How to Write Great Content for Your Website

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Do you wish to start writing great content on your site? How would you devise the right strategy for creating the kind of content that makes your blog skyrocket in the search engine?

In several posts, I do talk about the efficacy of creating high-quality content while engaging the visitors, though so many struggling veteran bloggers do express their pain-point which is usually the inability on their part to deliver quality content on an everyday basis.

I recently created a training tutorial on Wealthy Affiliate which talks about the ways to go about blogging with a full-time job. The training resource was titled “How to Blog with a Full-Time Job” and a lot of members read, liked, and left many valuable comments on it.

Do you understand the role of content on your site? Do you have an idea of how content can help you become a successful and rocking blogger in the online world? Did you know how much content can help your blog skyrocket in Google? Let’s take a look at this in today’s publication.

While starting a blog, you must prepare to focus on one strategy more than the rest which is content writing. The level at which you can dedicate to writing topically-relevant, high-quality, informative, insightful, helpful, useful, remarkable, compelling and engaging content determines how successful you’re going to be in this business.

Once you’re determined to become successful, you have the tools and resources at your own disposal on Wealthy Affiliate to build a personal brand that will fetch you hundreds of dollars day by day and enable you to travel the world blogging. Congratulations!

Note that a lot of struggling veteran bloggers find it so difficult to write content, whereas, this is the only way to make your site skyrocket in the search engine. You can’t get anywhere in the online world without writing lots of content on your site. When it comes to building out a site, content is the greatest way to go about that. This is because Google loves content like food and it’s the only food it admires.

So, if you know how to make Google love your site, then don’t hesitate to build out content on your site every day and stick to it consistently without relenting at all.

As you go along with the online journey, you’ll not do but have some challenges especially with the writing which is the most crucial blogging routine. How would you improve your blog this year?

In today’s publication, I’ll enumerate the basic ways in which you can write great content on your site.

  1. Research a topic properly before you start the writing
  2. Use the commonly searched keywords
  3. Choose low competition keywords leveraging Jaaxy
  4. Use lists in your posts
  5. Serialize your content for readability

Research a Topic Properly Before You Start the Writing

Before you start writing at all, it’s important you do some thorough research for the content you want to write so you can deliver the right concept which readers would love to read and digest for their business use.

While preparing to create content on your blog, you must always bear in mind that most readers usually look out for informative and helpful content – the kind of content that they believe will help them build out their personal sites.

So, researching into topics that readers might likely find helpful and engaging is really worth it and this will eventually make you stand out as an authority blogger in the online world.

What do you think makes authority bloggers out there generate thousands of traffic hits on their sites most especially within a few days of hitting the “Publish” button if not for the fact that they consistently publish helpful and extremely-informative content to satisfy their readers’ appetites?

The topic of the content matters a lot in what determines search engine ranking and traffic in that regard. For the content to rank well in the search engine, it has to be a well-researched and topically-relevant one.

Use the Commonly Searched Keywords

If you carefully search for niche-related content on Google prior to starting the writing, you’ll always find that you have lots of commonly searched keywords which you’re supposed to leverage in your keyword research. This is one of the main white hat strategies that help your blog skyrocket in the search engine on time.

Once you’ve found some commonly searched keywords, then log on to Jaaxy or any other integrated keyword and niche research tool to choose the right keywords for your search based on certain metrics such as Monthly Traffic; Average Searches; Quoted Search Result (QSR); Article Power; SEO; Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI); and others.

Choose Low Competition Keywords Leveraging Jaaxy

While performing keyword research, there are metrics that need to be checked before choosing the right keyword. You need to consider what constitutes the right keyword to use for creating content. And this is the low competition keyword that helps your content rank high in search results.

Important search metrics are already mentioned above and mastering the analysis of each of these metrics to determine which keyword is optimized or not is worth it for without this, getting your content ranked in the search engine is not guaranteed. You may get lost with your content in the midst of millions of blogs whose posts are more keyword-optimized than yours.

