How to Promote Your Blog in 2021 (Beginner’s Guide)

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Blogging is not just about clicking the Publish button. However, to reach your audience, you will need to spend more time marketing your blog. This piece will show you how to promote your blog posts in 2021.

There are many ways to promote blog posts. However, not all methods will work for you. This guide will help you determine which method is best to promote your blog and grow your online brand.

Promote Your Blog Before You Start

This article will discuss how to promote your blog once you have published your content. To get the best results, there are a few things you need to do before you publish.

Your blog should provide a pleasant experience, which will keep people coming back to your site for more. Your blog should load quickly on mobile devices and look good on desktop.

Search engines such as Google should be able to index and find your content easily. This means that you will need to do keyword research and optimize the blog for SEO.

These are the essential guidelines to follow before you continue:

  • How to speed up your WordPress site
  • How to rank a new website

Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners

You’re now ready to promote your blog after reading the guides. Let’s get started!

Email marketing is one of the most effective and reliable methods to promote your blog.

Although it might seem like mobile messaging apps are taking over the world, there is a good chance that daily email will increase from 281 billion to 347 billion by 2023.

The number of people who use email over the same time period is expected to increase from 3.8 billion up to 4.4 billion.

Let’s now look at how to promote your blog via email.

1. Start Growing Your Email List

An email list is a great way to convert organic blog traffic into readers. This audience is more likely to return to your site to continue reading and sharing it on social media than any other.

To build and grow our email lists, we use OptinMonster and SeedProd.

OptinMonster allows you to create user-friendly popups or opt-in forms that encourage people to sign up for your list.

Optinmonster is the best tool for lead generation

SeedProd allows you to create dedicated landing pages that encourage users to sign up for your newsletter.

You can, for example, create a squeeze page that gives away a free ebook. This free download acts as an incentive to encourage people to sign up for your email list and enter their email addresses.

Because landing pages focus on one goal, increasing conversions, they are extremely effective in growing your email list. This allows you to quickly increase your subscriber base and promote your blog to your email list.

2. Redirect New Subscribers to Your Blog

Redirecting new subscribers to a thank-you page on your blog is a smart idea. You can use thank you pages to welcome new subscribers to your blog and to build relationships with them.

SeedProd makes it easy to create beautiful thank-you pages. It’s the best WordPress landing page plugin

SeedProd is the best WordPress drag-and-drop landing page creator. SeedProd comes with a lot of landing page templates that will help you get started. You can also use premade landing page blocks to personalize your page in any way you like.

SeedProd can also be used to create pages like:

  • Pages soon to follow
  • Maintenance mode pages
  • Sales pages
  • Webinar landing pages
  • 404 Error pages
  • Login pages

You don’t have to install separate WordPress plugins with built-in Maintenance, 404, and Login modes. SeedProd provides it all in one lightweight plugin.

3. Email Subscribers to New Blog Posts

Did you know that 60% of consumers sign up for an email list from a brand to receive promotional messages, compared to 20% who follow brands on Facebook to get deals?

What do consumers want from promotional messages?

People expect your emails. Send an email to everyone who publishes content. These are some quick tips that will help you get the most from each email post:

  • Please explain why the new post should be read by people.
  • To help people understand what they should do, use action verbs such as Read.
  • Keep your emails short. Your email should be short enough to get people to respond to your call to action.

4. You Can Also Create an Email Newsletter

Many bloggers send out emails several times per week with new posts. You might consider creating an email newsletter to do something different.

To create an email newsletter that your subscribers love, you can combine these posts with some others from experts in your field.

This is a great opportunity to re-share old content that has been successful in the past. This way, your best content can be shared with new subscribers.

5. Allow Social Sharing from Your Emails

Remember that email can be used to promote blog posts online. Many email marketing platforms offer social media sharing buttons built-in.

This allows people to share your content directly from your email. This can increase the credibility of your post and make it more authoritative.

How to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

Social media sharing is a great way to promote your blog and get more shares. It also helps drive more traffic to your website. You need a social media strategy to achieve the best results.

Here are some great ways to promote your blog via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

6. Select the Right Social Media Networks

You have many options when it comes to promoting your blog on social media. Facebook is unsurprisingly the most used social media network.

Choosing social media platforms that fit your niche is better than trying to be everywhere on too many platforms is a bad idea.

7. Find Niche Social Bookmarking Sites

These niche social bookmarking websites are very popular among communities working in certain industries. You’re more likely than not to get a niche audience to your blog if you post your blog content on these sites.

