How to Write Content for Brands

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Are you on the lookout for which blogs to write for? Are you planning to earn extra income working in the comfort of your home? Freelance writing has ever been the simplest job for most people while setting up a new blog.

Most people always desire to write for others even more than for themselves. This is because it’s always hard for most newbie bloggers to cope with all blogging routines and expenses while they’re still struggling to build traffic.

On the other side, blog owners are always in need of writers to update their blogs with lots of useful and informative content. So, they’re left with no choice other than hiring writers.

Writers only earn pennies for the writing jobs they do for those bloggers while some of them keep building their personal blogs till they rank in search engines.

Are you one of such newbie bloggers who still need some nice ways to earn extra income? Then sit back and learn how you can go about writing for blogs.

But the wisest thing you can do in order not to neglect your personal blogging career at the expense of others (All in the name of freelance writing) is to work simultaneously.

What do I mean by “Work simultaneously”? I simply mean writing for others and, at the same time, writing for yourself.

In today’s publication, we want to see how important it’s to earn some extra income while building a page rank for a brand-new blog in search engines.

We also want to consider the process of writing content for blogs, the rate and mode of payment for writers, and the possible blogging experience one can gain from writing for others, how one can achieve possible success from doing extra jobs.

The Process of Writing for Blogs

You can get paid to write in two major ways:

  • Article writing
  • Forum posting

Article Writing

Prior to becoming a freelance writer, you need to search through Google for the blogs to write for. This is because some blogs don’t hire writers.

You can only write for those who need writers and can always choose to work for only blogs that pay writers handsomely as there are more freelance writing jobs out there than writers.

Getting a writing job is guaranteed so far you can diligently search.

You don’t need anyone to recommend sites for you so far you can use any of the keywords “Write for us”, “writing jobs”, “Get paid to write”, “Freelance writing”, and so on in your searches.

Once you’ve found who to write for, you may be required to submit certain requirements before you can start writing such as samples of your work, a URL of the blog(s) you own, a trial post to be written in any topic of your choice, your resume, a cover letter, and many more.

If you’re only required to submit a trial post of about 600 words, then you’ll be able to start as quickly as possible.

However, there are blogs that may request your resume, cover letter, and other additional requirements to be submitted along before you can be accepted as a writer.

What you can simply do to get accepted is to submit a professional resume and cover letter as you can leverage some already-designed resume templates on platforms like that will let you design a professional resume and cover letter for your freelance writing applications.

Forum Posting

When it comes to getting paid to write for others, most newbie bloggers prefer working for the forum posting platforms to writing articles directly for blogs.

On forum posting platforms like,, and others, you’re required to submit a certain number of sample posts, and once you’ve been approved as a writer, you can then start earning immediately for posting blog comments, forum replies, and threads.

In most platforms, there may be no limit to how much you can earn daily while others may restrict you to a limited number of posts per day just to reduce spam or for any other purpose best known to them.

But in an ideal forum posting platform, you should be able to earn not less than $5 a day which is approximately $150 a month. Though this doesn’t give the financial freedom you deserve, you can go from there while building out your personal blog alongside.

Rate and Mode of Payment for Writers

Are you passionate about writing for blogs? Do you want to start earning some extra income doing what you love doing in the comfort of your home? Then freelance writing might be good for you.

While you’re considering writing for others taking a lot of precious time, you need to consider the fact that some bloggers pay ridiculously while others pay handsomely.

How much would you love to receive per article? Would you love to get paid daily, weekly, or monthly?

Well, there are blogs that are willing to pay you handsomely so far you can always write high-quality and informative articles for them and can get you paid in dollars or any international currency of your choice irrespective of the location you’re residing in.

You don’t have to be a native English speaker before you can write articles for blogs.

So far you can write in simple and correct English grammar and have a good command of English, you can leverage the writing platforms to earn some extra dollars daily, bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly.

Generally, there are a lot of writing sites that do pay between $50-$100 per accepted article, though requirements may be tough while there are many more out there that even pay writers less or more per article.

A typical example of the writing sites that pay writers well and almost immediately is You can simply check a couple of them out and continue to write for those that pay you on time.

However, on most forum posting platforms, you earn between $0.05-$0.25 per post. A typical example of platforms that pay up to $0.25 per post is,, and lots more.

Blogging Experience You Can Possibly Gain From Freelancing

Most veteran bloggers developed writing skills from freelance writing. What is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

So far you’ve got this as your watchword in the course of writing for others, you can rest assured that you’ll have gained much blogging experience which will eventually help you in building your own virtual real estate.

In as much as you will not continue working as a freelancer forever, you’ll have to stop freelancing someday and continue with the building of your own blog to ensure that you get the desired financial freedom in a lifetime.

As the most challenging part of blogging is the writing, freelancing will help you overcome this as you constantly write for others and you’ll soon become a passionate writer who will see writing as a mere hobby.

Blogging Skills to be Acquired from Freelancing

Once you’ve been into freelancing, you’ll acquire a lot of blogging skills even if you haven’t started blogging at all.

Writing is, of course, what will give you the first impression to try out blogging and will probably help you master a lot of things about becoming a successful and rocking blogger in a lifetime.

Having got an impression through freelancing, you’ll still continue acquiring more skills like the basic skills needed for doing keyword and niche research, and lots more that will make you see blogging as something you’ll love doing in the comfort of your bedroom.


Freelance writing is the instrument that builds a lot of blogging skills in someone, whereas, blogging itself begins with writing and engagement.

Whether you’re passionate about writing or not, you can simply build up the basic blogging skills with freelance writing.

Should you have any questions you want to ask about freelance writing, the best platforms to go about freelance writing, how you can get paid writing for blogs, and yourself, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below this post and earnestly expect to hear from me.

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    • Glad you enjoyed reading this post, M Charles! The position of a newbie blogger warrants writing for others as a side hustle while, after some time, you may concentrate fully on writing for yourself alone. Thanks for reaching out, my friend!

      Israel Olatunji

  1. Thanks for providing so much help! I have been thinking of blogging or freelance writing and your article has been the most informative so far!

    • You’re much welcome, David! Thanks for your interest in freelance writing and kudos to you for patiently reading through this post! The basic ideas about freelance writing together with what you simply need it for in the course of building up an online empire have been blended in this post. Thanks for the engagement opportunity!

      Wish you much success in your endeavors!
      Israel Olatunji

  2. Thank you for writing this article, Istanbul very helpful. I am very glad that I read it ,this is going to help me improve my skills when writing a blog. I always thought that I need someone to explain how to exactly write a blog. I am a newbie and not sure about blogging. Liked the ideas so much

    • Thanks for stopping by, Violet! Much grateful! Most newbies and veterans face more serious challenges while building up their blogs from scratch and that’s why freelance writing is much needed to fill the gap.

      Freelance writing cannot really get you the financial freedom you needed but will at least help you get started with your personal blog and will, of course, help you earn some extra income doing what you love doing in the comfort of your bedroom.

      Thanks for the visit!
      Israel Olatunji

  3. I want to be a writer but I am not fluent in English language. I am always confused with my grammar.

    By the way, I like the content of this post. It is informative and helpful.

    • Not to worry at all, Faisal! You can, of course, be a writer even if you’re not very fluent. What you’ll simply need to do is read other people’s posts that you so desire and learn creative writing skills.

      In addition to that, you’ll need grammar checker tools such as Grammarly to perfect your proofreading, though you wouldn’t have to rely totally on any of those tools as there’s no perfection in them. They too make mistakes. So, you’ll need to add manual editing to the use of those tools.

      Thanks for the visit, Faisal!
      Israel Olatunji


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