How to Make More Money Online

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When it comes to making money online, several controversies have come up from the different online communities, forums, discussion groups, social media as well as in blog comments. While some people are making hundreds of thousands of dollars daily promoting affiliate companies, others are busy doing all kinds of slavery jobs which pay a few cents per day such as forum posting jobs, get paid to read emails, get paid to click Ads and all of that.

Are those slavery jobs  really worth your time? Can you afford to continue serving others when you can actually serve yourself? For instance, when a platform offers a forum posting job at the pay rate of $0.05 per post and the maximum number of posts to be made per day for each user is 10-20, how much would that kind of a job not be referred to as a slavery job?

If we do some simple Mathematics here, we’ll find that the highest earner in any day can only earn $0.05 X 20 which is $1 per day, that is, $30 a month and the lowest earner among the users can only make $0.05 X 10 which is $0.5 a day, that is, $15 a month. I hope my readers would reason along with me that such jobs are nothing but slavery jobs.

If all Jon Morrow was doing online is such a forum posting job alone, I’m sure he wouldn’t be making the hundreds of dollars that he’s currently making from his personal blog monthly. He might have done such a job long ago or when he was still a struggling veteran blogger looking for ways to earn extra revenue alongside building a blog. It’s normal for a newber blogger who is just starting out with a brand-new blog.

What about Arianna Huffington; the top richest blogger in the online world who earns more than $10, 000, 000 revenue every month from the millions of traffic hits that he generates monthly with his blog?

Literally speaking, the online money making opportunities are meant for only those who really want to make money online. I’m talking about only those who are action takers; the categories of people who can work hours daily building an online empire.

The most important thing about building an online business is having the right mindset which is tailored towards doing it the right way. Then, being able to recognize your audiences is another vital area in which you can establish a successful online business. Once you can recognize your target audiences, you’ll run a successful business as they’ll always be on the lookout to learn and buy from you at one time or the other.

The only way you can frustrate your business is when you don’t have good, reliable and highly-rated products to promote. These are things many people are so meticulous about.

In today’s publication, I’ll show you some key strategies for making money in the online world.

  1. Find a laudable niche product to promote
  2. Be unique
  3. Pay particular attention to the winners

Find a Laudable Niche Product to Promote

In the course of preparing to be a product promoter, note the two key steps below:

  • Select a product idea
  • Get the best product to sell

(A.) Select a Product Idea

People try to find out how to get the best niche using an integrated niche and keyword research tool or any of the following:

  • Search engine
  • Personal intelligence
  • Popular affiliate marketing network

Aside from using an integrated niche and keyword research tool like Jaaxy, you can also conduct a research for your intended niche any time using an affiliate marketing network like Shareasale, Commission and all of that.

On Commission Junction, for example, there’s a Network Settings option for you to search for the niche-related affiliate products that you want to promote on your blog. Through the Network Settings option, you’ll also find that each of the affiliate merchants listed shows their specific earning potentials.

(B.) Get the Best Product to Sell

Having searched and selected which niche product to promote, you’re almost about to start making money promoting laudable products. Henceforth, you’re free to search for the right niche product to sell based on the earning potentials found.

While trying to choose the right products to sell as an affiliate, follow the strategies below:

  • Brainstorm and find out the trending products which other affiliate marketers have regarded as hot selling products.
  • Conduct a market research to see if it’s a hot selling product. You can probably make your searches by using the search volume on Jaaxy.
  • Go ahead and sell only the products that you’ve verified to be hot selling and highly-demanding products.

Be Unique

When it comes to making money online, it’s not about how brilliant or resourceful you are but how smart. If you’re not smart enough, you can’t make money online. Try to introduce something that no one usually offers elsewhere and make sure it’s something everybody needs.

You can follow the steps below while trying to be unique among your counterparts:

  • Stand Out From the Crowd: You need to stand out as an expert in the affiliate marketing industry and in your niche. Once you’ve become an expert, you’ll discover that a lot of people will look for whatever product you’re promoting, believing in your personality and authority.
  • Write some high-quality and useful content based on the niche product: The antidote for standing out from the crowd on time comes out with something that has not yet been done by others. No matter how hurriedly most readers are while visiting blogs, present to them what will naturally make them stay and spend some quality time at your site before clicking away.

Help other people passionately by responding to their inquiries and let them practice whatever they’ve leanred so far. If you can continue to be unique and consistent, there’s no time you won’t stand out from the crowd.

Your trust flow and trust metrics will continue to increase so far you can keep at what you’ve been doing to build authority in the online world.

Pay Particular Attention to the Winners

Do you really want to make more money online? Would you desire to start pulling the crowd with lots of strategies? Then, pay particular attention to the winners among your potential readers.

In trying to pay particular attention to the winners, look into:

  • Checking your audience overview in Google Analytics
  • Getting your forecasted users from the home page in Google Analytics
  • Finding out which of the posts on your blog is/are ranking well.

Winners fall into the categories below:

Winners in blog posts: Google Analytics is the best online tool to leverage when it comes to finding out which of the posts on your blog is producing the best in conversions.

Winners in digital products: Since you have a list of affiliate products you promote on your blog, always find out to know which of these products is converting the most. This will simply show the winner(s) from the product list. Try to figure out the reason such a product is converting more than others.

Having figured out the winner(s) from the products listed on your blog, create a compelling article that will boost traffic.

Winners in direct, referral, organic and social traffic: Visit Google Analytics, click on the “overview” tab and browse every other page to check what percentage of the site visitors comes from direct, referral, organic, or social traffic. Use the tool to control your traffic and minimize the bounce rate to improve your Google PageRank.

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