How To Make Money Online Legitimately

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You’re a bit skeptical about your chances of becoming successful online.

You’ve read about rocking and successful bloggers who earn consistent online revenue even while sleeping at the comfort of their homes – highly-successful bloggers who travel the world and yet have their bank accounts flooded with money daily.

You can hardly believe this to be true especially when you work yourself up daily and can still not put food on the table for your family.

You can not of course get convinced that you can earn even a penny online let alone earning passive income

To say the flagrant truth, your personal belief about making money online is far from reality.

Learn through the following ways to make money legitimately working at the comfort of your home.

#1. Start A Blog and Customize It

Setting up a customized blog is the first step in the process of making money online but this is yet unknown to some people out there who search around for quick ways to earn online income.

Whether you are promoting self products or selling other people’s products at online stores, having a customized blog would be the pioneer step in the whole process.

Your blog homepage can represent your own landing page and this must be a customized one.

How To Make Money Online Legitimately
How To Make Money Online Legitimately

Why You Must Avoid a Free Blogging Platform

Why do you think some people miss out on making money from a blog?

  • A free blogging platform frustrates you in the long-run.
  • You have a low credibility / trust score in the sight of your audience.
  • Using a free blogging platform gives a clear signal to the audience that you haven’t made it yet with your online business and, thus, wouldn’t be the right person to coach them.
  • You don’t own the blog and, therefore, all of your posts, irrespective of the number, can be deleted with the click of a mouse
  • You won’t rank in Google and other major search engines meaning that you won’t earn revenue.
  • You won’t have the morale to pull in the right energy knowing that you can be frustrated anytime.
  • You are not in full control.
  • You are just an amateur in the sight of your audience.
  • Your audience know that you are not a pro blogger yet and, thus, won’t follow you.
  • You are not yet a money maker but a mere struggling blogger.

Why You Must Customize Your Blog

While starting out with a blog, you learn several blogging fundamentals, part of which teaches you to emulate pros in all of your online activities.

When visitors visit your blog to check out some information, they first find out if the blog is leveraging a free blogging platform such as,,, and many more.

They quit your blog quickly not minding what you have to offer on that blog once they discover that they have visited an amateur’s blog.

Why must you add a custom domain to your site?

  • You are in full control of your blog.
  • You own the blog, thus, no one can destroy it.
  • You gain more credibility / reputation / trust score in the sight of your target audience.
  • It gives a clue that you are a money maker.
  • You operate like an authority or a pro blogger from day to day.
  • You grow revenue potentials daily on a geometric rate.
  • You rank well in Google and get better chances of appearing on the first page.
  • You get the morale to build up your site implementing working strategies and following blogging fundamentals.
  • You build up more followers and you become successful in earnest.
How To Make Money Online Legitimately
How To Make Money Online Legitimately

#2. Write Like A Pro And Attract More Readers To Your Blog

You appear like a pro in your writing style bearing in mind that readers would only choose to follow you if they realize that they are dealing with an authority blogger.

You must realize that no one is ready to read posts written by an amateur and that’s why you must operate on a customized blog right from scratch and learn to be like a pro in all you do online.

Without implementing working strategies, you will write hundreds of 2000+ word articles on your blog only to discover that no one cares to read.

Read the blog post below and learn how you can lure readers down the page when they visit your blog:

How To Write A Quality Blog Post: The Complete Guide

I have seen a lot of people who abstained from blogging because they believed they couldn’t write well.

Blogging does not require you to be a prolific writer before you can present remarkable and compelling content neither does it entail you being an English scholar before you can attract hundreds of readers to your blog.

By reading through the blog post above titled “How To Write A Quality Blog Post: The Complete Guide“, you will learn all you need to be able to win readers’ minds.

Why You Must Write Like A Pro

Why must you present content to your blog readers like a professional blogger?

  • You become a “Sought-After” author and readers flood your blog from time to time to search for informative articles.
  • You win readers’ minds easily and they come back frequently to check out latest posts on your blog.
  • You receive tons of guest-post invitations from pro bloggers.
  • You convert and make more sales naturally.
  • You become more influential in the blogging world.
  • You build more reputation among counterparts.
  • You build domain authority and Google delivers more traffic to your blog.
  • You get more rankings, more traffic and more revenue in lifetime.
How To Make Money Online Legitimately
How To Make Money Online Legitimately

#3. Add Training Tutorials, Videos and Courses That Can Benefit Veteran And Newbie Bloggers To Your Blog

Do you know that a lot of newbie bloggers out there need certain skills to build up their online business and can reward you handsomely for teaching them those skills?

