm depend solely on the video Meta description. Give the most vital key phrases and information, the highest priority in the introductory part of your content. You can leverage Google Trends to find the most currently searched key phrases.
  • Create captivating thumbnails – Customizing thumbnails can make your content look professional and polished. Do not forget to make your content mobile-friendly. Make your content mobile-optimized.

Invest in Google AdWords

So many enterprises out there do come up with video content for their brand, investing the right energy and time to produce first-rate content, yet without investing in paid advertising.

If you truly want your brand to generate revenue on YouTube, you must prepare to invest some in the appropriate advertising platforms. A proficient advertising tactic will help speed up the growth of your YouTube channel and drive more viewers to your video content.

Google Ads is a great way to advertise your YouTube channel to your potential viewers with Pay-per-Click advertising.

Upon setting up an AdWords campaign, link your channel to the campaign, create your Ad, set a moderate budget, and target your specific audience.

You can also create in-flow Ads that will show up before or after the video or in-display advertisements that show up along with a video.

Work zealously to get your brand noticed and start generating revenue on YouTube!

Tip #7: Utilize Multiple Ways to Make Money

Whether you’re planning to initiate a side hassle, or just want to make YouTube your paid occupation like it’s been exactly for me, you have many approaches to leverage.

The first 6 tips I’ve analyzed above were potentially meant to help you establish your channel. If you really want to be successful and generate revenue on YouTube, these steps cannot be overlooked.

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