How to Make Money Online with a Blog

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Several people have asked me this question: How do I make money online with a blog? Some have tried creating free blogs with the hope of earning extra revenue while several others are already earning hundreds of thousands of dollars with their blogs daily, weekly, and monthly.

You can as well create a free blog today and build it towards earning cool and consistent revenue with time. One thing you must understand about online business is that it doesn’t work out too quickly neither does it fail in the long run so far you can work the techniques with the right energy.

If you’ve had the dream of earning cool revenue online, you can actually turn this dream into reality in a lifetime once you’re ready to give it a go. The internet is leveraged by more than 3.75 billion users from all parts of the world. So, you can see you have all the potentials in this world to make cool and consistent money online working in the comfort of your home.

How can you make money online? Did you just think you can start out in a day and begin making money right away? Would you just conclude, once you can’t start making money in a day or week, that online business is a scam? Not at all! Never think that way because it’s not true. People who really understand the process of building an online income stream are actually making hundreds of thousands online working as full-time bloggers in the comfort of their bedrooms.

Thus, for you to make money online, you must receive the right online entrepreneurial training which truly shows you how it’s done, how long it actually takes, as well as what to put in to really start earning consistent revenue online.

So far you’re ready to get started now, why not sit back and read down the page so you can learn the right steps needed to build an online revenue stream. Below, you have the basic steps required to create your own online brand that will consistently generate you lifetime revenue and give you the opportunity to travel the world blogging.

  1. Receive the world-class online entrepreneurial training
  2. Complete all tasks without skipping one
  3. Start your website (Your own blogging empire)
  4. Choose your blog niche and keep at it
  5. Build traffic for your blog
  6. Create content frequently to keep the blog up to date
  7. Build engagement with your ideal audience
  8. Add social share buttons to your blog to share every new post you create on social media
  9. Build links via Quora, online forums, and guest-posting
  10. Apply persistence to your daily blogging routine.

Receive the World-Class Online Entrepreneurial Training

When it comes to building a consistent online revenue stream, you need such an advanced, yet the best, online business community through which you’ll receive the right training and complete tasks to get started successfully.

When we talk about getting started successfully, it means a lot to those who started wrongly from the onset and later realized that they had to receive proper training first to become genuinely successful online.

To get access to the very platform where you’ll receive the world-class online entrepreneurial training, click on the image below to check out my honest review and be an action taker. Remember, action takers are money makers.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Billing Details
Wealthy Affiliate Membership Billing Details

Complete All Tasks Without Skipping One

In the online entrepreneur certification, there are five courses with ten lessons at each level of the courses and you have several tasks in each of the lessons to complete, some of which will train you how you can set up a personal website adding custom menus, site designs, layout, and all of that.

Most newbie entrepreneurs do skip some of these tasks because they’re always in a hurry to make money online and, thus, run into serious challenges in the long run. You’ll see such people ask you some simple questions which they ought to have completed in those tasks on the Live Chat platform, though other users (Including myself) will always respond and help them so kindly, not minding the steps skipped so far.

Have you made up your mind to try out financial freedom through WA? Why not enter a name for your brand in the tool below and start building an online empire right away? There’s no other way to become financially free online and there can never be an online business platform in the entire online world that will give you such fantastic revenue opportunities as given directly within WA. Congratulations to WA!!!

Start Your Website (Your Own Blogging Empire)

Having completed all tasks in the level 1 of the online entrepreneur certification, you’re expected to have successfully created your own website with at least three custom menus which must include your “Home”, “Contact”, and “Privacy Policy” menus respectively.

If you haven’t set up your website, then start it free using the tool below and you’ll be on your way to building a beautiful blogging empire. Remember you learned in the online entrepreneur certification that your website represents all of the following:

  • Your online shop or office
  • Your personal brand
  • Your virtual real estate; and
  • Your blogging empire

Once you’ve ranked well in Google, you’ll begin to receive tons of organic traffic and the flow will exactly be compared to that of two taps which are turned on into a big bucket together once. The traffic will continue flowing in a lifetime so far you wouldn’t stop updating your blog with useful and informative content while engaging visitors.

