How to Set Up a Free Blog

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You can actually start a free blog from any location in the world no matter how inexperienced you might be. A lot of newbie bloggers have inquired so much about the feasibility of running a free blog successfully, and so many veteran bloggers have got so curious about the same issue.

As the case may be, some people have successfully run free blogs without spending a dime and you too can do the same and become successful. An important issue that scares a lot of people away from running a free blog is ranking. People generally believe that it’s easier for a self-hosted blog to rank in search engines than for a free blog.

Though some people have got frustrated one way or the other in the course of operating free blogs experientially, others keep operating on free blogging platforms and are receiving higher rankings in search engines daily.

How To Set Up A Free Blog
How To Set Up A Free Blog

The kind of blogging experience you’ll personally have will surely depend on what type of platform you’re blogging. For instance, you don’t get frustrated blogging free on WordPress so far you’re willing to abide by all rules guiding all blogging activities, whereas, you may have hundreds of posts deleted with the click of a computer mouse on other free blogging platforms.

As a matter of facts, there’s nothing so sweet like owning the business and the only thing it’ll cost you owning your blog is adding a custom domain through a reliable domain registrar. While running a free blog from the onset, you may later upgrade to a self-hosted one to go professional.

Because you may have to learn a lot and get used to certain technicalities in blogging, starting with a free blog may help you save costs and rise up to business properly in the nearest future. Be reminded that pro bloggers of today were the newbie bloggers of yesterday. They learned the basic blogging skills and built their blogs on solid fundamentals.

If you just want to become a rocking blogger in a lifetime, then start imitating the pros. You’ll soon start seeing pro blogging results so far you can implement the same working strategies that the authority bloggers of today implemented in the past.

If you decide to start on a free blogging platform today, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn deeply about blogging and how you can build a successful online empire and a virtual real estate.
  • Learn how you can construct your blogging business on proven blogging fundamentals.
  • endure with the progress of your blog until it ranks in search engines.
  • Emulate other niche related bloggers.
  • Master most of the blogging technicalities before adding a custom domain name to your free blog.
  • Learn how to choose the low competition keywords using the most integrated keyword research tools.
  • Grab enough ideas for building up a virtual real estate.
  • Learn the fundamentals of blogging and build up a profitable blog.
  • Strategize blogging in a great way and create multiple streams of income.
Setting Up A Free Blog
Setting Up A Free Blog

In your blogging journey as a free blog owner, you’ll surely:

  • Create quality and informative content to satisfy your readers’ appetites.
  • Be your own boss and go back into the 9-5 daily jobs no more.
  • Create a stable source of revenue in a lifetime.
  • Build strong relationships with pro bloggers.
  • Speed up the ranking of your blog in Google and other major search engines.
  • Become financially-free in life.
  • Drive tons of social and organic traffic to your free blog.
  • Engage your readers in the same way a self-hosted blog owner does.
  • Create connections with influencers.
  • Guest post for professional bloggers.
  • Become a successful online entrepreneur.
  • Set up a multi-million dollar brand.
  • Build an ideal audience for your blog.

If you wish to set up successfully as a free blog owner, here are the main steps to follow:

  1. Choose a suitable blogging platform such as
  2. Using an active email address, create a free WordPress account
  3. Create your first blog and earnestly begin publishing
  4. Begin to design your free blog leveraging the hundreds of blog templates uploaded in WordPress
  5. Engage your visitors through comments and get back to them in less than 24 hours
  6. Start building links for your free blog in order to rank fast in search engines
  7. Activate social media icons on your blog
  8. Join as many high Page-Rank forums as you can and make sure you add your website address to the signature section of the forum
  9. Read other people’s blog posts and sharpen/develop your blogging potentials in a rapid way
  10. Help other people answer questions on
Setting Up A Free Blog
Setting Up A Free Blog

Choose a Suitable Blogging Platform Such as

When it comes to setting up a free blog, the best platform to leverage is WordPress. Though there are more platforms in the blogging industry to choose from, a platform like WordPress is rare among its counterparts.

A WordPress blog is deeply integrated for search engine ranking by default and has thousands of themes which anyone can leverage. From my personal blogging experience, Google, the king of all search engines, ranks WordPress sites faster than those of other blogging platforms.

The future success of any blog depends integrally on the blogging platform chosen. For instance, it’s rare to become successful with a free blog on as free blogs don’t stay for a long time before they get deleted from the Blogger web space.

If you’ve started a free blog already on, then expect to get frustrated anytime since your blog can get deleted from the web space any moment irrespective of the large number of posts you’ve published so far.

Using an Active Email Address, Create a Free WordPress Account

Once you’ve decided to choose WordPress as your preferred blogging platform, create a WordPress account so you can start creating content straightaway. Every article you publish through the site editor in your WordPress account will appear right away on your blog.

Aside from using the WordPress site editor to create content, you’ll also be leveraging certain tools and resources in the WordPress blogging platform which are meant for changing the color of your site background, changing the theme of your blog homepage, switching your blog from a static homepage to a classic homepage and vice versa, adding and removing plug-ins, as well as leveraging other important features and site protocols.

Your account will always represent the control account for your website and you can do whatever you want to do anytime with your website through this account.

When users leave comments on your website, you’ll receive these first within the Comment section of your account and can respond anytime to whoever leaves authentic comments on your blog.

Alternatively, if you wouldn’t like to go this way for creating a free WordPress blog, you may go through a simpler and more sophisticated way by using the tool below.

