How To Write A Great Blog Post

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Have you ever considered winning your readers’ minds and satisfying their appetites for quality, informative and helpful blog content? Let’s look at the great ways to implement those working strategies that will help you write a quality blog post from time to time.

What do readers expect from your content? Do you care about this at all or, perhaps, do you put your readers in mind while preparing content?

Are you passionate about updating your readers with great and remarkable content while writing posts or, perhaps, do you just write for no one to read?

Do you know blogging is nothing but a battle? Learn how to write like a pro blogger and win the blogging battle. No one cares to read write-ups made by amateurs.

You’d better change your writing style to a pro style in order not to lose. Ignore this blogging idea and find out that nothing else works.

Your readers count so much on you for perfect blogging ideas that transform lives. Thus, pro writing formats are worth learning and you can really learn these through the following steps.

Step 1: Craft A Headline That Sets A Clear Direction

One of the horrific mistakes bloggers make in writing content is that they write the blog post before the headline. They get no direction to follow without a quality headline, leaving readers in a serious state of confusion and making the post totally boring.

To create a blog post full of conciseness, direction and clarity, find some quality time to write an attention-grabbing headline that fully sets a clear direction, ushers readers in and leaves them extremely zealous to read every bit of information put across in the post.

Your headline will be your roadmap, your writing guide, making you figure out the right direction to follow in the course of writing so as to enable readers get to the expected destination as simply as possible. To craft an attention-grabbing headline, follow the tips below:

Tip 1 – Make A Sincere Promise In A Topic

In order to make your blog content opened, direct the attention of your readers (Through your headline) towards providing solution to the very problem that is bothering them.

Never make a promise to readers in your headline without fulfilling. Make the solution very clear to your readers, ensuring to appear genuine and helpful in your presentation.

Research what’s bothering your readers by:

  • Frequently interrogating your subscribers through emails what their struggles are.
  • Reading comments both on your own blog and on other niche related blogs.
  • Exploring lots of responses from niche related eBooks on Amazon.

Be a passionate and responsible blogger, know and serve your audience better, identify their struggles and let your headlines make them feel that you’re diagnosing their struggles.

Tip 2 – Emulate The Pros

Having conducted your proper research and figured out what your audience need, the next line of action is turning your topic an attention-grabbing headline.

Imitate pros in doing just that; the best and most integrated way to learn the art of writing, doing it in a brilliant and smart way.

Over the past years, research has truly revealed the real styles of headlines that grab the attention of readers, open wide their minds and make one become a rocking blogger. Why wouldn’t you implement this strategy? Why would you ignore this research?

To make an attention-grabbing headline, try and implement working strategies. Your headline does not necessarily have to appear like it comes from an English professor, not at all. Your writing style and voice only need to be reflected in your headline.

Emulate the pros such as Neil Patel, Ryan Biddulph, Jon Morrow and many others. Use their writing styles until you become an expert in driving tons of traffic through blog content.

Though blogging is hard, you can win by emulating pros and using their writing style. Research shows that nearly 80% of pro bloggers’ most featured posts used this style. The most working styles are the “How To” and “Top List Post” headlines.

Tip 3 – Create Tangible Headlines

Creating tangible headlines will make your readers comprehend you easily. The more you try engaging all of your senses while addressing readers through headlines, the more they perceive that the post was directly being made for them.

Most importantly, you must put yourself in the shoes of your readers while crafting headlines for your blog posts lest you lure tons of readers away from reading your posts.

Tip 4 – Give Little In Your Headlines, Not Much

Never satisfy readers yet in your headlines, but give only little (Attention-grabbing) that will prompt, captivate and motivate them to read the entire post lest they lose to giving too much in headlines. Not only that they’re going to lose, you will definitely lose as well.

Tip 5 – Be Honest To Your Promises In Headlines

Giving only part of the solution expected in the main body may cause serious confusion in your readers and this may lead to losing trust in you. Your blog posts must fulfill exactly what the headlines promise.

Being honest to the headline will make readers love to read your posts more and more and this will help you build more trust in their minds.

Tip 6 – Never Write Headlines The Way You Speak

Don’t write the post before the headline. This is part of the most horrific mistakes bloggers make while creating blog content. Make the headline captivating, but don’t be too straightforward.

