How to Make the Posts on Your Blog More Conversational

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As you’ve rightly read in the past, making all of the posts on your blog more conversational to your audience is paramount to SEO and this is what your blog needs to captivate more readers.

Likewise, you’ve also learned that to really move your blogging game to the next level, you must:

  • Create strong relationships with authority bloggers
  • Engage your audience in a productive manner
  • Get connected to online influencers
  • Give niche related pro bloggers free mentions in your blog comments, content, social media posts, and in forum posts.

Yes, you’re good to go once you can fully implement the blogging strategies above, but making all of the posts on your blog more communicative or informal will help in driving more readers to become great fans of that blog.

The more you build readership, the greater the attention you give to search engines, and the more the ranking you’ll receive as you keep doing it consistently. This is a great way to build authority for your blog domain and the best strategy to make search engines view your blog as one loaded with lots of informative and engaging content.

Once you’ve succeeded in making things work out with your blog, search engines will begin to release some decent amount of organic traffic on your blog and you’ll find out that you’ve begun to earn cool revenue already.

There are ways to make a blog post more conversational. Some of these include:

  1. Listen to your readers and try to figure out solutions to the problems they are facing
  2. Use a chatty pattern of writing
  3. Create a discussion forum for your audience
  4. Build engagement with your readers
  5. Get in touch directly with your audience.

Listen to Your Readers and Try to Figure Out Solutions to the Problems They are Facing

Most people find it difficult to shape their style of writing into a more conversational one, whereas, this is the best writing style to make readers stay long and get them encouraged to read posts down the pages.

Most bloggers haven’t been able to differentiate between teaching and chatting. They didn’t actually realize that blog content should be more of chatting than teaching or lecturing which is usually boring to so many people.

Use a chatty pattern of writing

If you really want to build an exemplary blog that a lot of people will always love to visit, then never make content boring to the readers. This is one of the reasons most blogs remain stagnant getting higher bounce rates daily.

People can only be kept for a long time on a blog if and if only they catch life in while reading through posts. They’ll love to spend much more time than they usually do on other blogs if they can just catch fun reading posts on your blog. Even while they are away for some time, they will keep thinking about the chatty posts they’ve read on your blog and will surely love coming back from time to time to check out the latest posts.

Create a discussion forum for your audience

One of the good strategies to implement when it comes to building an ideal blog for so many people to visit always, an exemplary community whereby people will have the opportunity to interact with others and ask whatever questions they’re willing to forward to others.

This is really part of what needs to be implemented in the course of building a blog to make it uniquely conversational and exemplary. That’s why you’ve always heard about some authority blogs that pull in thousands of traffic hits daily, weekly, and monthly. You want to start seeing pro-blogging results soonest, right? Then implement the working strategies to move your blogging game to the next level.

Build engagement with your readers

Haven’t you started building engament with readers on your blog? If no, then you haven’t started out yet as a rocking blogger. You want to starting your blog right now? Then start building engagement with your audience.

Once you’ve succeeded in making your readers see you as a pro blogger, they’ll always be ready to follow you even to the social media and everywhere you’re found featuring.

The aspect of making your posts chatty is correlated with building engagement with your readers. No one can leave a valuable comment on a blog post that is not written using a professional writing pattern. Definitely, a pro writing style is the one which uses a professional writing format.

Here are the few things you can do further to ensure that you captivate your readers and make them leave valuable comments on your blog posts:

  • Pay frequent visits to their blogs, leave some valuable comments, share some of their posts on social channels, and give them free mentions on your own blog.
  • Allow some of these readers to write guest posts for you.

Get in touch directly with your audience

How do you get in touch with your audience? It happens through social engagement, comment posting and replying, and forum discussions. You’ll discover you can successfully get in touch with your blog readers so far you can find some quality time to interact with them, share posts with them, reply their comments, as well as help them solve their problems.

Do you care to write the kind of content that will satisfy the readers’ desires at all? Some bloggers only care to update their blogs with content why many others wouldn’t care to know what readers want to read.

It’s really worth publishing content frequently as readers will get updated through the latest posts. Experientially, writing content frequently wouldn’t be enough to earn the real traffic that will make your blog successful except by building engagement with your readers. This is really how you’ll get in touch with your readers and you’ll rank well in search engines as well. You’ll keep getting zero traffic on your blog if you don’t work rigorously on audience engagement.

In order to get in touch with your readers directly, make sure you:

  • Adopt a professional writing pattern such as list posts
  • Identify your readers’ problems and help them solve those problems passionately
  • Adopt a chatty style of writing
  • Always write the kind of informative content that your readers cannot easily find elsewhere
  • Figure out your readers’ challenges and find certain things to do to get them resolved.



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  1. Hi Israel this is great information you are sharing. I appreciate it as am just starting out and what you say is making alot of sense.

    • Hello ChrissieDM, thanks for stopping by! Kudos for the reading! Congratulations on making it to WA! You have all tools and resources at your own disposal within the community to build an online business. With the right mindset, becoming successful is guaranteed.

      Thanks for getting back! Wish you success in the online world! If you ever need a hand with anything going forward, don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll be more than happy to respond in earnest. Thanks for your visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  2. This is a great post for anyone starting out as a blogger or affiliate marketer. I have always liked the analogy that writing a blog post is just like sitting and having a coffee with a friend and explaining the product or service to them in a conversational manner. You have covered lots of important steps and suggestions here which is very helpful. A great article, thank you.

    • Thanks for leaving a valuable thought, Helen! Much grateful! To really make your readers read posts down the page on your blog, you’ll have to make all of the posts more conversational making the audience feel that they’re in a club chat session with you. You’ll gain a lot of quality readers who will make your blog an authority one in the online world.

      Wish you much success!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. Wow, Great article. I have just finished one of your articles and now here is another great read. I really appreciate your work and will be your regular reader from now onward as I am new to online business.
    Thank you so much for this great work, looking forward to more reads from you.

    • Thanks for leaving a valuable comment, Sarah! You’re much appreciated. Most veteran bloggers never realized the fact that readers wouldn’t ever want to stay long on a blog reading posts down the page unless they find the posts useful and informative. And one of the great ways to make readers read down the page is to make the posts more chatty.

      Thanks for the passion!

      Israel Olatunji

  4. That’s a very detailed article, you make so many valid points.
    Most of the newbie bloggers have no idea how to build up their conversations – we’ve all been there!
    You are doing a great job in walking your readers through the process.
    Thanks for sharing this post!

    • Thanks for finding my post useful, Boryana! And kudos to you for the reading! The ability to build conversations is part of what is lacking on the part of so many blogs out there and this is seriously affecting ranking. By making all of your posts more chatty, you’ll succeed in boosting your blog audience and your blog will rank higher in search engines.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Wish you breakthroughs in all of your endeavors!

      Israel Olatunji


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