What skills did you acquire? What are those things you can monetize right on your blog?

You can create training tutorials, videos and courses right on your site and sell to newbie and veteran bloggers who cannot do without them at affordable rates.

You don’t start with high prices yet until you become well-recognized in the market.

You simply leverage course-creation or similar platforms to make your course or tutorial content. You can upload images or videos using the course-creation tools or platforms to facilitate learning for your audience.

To get started creating training tutorials, courses and videos on your blog, you consider providing training that will add great values to people’s lives.

You can earn hundreds of dollars adding value to your readers’ lives through the training courses and tutorials you sell on your blog.

Online education industry is worth more than $100 billion and lots of bloggers like you earn substantial profits selling courses on their websites and adding values to other people’s lives.

As a website owner, you can simply add a “Course” menu whereby you sell those valuable skills and make money online legitimately.

Why You Must Create Training For Your Readers

Once you have gone far in building out your site with quality and helpful content alongside engaging visitors, you may consider training or coaching other people from your acquired skills and earn more money.

Why must you create training tutorials, videos and courses on your blog?

  • You become a trainer building and adding values to lives.
  • You build more trust and reputation in search engines and people learn more from your blog from day to day.
  • You are recognized as a pro blogger.
  • Pro bloggers offer and sell courses on their blogs.
  • You make more money legitimately from your training tutorials and courses.
How To Make Money Online Legitimately
How To Make Money Online Legitimately

Alternatively, you can earn lots of cash credits by creating training tutorials, videos and courses within the WA community after three months of being a premium member.

This will add to the income you generate from the training tutorials you created on your own blog.

You simply withdraw earnings to PayPal with a minimum of $10.

Learn more how you can leverage the WA community and earn lots of dollars creating training tutorials, videos and courses for the community.

Pro blogging results do not come earlier than becoming a pro. And you won’t ever become a pro without following pros.

#4. Publish eBooks And Earn Multiple Streams Of Income

Are you a blogger who loves writing and has great passion for doing it? Thus, you can earn passive income publishing eBooks and selling even on your own site and at Amazon stores worldwide.

Publishing eBooks is an excellent way to earn multiple streams of income. You earn consistent revenue for the content you write from time to time.

You are not just writing for fun anymore but earning recurring payments on the words you create right on your computer device from day to day.

How To Make Money Online Legitimately
How To Make Money Online Legitimately

Ryan Biddulph publishes eBooks which contain informative and  helpful blog content with Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon and sells both across Amazon stores in the US, UK, the rest of Amazon stores in the world and on his personal blog.

He teaches blogging fundamentals, sells courses, offers tutorials, creates podcasts and videos for both veteran and newbie bloggers. He earns multiple streams of income from selling eBooks.

Some of his eBooks sell for $3.99 while most of his prime eBooks sell for $20.00.

He makes more than enough money from his blog to travel the world and can help you set up a successful blog.

He created a page on his blog where he sells training tutorials, videos and courses.

He sells eBooks even while traveling in an aircraft without worrying about delivering physical books to readers.

The most interesting part of self-publishing an eBook is that it can be delivered to millions of readers without shipping or handling physical books at all.

If you are self-publishing with KDP on Amazon, for instance, you can convert your eBooks into podcasts and paperbacks.

How To Make Money Online Legitimately
How To Make Money Online Legitimately

Why You Must Self-Publish eBooks With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

What are the benefits of self-publishing eBooks with Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon?

  • You have your eBooks and paperbacks printed free even with a well-designed cover which you can edit anytime using the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • You reach hundreds of thousands of readers on Amazon who will buy your eBooks.
  • Your eBooks get to market fast.
  • You have your eBook published in less than 5-10 minutes and it becomes available worldwide for sale at kindle stores in less than 48 hours unless publishing rights for your eBooks are required.
  • You get an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) free for your eBooks and paperbacks.
  • You earn more revenue through the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited by enrolling in Kindle Direct Publishing Select.
  • You earn royalty (Up to 70%) on all sales to the readers in the US, UK, France, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Italy, Australia, Brazil and other locations.
  • You edit your eBooks whenever you want to make changes and fix your own list prices.
  • You keep full control of your publishing rights.
  • You publish eBooks (Digital) and paperbacks (Print) 100% free with Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon.

#5. Become An Affiliate For Other Companies And Earn Recurring Commissions In Lifetime

Becoming an affiliate for other companies is a great way to earn passive income online. You promote other people’s products and earn recurring commissions in lifetime.