Writing the way you speak is good while making the post, not while drafting your headlines. When readers have already read the whole post in the headline, they become bored to read the post itself. This to you is a great loss and to them too.

Tip 7 – Write Headlines That Make Sense To All Readers

No matter who is reading your post and from wherever, make a lot of sense while crafting your headlines. The simple logic that facilitates making a lot of sense to readers in headlines is reading their minds.

When you are able to read their minds, you will craft a captivating headline and write a sensible post.

Tip 8 – Rock Your Passion And Build More Trust

The more you write, the more of passion you will develop. The more you show consistency in that passion, the more your audience will put more trust in your brand.

Once you’ve figured out the writing style that fits in best to your readers, be consistent with that and only make necessary adjustments when appropriate.

Never change your headline format to something more complicate than appropriate lest you leave your readers greatly confused.

Step 2: Make Your Introductory Part Captivating

Having crafted a headline that sets a clear destination for your readers, you should be making your introductory part captivating too lest your readers quit your site after reading the headline and introduction.

In as much as you know that readers wouldn’t want to stay reading, you must endeavor to craft the introductory part of your content in such a captivating manner.

To craft the introductory part in such a captivating manner, follow the tips below:

Tip 1 – Never Sound Like An English Specialist

Want to make the common mistake most bloggers make while crafting an introduction? Most bloggers use big English grammar while writing blog posts and do the same while drafting an introduction.

You might be an English expert with deep knowledge of English Grammar but you must understand the fact that blogging does not go that way. You don’t captivate your readers with big English Grammar while blogging.

By sounding too academic, you will only succeed in getting your readers bored and will eventually lure them away from reading the main post.

To win your readers’ minds, make them feel that you understand their struggles and challenges. Show out of passion that you’re willing to help them solve those challenges.

Promise to give them useful and practicable tips and make them see that you implement those tips in your own business too.

Tip 2 – Trigger Your Readers’ Emotions

Triggering your readers’ emotions is a great way to captivate and usher them down the page. As you prepare to write, determine the kind of impression you want your readers to experience when reading.

Write with emotions. Have the same kind of feeling you would expect your readers to have as you progress.

Share your readers’ emotions, feel exactly how you think they’ll feel while reading your post and these will be reflected in your words.

Tip 3 – Take Your Readers To Conclusion

Taking your readers to the concluding part of your blog posts is a great way to make them fully committed to your posts.

The most crafty writers take readers on a trip regardless of speeds. You wouldn’t mind how much time you are going to spend crafting every paragraph of your blog post.

The craftier you are while composing an article, the more engaging it would be when readers are reading along!

Aside from the points mentioned above, you must ensure to serialize the drafts of your introductory part into smaller paragraphs particularly the first draft.

Serialize the remaining part of your blog post to gain more readability and readership to all of your posts. This makes your writing more efficient and increases your overall productivity.

Writing blocks of texts would do nothing but lure your readers away from reading the main and concluding part of your post. This way, you lose and your readers lose too.

Tip 4 – Appear To Readers As A Problem Solver

While drafting each post, make your readers see you as someone who understands their problems and is willing to help them provide solutions.

By making your blog an internet marketing clinic for your readers, you will gain more credibility in the sight of your audience.

Once readers can always get their problems solved through your posts, you will begin to have blogging patients more and more and a lot of people will find your blogging strategies highly indispensable.

Tip 5 – Never Give Answers In Your Introduction

Giving too much in your introduction can easily make your readers get bored and click away from your blog.

Once they are satisfied with more than enough answers in the introduction, it wouldn’t be easy for you to lure them down the page anymore. It’s certain that they wouldn’t want to continue reading. They’ll get bored eventually.

Let the introduction serve its purpose only which is giving the readers an insight into what they are going to read about in the post, the common problems and suggested solutions you’re going  to give as they read on.

Make sure to provide detailed answers to what their problems and challenges might be right in the body of the post putting yourself directly in their shoes.

Step 3 – Give Ideas That are Easy to Understand and Impossible to Dispute

Having crafted your headline and drafted the introduction in such a way that readers cannot just click away, the next line of action is to provide all possible ideas to solve problems as promised in the headline and introductory part.

