How to Step up Quickly in Your Blogging Career

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In starting up a new blog, there are common blogging challenges you need to be aware of which can easily drive you away or make you go astray from your initial blogging goal. Have you set a money goal for your blogging journey?

Were you able to visualize a greater tomorrow in your blogging career? Can you really build up a blog not minding the loopholes and shortcomings in the course of leveraging certain blogging tools and resources online?

In today’s publication, you’ll learn certain facts about blogging, the professional ethics of blogging, the do’s and don’s of blogging, as well as the strategies that need to be implemented in order to step up easily in your blogging journey.

If you’re really ready to change your lifestyle beginning a new financial life soonest, you’ll patiently sit back and read down the page in order to flesh out the basic blogging ideas that will help you run your blog speedily and successfully.

Real Facts about Blogging

In trying to become a rocking blogger, there are some factors that usually account for the quitting of most veteran struggling and newbie bloggers from their financial freedom.

You need to find out what makes some people become successful in blogging and what makes others fail and fall on the way. Here are real facts that make you run a blog successfully:

  • Blogging is a battle. The earlier you realize this, the better for you in the blogging journey.
  • Blogging takes some amount of time, energy, and little spending to become really successful.
  • As someone wishing to become a successful blogger, you need to be consistent and persistent from the onset.
  • Blogging entails implementing the working strategy to become a reality.
  • Blogging is a lifetime journey and must never be given up.
  • Quitting blogging is giving up financial freedom.
  • It takes pro blogging strategies to start seeing pro blogging results.
  • You must emulate pro bloggers to become a pro blogger.
  • A ranking is only achievable with lots of engagement.
  • Asking the readers to leave comments together with responding to their comments on time is what audience engagement is all about.
  • Guest posting for authority bloggers is necessary from the onset in order to drive some decent amount of traffic which can speed up the ranking.
  • Following the pros sheepishly is essential for becoming a pro blogger.
  • Answering a lot of niche related questions on “Question & Answer” platforms is necessary for getting high-quality backlinks to your blog.
  • Participating in high page rank forum discussions is equally excellent for getting backlinks which is extremely crucial for search engine ranking.
  • Blogging becomes easy once the right niche is chosen from the onset.

The following hints will also help you become successful in your blogging career:

  • Writer’s block can only be minimized by making a planned schedule for every post you create.
  • Crafting your headlines creatively will make visitors read down the page when they pay visits to your blog.
  • Using a pro writing style will increase the number of dedicated readers that visit your blog.
  • Making all of your content informative, helpful, remarkable, compelling, and engaging will speed up the ranking of your blog in search engines.
  • Receiving higher rankings in search engines will lead to getting much more traffic with time.
  • Getting much more traffic will surely lead to earning cool and consistent revenue in a lifetime.

The Professional Ethics of Blogging

Are you willing to become a successful blogger in your lifetime? Then try and learn the ethics of blogging as stated below. You’ll successfully run an online empire and become a rocking blogger in a lifetime.

What is your current blogging challenge? Are you willing to implement the working strategy? Then follow the ethics of blogging and become self-actualized. You wouldn’t have to worry about failures because you’ll never fail again so far you’re willing to follow the blogging ethics.

Here are the ethics you must follow while blogging:

  1. A blogger is expected to be honest and reliable.
  2. A blogger must be hardworking and generous.
  3. A blogger must adhere strictly to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations.
  4. A blogger must be ready to comply with the trademark laws and copyrights.
  5. A blogger must be committed to his audience.
  6. A blogger must build engagement with his readers.
  7. A blogger must publish frequently to satisfy readers’ appetites.
  8. A blogger must write guest posts for others to build exposure and domain authority.
  9. A blogger must be ready to help other bloggers through comments, forum posting, and social media.

The Do’s of Blogging

While making progress with your blog, you must note the do’s and don’t’s of blogging so you won’t be running into certain blogging troubles which some bloggers do encounter in the course of blogging.

Let’s jot down the do’s of blogging which you need to take note of as a blogger below:

  1. A blogger must be passionate about his business.
  2. A blogger must frequently publish informative and engaging content to keep his blog up to date and for better user experience.
  3. A blogger must be resourceful and must read other people’s posts in order to learn from others.
  4. A blogger must write informative posts at all times and must try as much as possible to respond to comments on time.
  5. A blogger must do keyword research in order to write search-engine-optimized content.

The Don’s of Blogging

While working on your blog, you’ll need to take note of the don’t’s of blogging and below are some of them:

  1. A blogger must never plagiarize content from another source.
  2. A blogger must not be found violating the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations.
  3. A blogger must not leave poops in comments for another blogger.
  4. A blogger must never abuse his fellow bloggers in blog posts, comments, social media posts, and elsewhere.
  5. A blogger must not be on-and-off to the audience.

Strategies for Stepping up in Your Blogging Journey

To really become successful in your blogging career, you must implement some strategies that will never let you give up or quit blogging in a lifetime. As you know, the richest blogger in the world is Arianna Huffington who earns more than $10,000,000 a month.

This is the same blogger who reportedly said he had been into blogging six months before money started rolling in. Here are the blogging strategies to implement when it comes to becoming a rocking blogger:

  1. Publish compelling and helpful content frequently while engaging visitors.
  2. Build thorough engagement with your audience to receive better rankings in search engines.
  3. Do thorough social media engagement to build social media traffic.
  4. Add social share buttons to your blog in order to boost your blog traffic.
  5. Get high-quality backlinks from authority blogs through guest posts and referral traffic.

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  1. Everything you say is so spot on! I love your website. It is very informative and packed with great information for bloggers. I have bookmarked and plan on coming back to keep reading. Lots of very helpful information. I really did think I knew everything I needed to know, and now I see that is not the case!

    • Thanks for the acknowledgement, Matts! Much grateful, my friend! One of the most working strategies for stepping up quickly in one’s blogging career is building one’s business on proven blogging pillars.

      If you ever have any question on blogging or how to build your business on solid fundamentals, don’t hesitate to get back to me and I’ll be more than happy to respond in earnest.

      Israel Olatunji

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