How to Run a Successful Online Business

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From the onset,  a lot of people have completely missed the road in the course of building an online business. Hundreds of topics related to successful running of an online business were created while several communities were also created with hundreds of comment authors from all walks of life talking about this same idea, yet, we still have some people out there who remain skeptical having been scammed in the course of looking for genuine online business.

In today’s publication, we shall discuss once again how anyone can run a successful online business so that the incoming newbie entrepreneurs can benefit immensely and get out of debts, miserable lifestyle and all of that.

For any online business to become successful, certain factors would have to be taken into account and some of these will be discussed in today’s post.

In order to run a successful online business, follow the basic steps below:

  1. Have the right mindset and keep at it
  2. Increase engagement on your site
  3. Build a community around your blog
  4. Leverage the social media platforms to build traffic
  5. Protect your content against plagiarism
  6. Write informative content frequently
  7. Create an ideal sales page

Have the Right Mindset and Keep at it

Without having the right mindset, it’s hard for a struggling veteran to become successful online.

For example, I answer a lot of questions to convince my new set of referrals and make them take actions showing that action takers are money makers. At the same time, most referrals who happily signed up an account could not continue any more due to frustration.

Increase Engagement on Your Site

Site engagement involves the various blogging activities observed for the purpose of engaging the readers. Of all the parameters anyone can draw when it comes to building site engagement, blog and social comments are the best, yet, the most laudable strategies for ranking purpose.

What strategy do you implement to receive real and authentic comments on your blog? Well, I’m pleased to announce the new Site-Comment 2.0 launched by the Wealthy Affiliate community in order to help members boost their search engine rankings. The incentive is called “Comment Boost”.

The basis of getting higher rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) is that, when you begin to receive the visits of the people who spend some quality time reading posts on your blog as well as posting comments and other things, search engines will begin to notice and improve your search frequency in search results.

Build a Community Around Your Blog

Do you have a community that you’ve been trying to build so far around your blog? Building a community is vital to the success of a blog as this will surely create a medium for the followers to reach you directly expressing their minds as well as communicating directly, to you, whatever they want you to handle on their behalf.

An awesome way to build a large community for your network is making your blog an internet marketing clinic for your audience. Once the followers realize that you have what they can always come back to check and re-check on your blog, they wouldn’t ever hesitate to make themselves great fans of your blog and your community will continue to grow more and more.

Some pros build their own communities by adding a forum tab to the site menu so that people can quickly see at a glance and join the communities at will. The forum is meant for active participation of members.

Leverage the Social Media Platforms to Build Traffic

Are you active on social media platforms? Are you very sure of leveraging those platforms properly? Well, why I’m asking is that some people think they can have the full traffic generated from the social media simply by building followers and dumping them.

What do I mean by building a soldier of followers and dumping them? When you say you have built a good number of followers and don’t care about your followers, don’t want to know what they’re doing at all, or don’t want to find out if they could need your help in any area, then you’ve only built a battalion of dumped followers who will do your social media routine no benefit.

To make the most out of social media platforms, first, you need to be sure of which platform you can understand and use well. Once you’ve figured that out, then the next step is being active in all the routines you need to observe. These may include building engagement with your fans, helping some followers solve certain problems and challenges, updating fellow users with some fantastic updates which they can hardly get elsewhere, and lots more.

When you’re able to observe all these routines daily, then you’ll be operating like a pro and will surely start seeing pro blogging results which will make you happy.

Protect Your Content Against Plagiarism

Protecting your content against plagiarism is paramount to the success of your blogging empire. How is this so? It happens that some bloggers hunt around the web to steal content doing all that for one or more of a variety of reasons.

Though some people actually do it not with the intention of hurting the original author, the implications may sometimes bounce on the original owner of such content once it happens that the stolen content outranks the original source where it’s been copied from.

In order to prevent this from happening and for you to ensure that you’re free from such harse implications which may warrant being sued, you can do the following:

  • Use the content copyright protection plugin for your blog as I do on my own blog. One of the posts you’ll find so helpful on my blog in this regard is “How to Find Duplicate Content on Your Blog”. On my blog, no one can copy content, images, or any other copiable thing which may be implicating in the long run. I protect my blog content and images with such a plugin.
  • Create original content on your blog at all times and make sure to use plagiarism checker tools to verify your content originality, authenticity and uniqueness.
  • Never copy images owned by another person within your content to avoid getting sued in the short run.
  • Always check your content to find out if any part has been copied to another source on the web and make sure to issue a Digital Millenium Copyright Acts (DMCA) notice to such a suspicious person or, alternatively, to the appropriate web hosting service provider.