How do you want your readers to look at you when they visit your blog to read posts? Do you think they’ll keep visiting your blog even without delivering enough to them?

Readers are very sensitive. Once they see you as an authority, they trust your brand more and more and become returning visitors at your blog.

If reverse was the case, they won’t ever check in. Once you can’t deliver even more than enough for them to see, they click away never to return. They vanish into the thin air forever. Use the tips below to deliver stuff and simple-to-unders and ideas:

Tip 1 – Add Subheads

You need to create subheads in all of your blog posts to increase user experience and readership. Readers are so inquisitive. They are looking for values in what you wrote.

The kind of values found in your post determines whether they are going to become huge fans in your community or not.

Adding subheads is one of the strategic ways to ascertain great values and prove to your readers that you have great ideas to offer.

Tip 2 – Keep To A Stable Post Format

Make sure you keep to or maintain a format in all paragraphs across your entire post. This helps a lot in attracting more readers, luring them down the page as well as creating better user experience.

Be consistent with the format of your posts. The more consistent you are in laying down a post format, the more the user experience and readership as you roll by rocking your blog.

Let’s say for instance you are beginning your first post paragraph with 200 words, making the second paragraph with 50 words, the third paragraph with 350 words and then the fourth with 100 words, this is not in a stable format at all.

Tip 3 – Be Absolutely Nice & Helpful To Your Readers

Do you give details to your readers while writing at all? Don’t you keep part of the information you are supposed to uncover in your posts thinking that you might be giving too much?

Most veteran bloggers do give little out of the much needed to readers failing to uncover all that needs to be uncovered in order to prompt readers to just buy some products.

Holding back on your readers will not, by any means, help them get their problems fully solved and they won’t ever see any reason to stick to reading your posts from time to time.

Uncover tips in full, solve major problems and deliver high stuff for the benefit of your readers and they will become huge fans of your blogging community.

Tip 4 – Make Your Post Strong

Just as you’ve started with the headline and introduction, you must make the body of your post strong as well. Starting from the headline, you must keep your post alive so that your readers remain alive alongside.

As the introduction is meant for captivating the readers and giving insight into what they are going to read in the main body, the body must keep them moving while the conclusion is to make them feel fully satisfied with the expectation.

Step 4 – Edit Your Post Before Publishing

Now that you’ve written your post, what next? You need to consider editing the post written though you have to take a break first and sit back again to complete editing. This is really a vital part of creating a quality blog post.

Once your post is well edited, readers will enjoy reading whenever they want and you will successfully create the right mindset in them towards following all tips and pieces of advice given.


Having read the major steps to writing a quality blog post, it’s time to begin utilizing those practicable tips whenever you want to make content.

When you start getting results, you would call these tips “Working Strategies” and would ask a lot of bloggers out there to implement them in moving their blogging games to the next level.

Leave a comment below should you have inquiries regarding tips to writing quality blog posts and expect a quick response soonest.

32 thoughts on “How To Write A Great Blog Post”

  1. Israel,

    Those are all very impressive tips and great information to have.

    I like the idea of writing to communicate effectively and to do so in a conversational and not overly academic way. Personally, I do not write for English teachers (nor English teacher wannabes either! ; ) but rather, I write to communicate with my readers and my students.

    That’s why I intentionally ignore most of Grammarly’s recommendations – as I do not want my work to sound like typical cardboard cookie-cutter sanitized muck.

    Thanks for the info – and I look forward to your future posts and articles too!

    Best regards,

    L.D. Sewell

    • Thanks for your comment, Sewell! Yes, blogging is more of communicating with the potential audience than just sounding like an English teacher, addressing English scholars. I deeply appreciate your contribution.

      Israel Olatunji

  2. Great tips on how we can improve he quality of our blog post. I think as long as you try to provide value to your readers and present it in a laid back way ( as if your talking to a friend) — then anyone can write amazing blog post.

    • Thanks for leaving a valuable thought Michael! Much grateful! You need to follow a pro writing style to be able to write like a pro. You’ll be successful once you can implement this strategy. Thanks for reading!

  3. I must say “thank you” for some important points that I learned from reading your article. As someone whose language isn’t in English, I admit that blogging and article writing are very challenging for me. It’s that I don’t easily give and oppositely, I force myself to actually do what scares me.

