How to Turn Your Blog into a Book

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Before blogging began to be monetized, it was leveraged only as a mere online diary which could be used solely for keeping or storing some information, ideas, thoughts, interests, stories, news, and other important things of life. Then, there were no blogging ethics or rules guiding the operation of a blog. People were freely operating their blogs as if they were just opening some books, jotters, diaries and all of that

Now that blogging is being monetized, operational or guiding rules have aroused seriously and competition rates have gone up geometrically, though people still blog with the same passion as of old. Passion is the basic instrument for a potentially-successful blog. Experientially, a blogger can only become successful with a  lot of passion attached.

The difference now as rightly mentioned is that Blogging of old was for mere fun while blogging of present is basically for successes, achievements, badges, certifications, prosperity, and breakthroughs. So, we can say blogging is now being commercialized for the best.

To achieve success at the highest level of blogging, you must succeed in turning your blog into such a book that everyone would love to read over and over again. Once it’s been accomplished, consider yourself a successful blogger and someone with better exposure in the online world.

Here are some ways for you to turn your blog into a book:

  1. Make your content more readable for the audience
  2. Build connections with fans and communities out there
  3. Create SEO content on your blog frequently
  4. Build engagement with your blog readers through comments
  5. Refer your social media fans directly to your blog
  6. Direct your blogging goal towards building a blog audience
  7. Captivate your blog readers with the best of site design templates in WordPress
  8. Link posts together on your blog to boost traffic
  9. Use topically-relevant images within your content
  10. Publish frequently.

Make Your Content More Readable for the Audience

When it comes to content readability, it begins first with paragraphing which means content serialization. As a potential pro-authority, you wish to earnestly build an ideal blog audience within a short period of time and would like to turn your blogging empire into such a study pack that a lot of people from all parts of the will love to always read, right?  Content serialization will help you accomplish this in no time.

Check out the latest posts on most authority blogs to learn how posts are serialized, then implement this into your own blog content and improvise your blogging initiatives with that on its own. Use a few lines of texts for each of the paragraphs and use as many paragraphs in all your articles as you want. There’s no penalty to that at all. Make your content readable for an ideal blog audience

Build Connections with Fans and Communities Out There

Do you have a large number of fans and communities here and there that you belong to? Why not leverage all of that to create connections for your business? Why not prioritize connection-building as one of the blogging criteria you need to skyrocket your blog and turn it into a book? It’s a working strategy if you can work on that in earnest.

In as much as you have people as your online office, not a cement block or whatever, you have all resources at your disposal to build a lot of connections by what you blog about daily.

Create SEO Content on Your Blog Frequently

When it comes to creating Search-Engine-Optimized content, it starts with your passion, then the use of an integrated keyword research tool. There are a lot of high-competition keywords out there that will not do your ranking any good at all. Say, for instance, you want to write an article on the topic “Internet Marketing” without bothering to use an integrated keyword research tool first, see the results I got below when I conducted a keyword research through Jaaxy.

Internet marketing search
Internet marketing search

From the search result above, it’s seen that the Average search is 61524, the monthly traffic is 10460 while the Quoted Search Result or competition (QSR) is 215 which is too high for an SEO article. These are keyword parameters that determine whether or not your content will rank well in Google.

So, if you just write a lot of articles even daily without making use of an integrated search tool, consider your effort a waste since your content won’t rank in search engines.

Build Engagement with Your Blog Readers through Comments

The work of building engagement with your blog readers is like igniting the fire. It surely leads to turning your blog into an empire where millions of fans will never do but visit on a daily basis. And by the time you’ve built a blogging empire to that extent, you won’t be able to imagine what your success can look like.

The major instrument for building engagement is blog commenting. This can never ever cease to be the basic blogging instrument to build site and social engagement for ranking purpose. Ask readers to comment on your posts and respond in less than 24 hours to keep to blogging ethics.

Refer Your Social Media Fans Directly to Your Blog

Do you have hundreds of thousands of social media fans you can refer to your blog? Then, what are you waiting for? The process of referring fans to a blog can bring forth tons of organic traffic in a lifetime.

Social media platforms are leveraged by authority bloggers to drive traffic and Google has social traffic as a ranking signal in its search algorithm.

So, making the most out of social media is not by logging in your social media accounts as well as sharing posts alone but by actively engaging the audience through comments.

Direct Your Blogging Goal Towards Building a Blog Audience

The success of a blogger lies in his capacity towards building an ideal blog audience through blog commenting and responses. How much dedicated have you been in the course of growing your audience? Do you observe a daily blogging routine for your business at all? Do you create some quality time to get in touch with your blog readers?

