How to Make Money through a Blog

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Do you want to make money online through your blog? Are you willing to have your breakthrough blogging from the comfort of your home? Why not sit back, read down the page, and learn the key strategies you need to implement to ensure that you have your genuine breakthrough online.

Today, we have a series of bloggers from all parts of the world who earn hundreds of dollars every day blogging in the comfort of their homes. Maybe you haven’t heard how Peter Rojas, the second richest blogger in the blogging world, has been generating millions of traffic hits on his blog as well as earning more than $5,500,000 monthly from his blog. If Peter could, then you too can.

Likewise, we have Arianna Huffington, the top richest blogger who basically earns his daily, weekly, and monthly revenue from selling advertising space on his blog. You too can simply have your story changed financially so far you can have the right mindset and prepare to build up an online empire.

In today’s publication, I’m going to show you 7 key strategies for making money through a blog:

  1. Blog about a niche you have a great passion for
  2. Create high-quality and engaging content
  3. Publish posts frequently
  4. Build inbound links to improve Alexa ranking for your website
  5. Build an email list
  6. Link posts internally on your blog
  7. Stay active on social media

Blog About a Niche You Have Great Passion For

What is your area of expertise? What do you actually have a lot of passion for? What idea can you choose to blog about in a lifetime such that you’ll never feel bored or like quitting? Once you’re able to figure this out, congratulations! You’ve passed right from the onset.

Have you discovered your area of expertise? That’s where it begins with. An online empire is built on a niche/interest. It ensures that you can flow on writing with ease every now and then. In as much as blogging is more of writing than talking, becoming successful is guaranteed so far you can choose the right niche for your business right from the onset.

Create High-Quality and Engaging Content

How quality and engaging is the content you’re publishing for your audience? Can you guarantee that the content you have on your blog can satisfy your audience and make them decide to stay back home doing the right thing with their own blogs? You need to comport your writing plans to ensure you’re always ready to build a successful online empire.

You’ll successfully create high-quality and engaging content for Google ranking so far you can choose well-researched topics as well as use low competition keywords.

Publish Posts Frequently

How frequent are you posting? Is it once, twice, or more times weekly? Well, for your information, you can only see wonders on time online if and only if you can endeavor to publish every day. If you’re publishing an article of 2000+ words every day, be rest assured that you’ll see your blog skyrocket in search results after a few months of doing that consistently.

Blogging has been likened like a fish farmer who would have to throw his hooks into the water as many times as would be required to catch a lot of fish. The chance of consistently getting more fish depends on the number of times hooks are thrown into the water.

So, when you publish posts on an everyday basis, you’ll stand the chance of getting your blog skyrocket in search results. In as much as it’s evident that not all posts will rank in search engines, you never can tell which of your posts can skyrocket in search results first.

Build Inbound Links to Improve Alexa Ranking for Your Website

What are inbound links? Inbound links are those links you generate from another web source through guest posting, blog commenting, socializing, social bookmarking, answering questions on Quora and many more. They help you improve Google PageRank for your website.

You can simply leverage Quora together with a few high PR online forums. Keep posting high-quality answers to niche-related questions and expect better search engine ranking in Google.

Use the high PR online forum as an excellent way to build high-quality links by consistently creating threads and posts as well as participating in discussions and helping others.

Build an Email List

Building an email list is a task of building email subscribers on your blog which ensures that the one-time visitors are easily converted into real customers. Right from day one of starting out your site, you should start building a list.

You need an email marketing strategy to move your blog off the ground and the best way to go about this is to leverage a kind of lead magnet opt-in subscription form which lets you collect emails the right way and in compliance with the European Union’s GDPR.

Link Posts Internally on Your Blog

Linking posts internally involves embedding some internal links that redirect your potential readers and visitors to some other posts that are related and relevant to the post you’re currently updating on your blog. Internal linking helps a lot in boosting tons of direct traffic which reduces your bounce rate in Analytics from day to day.

As you keep getting inbound links, you equally need to keep building outbound links which let you link posts within the content on your blog and boost traffic organically.

Stay Active on Social Media

How do you leverage the social media? Are you always active or just active once in a blue moon? No matter what and how you want to implement the social media strategy, staying active would be key and instrumental.

Unlike before when you could easily earn social traffic without having to stay so active, social media sites have gone fully-monetized now and getting free traffic is no longer feasible unless you’re always active.


Having read through the post down the page here, you should have seen the possibility that you can make money through a blog. So, the only thing left for you to start making money online is being an action taker.

If you need a hand with anything going forward with your business, don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll be more than happy to respond in earnest.

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  1. Making money through a blog is such a great way to generate income. And very fulfilling. I’ve been an affiliate marketer for a while, and writing quality content and engaging with my followers helped create such a great income and life.

    Blogging is fun. Building an email list is another great way, same concept toward engagement. 

    Great work, thanks!

  2. This is a list of very valid points that I need to consider to implement more frequently into my personal blog website. How does a blogger end up making money upwards of $100 000 per year?

    What are some methods that I could monetise my website with as of tomorrow to reach my goal of $100 000 per year?

    Right now, I only try and implement SEO for top organic results in Google and relating Search Engines!  


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