How to Make Your Blog Popular

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Do you have a personal blog that you’ve been building search engine popularity for over the past few months or years, right? You’ve tried all you could but all to no avail, really? You’ve made frantic efforts writing a lot of content on that blog but traffic decides to flow at a rate lower than expected, right? Then sit back and let’s discuss on how you can build your blog and make it popular in search engines.

In today’s publication, I’m going to talk straight on the major cause of the traffic issues most newbie and veteran bloggers undergo in the course of running their blogs, the horrible blogging mistakes that people make in the blogging industry, the fundamentals of blogging that ensure a steady flow of organic and social media traffic, how to resolve the major traffic issues and make your blog popular.

How do you think you can build a blog to rank in Google fast? What blogging strategy do you have in mind that you feel will speed up your Google page ranking? Are you sure of having the right mindset for online business? Do you think you can build a blog passionately and persistently?

The Major Cause of the Traffic Issues Bloggers Undergo

In the blogging world, bloggers do undergo certain issues with traffic and these sometimes frustrate some veterans to a point of giving up and of course quitting. I always feel for the thousands of potential bloggers who literally quit as a result of such issues.

For instance, a newbie blogger asked me a question recently that: Why does my blog refuse to rank in Google? The first reply I sent back to him was a question too which goes thus: How long have you been into blogging? When did you start your blog? Then, he replied that his blog was just two weeks old and it made me feel like smiling, though I didn’t so that it wouldn’t seem like I was turning a serious matter into a joke.

Imagine the kind of issues most newbie bloggers undergo that make so many of them give up and quit! How should a two-week-old blog be expected to have ranked so well in Google when it had probably not yet been indexed? How should a brand-new blog be expected so much to have started generating consistent revenue a few days of being created?

Obviously, lack of online entrepreneurial training makes a lot of people get the wrong mindset for online business and, thus, they won’t be able to make it successfully to financial freedom through blogging.

Search engines don’t trust a brand-new blog in its early days but would simply consider maturity together with other ranking parameters while deciding on the degree of trust they can place on such a blog. So, you need to earnestly work on a blog to make it become popular in the online world.

Summarily, the traffic issues that usually occur with the newbie and veteran bloggers are caused by:

  • Inability to pass through the right online entrepreneurial training before starting out.
  • Lack of blogging initiatives on the part of so many newbie and veteran bloggers.
  • Low understanding of how ranking works on the part of many.
  • Over-anxiety to make money online.
  • The wrong mindset for online business on the part of most veterans.
  • The possibility of giving up or quitting online business due to the lack of blogging experience, skills, and ethics.
  • Wrong impression of the popular saying “Content is king”.

The Horrible Blogging Mistakes that People Make in the Blogosphere

Though it occurs naturally that people make horrible mistakes, there are some mistakes that could be so costly that one may not be able to get over them in a lifetime. Horrible blogging mistakes are typical examples of such mistakes that veteran struggling bloggers make these days while the pros go on adopting the right strategies that will help them build up a page rank in Google for their blogs.

Do you really want to improve a Google page rank for your blog? Can you work diligently to build authority for your personal blog in search engines? Then, you have some daily routines to perform in order to actualize your dreams and aspirations.

What are those horrible blogging mistakes which I’ve been talking about so far? Check below for a list of them:

  1. Some veterans get over-impressed by the popular saying ‘Content is king” and, thus, would concentrate on writing alone without adding other search engine optimization routines: Really, content is king but not the way most people interpret it. Some bloggers do regard creating and publishing content daily as what will constitute ranking in search engines.
  2. Most veteran bloggers don’t build engagement thoroughly with the audience: Though it’s good to publish content daily to speed up search engine popularity, exposure, online presence, and ranking, you have a lot of daily blogging routines to perform which do not rest alone with content writing. Obviously, I publish content daily on my personal blog:, but make sure I build engagement with my blog readers from time to time.

The Fundamentals of Blogging that Ensure a Steady Flow of Traffic

When it comes to becoming a rocking blogger in the online world, you need to build your personal blog on proven blogging fundamentals. You must be ready to help other people build their own businesses without expecting anything commensurate with what they’ve done.

Do you want a steady flow of traffic for your blog on time and in a good location? Then, let’s talk about the fundamentals of blogging that will ensure a steady flow of traffic for your site.

  • Build domain authority for your brand-new blog
  • Build an online presence for the blog by publishing an SEO article daily
  • Build site engagement and keep your potential readers engaged
  • Build social media engagement to boost social media traffic
  • Add your sitemap to Google Search Console (GSC)
  • Link your Google search console account to Google analytics
  • Be a consistent blogger in your daily blogging routine.