Not all affiliate companies pay recurring commissions, you can of course earn commissions one way or the other by promoting affiliate products.

For independent affiliate marketing companies that charge monthly subscriptions like Wealthy Affiliate, recurring commissions are paid monthly.

How To Make Money Online Legitimately
How To Make Money Online Legitimately

Among others, Amazon affiliate central is a bunch of opportunities for anyone who loves to earn affiliate commissions. It’s the largest and yet one of the best affiliate marketing networks in the industry today.

The WA affiliate marketing program is such that pays recurring commissions monthly on every premium member you referred.

To make the most out of affiliate marketing programs, make sure to promote affiliate products that pay well.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.

#6. Sell Advertising Spaces On Your Site

Are you pulling enough traffic on your site? What is your rank in Google and in other major search engines?

Once your site ranks in search engines, it becomes a major source of online revenue for you. With a first page rank in Google, you have all the potentials in this world to earn consistent revenue.

You have the widgets in your WordPress dashboard to leverage while trying to create advertisement boards in your sidebar. This is not suitable for a site that is not getting much traffic yet.

There’s no limit to the flow of revenue that comes from your ranked site.

When your site was still under construction, no one seemed to know it.

As you fervently built out your site with quality and helpful content alongside engaging visitors, you began to rank in Google and traffic grew from day to day.

How To Make Money Online Legitimately
How To Make Money Online Legitimately

Before you knew it, guest-post invitations began to flow in through your email. You started building domain authority and search engines began to improve your site in search results.

Eventually, people from locations unknown to you began to request for a mention on your site to gain traffic back to their own sites.

Your site developed every potential to sell advertising spaces and you earn consistent revenue in lifetime.

#7. Publish Guest-Posts For Authority Bloggers In Your Niche

Guest-posting is a functional blogging strategy which most veteran struggling bloggers have ignored over the past years.

You can blog even for months and years without being able to move your site off the ground. It happens when you neither follow blogging fundamentals nor implement working strategies.

As a result of that, you get highly frustrated and quit blogging regrettably.

Let’s say, for instance, a niche related blog generates $100000+ a month. Guest-posting to such a blog would help you get high quality backlinks which leads to better rankings in Google, more traffic and more revenue.

How To Make Money Online Legitimately
How To Make Money Online Legitimately

Once you are able to write quality, helpful, remarkable and informative content, it becomes a great potential for you to get your guest posts published on authority bloggers’ sites.

You are allowed to include links to your own blog within your guest posts and this is how you get backlinks which is an extremely crucial ranking signal in Google’s search algorithm.

Remember in one of our recent posts on this blog where it was mentioned that a rocking and successful blogger named Akiko Joice earned $25000+ from a single guest post that she made to Life Hacker.

What you can make from your guest posts is way more than what Joice made from her single guest post that she published on Life Hacker, be rest assured. The future belongs to you if only you believe in the beauty of your dreams.

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  1. Hi, I am new to blogging and just got started with affiliate marketing. I am interested at other ways of monetizing and you mentioned about creating training.

    Is it a necessary modal? I am not an expert in my niche and can’t see how a training lesson fits the need for my readers. Also, it feels like a lot of work, trying to come up with topics to teach others.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment Cathy! I wish to tell you that I was in your shoes when I started out and saw blogging as something that would be too hard for me to come by. Thanks to the authority bloggers! They motivated and straightened me even to the point of becoming who I am today in the world of blogging. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Hey! Good article! I agree that writing like an authority is very important. Have you come across a book written by Robert Cialdini called influence?

    This is really interesting as the principals that he talks about are very appropriate to your subject matter here. I think whilst i agree that displaying authority is important I rather feel that it is just as important if not more important that a blogger writes in such a way that engages the reader and attempts to build a relationship.

    In an internet world full of faceless websites – a human touch breaking through the clutter can make for a very profitable site. Just a thought! Best wishes, Rick!

    • Much appreciated Ricky for leaving a valuable thought! It shows the color of a true and passionate blogger and I am highly impressed by the short story about Robert Cialdini which you mentioned in your comment.

      Making money online genuinely entails giving the time, commitment and little spending which most veterans wouldn’t ever want to accept. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Thanks for sharing how we can make money online legitimately. I think having a blog also a must — but not only having one but providing lots of value within it.

    You are essentially writing for people to help solve their problems. So the better you can help them , the better the chance you’ll have at making money.

