How to Make People Follow You

How to make people follow you

Are you still struggling to get followers to your site? Do you want your site to skyrocket in Google? Do you want to become a successful online entrepreneur, right? You just need to put certain things in order to start seeing results. You only need to follow experts in order to build a rocking online business.

Have you visited an authority blog ever? Do you regularly visit such blogs to learn from experts and build your business on the same blogging fundamentals as experts did? Did you know this was the secret strategy implemented by experts who became highly successful in the online world?

One of the things that matters a lot to the success of your business is getting a lot of people to follow you. When so many people follow your blog, you’ll have a good evaluation of readership. Whenever you publish a new post, a lot of people would be willing to read through the post and this can increase your chance of receiving more rankings in search engine.

When it comes to getting a lot of people to follow you, it wouldn’t work out like magic at all. It simply works out by implementing the pro blogging strategies – the same strategies implemented by experts. Do you ever want to become an expert?

Do you want to be seen like an expert or a pro blogger? It’s easier to follow the pros than the struggling veteran bloggers. And that’s why veterans find it so difficult to get their blogs off the ground. Most veterans do give up so quickly because of this.

In today’s publication, we’re going to discuss the key strategies that will help you get a lot of people to follow you through your blog. Before we dive into these strategies, I need to let you know first that building an authority site entails a lot of hard work and consistency. You must be determined to become successful in the online world.

Here are the key strategies for getting a lot of people to follow you through your blogging empire:

  1. Post content consistently on your blog
  2. Make your content highly-informative, helpful, and engaging to readers
  3. Always desire to help other people solve their problems
  4. Build engagement with your readers
  5. Stay active on social media
  6. Build high-quality inbound links
  7. Build domain authority for your business
  8. Improve search engine ranking
  9. Earn massive traffic to your site
  10. Earn cool and consistent revenue through your blog.

Post Content Consistently on Your Blog

Do you know that adding content to your site consistently can make Google love your site? Do you understand the concept of “Freshness” in the course of running a successful blog?

When you publish unique, helpful and highly-engaging content on your blog frequently, you’re simply adding freshness to the blog which Google loves so much. You’re desisting from content-plagiarism which Google hates so much. You’re building page authority for your site. You’re moving towards the first-page ranking in Google.

Make Your Content Highly-Informative, Helpful, and Engaging to the Readers

What kind of quality do you add to all of your content? Do you manage to create such helpful and engaging content on your site frequently? Do you know that you can only make readers love to keep checking out your blog by frequently publishing compelling and remarkable content?

To ensure that you deliver the best to your potential readers, always endeavor to visit authority blogs, read posts on their sites and comment on them as well. Your comments should be relevant to the content of the particular post in which you’re leaving a comment.

Always Desire to Help Other People Solve Their Problems

Do you have a passion for helping others become successful? Do you try to create some quality time to attend to other people and help them fix certain issues in their own businesses too?

Helping others and blogging with passion are excellent ways to make a lot of people follow you through your blog. Not through your blogs alone, but they’ll also follow you through your social channels and everywhere else and their own readers will follow suit.

Build Engagement with Your Readers

Do you really understand the efficacy of building engagement with the readers at all? Do you understand how engaging your audience can help you increase your search engine ranking and boost your search traffic?

Engage your readers through comments and boost your ranking potential in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Stay Active in Social Media

The social media is also instrumental in making you get followed by a lot of people. Do you understand that you need real humans to become successful in the online world?

Imagine how you do your offline business with people and lots of potential customers around you! You’ll find that you can’t sell an item & won’t be able to earn a dime without getting people involved or making them buy what you sell.

Build High-Quality Inbound Links

High-quality links are those backlinks you get from niche-related blogs out there. They’re links that help you build domain authority, boost page authority as well as increase overall Google PageRank for your site in search results.

You need hundreds of high-quality backlinks to successfully build authority for your website in the online world. And you can get lots of blogs through Quora, Warrior Forum and similar platforms.

Build Domain Authority for Your Business

As part of the efforts to ensure you build domain authority for your business, several strategies such as posting to high PR online forums, providing high-quality answers on Quora and all of that help a lot in building domain authority at a faster rate.

You don’t need to link to Quora through email. You can simply link to Quora through Gmail or Facebook. Provide high-quality answers and make sure your questions are related to your niche to avoid getting slapped.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

Once you’ve begun to observe all of your normal blogging routines, it becomes a possibility that you’ll start seeing improvement in your search ranking day by day, though it takes some time to build a first-page ranking in Google.

Just be consistent in following the pro blogging strategies, and you’ll start seeing pro blogging results soonest.

Earn Massive Traffic to Your Site

Wow, once you’ve started improving ranking in search engine, Google will start to improve your site in search results. Your chance of appearing in search engines will definitely increase.

Ranking equates traffic and, thus, traffic equates revenue. Build your business on these fundamentals and you’ll see your blog skyrocket in search engine soon.

Earn Cool and Consistent Revenue Through Your Blog

Making money is guaranteed once you can build your blog on the proven blogging pillars – the same pillars on which those authority blogs were built. When it comes to earning cool and consistent revenue in the online world, it entails being consistent and working hard.

How to Make People Follow You
How to Make People Follow You
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4 Comments on “How to Make People Follow You”

  1. Do you have a specific social media site you recommend, or would you recommend trying to manage all the major ones at the same time?  I’ve heard there are programs out there that will cross post your content as soon as it goes live on your blog, but I don’t have a lot of money to spend.

    If there was one place you could start in Social would it be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, something else?

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, Craig! Yes, I use the major social media sites like Facebook, Google+ (Though Google+ is going to be discontinued soonest), Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the likes to build social traffic for my site and it’s seriously helping me a lot in making my site skyrocket in search engine. You don’t have to spend too much money on driving traffic but simply need to implement the pro blogging strategies to pull tons of traffic to your site with time. Thanks for your lovely visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  2. I have my own website and I want to increase the followers of my website. This article had everything I needed to know about increasing the followers for a website. All the ten strategies were really easy for me to understand and follow through. You gave great explanations throughout the article. Thank you so much for sharing this article. Hopefully, my website gets more followers by following these strategies.

    1. Hello Sujandar, thanks for getting back! Getting lots of quality followers to your site is as simple as A-B-C and without these, it’s difficult to get on the first page. It’s people that will make your site skyrocket in search engines. Google is set to work towards providing the best qualitative services to humanity and wouldn’t hesitate to improve your site in search results once it finds that you’re fully committed and responsible to the people. This is how it works. Thanks for stopping by!

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