How to Write Efficiently

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Writing efficiently has been a serious challenge to most struggling veteran and newbie bloggers out there as this is what blogging is all about. This time around, I’ll have to elaborate more on the efficacy of writing more efficiently for building a PageRank in Google.

Everyone who is going to be opportune to land on this very page must find it interesting to write frequently. Not only that but efficiently too! Blogging is more of writing any other functionality in the online world. Search engines have no other food to eat except the content you write every day.

While you’re making progress in this business, you’ll be getting to realize that content is king and must be handled as the king if success would be guaranteed at all.

The more you can build out your site with content, the quicker your success can be in the blogging world! The pros are the caliber of people who understand how crucial content is to the building up of a website in search engines.

Let the search engines continue to update their search algorithms from time to time – Content will remain king and the most crucial ranking signal.

Here are the top five strategies for writing efficiently:

  1. Use a low competition keyword for all of your write-ups using Jaaxy
  2. Brainstorm the best content ideas for your write-ups using Google Trends
  3. Serialize your content well into small paragraphs for readability
  4. Feel your readers’ feelings while writing in order to meet them at the point of their needs
  5. Use a pro writing style for all of your write-ups

Use a Low Competition Keyword for All of Your Write-Ups Using Jaaxy

When it comes to performing niche and keyword researches, Jaaxy is the most integrated yet the best and easiest niche and keyword research tool in the online world.

Jaaxy has various levels and premium packages such as Jaaxy Lite, Jaaxy Pro, Jaaxy Enterprise, and all of that. If you’re a Wealthy Affiliate premium member, you’ll enjoy the pro version of Jaaxy for free and wouldn’t have to pay until you decide to upgrade to more awesome features of the tool.

Aside from using this tool to perform niche & keyword research, Jaaxy has an awesome affiliate program that pays handsomely for referring other people into the program. So, there’s a revenue opportunity in being the Jaaxy pro user.

Brainstorm the Best Content Ideas for Your Write-Ups Using Google Trends

Google Trends is an excellent tool as far as getting the best and most trending topic ideas is concerned. Though Jaaxy can help you brainstorm awesome content ideas too, the difference in using Google Trends is that it helps you get the most trending content ideas.

Google Trends
Google Trends

Why do you need to use Google Trends? It helps you get topic ideas on what’s trending which ensures that you get almost instant traffic to your content. This will also ensure that your website skyrockets on time in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Serialize Your Content Well into Small Paragraphs for Readability

If you want your readers to enjoy reading your blog posts, then try and make sure that the posts are well-serialized into small paragraphs for readability.

Readability is part of what makes your website rank well in search engines in the sense that when people find your content readable, they won’t hesitate to always check out what’s trending on your blog including the latest posts.

Instead of writing large blocks of texts which make reading so boring for readers, you should try and break content down into small lines of texts so that readers find it so easy to read the content on your blog.

Feel Your Readers’ Feelings While Writing in Order to Meet Them at the Point of Their Needs

If you’re always in your readers’ mood while writing, you’ll always help them solve their problems with your content. This is one of the traits of a pro blogger which most readers cherish so much.

When you make frantic efforts to help your readers through the content you create on your site, you’ll gradually build trust and once this happens, you’ll get a fall in the bounce rate for your website in Google Analytics.

I love the idea of turning a blog into an internet marketing clinic. When your blog begins to look like a clinic that many people cannot do without visiting every day, readers will start to develop an interest in reading your posts over and over again.

One thing about these readers you must learn to understand is that they are people who place some degree of trust in you and are willing to learn from your blogging expertise.

Such a response will do nothing but improve your PageRank in Google. Why will the responsibility help you improve Google PageRank? When readers get to find out that you care about their own successes, and make all of your blog posts helpful and useful to their businesses, they’ll become great fans of your site.

They’ll continually visit your site, read the posts on your site, as well as comment genuinely on your site. Through the engagement, you’ll begin to receive better rankings in search results.

Use a Pro Writing Style for All of Your Write-Ups

Because readers don’t usually stay long reading blog posts, it calls for trying to make them read down the page by using a pro writing style to create content.

How can you write like a pro? How can you make your readers see you as a pro? This is very easy. You can invariably work like a pro on your own personal blog through your awesome content.

By creating lists on posts, you’ll make content more readable for your ideal target audience. The use of bullet points and numbers will make you look a professional blogger. This is because this style of writing makes it easy and non-boring for readers to read down the page. It’s a writing style used by the pros to write content for the audience.


If you have any question on how you can write more efficiently, don’t hesitate to let me know and I’d be more than happy to respond to your quey

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  1. Thank you for sharing this great information about on how to write effectively.

    As a blogger writing is my number one problem, hopefully with this tips I start getting better at writing. You mentioned Jaaxy and for some reason I not giving a use to this powerful tool, thank you for for reminding us what Jaaxy can do for us. So we can start writing effectively.

  2. These are great tips for getting out posts that help your blog grow. I just want to add in a few things as well. The first thing is keyword tails where you get ideas from existing posts and link to each other. This helps create a good internal linking structure as well as give you a never-ending list of ideas. 

  3. Wow, what a thorough treatment of writing great blog posts. I had almost forgotten about Google Trends. It reminds me of a time I wrote something about a US presidential election and went to bed. I woke up the next morning with hundreds of hits because it was picked up on Google News. Very smart suggestions!


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