By the time Google will have started delivering traffic to your site to this extent, you’ll have worked persistently building your blog on the solid blogging pillars. You’ll have gone far away working the right techniques with the right energy. And you’ll have gone a long way working diligently on your blog every day.

Are you scared of building a free website with the tool below? You dare not. It’s the most advanced, yet the easiest, Site-builder tool in the industry. Why not start right away by entering a beautiful and relevant name for your free website in the box below and you’re good to go as far as building an online empire is concerned.

Choose Your Blog Niche and Keep at it

What is your passion all about? What are you planning to blog about? What’s going to be the niche of your content as you build out the site along? You need to understand the efficacy or impact of a niche on any successful blog and this is why I decided to make it one of the basic steps needed to set up a free blog.

In a nutshell, a niche is, generally, another word for passion, interest, or idea about something. So, when it comes to choosing a blog niche, it means choosing something that you’re so passionate about.

Once you’ve missed the road in this regard, you may not get back on the track anymore in a lifetime. If you know you would like to be creating content on something so wide, then try and choose a blog niche that is so broad in nature, meaning that you should choose a niche on which you can write so many relevant articles. And that’s why I always say that a  niche is a sure foundation for any successful blog.

Build Traffic for Your Blog

To start earning revenue with your free blog, you need a lot of traffic to your site on a daily basis and there are good ways to generate tons of traffic without spending a dime. I don’t even encourage anyone to use a Pay-Per-Click advertising platform to drive traffic, but rather would only believe in earnestly building out a site with lots of useful and SEO content using the low competition keywords as well as building social media traffic through engagement.

Do some experiment by writing unique and informative content daily on your blog while engaging visitors and make sure you build links by answering niche-related answers on Quora and online forums. Do this consistently and persistently for a period of 3-4 months without breaking it at all and you’ll surely come back to say lots of thanks.

Create Content Frequently to Keep the Blog Up to Date

As part of the steps needed to ensure that you run a successful blog, you must consider the fact that an outdated blog cannot rank in search engines and one of the good tactics for keeping a blog up to date is creating content frequently.

How many times do you create content in a week? How long and informative do you keep your content? It’s not just by writing content alone though, you must provide a cool and learning atmosphere for your potential blog readers for you to rank the blog in search engines.

To ensure that you always provide what can satisfy readers’ appetites, visit and read other bloggers’ posts and emulate what the pros do to make their own blog content highly informative and engaging.

Build Engagement with Your Ideal Audience

To win the blogging battle on time, you need to build lots of engagement with your readers through comments. The earlier you understand this simple blogging strategy, the better your ranking in search engines!

As you receive more comments on your blog, you’ll equally receive more on your social media pages to enhance engagement for ranking purpose. When you take some quality time to respond to those comments, you’ll rank your blog for the passion and you’ll be much more trusted by search engines.

Never listen to those blogging heresies which claim that comments are no longer useful for ranking. You could have possibly read in some blog posts that you can stop receiving comments by deactivating the comment plugin on your blog. Never follow the heresy for you’ll end up lowering your rank in search engines.

Add Social Share Buttons to Your Blog to Share Every New Post You Create on Social Media

When you’ll have successfully launched your personal blog and are ready to start publishing content on it, install and activate a social share icon to be able to share every post you create with your fans on social media. This can help you build almost instant traffic to your site.

Make sure Google+ is one of the icons to be installed as this helps a lot for SEO. Obviously, Google+ services may be stopped at any time, but it’s certain that another substitute will be made.

Build Links Via Quora, Online Forums, and Guest-Posting

Quora Question & Answer platform, Online Forums, and Guest-Posting are three key components of the link building strategy. With these three platforms along with creating high-quality and engaging content, getting a first page rank in Google is guaranteed.

On, it only takes 1-2 minutes to set up an account after which you can start answering questions. Of course, some questions will have been waiting for you in your profile already even before you start answering questions at all. One thing is that you must edit your account profile completely so Quora can know what your niche is all about and start forwarding niche-related questions to your profile.

Experientially, the link building speed at Quora is like that of a jet. You never can imagine this unless you have a foretaste.