    Aside from this article that I found helpful, can you recommend other resources online where I can learn and improve myself more on blogging?

    • Thanks for getting back, Gomer! Kudos for reading my blog post and finding my post useful! Writing content is quite challenging for most people out there but implementing those tips will facilitate the process for anyone.

      Read the post and digest every bit and you will find writing an interesting task henceforth. While writing content on your own blog, make fun doing so and you won’t experience difficulty anymore.

  4. Hello Israel,

    I have been a blogger for the past few months and have noticed that even after ranking so well in the search engines, I still can’t get my readers to take the action I would want them, so I turned here for help.

    I think I have known where my problem is now. I make many promises in the beginning of the article and end up fulfilling none of them.

    Thank you for the enlightenment of this ignorance I had. I will update you when I implement them.

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a thought, Dave! You have got to learn that you must keep to your promises while writing a post for your readers. Your readers will lose trust in you if they find that you promised more than you wrote.

      You must learn how to craft your headlines and introduction such that your blog readers will be lured down the page. When readers read down the page, they gain and you gain too. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Hello Israel,

    This is an excellent post about headlines and blogging. I couldn’t agree more with writing a captivating headline without giving too much away.It’s important to make sense with a headline but not making it sound the way you speak.

    Your headline also has to be a keyword that ranks as low hanging fruit keywords. It’s vital to let the readers know what you’ll be talking about without letting too much of the cat out of the bag. Would you agree that it is good to have the readers be a bit in suspense too?

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a thought, Rob S! Kudos for reading my post! Much appreciated! Being able to craft your headlines is a great way to lure readers down the page.

      When you don’t give out too much in the headline and introduction, your readers will be much prompted to read down the page. They gain and you gain too. Thanks for visiting!

  6. You have highlighted some very good points in this article Israel, and for anybody lacking experience writing great content then I’m sure this will help.

    You have actually brought to light several tips that I just wasn’t aware of and helped in other areas just to reinforce what I already knew but had forgotten.

    • Kudos to you, Mick for leaving a valuable thought! Thanks for reading my blog post! Much appreciated! Content is king as we know though has to be in the format Google would rank well.

      You must sheepishly follow those tips as well as implement working strategies for crafting a headline to ensure that your readers read down the page. Thanks for visiting!

  7. You have written tons and tons of great information that will be a great help to your readers, your post is well detailed. When it comes to being successful at blogging, there are some guidelines that we should follow and what you have written can help anyone as a blogger to be able to write successfully

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a thought, Norman! Kudos for reading and finding my post helpful! Most bloggers make horrific mistakes by writing the post before the headline.

      Readers read only the headline and quit the site because they’ve already been satisfied with the headline. Eventually, your readers lose and you lose too. Thanks for visiting!

  8. Hello Israel!

    You gave some great insights into crafting a quality blog post. I can say that I’ve seen some good and bad blog posts in my day. People are still learning where blogging stands and what attracts readers, and it depends.

    There are still very successful blogs that write in a very formal voice and ones that write in a very conversational voice. My preference is to read blog posts that are engaging, in a conversational voice from a relatable author.

    • Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving a thought, Domena! Kudos for reading my blog posts! Much appreciated! You must know the efficacy of crafting a headline as this determines the readership of a particular post.

      Most bloggers make horrific mistakes by writing the post even before the headline. This is a horrific blogging mistake that lures readers away from your post.

      Once they have read the entire post right in or before the headline, the main part of the post becomes so boring for them.

  9. I need to read this article, Israel! I am always looking at different ways, tips and tricks to write a quality blog post to help my readers. What I think sounds great and wonderful may not suit them.

    We all need to get new ideas in the mix. You are right, I do need to spend time on my headlines. Quality headlines are the “sales board” for the whole article. There is no point creating a 2000 word blog post if no one will read it.

    I was just wondering if you create the blog titles yourself or do you use a computer program to help you?

    • Thanks for visiting my blog, GBIG! Kudos for reading my blog post! Much appreciated! The horrific mistake most veteran bloggers make is that they write what they want to write, not what people want to read.