Create Your First Blog and Earnestly Begin Publishing

Once you’ve created a blogger account and have got ready fully to start building an empire, the next step is creating your first blog. By default, your new blog comes with a template that may not be desirable to you or to anyone else. You can choose from the uploaded templates on the platform and change your theme right away.

Once you’ve successfully created your first blog, the next step is creating your first article. You’ll then earnestly start building out your new blog with informative and helpful content while engaging visitors.

If you’re constantly publishing articles on your blog, you’ll constantly receive the invitations of the search engine spiders to your site and this will eventually lead to ranking. You’ll improve your search engine ranking with time and traffic will flood your blog before you’ll know it.

Setting Up A Free Blog
Setting Up A Free Blog

Begin to Design Your Free Blog Leveraging the Hundreds of Blog Templates Uploaded in WordPress

For any potential blogger that leverages a blogging platform, there are loads of templates that are readily available anytime and this can help a lot in making a site look awesome and professional.

On, for instance, you have thousands of themes loaded by default at your own disposal to leverage and this can help to give your new blog the exact look you want on it.

Engage Your Visitors Through Comments and Get Back to them in Less than 24 hours

Comments are the most crucial instruments when it comes to receiving ranking in Google and other major search engines and this is what any blog owner basically needs to take his blog to the highest Page Rank in no time. Search engines count much more on visitor engagement than any other crucial activity you may be performing on your blog.

Experientially, content is king and it remains king so far you know how to make it king on your own blog. If what you only do to make content the king of all of the blogging activities on your personal site is article writing, then expect to get no traffic results in a long period of time.

You won’t be able to move your blog off the ground on time and you may get frustrated in the long-run. You possibly give up and quit without getting any result.

In order to make your site suitable for the first-page ranking, ensure you ask readers to leave comments on all of your blog posts and respond to their comments on time in order to keep them on track.

Start Building Links for Your Free Blog in Order to Rank Fast in Search Engines

When it comes to receiving rankings in search engines, links are an extremely crucial factor. Links are one of the top two ranking factors in Google’s search algorithm.

An excellent way to strategize link building for the first-page ranking in Google is answering niche related questions on as well as creating quality threads on niche related forums. While posting on forums to build high-quality links for your blog,  you should consider joining only the high Page Rank forums that are niche related.

Another great way to build high-quality links for a blog is guest posting for authority bloggers in your niche. There are hundreds of authority bloggers out there who have grown their blogs so big that they hardly find it easy to create the kind of content that their readers would choose to read over and over again.

To start writing guest posts for authority bloggers, submit well-composed proposals through the site contact box. If they fall in love with your proposal, you’ll be contacted to submit your first guest post and will get better exposure for your personal blog as well as get high-quality backlinks.

Thus, while talking about content being king, this is what we really mean, not by mere writing articles alone without engaging the readers. Search engine spiders do not check to read your content word by word as humans actually do, but simply run your content through the search algorithms which check for accuracy of grammar, punctuation marks, quality of content, publishing frequency of content, as well as engagement efficiency.

Setting Up A Free Blog
Setting Up A Free Blog

Activate Social Media Icons on Your Blog

To make all of your content reach out to the ideal audience and to rank with respect to the social media ranking signal, you must add social share buttons on your blog to appear on every blog post and page published on your site. Each time you publish a new post or page on your blog, you’ll share this immediately using the buttons already activated.

On the list of Google’s top 200 ranking signals, social media engagement/traffic is crucial. So, there is no way your ranking can become so perfect without activating these buttons on your blog.

Join as Many High Page-Rank Forums as You Can and Make Sure You Add Your Website Address to the Signature Section of the Forum

This is where you’ll need to maximize your ranking potentials as much as you have all the opportunities in the online world to join as many forums as you want.

To make the most out of the online forums, make sure you include your blog URL in the signature section so that this appears at the bottom of every post or thread you create on the forums. You can possibly generate a lot of backlinks from forums.

Read Other People’s Blog Posts and Sharpen/Develop Your Blogging Potentials in a Rapid Way

By frequently reading what other bloggers create on their own blogs, you’ll learn and acquire more skills in addition to what you’ve got so far and this will surely amount to your overall success in the online world.

Most veteran bloggers usually think it would be a waste of time visiting other people’s blogs and reading their posts, whereas, this is one of the working strategies implemented by authority bloggers before they became what they are today in the blogging world.

Help Other People Answer Questions on

Have you visited for once at all? If you haven’t, start leveraging Quora now because you’ve actually missed a lot in the process of trying to build your site ranking and traffic. The kind of traffic you’ve been clamoring for is quite ready and available for you on provided you can make the most out of this platform.

On Quora, you’re permitted to add a link to your personal blog in each of your answers and this can lead to high-quality links and traffic to your blog in no time.

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  1. Hey Israel,
    Great post! You clearly know what you are talking about!
    A few questions please:
    1. You mention its better to create a wordpress website, so why at step 2 do you recommend creating a free blogger account? Can you explain why you would have 2 accounts and how this might improve rankings?
    2. What are some examples of high page rank forums to join? Please share.
    Many thanks

    • Hello John, thanks for the comment posted! Much appreciated! Sorry about the word “blogger” used in that paragraph which made you think I was asking you to open dual accounts. Because of the confusion, I’ve revised the paragraph now. Kindly check it out and remove the confusion right away.

      If you really want to rank your blog fast in Google, leverage the high Page Rank forums such as It’s the top ranked online forum among the hundreds of the forums we have in the entire industry, though you need to follow terms and conditions to avoid getting banned.

      Thanks for the visit!

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