How You Can Win the Blogging Battle

By | July 12, 2019

I first got inspired to start blogging in 2004 when I hadn’t yet got any blogging experience at all. It was a big challenge for me setting up an ideal business blog that would give me a more exciting and productive lifestyle. How I wish I had come across an amazing platform like Wealthy Affiliate before I started out!

I was doing it gradually living on a few blogging ideas I’ve been able to gather from the web. Not too long after that, I realized I was doing it the wrong way and, so, it didn’t suffice as expected. Eventually, I stopped working on it.

So many things have changed since I stopped my first blog, and blogging has kept evolving with new ideas, innovations, and skills. Since I started all over again, blogging has turned into a road for creative articulation. It is still a focal area for communication, but I’ve been able to grow a large audience.

As an extra job, my blog has turned into a steady stream of income and has been a scaffold to getting products and meeting awesome entrepreneurs with an identical passion.

There have been some real changes in blogging since 2005, and I’ve discovered that for each blog that begins, other two get closed due to frustrated or overwhelmed authors who believe they’ve lost the blogging battle for their readers.

The blogging battle I’m examining today strictly has to do with getting the right volume of traffic to your blog. This is the challenge that makes you consider changing your content ideas and lures you into losing your confidence, talking about themes you aren’t that intrigued to leverage but appears trendy. Above all, it’s the blogging battle that makes you feel like quitting blogging.

Here’s How to Win the Blog Battle:

Identify Your Audience

When I was blogging for my relatives and families, my audience was effectively identified. However, it’s not generally that way, and this isn’t something that you can rush. Suppose you have a passion for weaving and you find that your audiences are continually approaching you for assistance. You choose to create a blog where the most well-known inquiries are replied about weaving.

Your readers cherish your content so much that they share it, and in the end, you find that your traffic has increased more than that of your competitors. That is amazing on the grounds that you are helping people with weaving.

If you aren’t cautious, you could get yourself into the basic blogging trap of spending too much time on social media conversation and engagement.

Frequently when this happens, bloggers have the thoughts that they could get the most social media traffic, regardless of whether they are performing outside their blog’s main niche or not.

Act against such a desire! Keep in mind that these groups of people were the first audience for your blog. Not just that, they valued your endeavors so much that they imparted your blog to their own colleagues. Your audience could reach out to you anytime and this is the normal way it should be. You are an asset to them.

Therefore, you should always talk about what you have passion for. Furthermore, in case one post reverberates with a specific group of people more than another, it doesn’t imply that other posts won’t captivate as you imagined.

Prefer Quality to Quantity

If you are keeping up a blog on a full-time basis, you are probably going to wind up short on time in various seasons. It might occur to you taking some break for a couple of months; however, I recommend you think about an alternate choice.

Build up a timetable that works for you always, and keep at it. There is nothing bad with posting once every week on your blog. I know some blog authors that are posting a few times each week, and that is absolutely an incredible choice for proceeding to keep new content before your readers, yet it’s most significant that you create quality posts.

If you realize that it’s ideal to make one superb blog post weekly, then that is your objective. When you get motivated and write three posts using the same time it typically takes you to finish working on one, exploit it! Get those posts scheduled to keep making progress, or reserve them to be published for the times when you may not be able to write.

Set Working Goals

Aside from setting an ideal timetable for publishing content, having explicit objectives will enable you to have the correct point of view on your blog. With a weaving blog, one objective you may set is to create sponsorship or bonds with a yarn brand. This is an incredible objective, but seeing that happen from the onset is absurd.

Make some frantic effort to create both long haul and momentary objectives for your blog. I reconsider my objectives occasionally, to concur with what my schedule looks like in the subsequent months. At certain times, they suffice; some other times, objectives need to be modified.

Remember the Details

Sometimes, for a target audience, I had the option to pull off blog posts that contained spelling mistakes, obscure references, and couldn’t focus on specific keywords. It didn’t make a difference how terrible my posts were, the best fan of the blog was my first child, and the audience, my nuclear and extended family members.

Currently, with more than 1 Billion sites active on the web, it’s difficult to overlook the significance of content marketing, even for a self-hosted blog. Google and your audience will need assistance in finding you amidst the competitors.

Making some frantic effort to ensure you have an incredible post title and Meta depictions are key tactics to implement. A captivating image will drive people’s attention to networking sites. Inculcating the habit of posting on social networks will enable your audience to share your content effectively.

Keep in mind Why You Started

Most often, the usual blogging battle occurs inside a struggling veteran blogger. Implementing the wrong tactics can enable a pointless dissatisfaction to spring up. Making an effort to implement some SEO strategies as well as thinking about who your audience is can decrease and perhaps take out the pressure to increase the blogging battle.

Make an effort to set some working objectives and make sure to leave time with each post to concentrate on the details that will make your blog incredible. In the meantime, give yourself elegance and don’t quit! You are literally helping your readers whether they get back to you each time you publish or not. Your voice is significant, and your blog is really worth the battle.

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