How to Monetize Your Blog with AdSense

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Are you planning to start a blog or do you already own a personal blog and want to monetize it with AdSense? That’s a good plan provided you know how to go about it.

Did you know that some people are earning hundreds of dollars publishing for Google or displaying Google advertisement on their own blogs? Yes, you too can be earning hundreds of dollars from your personal blog writing content passionately every day.

So far the passion is there and you can simply endeavor to remember how bitter life had been so far all because things were financially dry. Once you’re ready to take off online with your blog, there’s no barrier for you. You’re the only person that can be the barrier for yourself, not anyone else.

In today’s publication, we want to talk about how you can monetize your blog with AdSense. Although there are many alternatives to Google Adsense, there’s no one yet that can allow you to earn as much as you can on Google AdSense.

Thus, for the sake of today’s publication, I’m going to be talking about Google AdSense and how you can monetize your blog with AdSense right away.

  1. Build a WordPress site for AdSense
  2. Publish 15-20 articles prior to submitting your application
  3. Get some decent amount of traffic to your blog prior to applying for AdSense
  4. Adhere strictly to all the rules and regulations pertaining to publishing
  5. Remove all misleading content, images, texts, advertisements and of all that from your blog

Build a WordPress Site for AdSense

When it comes to getting approved for Google AdSense, the best blogging platform that Google recognizes the most is WordPress. Whether you’re using a managed WordPress hosting or a self-hosting package, you stand a good chance of getting your account approved with ease.

Experientially, people try to apply for Google AdSense using the numerous blogging platforms like Blogger, Weebly, and many others but it’s easier to get approved with a WordPress website than with any other blogging platform out there. This is because WordPress has many integrated features which Google loves and cherishes so much.

So, WordPress site owners are at an extra advantage of getting Google AdSense approval more than bloggers who use other platforms outside WordPress.

Publish 15-20 Articles Prior to Submitting Your Application

Since all that’s needed for displaying advertisements on your site is content, it would be necessary to have published 15-20 articles before you submit your Google AdSense application making sure that you have a good number of the posts that are 2000+ words long.

The content must be plagiarism-free meaning that it mustn’t have been copied from another source whether online or offline sources.

I’ve heard about certain people who use some sort of article-spinning or content generator software to produce articles on their sites for AdSense and ranking. Gone were the ways when you could play all those games safely but not anymore.

Now, Google detects quickly all the spun articles you’ve been generating so far as the type that contains some spamming elements and frowns at such applications.

Get Some Decent Amount of Traffic to Your Blog Prior to Applying for AdSense

Prior to submitting your application, it would be good to first drive some decent amount of traffic which could be referral, organic, direct or social traffic. These are the only four types of traffic that Google officially reckons with.

Some of the places you can leverage to quickly get some traffic include social media, online forums, Quora, communities many others. What you mustn’t do includes using the traffic auto-generator software to get some fake traffic. Google frowns at this, detects quickly and rejects such applications.

To get traffic fast, join an appreciable number of online forums and start creating threads. Reply to posts and contribute within the community for your account to be in good standing for receiving traffic.

And aside from posting to forums, join Quora via your Gmail and start posting quality answers to other people’s questions. Quora is a high Page Rank Question & answer platform and a highly-promising place to generate traffic.

You’re allowed to embed 1-3  URLs that link people straight to your personal blog but your answers must be of high quality lest you lose posting privileges.

Adhere Strictly to all the Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Publishers

Blog owners are referred to as publishers and, thus, share from the revenue that Google derives from the advertisements. The major way in which Google makes its money is through Google AdWords. This is its Cost-Per-Click advertising platform that generates billions of dollars every year.

When you have a valid click from the Ads displayed on your own site, you’ll share a certain percentage from the amount paid by advertisers on that particular Ad which is tracked through your unique Google AdSense publisher ID.

Remove all Misleading Content, Images, Texts, Advertisements and of all that from Your Blog

Do you have some misleading content on your site and want to get Google AdSense approval? I would advise that you remove those pieces of misleading content first before submitting an application at all.

Your site mustn’t remain in its “Under construction” status at the time of submitting the application, otherwise, Google will reject your application stating that your site is still under construction and also encourage you that you can re-submit once your site has generated enough traffic


When it comes to earning AdSense revenue, you don’t need to use a third-party access as this would be the root cause of getting your account disapproved again in the future once an issue springs up all of a sudden between the third party and Google which will surely affect you too one way or the other.

So, the safest and most secure to earn from AdSense is through your personal blog. Though your personal site, you’ll be able to operate a fully-functional AdSense account and will revenue once traffic starts flooding your site.

Is there any other thing you would want to ask about getting Google AdSense approval which was probably not covered or mentioned in this post? Don’t hesitate to ask by leaving a comment below this post and you’ll earn from me in earnest.

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