Write Informative Content Frequently

To rank well in Google, it’s not done or achieved by just writing the kind of content that only you will read and nobody else or no one will ever come back to check for the bad impression experienced from previous visits.

Do you want to see pro blogging results on your blog? Do you want to have a higher ranking in search engines? Why not follow the pro blogging fundamentals and move your blogging game to the next level? Or are you surprised to hear me call blogging a game? Don’t be. Blogging is more of gaming and you may lose when you don’t strategize what you do on it.

You need to realize the fact that millions of people out there are competing for the same first-page ranking in Google and you can’t afford to be left behind when you can equally be there. All you need to do is implement the working strategies.

Content is king with explanations. Content is not just king by creating alone but by engaging the readers. So, how efficiently have you been able to engage your readers? Will your blog rank well in Google with the kind of content you create on it all the time?

You need a lot of site engagement to rank your content in search engines, otherwise, you’ll only succeed in writing for yourself alone. Then, what will be the essence of writing for yourself alone when you know those things you write about are already within yourself?

How do you ensure that your content ranks well in search engines?

  • Write useful and informative content frequently while engaging visitors
  • Receive more comments daily by asking your readers to leave some relevant comments after the reading
  • Captivate your readers by crafting a headline such that they would want to read down the page.
  • Make your content highly-engaging and never copy content or images from another source at all.

Because it takes so long to start receiving a lot of comments daily on a blog, what is the way out of this? WA Site Comment 2.0 Platform!!! The Wealthy Affiliate Site Comment 2.0 Platform is the only solution to the problem of ranking through engagement in search engines as you’ll have the opportunity to receive hundreds of comments daily without spending a dime. though you will have to be a premium member of the community.

My honest review about the WA community will give you a 100% insight into what the newly-launched Site Comment 2.0 platform can do as far as getting a higher page ranking is concerned.

Create an Ideal Sales Page

When it comes to running a successful online business, it calls for creating an ideal sales page on your blog too. Many veterans don’t really understand how to go about creating an ideal sales page.

Your sales page is the very page on which people can find what services or products you sell on your blog. Because it’s an important page on your blog, it follows that you have to add it to your site menu so that people can find it easily on visiting your site. Your sales page is quite different from your homepage.

You simply create an ideal sales page the same way you create other pages on your blog and such a page must include:

  • The product specifications
  • The price
  • The mode of payment
  • A 100% Money-back guarantee
  • The List of testimonials, and all of that.

In case you may want to learn if your blog homepage should be a static homepage or a classic one, why not check it out through the post “How to change your internet homepage“.


Now that you’ve read enough of what can help you run a successful online business, implementation is the next thing you must give it. Those strategies written above are proven ones and I personally implement these in my own business.

If you have any question on what you’ve read so far, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below this post and I’ll be more than happy to respond in earnest.

4 thoughts on “How to Run a Successful Online Business”

  1. I have always thought of this particular issue of plagiarism in the content creation and blog posting. I think it’s a big issues to be put into consideration.   Copying others verbatim is quite a grievous offense.  My question is if you find a portion of someone else’s article,  and you feel it can be useful for you,  what do you do?  

  2. Overall, I love your site and your introductory blog post. It’s extremely informative, concise and insightful. The only aspect I would change would be the language in the first paragraph. Although what you say about a lot of people completely missing the point in re-starting an online business is true, it’s worded negatively.

    And saying many people are “ignorant” and giving up quickly is definitely too negative and will cause a fair number of your readers to stop reading right there, which would be a shame because you share a lot of very useful information and insights later on in the post.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment, leeeide-self! Much grateful! I actually checked the particular phrase of my post which you pointed my attention to in your last comment and made some changes to make it more captivating to the readers and make a lot of people read down the page. Thanks for your true feedback!

      Thanks for the reading!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. I have been trying to ‘grow’ my blog as a business for quite some time now, and I frequently see parts of my content floating around on my competitor’s websites…so I’m very interested in what you’ve said about protecting your written word and images. 

    You said you used a special plugin for this security – could you possibly tell me what it’s title is?


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