    • Thanks Michael for leaving a valuable thought! To really make cool and legitimate money online, you need a bunch of things to put in place such as setting up and customizing a blog as well as writing quality and engaging content at all times for your clients.

  4. I am bookmarking this post so I can review it again! Tons of extremely helpful information here! Along the lines of being sure you have your own domain, do you recommend also upgrading to a paid theme? I have used a free one for years and have wondered the benefits of upgrading. Thanks!

    • Thanks for stopping by Heather! Kudos for finding my post extremely helpful! Yes, you will gain more by going premium with your theme.

      For instance, you will be able to create a landing page which is great for setting up a coaching business on your site with a premium theme. Thanks for visiting!

  5. I am totally sharing this article on my social media! Well done. You stated very clearly in understandable terms why you should NOT use a free blogging platform if you want to earn a living with it.

    I have never used a free blogging platform before. Mostly, because I couldn’t figure out how to use them and it was really easy to get banned for small things.

    The closest I have come to using a free blog is a free website domain. (WordPress) And even then I didn’t have it long, because I knew my website wouldn’t rank very high trust wise if I kept using it, and my readers wouldn’t trust me either.

    Very good job,. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for stopping Darcy! It’s great to run a customized blog and it’s a signal to the audience that you’re a money maker. It’s equally a great way to professionalize your online business so that you can gain more trust in the minds of your target audience. Thanks for visiting!

  6. This is a very in depth article on blogging, and I notice you place a lot of emphasis on writing like a pro and creating training for the readers.

    It’s true there is bog money to be made in blogging for some people, but it does takes a lot of work to get there.

    I enjoyed reading your article. You offer some very important advice on how to be successful and some handy tips to create multiple sources of income, which I’m a huge believer in.

    • Thanks for dropping by Darren! I’m so glad you found my blog post useful. You must desire to learn pro writing style and this will help you attract a lot of readers to your blog. With this, online success is guaranteed.

  7. You have given me some great ideas for making more money from my blog. I think I am missing out on many opportunities.

    I also have an eBook that I want to sell and am going to look into the kindle direct option you talk about in your post.

    What is the best way to get offered guest posts ?

    • Thanks for commenting on my blog post, Karen! You have done a great job by contributing immensely to this conversation. Much grateful!

      There are lots of money making opportunities, yet a lot of struggling bloggers out there remain ignorant.

      It’s great that you have an eBook that you want to publish with the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and I am glad to inform you that you have unlimited opportunities to earn from that too.

      While seeking guest-post invitation opportunities, there are things I will let you understand today about it so that you can focus on what matters.

      You don’t seek guest-post invitation opportunities at all but rather keep rocking your blog and the opportunities will find you amazingly someday. Thanks for visiting!

      To learn more strategies to blogging, read the blog post below and leave a comment.

      How To Blog With Strategies

  8. Hi, Israel. I enjoyed your great, informative post on how to make money online legitimately. I chose affiliate marketing last year and am building my business that way, but the sections you wrote on selling training courses and tutorials intrigued me, and so did the part about writing eBooks.

    I’m not quite ready to jump in yet, but when I do, do I need a Shopify type store to sell my stuff? I’m just wondering how to set up the ordering and payment process.

    • Thanks for leaving a valuable comment, Grant! Kudos for finding my post informative and insightful! Much grateful!

      You must realize that a lot of people need certain skills to do certain things at one time or the other and you can earn lots of cash offering those skills in form of training tutorials, videos and courses.

      When you are ready to jump in, don’t hesitate leveraging PayPal as your own chosen payment processor.

      Aside from receiving payments directly on your site, you can equally publish your eBooks on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and get paid via bank account. Thanks for visiting!

  9. I must say, that’s a very informative article on how to make money online legitimately especially when it comes to blogging. I think the problem is that a lot of people are scared of writing for they feel no one will want to read what they have to say and I’ll admit that I’ve had this fear too. You’ll never know unless you try though and have the proper training methods. Has blogging been very successful for you?

    • Thanks for dropping by, Brian! You have contributed your own quotas to this discussion. Much grateful! Blogging is the most lucrative way to make money online and a sure way to attain maximum success in online business.

      It’s not been so easy from the onset and I must say that writing is the most challenging factor to most struggling bloggers out there.

      I have been trying hard so far heading towards a first page rank and all signals are pointing to it that I will soon get there. Thanks for visiting!

      • That’s awesome that your blogging is moving you towards first page rankings! I guess the best thing to do is consistent action and proper research and it sounds like you’re doing those things. I need to do better on taking consistent action in regards to adding content to my own site.