These niche social bookmarking websites can help you promote your content:

  • BizSugar for Small Businesses
  • Designers can use DesignBump
  • Film-watch for Films
  • ManageWP for WordPress
  • N4G Gaming
  • Zest for Marketing
  • Reddit also offers subreddits that can be used to create niches of interest.

8. Promote Your Blog Content via Online Forums

Another great place to promote your blog is online forums. By posting useful content, forums allow you to position yourself as an expert in your industry.

Many forums don’t allow you to link directly to blog posts. You’ll need to participate in discussions and provide an author bio that includes a link back to your blog.

These search terms will help you locate relevant forums that you can join: intitle:forum “niche”.

Quora is a forum where people ask questions. It’s a great way for you to drive traffic to your site. Make sure to have an author bio that includes a link to your website and answer questions with detailed links to other sites.

9. Notify People You Mention in Your Posts

It’s a good idea to thank the people who contributed by using quotes, references or expert comments in your blog posts.

This can be done by sending an email thanking them and telling them that the blog post has gone live. You can also tag people on social media with a link to the live blog post.

You can thank contributors if you properly notify them. They’ll be grateful and will likely spread the word about the blog to their readers.

However, you shouldn’t just randomly add people to your email list. This can make you look spammy and could damage your reputation.

10. Promote Your Blog Beyond Social Media

Both email marketing and social media are great ways to promote your blog to your target audience. However, there are many other ways to promote your blog beyond social media. Some of them include article directories, online communities, video marketing, podcasts, etc.

11. Push Notifications are a great way to reach non-subscribers

Many people won’t wish to sign up for a mailing list. So how can you reach them with blog content? Push notifications are another option.

Push notifications allow you to send alerts to your subscribers about blog posts and other important updates. PushEngage allows you to send notifications directly to subscribers’ browsers even though they aren’t on your website.

Push notifications can be used to promote your blog

They’ll be able to find out about new posts from wherever they are online, without needing to sign up for your email list.

12. With Exit Popups, Capture Some People

Many people leave your blog before they finish reading it. This could be because they didn’t find the information they needed so they clicked to leave.

Exit popups are an easy way for people to find what they need and prevent them from quitting your website.

Exit popups can be lightbox popups that are displayed when someone clicks on the toolbar of their browser. This indicates that they are about to leave. They can then offer something to keep users around.

This approach allows you to use exit popups for popular blog posts and invite users to sign up to your mailing list.

13. Keep Your Site Updated

It is a great way to keep your website fresh and up-to-date by publishing new content to your blog. However, if you stick to one platform, you might miss out on content syndication sites such as Medium.

Content syndication allows you to republish your content on other websites. This will allow you to reach a wider online audience. A larger audience will be more likely to like your content and visit your blog for more.

It’s often as easy as copying and pasting content directly from your blog to another website. Medium’s republishing tool automatically adds canonical tags, so there won’t be any duplicate content concerns.

However, you should check if your republishing on other websites is legal. Or you can manually add the canonical tags using an SEO plugin such as All in One SEO.

14. Use Content Aggregates

Similar to content syndication websites, content aggregation sites are similar. They automatically gather content from other websites and then publish it on their website while linking back to the original post.

These are some of the most popular content aggregators:

  • Alltop
  • Popurls
  • The Web List
  • WP News Desk

These sites will promote your blog and help you attract new readers.

15. Submit Quality Guest Posts

Guest blogging is a popular method to market your blog to relevant audiences. This involves building relationships and pitching guest posts ideas to bloggers in your niche.

Many blog owners allow you to include an author bio and a link to your website. This space can be used to give readers an incentive to visit your blog. For example, you could offer a free ebook or checklist.

Guest blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your site

16. Participate in Podcasts and Webinars

Podcasts and webinars continue to grow in popularity each year. Interviewing a podcast host or participating in a live webinar is another way to give expert advice and tips to increase your blog’s credibility.

In most cases, viewers and listeners will be able to visit your blog via the link provided.

Start by searching Google for “podcasts accepting guest” or something similar. To find the right shows, you can search blogs and podcast apps.

You can also use free directory sites such as the Interview Guests Directory or Podcast Guests to get more information. Make sure to research each site before you decide if it is a good fit.

There you go!

We hope you found this article helpful in promoting your blog to the right audience. This guide will help you edit your WordPress homepage to promote your blog on the front page.

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