Once you can successfully win the audiences’ minds through content and engagement, you’ll surely have your blogging empire turned into a book.

Captivate Your Blog Readers with the Best of Site Design Templates in WordPress

If you’re operating a blog using WordPress, you have hundreds of professional themes to leverage free while designing your blogging empire, though some are with premium packages. And there are some themes that operate on both free and premium versions.

So, designing your site professionally is one of the strategies to captivate the readers’ minds and when you’ll have achieved this, you’ll receive hundreds of thousands of hits from real and targeted visitors who want to check out the latest posts on your blog or just want to do anything else.

Link Posts Together on Your Blog to Boost Traffic

Linking posts on a blog is a solid blogging strategy which lets your content skyrocket in search engines.

If you’re writing a post on a topic, all of the posts on that blog which are, one way or the other, similar to that topic must be linked to that post in order to boost link popularity for your blog in search results.

Linking posts on a blog don’t end in blog posts alone, but also in comments. When you want to respond to a comment on your blog, you may possibly make a reference to other blog posts on that blog as part of the response you’re leaving for that commenter.

Use Topically-Relevant Images Within Your Content

The use of images in your content also matters a lot when it comes to building a blogging empire or simply turning it into such a book that people will love to read from time to time.

The use of images that are not relevant to your content may result in getting lower ranking in search engines. Some veterans never knew at all that Google demotes bloggers by awarding lower rankings consistently until such blogs become paralyzed.

While choosing images for your blog content,

  • Never steal images that belong to another person
  • Choose from the free stock photos or go for premium packages rather
  • Make sure you fill in the title, alt text, image title attributes, caption, and description for all of the images used in your posts
  • Seek the owner’s permission or authorization for any image used in any of your blog posts lest you get prosecuted for breaking the copyright laws.

Publish Frequently

How often do you publish content on your blog? Do you make frantic efforts to satisfy your readers’ appetites by providing fresh packages of blog content daily?

To turn your blog really into such an encyclopedia that thousands or millions of people will come around to read from all parts of the world, you’ll need to build it with series of informative and engaging content daily. It should be a daily publication of fresh and remarkable articles right on your blog.


Are you ready to build an online empire through blogging? Do you want to build an online presence through your blogging empire? And you want to change from a veteran to a pro blogger soonest, right? Then, you’re in the right place to learn how to go about that.

If you can visit this blog constantly checking out and reading the last blogging updates, then you’ll actualize your blogging aspirations and goals with ease.

Do you have one or more questions to ask about blogging, or how to turn your blog into an encyclopedia? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the box below this post and I’ll be more than happy to respond in earnest.

18 thoughts on “How to Turn Your Blog into a Book”

  1. Hi Israel – your site was just what i needed.  It has a huge amount of valuable information and really clarifies the blogging world.  I was about to start a blog and reading through your information has helped me to focus my ideas and my plans on how I was going to set my blog up.  Thank you for this great, concise and easy to understand information.  Also – thank you for the heads up on the continuing dedication to a blog that makes it work.

    I will be adding your site to my favourites list for future reference and to help me keep on track with my blog.


    • Hello Paula,

      Thanks for finding my post informative and helpful to your business! One of the basic things you can do to really turn your blog into a book is to follow the pro blogging fundamentals, implementing pro blogging strategies in your daily blogging routines and getting pro blogging results. Thanks for the reading!

      Israel Olatunji

  2. Hi Israel, 

    This is very interesting! All the articles I’ve written while blogging and I never thought about turning them into a book! This is a great idea! Why wouldn’t I want to spread the word about my writing in a book too? It makes total sense.

    I do link my posts to one another. I only use images I pay for unless they are free to use on the web.I try and publish my articles as frequently as possible. It’s important for getting traffic.

    Years ago I wrote and published kindle ebooks. I’m wondering how the formatting for publishing my articles here on WordPress would be. Can you help me with that? I would love to try and publish a book about my articles and about my website!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Rob S! You can passionately turn your blogging empire into a book and drive in more interested audiences to your content.

      Linking posts on your blog is another strategy to pull in more traffic to your blog so far you do it the right way. You must link only related and relevant posts together to boost more search engine traffic. And you must be cautious of what image is being used within your content to avoid being sued for copyright infringement.

      Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. Hi Israel. Thank you for your very informative article on blogging. Yes, blogging certainly has evolved over the years. It is now possible to make money from blogging. Your article has opened my eyes to more possibilities with my own blog. I just started a Niche with gardening, but I don’t really understand what I’m doing or how I get visitors to my blog.