Use Lists in Your Posts

Do you make use of lists in your posts? A list is a pro-style of writing which readers love to read for it breaks the content down into readable formats and simplifies reading for readers. That’s why the pros adopt it as a working content strategy that really pulls tons of readers to their blogs.

For example, the metrics for choosing low competition keywords are listed as follows:

  • Monthly Traffic
  • Average Searches
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Article Power
  • Quoted Search Result (QSR)
  • Keyword Quality Indicator; and others.

Serialize Your Content for Readability

Content readability is part of the ranking metrics Google uses to determine where your website belongs in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Instead of writing a block of texts together once, you must try to serialize your content into small paragraphs of few lines of texts so that readers won’t get bored while reading through the posts on your blog.

22 thoughts on “How to Write Great Content for Your Website”

  1. Awesome content writing technique Israel,

    Serializing the content is something I’m really interested in trying but couldn’t get the hang of it. I saw Neil Patel and Brian Dean writing that way on their blogs and I love reading them, breaking words apart makes it easier to read. Is writing that way great for every audience, or just certain types?

    • Thanks for your valuable contribution, Riaz! Much excited! Yes, the pro writing style of Neil Patel and Brian Dean has gone a long way in making them appear on the first page positions in Google.

      They have won the blogging battle to the core and have been earning hundreds of dollars every day with their personal wesbsites. We too need to implement their strategies in order to start getting resources and become highly-successful. Thanks for your passion! See you at the top of the online world!

  2. Thank you for sharing with us this informative article on how to create great content for our websites. After building a website, it is not easy to write such content which will be helpful and informative to the website’s visitors.

    This article is the answer for bloggers like me because it contains many tips which can help to write great content.

    Keep it up.

    • Thanks for your valuable comment, Julienne! Much grateful! Content is the only food search engines love to eat at all times rather than any other blogging strategy anyone can think of. Once you can get used to it, you’ll become addicted to writing every day and once this happens, success has come already. You’ve got a breakthrough already. Thanks for stopping by!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. First of all, thank you for sharing, Great article!

    It is important to write to engage people, and the thing that I took away the most, and will have to start implementing more of myself is to use lists in my post. That really got me as I know that when I read myself I like when that is included in a post. Just never have thought about it myself so that one was a great “aha read” for me.

    Thank you again!

    /All the best

    • Hello John, when you’re able to write the kind of content that leads to lots of engagement, know that you’re well on your way to the first-page ranking in Google. Give yourself the right motivational schedule and let people know that you can actually build your business and become successful in doing it. Wish you much success in your business! Seeing you at the top of the online world!

      Israel Olatunji

  4. I’ve really taken to heart the advice to break up paragraphs so you can avoid those massive blocks of text, particularly when I started paying attention to my own reading habits and found myself more drawn to the eye-friendly short blocks on the web sites I visit.  I think it is in part a function of reading the content on mobile devices and other screens.  I can read an entire page of text in a book with ease, but on a screen it seems much harder on the eyes. 

    • Thanks for your comment, Jon! Much appreciated! In order to speed up the ranking of your site, it’s great to publish high-quality and informative content frequently. Such content brings about lots of engagement to the people who have the passion to become financially free online. Wish you much success in your online endeavors! Looking forward to seeing your future accomplishments!

  5. I really enjoyed reading how to make content for your website. Writing blog posts is something I really struggle with and found the information on your site helpful. While some of what you mention in the post I know, such as SEO and QSR it is nice to go back to basics and be reminded about what is important when trying to get traffic to our sites – thanks for that! 

    • Thanks for your valuable contribution! Much grateful! Most struggling veteran bloggers have always found writing content a daunting task, whereas, it shouldn’t be, so far the basics of blogging which you mentioned in your own comment are frequently mentioned.

      In order to be a good writer, one must visit and read other people’s blogs/websites, and become a rocking blogger. Thanks for your comment! Wish you much success in your online endeavors!