  10. Yes I agree that blogging is a must for your site to get seen and rank in the major search engines. Most people are not good writers and don’t know where to start in writing a good blog.

    Practice makes perfect as they say and blogging does take practice, the more you blog, the easier it becomes.

    I also agree with you on Wealthy Affiliate and how good the training is and how they should you on the importance of writing good content for your blog.

    I like your website and blogs. It’s easy to read and easy to navigate. Good job and good luck on your online business publication site it’s looking good with good info, thanks for that.

    • Thanks for your valuable comment and contribution, Wayne! Writing has been a challenge to most people out there but, as you said, anyone can become perfect by constantly practicing.

      Thanks for liking and appreciating my site! Much grateful!

  11. I started a blog using a free platform last year. I quickly realized how limited I was and decided to switch or convert my free platform-based website into a fully owned one. Best decision I’ve ever made 🙂

    I felt more in control, empowered, as if starting to build something great. And it gave me the motivation to keep at it, to persevere, even when times were hard.

    I like the idea of adding a “Course” menu to show my assets and skills. I never really thought about it…

    Thanks again for this great article.

    • Thanks for dropping a valuable comment, RN Didi! I am greatly impressed at your courage and determination to change from a free blogging platform to a customized one. Though you should have done this right from scratch, it’s great that you changed now.

      This was part of the horrific mistakes most veteran bloggers made from the on-set but have come to realize where things went wrong and where the mistakes came from. Thanks for visiting!

  12. Hey. Thanks for these useful tips. I would like to start blogging, but I still have some doubts whether I can succeed. It’s definitely not a nice feeling when you write a post for +2000 words and nobody wants to read it. But I think I will try because I was inspired by your post to action. Do you think that setting up a website is expensive and is it easy to do?

    • Thanks for reading my blog post, Michael! I am greatly impressed at your contribution. The truth about making money online through blogging is that you need to follow blogging fundamentals to become successful.

      Many people write 2000+ word articles daily without having anyone to read at all. It’s painful of course and worrisome. What can you do to attract hundreds of thousands of readers to your blog when you publish an article on your blog?

      You should learn how to write remarkable, compelling, informative, insightful and helpful content. Search engines are smarter nowadays than ever. So, you need to ensure you follow all blogging fundamentals building blogging buddies to ensure that you move your blogging game to the next level soonest.

      For your information, some bloggers are earning $100000+ monthly from their blogs.

      They achieved this because they followed blogging fundamentals like outreaching, guest posting, connecting to online influencers, helping pro bloggers without expecting anything from them, promoting authority bloggers on social media, in forum posts, blog comments and many more.

      The following posts might be helpful. Try and read all of them one after the other and digest.

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      Your site needs to be Mobile-Friendly to rank to the first page in Google this year. Click the link below to read one of my training tutorials at WA which ensures that your site is mobile-optimized.

      Mobile SEO Strategy

  13. Blogging is definitely one of the best ways to make money online, but most people fear the writing part as if it was something impossible and achievable only for talented people. Obviously, writing is hard and it will always be like that no matter what, but it’s a skill like any other. You can become better at it if you develop the habit of doing it regularly.

    I remember when I first started blogging, I went with the free blogging platform option… I just wasted a lot of time and effort, but at least I did actually improve my writing skills along the way, so I can’t say it was 100% bad.

    • Thanks for dropping by to leave a comment, Donny! Much appreciated! I cherished the fact that writing is somehow or naturally hard for almost everybody but can also become a sort of fun if practiced daily.

      Ryan Biddulph, the owner and creator of Blogging From Paradise,analyzed that you can be typing a 1000-word article once per day to really drive the process of becoming a prolific writer fast. Thanks for visiting and contributing such a brilliant idea!

  14. Interesting article and thank you for sharing. I have written and published a fiction novel and am now in the process of writing my first non fiction ebook to sell on Amazon. The trick with ebooks is that if you are serious about being a success as an author, you need to do more than one book to develop your brand. This is going to be my focus in the months ahead. Cheers, Karen

    • Thanks for dropping by to leave a comment, Karen! Kudos for reading my blog post!

      I must say you have gone far in rocking your own blog and are taking a great step soonest by deciding to publish your first non fiction eBook to sell on Amazon.

      It’s greatly accepted that becoming a successful author on Amazon entails having as many eBooks as possible, not relenting on a single self-published material alone. Thanks for your valuable contribution! Much appreciated!


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