How to Motivate Yourself When Working from Home

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Would you love to motivate yourself to work hard while building out your online empire from the comfort of your home? Do you know you can get depressed for one or more of a variety of reasons and discover that you can’t write content frequently anymore? Yes, if you’ve experientially observed this in your blogging journey, then this post is for you.

Let me congratulate you first that you’re reading this post right now and would, of course, be patient enough to read down the page no matter how hasty you may be. Do you just want to become successful in earnest? Or maybe you’re thinking it’s difficult to make it to the top in the online world, right? Well, I’m pleased to inform you this moment that you can equally become a successful entrepreneur so far you’re willing to work the right techniques with the right energy.

Did you hear me mention the keyword  “The right techniques and the right energy”? Yes, it’s all about working the right techniques devoting the right amount of time and energy. Then, consistency will cross down the road and crown it all for you. You’ll make cool money without stress. You’ll watch your blog skyrocket in search results without spending much of your hard-earned money.

Have you seen some people who started their sites running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns? If you haven’t, there are so many people out there who because, of their financial purse, started out spending a lot of money on advertisements. Though there’s nothing bad in running online adverts, the best way to go about becoming a successful internet entrepreneur is through SEO.

You start from the first day by building SEO for your website through a selection of pro blogging strategies and other working ideas acquired from reading other people’s posts.

In today’s publication, I’ll be showing you the ways to motivate yourself when working from home no matter what you feel or how you feel.

Here are the things to do to ensure you get motivated while working from home:

  1. Restore your motivation for blogging
  2. Do more of blogging and less of social networking
  3. Draw a plan for blogging
  4. Begin with fundamentals, then move to more advanced ideas later
  5. Write for yourself first and for others
  6. Continue posting
  7. Continue engaging your audience

Restore Your Motivation for Blogging

It sometimes happens in life that we get bored in whatever we’re doing due to particular circumstances or situations of life and we need some strategies to get over these one of which is restoring our motivation for blogging. This occurs too during the course of blogging. You may have drawn plans that you want to be posting content every day.

You may have planned that you’ll be participating in forums every day, providing answers to people’s questions on Quora, as well as socializing on an everyday basis but may discover that these cease to materialize as a result of unforeseen or unwanted circumstances of life.

What do you do in such circumstances to ensure that you don’t get bored or discouraged from making your daily blogging plans materialize? Restoring your motivation for blogging is the way out. Getting back to business is the right solution no matter what the situation might be, not declining every day. Declining will surely end in giving up. And when you give up, quitting is guaranteed.

Do More of Blogging and Less of Social Networking

I’ve seen some struggling veteran bloggers who spend most of their hours on socializing rather than spending more time on creating content and building engagement. They believed they can get the most from socializing as far as building a website for Google ranking is concerned, whereas, this is not ideal.

When it was still feasible to drive almost instant traffic from social media, it wasn’t enough yet to get a top ranking in Google for social traffic is just one-quarter of the classifications of traffic that Google looks into while accessing a site for page rankings.

The ideal idea that works for any niche website to rank fast in Google is doing more of blogging than socializing. Though it’s good to spend some quality time on social media every day for social value is part of the metrics with which your site will be ranked in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Draw a Plan for Blogging

What are plans for blogging? Do you actually have plans for your daily blogging activities? If yes, let me congratulate for you’re well on your way to making your site skyrocket in search engines. You’re well on your way to becoming a successful and rocking blogger in the online world.

You don’t just wake up someday and expect things to happen. But you wake up and make things happen. One of the ways to make things happen in life is by drawing plans for your blogging activities.

Begin with Fundamentals, then Move to More Advanced Ideas Later

While just starting out, don’t aim at the beginning from the high levels. Don’t try to get overwhelmed to the extent of mounting much pressure on yourself which will likely make you lose morale along the way and get you seriously frustrated.

The best way is to start with the basics, and then grow steadily to the advanced levels with time. It really works out so far you’re willing to implement the working strategies. It depends on your determination to rock your business right from the scratch focusing on building your business on the solid fundamentals.

Write for Yourself First and for Others

Are you talented in writing? Whether you’re a talented writer or not, you must consider writing for yourself first, then for others. Aside from creating and building content frequently on your site, you still offer some write-ups for others.

Some great ways to write for others include submitting guest posts for other bloggers who have more traffic than you do. Other great ways to write for others include offering comments to other people’s websites.

Continue Posting

Have you recently stopped posting content on your site? This is the greatest way to experience a drastic fall in the bounce rate for your site and tons of traffic.

Research recently shows that Google places more favoritism these days on those blogs that produce content more frequently. So, to become successful this year, you must make sure you publish informative, useful, topically-relevant, highly engaging, and helpful posts on your site frequently, preferably every day.

Continue Engaging Your Audience

As you build out helpful and informative content on your blog from day to day, it would be great to always keep your audience engaged by asking them they leave their comments after they’ve read through the entire post.

You can improve your trust flow and overall Google PageRank simply by constantly receiving and responding to those who read and comment on any of your posts.

8 thoughts on “How to Motivate Yourself When Working from Home”

  1. Great insight I must say… Most bloggers feel spending tons of hours on social media is the best.. Inasmuch this will help them in terms of audience engagement, it will also spell doom on their ranking in SERPs…

    Talking about continuous and frequent posting, I believe this is the key to blogging.. But this however can be herculean if there is no monetary gratification.. That’s when passion comes into the picture…
    From my personal research, I’ve discovered that most successful bloggers and online business owners have one thing in common….. PASSION… That’s why I’m doing it with passion, I believe the top is not far

    Thanks for the tips….

    • Thanks for stopping by, Sammy! Much appreciated! I’m glad you mentioned the word “Passion” which is one of the key factors to success as far as blogging is concerned.

      As blogging requires a lot of effort, it wouldn’t be easy to run a blog successfully if the passion is not there. Thanks for your visit! Wish you much success!

      Israel Olatunji

  2. Actually, social media distracts a lot and ever since I joined wealthy affiliates I disciplined myself so much not to spend up to 5minutes on social media each day and atimes I don’t even visit social media throughout the day.
    Now the question is, is it possible for one to be writing and posting contents everyday?

    • Thanks for your comment, Kenechi! Yes, socializing distracts a lot and this is why many do it for several hours every day yet without getting any meaningful result.

      Yes, it’s more than possible to create content every day for this is the best way to build SEO for a blog. The search engine bot is obliged to visit your site frequently when you publish content on an everyday basis. In order to achieve the goal of writing every day, you must be committed. Thanks for your valuable contribution to this conversation! Kudos!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. I do not work from home yet but I can imagine that working alone from home must begin to feel less motivating each day. I think when you have big goals, this goals will always help keep you motivated.
    Thanks coach for writing this awesome article.
    Warn regards

    • Hello Louis, thanks for your comment! Much grateful! You’ll be able to accomplish your goal if only you can motivate yourself. Self-motivation is the only way-out whether you receive motivation from some people or not. The way is sure and the hassle is real. The reward is certain so far you can keep at implementing the working strategies. Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you much success in your online endeavors!

      Israel Olatunji

    • Thanks for stopping by, Autofreak! Much grateful! Though socializing is good, it shouldn’t ever take the whole of your time at the expense of the major work which is content building.

      There are times when you wouldn’t feel like doing anything at all due to particular circumstances as mentioned in that post, but winning the blogging battle is guaranteed so far you’re willing to implement the right strategies as well as dedicate the right amount of time and energy to your business. Thanks for your visit! Wish you much success in your online endeavors!

      Israel Olatunji


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