Online forums can equally be leveraged to start building links such that you’ll have to add your blog URL to the signature box in your forum account. This will ensure that the URL appears at the bottom of every post you create.

And for writing guest posts, you’re always permitted to include a blog address in your resource box and you’ll surely get links back to your blog through this.

Apply Persistence to Your Daily Blogging Routine

In your daily blogging routine, you need to be persistent since it takes some months to build a successful blogging empire. If you’re not persistent, you won’t be able to become a rocking blogger let alone earning cool and consistent revenue.

You wouldn’t expect magic to happen on the way when you’ve already been told that blogging is a battle and for you to win, you need persistence.


Hope you enjoyed the reading! Making money online with a blog is guaranteed so far you know the right way to go and the right strategy to implement. And you’ve been shown the right way you need to go in this post in as much as you desire to make money online.

If you still have some questions to ask, why not leave a comment in the comment box below this post and you’ll hear from me in earnest.

16 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online with a Blog”

  1. This is a useful step-by-step guide for both newbies and veterans. 

    As a blogger myself, I am reminded here of the power of utilizing various social media platforms. It’s great that you stressed that this is a lucrative business when treated as such. It’s great to do something you love and make money while doing it. 

    Great insight shared on niche content. So true. Write about something you’re passionate about! Focus on the content, and the money will follow. 

    I use WA myself. Best comprehensive training with immediate action into building your own website. Highly recommend for starting.

  2. Thank you Israel for your super informative blog on blogging. 

    I have recently tried affiliate marketing and I am still learning the ropes. This is definitely not a get rich quick program but I can see that with lots of hard work, I will be able to support myself with affiliate marketing. The most important thing is to apply consistent effort towards my goal and not take any shortcut. I am looking forward to a time when I will be able to support myself from anywhere in the world.

  3. As a Wealthy Affiliate user I can definitely support this review! It’s a great program and you will definitely learn a lot! The nice part with the membership is all of the benefits you get like using Jaaxy, tech support and awesome training. All in all, it’s a solid program.

  4. Hi there Israel!

    Nice article – very detailed with a step by step sequence which is easy to follow and understand.

    I am so grateful to find out the importance of building links via Quora, On-line forums and Post-guesting.

    I might try using them later on as my concentration for now has been on frequent content creation and you are right in emphasizing the essence of this in your article which is indeed a major factor for any site to rank in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    Thank you and be safe always!


    • Thanks for stopping by, Julius! Much grateful! You can make hundreds of thousands with that blog of yours so far you’re ready to build your business on the solid blogging fundamentals. You can afford to continue writing content frequently alone without trying to build links alongside if you don’t want to have delays in ranking your blog.

      As you can see, the competition is very high on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and ranking may not be achieved on time without implementing the working strategies in full. I understand the fact that you may not have sufficient time to implement all these strategies but it would be good to touch them all in your daily blogging routines in order to move your blog off the ground on time.

      Have you read these?

      Get Paid to Post Comments
      How to Get Your Website on the First Page
      How to Get Backlinks to Your Website

      Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

    • Thanks for stopping by, Julius! Much appreciated! Building links is as crucial as creating useful and informative content frequently on your blog and Quora is one of the greatest tools to build links providing answers to niche-related questions. You will rank your blog faster if you can try implementing the working strategies every now and then. Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  5. Hello,

    I would definitely like to make money online blogging and I can see that you have laid out a plan that shows me how to do it.

    To start out, I need to have online entrepreneurial training to show me how and follow the steps, which is fine. However, a couple of questions I do not understand – How do I rank in Google?  Under “Start your own Website”. and also “I will have organic traffic”, not sure what you mean by that.

    Also not too sure about a niche. How do I go about finding a Niche? You state that you should be interested or passionate about something. Right now nothing comes to mind. 

    I won’t be able to go onto the next steps without a Niche?

    Also, I am not on Quora or any of the social media. Building a website might not be a good idea for me.

    You have a lot of information in your post here, if you could give me some insight on niche and then getting started, we might be able to do something.

    Appreciate your help.

