How to Move Content From One WordPress Site to Another

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Moving blog posts from a WordPress website to another one is a difficulty that a lot of site owners encountered with their sites.

The criterium of copying some specific content to a new website requires copying table rows from one particular database to the other. And unless you deeply know about MySQL and an orientation of how a site database suffices, certain problems may occur alongside since a database management tool would have to be leveraged.

Now, a lasting solution has come with the Official Importer in Word press that makes it feasible to export any content to several other sites using an XML file.

Using the XML file, you can move all of the following:

Posts, pages, and other custom post types include.

  • Authors
  • Blog Comments
  • Categories & tags; and many others’

In today’s publication, I’ll be talking about importing and exporting files from a WordPress website to the other. The procedure for doing all these wouldn’t require any little or no knowledge of MySQL.

In order to begin the process of moving files from a site to another successfully, you must gain access to both sites since you know you’re going to be working between two sites.

You’ll need to do backups for both sites so that you won’t be losing any vital information that belongs to your site. You can, at any time, restore your site data from the backup.

Moving Posts to Another Site

The basic version of WordPress has export productively embedded. You can, of course, find the Export feature in your WordPress dashboard under the Tools option. There are three different functions here.

The maiden function stores the posts, tags, custom fields, pages, and categories.

Here is an example of how you can choose what to export as shown in the screenshot below. Any blog content can be exported from authors, categories, date range as well as the status of publication by filtering the exported.

Content Can Be Filtered Prior to Exporting

The export function can equally be shown by any other type of content that your site content uses. Now that you’ve decided on which content should be exported, you should now save the XML export file to
your computer.

Importing Content From Another Site

Just like the export feature, the import feature can also be found in your WordPress dashboard under the Tools link. The import ideology is not embedded into the WordPress basic, though this is for a cogent reason.

WordPress officially launched 8 import features as part of the plugins to be added to the unofficial importing plugins.

WordPress allowed this to ensure that the original version of WordPress is not compromised.

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