Some WordPress plugins That Should Be on Your Site

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Most businesses and professionals now have some online presence. Having an online presence means that you or your business can now reach out and showcase what you do to millions of customers out there which would have been really difficult to achieve if you were to reach out to your customers, offline.

Having your business online means that you stand to gain a lot of things such as a chance to showcase all your products to your customers, keep your office or store open at any time of the day, reach out to customers anywhere in the world, boost your sales and even get feedback from your customers. So an online presence has become very important.

There are a lot of things that you can do on your blog and not just write posts or post videos. If you have a blog, you need to consider how you can optimize it so that you can easily be found by search engines and how it can be protected from security breaches.

You will also have to promote your blog and the content so that it can get the attention of your audience. You can achieve all of these if you have plugins connected to your site.


Plugins are mini software that help you to enjoy certain features on your site. These add more functionality to your site and you can easily use them even when you have no programming knowledge.

Plugins are also code snippets. WordPress has more than 50,000 plugins that you can download from their directory. There are some plugins that are really important to have on your blog. We will take a look at some of them in this article.

Yoast SEO

    When you add content to your blog, it is important that your audience can see them. Since any content that you add is primarily for the benefit of your audience. Applying SEO helps your content to be placed on search engines where it will be discovered by users when they run a search query on the internet.

    To be able to optimize SEO, you should have the right keywords that the search engine can use to place your content among the result of a search query entered by a user.

    If you use the right keywords, then it will be easy to get the attention of the right people to your blog. With Yoast SEO plugin, your content can get ranked on search engines.

    Google Analytics Dashboard

      Every blogger tries to get traffic to their site. As they work at this goal, they need to know how their content is performing with the audience especially if they are using promotional techniques to reach out to their audience.

      Using Google Analytics, you can monitor the activities on your site through your dashboard. You will be able to know who has visited your website, how they found your site, where they are coming from and for how long they have stayed on your site. You can track your clicks on affiliate links and track file downloads from your site.


        As you get visitors to your blog, it is not enough for them to come and read your content and leave. When they visit your blog, you should be able to capture their emails so that you can keep them updated with relevant content from your blog.

        As you do that you gradually build a relationship with them. Newsletter WordPress plugin is the right plugin that you should get to help you to achieve that.

        This plugin is an email marketing tool that you can use to reach out to your audience. Using the newsletter plugin, you can build your email lists and reach out to your audience with relevant content.

        You can use the drag and drop composer to create responsive newsletters to your customers. You can also use the subscription spam check to block bots from your newsletters. There are many ways through which you can increase your number of subscribers. One way is by building an email list as soon as you start your blog.

        Wordfence Security

          Keeping your website secure is something that you need to pay a lot of attention to. It is known that small businesses are also targets of cyber attackers. In fact, attack on small businesses constitute about 43% of cyber-attacks. This shows that it is importance for your business to be kept safe.

          You can compare this to the need to have a guard dog at home or set up an alarm system so that at any sign of suspicion or a security breach, you can be easily alerted. In the same way, you need to keep your website safe form cyber attackers.

          Wordfence security plugin will do the job of keeping your website safe using its firewall and malware scanner. It will identify any mischievous traffic and block them and also look into core files for malware, bad URLs and SEO spams.

          You can see your website’s security from a dashboard and get notifications and the total number of attacks blocked. This security plugin will use a two-factor identification and CAPTCHA to keep bots away from your site.


            Through your blog, you can reach out to a large number of audience. You can showcase your business to them and market your products and brands. As you post content on your blog, your audience get to learn more about you and your business. But you need to have a way they can reach out to you and give you feedback.

            Having a comments section allows your audience to be able to reach out and communicate their opinions and views to you. Sometimes, you may bring up a point and allow your audiencegive their opinions.

            Having your users comment on your posts can make your blog lively and interesting. wpDiscuz plugin allows you to have an interactive comment box on your posts where you can accept comments from your audience.

            Social Media Share Buttons and Social Sharing

              To get more audience to your website, you can reach out to them through social media. You should be able to distribute your content through different channels such that they will attract audience to your website.On social media, you can easily find people that can relate with your business or that need a product or service that you are offering. You can use this plugin to make your social media icons dynamic or static. You can also have also add a counting feature.


              When you set up your website, you will need to get tools that will increase the functionality of your site, attract more traffic and give your users a more pleasurable experience.

              With these plugins, you do not need to have any coding knowledge to be able to use them. You can check out these and other plugins that you can use to optimize your website’s performance.

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              1. WordPress is such a legit and easy-to-use website builder for any blogger. Of course, not everything comes already installed, so there are additions to be made here and there. I totally agree with you on the list. Share buttons are a must as it raises exposure to more audience when shared. Google Analytics is highly advantageous more especially when having affiliate links on articles. Securing your website for safe browsing should be the top priority or people will immediately assume your site to be a scam. An alternative for the newsletter can be squeeze pages. Nice list. 

              2. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on important WordPress plugins for your site. I’ve gone through it and it’s a very detailed article and contains valuable information one can hold on to. I know of some plugins for my website but I didn’t know it had this much importance. Attracting traffic and giving my visitor pleasurable appearance, that’s really cool. Thanks for sharing, I’ll check those ones out. 

              3. This is a really good information piece which I really appreciate that you have shared with us all. For what is worth, this is really great to see and the fact that it can make so much difference too. I value what you shared here and honestly, I will ensure to get the plugins in here as I do have few already on my site. Thanks here


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