    • Thanks for the reading and for finding some laid-out plans on how you can make money online, Jimmy! You can rank in Google by following the pro blogging strategies as well as implementing the working strategies. You can do a niche research through the tool you’ll find on the top right sidebar of the page:

      You can build a website and rank it fast in Google so far you’re ready to work the techniques with the right energy. Quora is such a Question & Answer platform with a very high Alexa rank whereby you can answer niche-related questions and there’s no limit to the number of questions you can answer daily. It’s great when it comes to building links for SEO.

      Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  6. Hey there! Thanks for this in-depth guide on how to make money online with a blog. I have learned a lot from this post as well as others on your site. You have taught me a lot in this short period of time. I have been looking for a good social media share plugin for my sites. I want one that is simple. Do you have any good recommendations?

    • Hello Marlinda,

      Thanks for getting back with a valuable comment! Much grateful! The social share plugin I currently use to share posts on my blog is the Ultimate Social Media Icons plugin and it’s been serving me satisfactorily. If you wouldn’t mind, you may give it a try. It helps you share, like, and follow at the same time. Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  7. WOW.. Israel. I decided to check out one of your other blogs and I’m thankful That I did. I have been looking for a  good online hosting business for some time now, unfortunately they all seem to want a lot of money or want you to pay for each upgrade. I’ve been struggling along trying to build a site by myself and I’m failing miserably.

    I love some of the benefits you have told us about joining Wealthy Affiliate. I think I will check out one of your links. What have I got to lose? If the first two sites really are for free, then I have everything to gain. Thank you for this informative blog.  Jim 

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jim! Much appreciated! Yeah, you have two websites hosted free on the WA web space with the free starter package while you’ll get 50 different websites hosted free with the premium package. So, it pays more to go premium than staying back as a free starter so far you can manage to pay the $19 upgrading fee.

      Of course, you know once you’ve paid the upgrading fee, you’ll be able to re-subscribe with ease in each of the subsequent months with the revenue opportunities newly introduced (The Site Comment 2.0 platform) through which you’ll be able to earn revenue offering comments. If you still need help with anything going forward, don’t hesitate to get back to me.

      Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  8. Hello Israel,

    Thanks for providing such an informative post about making money online.

    Realistically how long to do you think it would take on average before you start to see some income rolling in? My reason for asking this is that, for example, it takes 3 years then that is an awful lot of investment. Do you honestly believe that this solution provides a good return on investment in the long run?

    My concern is that I have been subject to being roped into similar schemes before and ended up being considerably out of pocket. What guarantees can you give that this is the real deal?

    Thanks in advance.



    • Thanks for stopping by, Paul! Much grateful! You can earnestly build up your blogging empire and start earning revenue within a period of 4-5 months only if my blogging strategies are implemented. What most veterans believe is writing content alone. They do say content is king and, so, what they have to do is to concentrate on writing alone. I feel for such people as they will have to continue writing for years without getting an edge at all in search engine result pages (SERPs).

      Implement the right strategies such as publishing useful and informative content frequently, building site and social engagement with your readers, writing guest posts for niche-related authority blogs, creating connections with online influencers, providing high-quality answers to niche-related questions on and many more.

      Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  9. You laid it out perfectly on how to make money online with a blog.
    You definitely need a place to teach you very well on how to make this a reality and Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best place online to do that.

    Starting your own blogging website is such a great feeling because you are ultimately in control of how successful you’ll be. I
    love the fact that you can choose a niche that you’re passionate about as that will help you stick with your blog in the long term.

    Of course, traffic is a must in order to start building revenue with your blog and WA teaches you how to get that traffic as well. Have you found it easy to keep consistency with your blog because of the training you received at WA?

    • Thanks for your comment, Brian! Much appreciated! Yeah, when it comes to making money with a blog, the Wealthy Affiliate platform is nothing but the best. Of all things to talk about within the community, ranking belongs to members as engagement opportunity is made available at the highest level through the newly introduced Site Comment 2.0 platform.

      Since more comments equal more ranking and more ranking equals more revenue, it follows that WA members own the ranking and the highest earning potentials in the online world. Congratulations to WA! Congratulations to myself too! Congratulations to everyone!

      Israel Olatunji


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