  6. This is very informative and captivating. I had a lot of issues in trying to write a good article but I always luck content which has been very disappointing for me because I am not writing as fast as I want.I would say thank you for this article for it has come at the right time when I was trying to look for ways to write articles and you have helped me in more ways than one. Now, I can breathe easily and start writing my articles with a lot of confidence. Thanks to you!

    • Thanks for the reading and for stopping by, Charles! Writing had been the greatest challenge on the part of so many people out there. So, I specifically wrote this content to create confidence in writing blog posts with ease. It has to continue being done with lots of excitement and encouragement, otherwise, people will continue to lag behind. Thanks for your lovely visit!

  7. Great post, thanks for sharing . You have given some good tips on creating content for your website, I have always struggled to write content and have used the google keyword tool to find competitive keywords. I see that you have mentioned a keyword tool called Jaxxy. I haven’t seen that one around the internet before. Is it new? 

    • Thanks for stopping by, Rick! Much appreciated! Content is King as far as search engine ranking is concerned and getting to the top of the page cannot be guaranteed unless you publish content on your site frequently.

      The use of Jaaxy has made it possible for anyone to choose low competition keywords in a clearer way than that of other keyword research tools in the online world. Kudos to the co-founders of WA for coming up with Jaaxy!

      Israel Olatunji

  8. Thanks for this helpful tips. Many are running away from active blogging today because they believe they don’t know how to go about it. Thanks to people like you who provide great motivation always! That’s why one must use keyword and SEO strategy to our greater advantage. Having joined the Wealthy Affiliate community, my online mindset has changed. I’m now prepared to WA platform to my best of advantage to improve my writing skills on daily basis. 

    Thanks for this training. 

    • Thanks for stopping by, Tsquare! Wealthy Affiliate started operation as far back as 2007 when I started out exactly hunting around the web in search of legit online business opportunities.

      How I wish I came across this website; I would have become extremely wealthy by now. But since I joined in December 2017, I’ve been pushing my website forward with content and engagement and have begun to see positive changes now in search engine ranking and traffic. Thanks for your lovely comment!

  9. These are great common sense ways to write great content for your website. Research will always give you a great start for your content creation. You need to know as much as you can about what you are writing about not only for your content but also in order to answer any questions that people may have about the content. Using the right keywords will go a long way in getting more traffic to your website, which is what any content creator wants for their website.

    • Wow, thanks for your beautiful comment, Andy! Much grateful! To become a successful and rocking blogger, you need to frequently publish high-quality and helpful content on your blog. It’s a proven fact that keyword-optimized content ranks faster in search engines than content written without using the right keywords.

      And to make the most out of your content, you must ensure you create it frequently. This is how it works for a first-page ranking in Google. Wish you much success in your online endeavors!

      Israel Olatunji

  10. Writing content for websites can be so tasking most times, therefore a sound Knowledge is really needed to produce nice content that’ll result to a first class website content. I learnt about the serializing content from your post now, and I’ll make sure I put it to use immediately. This is a great and helpful post.

    have a nice day

    • Much welcome, Salim! Thanks for your valuable comment! Most veteran bloggers find it so difficult to write content and this is the major way to make a blog skyrocket in search engines. Writing a piece of quality content a day doesn’t take more than 3-4 hours of your time and you could get found on the first page of Google in respect of this when you don’t expect.

  11. Thanks for these great tips. Great website content is essential to keep the visitors coming back.

    I create content for two years now and know, I can still improve. I’m not the youngest anymore and I think the style is different for different generations.

    But the principles you mention here I think to stay the same. The research is essential to deliver in-depth quality content and the lists make the information readable.

    Maybe some internal links or also external links to helpful detailed content could help the user experience as well.

    • Hello Stefan, thanks for stopping by! Kudos for the valuable comment and for the reading! I agree with you that internal links and external links will also help a lot in writing great content for a website. Google also rewards anyone that uses internal links to link posts together. Thanks for your lovely visit!

      Israel Olatunji


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