    Thanks to your article I can now implement some of the SEA hints , particularly keywords, into my articles. I will definitely click on your link and hope to find a good tool to help me with keywords.  Thanks Jim

    • You’re much appreciated, Jim! Thanks for stopping by! You must make sure that your chosen niche is what you have so much passion for and can write a lot about even if you just woke up from your sleep. Once the wrong niche is chosen, there’s no possibility of continuity and survival.

      The numerous tools suggested in that post are vital for SEO as they take care of so many features such as helping you protect your content copyright against plagiarism and content thieves, performing keyword and niche research and many others.

      Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  4. This is quite an interesting option for me as I have been thinking of writing a book for a while and somebody mentioned to me that I could use the content from my blog for it but I was worried about duplicate content.

    There is so much competition out there today that your book might get lost in the crowd. So, having a cover that stands out is certainly a must, and of course an eye-catching headline will draw your readers in more.

    I really enjoyed this post and you have given me a lot to think about so thanks very much 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, Matthew! If you’re just passionate about something very interesting to your audience, you’ll succeed in building a blogging empire which a lot of people will love to read like an encylopedia. All that matters is the passion. You’ll only be doing it wrongly if you’re running the blog in another person’s niche.

      Thanks for finding the post very helpful!

      Israel Olatunji

  5. Hi Israel,

    I remember the old days of blogging. Never really understood the need for one back then. But you’re right, it was like a journal book. I used mine as a photo album, showing off graphics that I would design.

    I bookmarked your site, cause you have a wealth of information, that I can learn from. I want to be able to write knowledgeably, as well as create interesting and engaging content. And I often think I fall short of that.

    So, thank you for sharing, it’s much appreciated.

    • Thanks for the lovely comment, Laura! Much welcome on board. To really turn your blog into an encyclopedia for the potential readers, you must learn to write useful and informative content on your blog every day while engaging visitors.

      The extra-moral blogging routine you must observe daily in addition to the above daily routine as mentioned is building links by providing answers to those questions that are relevant to your niche on Quora. If you have any question about how you can build links on Quora, don’t hesitate to let me know.

      Thanks to my dearest friend for the engagement opportunity!
      Israel Olatunji

  6. Excellent article Israel! This is a comprehensive how-to guide for successful blogging! The advice you provide here is proven to work. None of the steps is complicated but they require a high level of commitment and perseverance on the part of the blogger. I can personally vouch for the efficacy of internal linking, consistent posting and engagement through social media and comments. These all work to increase your readership over time.

    Well done and thank you!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Mike! Much grateful! Linking relevant posts on your blog will help a lot in building a blogging empire and you’ll successfully turn the blog into a book for the ideal audience to read from day to day.

      You’re very correct that social media engagement, consistent blog commenting as well as frequent publishing of high-quality and informative content will help you achieve this.

      Wish you much success in your online endeavors!
      Israel Olatunji

  7. Hi Israel,
    Wow…what a truck load of information! I am very interested in learning how to Blog, I am positive that I can find all the information I need and want right here. Powerful reading! Looking forward to reading more from You. Thanks for sharing .

    • Thanks for finding this post very helpful, Tina! You’re much appreciated. All you read in that post are working strategies you can implement to turn your blogging empire into a book that people will not do without reading daily.

      You can rest assured that more of this will be published for you in the coming days, weeks, and months so you can build your online empire and turn it into what people will always converge to view.

      Thanks for the engagement opportunity!
      Israel Olatunji

  8. Great information about how to turn your blog into a book. Very interesting and informative. Fantastic tips on how to make your blog successful.

    • You’re much welcome, Heather. Thanks for the reading! You can actually turn your blog into such a book that hundreds of peeople out there will love to read always.

      What you’ll simply do with your blog to get this accomplished is implement pro blogging tactics with concentration and commitment. You’ll surely achieve it with time.

      Wish you much success!
      Israel Olatunji

  9. Hi Israel. You have a lot of good advice here for anyone wanting to create a successful blog. Thanks for sharing it so we newbies can learn from your experience. Content serialization is something I have not thought about before, so I will be keen to learn more about doing this for my own blog.

    I also now realize that I need to get more active on social media so that I can get more people to my website. I guess this is a process that evolves with time. So I look forward to the future when I will have a successful business because of the advice I am receiving from experienced bloggers like yourself. Many thanks for your time.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Andrew! You’ll be well on your way to high rankings in Google if you can just implement the blogging strategies that will turn your blogging empire into an encyclopedia.

      While building your site with quality content, build readability alongside and improve a page rank in search engines with ease.

      Thanks for the visit!
      Israel Olatunji


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