      Being able to craft your headlines is the greatest game that really helps you attract lots of readers to visit and read your posts down the page. Implement this strategy and start getting results in earnest. Thanks for dropping by!

  10. When you consider that the most important part of a web based business is writing good content, this post gives a great insight in how it can be successfully done.

    I myself, find blog/post writing to be extremely difficult, but you have identified some great learning points to make this chore easier. You practice what you preach also, as can be seen by the very readable layout of the blog.

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a thought, David! Content is king when it comes to building out a site though a lot of people have handled this in the wrong way.

      Writing content without minding what it takes for a blog post to get a first page ranking isn’t worth it.

      Once you believe in and implement working strategies, you will find writing a quality blog post an easy task and will get better rankings in SERPs. Thanks for visiting!

      Wish you breakthroughs,
      Israel Olatunji

  11. Hi Israel,

    This is a sensational post buddy. The thing I love? The amount of thought, energy and feeling you put into prepping a great blog post. This is not rushed. No worry here. No hurry here. No posting schedule to honor, nope. You sat down and gave your full attention and energy to writing a gem and reached that end. So few bloggers do this, which is why your post shines so brightly.


    • Thanks for visiting and reading my blog post, Ryan! Special thanks for generously sharing my post on Social Media! Much appreciated! I’ve recently seen the need to work more on content as search engines feed on nothing but quality and engaging content.

      Kudos for finding my post insightful! I’ve always believed in and implemented all I wrote in this post as far as writing a quality blog post is concerned which definitely attracts a lot of readers.

      I still learn blogging fundamentals from “Blogging From Paradise” and continue implementing those practicable blogging tactics more and more. Thanks for visiting! Building bonds in blogging really pays and yields great dividends.

      Israel Olatunji

  12. You are so right about what you have said, Israel. When it comes to writing a blog post, these are the things that we should put in place or the guide that we should follow. I have saved your web page so that I can go back to what you are sharing because it is really awesome and will not only help me but I am sure that others will find this information to be very helpful.

    • Thanks for leaving a valuable thought, Norman! It’s great to learn how to write quality blog posts lest we just keep writing for no one to read. This is where most veteran bloggers fail in the area of content marketing.

      How would you expect readers to read down the page when you have already written the post before the headline? You will lose and your readers too will lose because you won’t be able to lure them down the page anymore, thus quitting your site after reading your headline. Thanks for visiting!

      Wish you breakthroughs,
      Israel Olatunji

  13. Great post, Israel! I agree that creating captivating headlines, interesting but factual content, and having an interesting introduction are all important factors to creating a great blog post.

    At the end of the day if you can find a way to help your readers and do it in a way they can easily understand and comprehend your blog post, I think that’s all that matters.

    • Thanks for getting back and leaving a valuable thought, Michael! You can attract hundreds of thousands of readers to your blog if you can learn how to craft a headline.

      While drafting your headlines, you wouldn’t ever need to sound like a University English professor, not at all. You must craft your headline in such a captivating manner luring readers down the page. You gain and your readers gain this way. Thanks for visiting!

      Wish you breakthroughs,
      Israel Olatunji

  14. Hello Israel,

    I found your post very informative and interesting. I was glad you advised not to use big English grammar as it was never my strong point and I am trying to build out my website with lots of content.

    Do you think it takes a long time to become good at writing content and capturing your audience or can it happen quickly?


    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a thought here, Dave! I am surprised when I see a blogger write in big English Grammar exactly like a student writing an Essay paper. Who do you think cares about your big Grammar? No one definitely!

      It can happen in a moment. Being able to write captivating articles can happen any moment so far you want to be a good writer and you’ve decided to learn from other bloggers who are more experienced. Thanks for getting back!

  15. Found so many nuggets in this post. I love the bit about writing a sincere promise in the headline. I have been guilty of writing blog posts before their headlines.

    I will definitely be researching the bloggers you have mentioned. I have found this post very helpful and I am bookmarking it. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Hello Israel,

    Thanks for your tips to write a quality blog post! I think that you’re right when you say the headline is the focus of the post because it will attract the audience and will get them to read the post or not.

    Moreover, it’s true that you don’t need to be an English master to write a blog. You just have to focus on helping your readers and talk to them as you would do everyday with your friends.


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