How to Resolve the Major Traffic Issues and Make Your Blog Popular

Out of every problem or difficult situation, there’s always a way out so far you’re willing to get issues resolved naturally. And there’s always a solution out of no solution in the blogging career as well as in other careers of life.

Here are some ways to resolve the major traffic issues and build popularity in search engines for any blog:

  1. Publish posts frequently on social media and respond to all comments on time
  2. Update your blog daily with a lot of informative and helpful content
  3. Do blogger outreach campaigns
  4. Write guest posts for others and get high-quality backlinks
  5. Build a lot of engagement with your readers
  6. Be an action taker
  7. Be persistent in carrying out those strategies written above.


By implementing all of the blogging strategies mentioned above, you can rest assured that you’ll build a blog successfully and it’ll rank on time. If you have any question to ask about blogging and how you can make your blog popular, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to respond in earnest.

10 thoughts on “How to Make Your Blog Popular”

  1. Hi Israel, thanks for this great article.

    You’ve given everyone insight into what’s needed to build authority and gain more traffic. What bloggers need to remember is that it takes time, work, and patience.

    I’ve been blogging for a year now, and finally starting to see an increase in traffic. So, if we’re persistent in doing what we need to do every day or at least every other day, we’ll get there.

    I haven’t done any guest blogging yet, and I’d like to start. That’ll be my next step!

    Thanks again for such a thorough article!


    • Thanks for stopping by, Suzanne! Much appreciated! First, I want to congratulate you on being persistent over the past one year that you’ve been battling with your blogging empire and for getting more traffic than ever now. Congratulations! You’ve confirmed it further for the newbie and struggling veteran bloggers here that it really works with persistence and consistency.

      Guest blogging helps a lot too in breaking through in the online world faster. You can try it out for good and you’ll thank me for doing so. Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  2. Hi Israel,

    I’ve only read the very beginning of your blog post and suggested that you have what I have been UNABLE to accomplish so far. I have been trying for 4 months to add my sitemap to google-unsuccessfully. And I think it’s possibly hurting my blog.

    I will continue to read your blog posts. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us amateurs!

    • Hello Laura, thanks for your valuable comments so far! Much appreciated! Adding your blog address to the sitemap is very important for SEO. Without any much ado, you can successfully add your site to the sitemap by logging in your WordPress back office and clicking on the “XML sitemap” tab.

      Just enable the feature through your WordPress All-in-One SEO tab by the top left-hand side corner and your blog will be automatically added.

      Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. Hi Israel,
    I do have a problem with traffic to my website, so I will certainly apply these tips. I really don’t get the chance to write as often as I should, so for a start, I will get additional help. What is the best way to get good backlinks?

    • You’re much welcome, Carol. Thanks for stopping by! To get high-quality backlinks to your blog, start providing high-quality answers to niche-related questions on Quora, as well as in online forums with high page ranks. Links and content are the top two ranking signals in Google’s search algorithms.

      While building links through Quora, make sure you publish an article on your blog daily. Never complain that you don’t have the time to do these as you’ll hurt your progress and delay your blogging success doing so.

      Thanks for the engagement opportunity!
      Israel Olatunji

  4. Great Blog Israel! You are absolutely right that many people struggle for traffic and decide to quit. SEO is one of the best ways to rank high and get organic traffic. Thanks for providing this helpful article.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Kavitha! Much grateful! A lot of veterans and newbies are giving up after a few months of creating content on their blogs without earning any meaningful amount of search engine traffic not being able to figure out the right strategy to pull in tons of organic traffic.

      It’s not by creating content alone, though it’s good to write an article per day as this will speed up a page ranking. If you want to improve a page rank in Google fast, start answering niche-related questions on Quora. It’s a great platform to build links.

      Thanks for the visit!
      Israel Olatunji

  5. Hi Israel, What a great post!
    You touched on some great ideas I’m unfamiliar with on how to make your blog popular. Can you elaborate more on what is involved and how to do:
    3. Blogger outreach campaigns
    4. write guest posts for others and get high-quality backlinks.
    So what are the steps for each of these? Much appreciated John

    • Thanks for getting back, John! You’re much appreciated! Blogger outreach campaigning involves all the outreaching activities such as visiting other bloggers’ sites, reading posts, leaving valuable and attention-grabbing comments, submitting guest posts on other bloggers’ sites as well as linking other bloggers’ posts to yours.

      The logic about writing guest posts for others is that:

      i. You may write guest posts to niche-related blogs alone to get high-quality links back to your own blog

      ii. You may search for niche-related blogs in Google and write guest-posting proposals to niche-related authority blogs via site contact boxes.

      iii. Naturally, guest-post invitations find you and you improve a page rank at a pace faster than that of others.

      Thanks for the engagement opportunity!
      Israel Olatunji


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