Review of Income School’s Project 24

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Having reviewed a lot of premium digital marketing courses over the years, one thing I can say, with great confidence, is that the organizers behind the Income school have given their best in producing high ranking and quality content that has been of great use to us. They have tried as much as possible to impress us and some have even said it’s a strategy used to try and distract us from also achieving their level of success; well, who knows?

Of their latest courses; project 24 (p24) is the latest and most improved. It is seen as an improved version compared to the previous “Niche Site School” course, and that is no longer in the market for purchase. There are about 60 steps that will hook up with a brand new domain, WebHost and also getting your own blog.

You are also entitled to receive a library of complementary courses, including:

  • Successful niche selection
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Effective Web Traffic Growth
  • Email Marketing Basics
  • Managing & Training Writers
  • Photography For Bloggers
  • Speed Writing
  • Effective Website Monetization
  • Getting Into The Right Mindset
  • Busting Internet Marketing Magic

And there are much more

  • An in-house premium WordPress theme (usage optional)
  • An internal WordPress plugin (integrated with Amazon affiliate links)
  • An upgraded P24 podcast (multiple seasons of hour-long sessions)
  • Excel spreadsheets with earnings expectations
  • Excel spreadsheets with profitable website niches
  • A premium P24 Vlog!
Income School' Project 24 Review
Income School’ Project 24

These resources come in a bundle; so you will know exactly what you are investing your money on. At my first check into the materials, a lot of things were not available as at then but additions have been made along the line – an attempt at visualizing what the courses are all about inside the Project 24 member area! The major and most extensive one is the 60 steps to a successful site.

The courses are so many that the screenshot obtained from a member area isn’t enough to do justice to it. It is still fine if most people who take this course didn’t put the needed effort to go through all of the content. At the end of the course, you will still achieve all your goals with just the first 60 steps program alone.

Nevertheless, the member’s area is not always as big as it sounds.

Over the years, a lot of content has been added, and that’s the first reason to reject it when the p24 comes in; this is one big reason to weave the course.

Why is Project 24 Course Not Completed Yet?

Income School's Project 24 Review
Project 24 Review

Even when it appears that a lot of courses have been added already (11 courses), more and more content gets added on a regular basis. It is clear that some of the steps are not yet filled in with future content.

The income school creators; Jim & Ricky have the capacity to learn new things much faster than bloggers do. They also keep bringing in new elements, which make the purchase value increase from time to time.

This makes the course incomplete ever!

That’s a correct statement to make because there is never going to be a time when the creator will say ‘Now it’s finally completed’ reason being that the internet is ever dynamic and it keeps evolving so there are new things to learn as each day passes. Ever since I have been a member of project 24, the major keyword and content production strategy has always been changing. Jim & Ricky are hell-bent on helping you to succeed.

This has gone above making information available, there are some hurdles to motivate you to write, but also motivating words in both the Vlog and podcast which sometimes support (Questions and Answers with P24 members). These are more of the benefits that make it important to be a member for more than just a single year.

Is Project 24 a Scam?

Income School's Project 24 Review
Income School’S Project 24 Review

This is one of the major points that need to be discussed; the price range of $449 USD. It’s a premium online marketing course (P24 has proven to be more than just a successful blogging platform alone), but the price is not fixed and won’t guarantee lifetime access. It also includes a yearly fee package which is around $199 USD per year to have access to the content and member areas.

They just want your money; what a scam!

So many people think that the additional yearly fee is just a way to exhort people or scam people of some extra cash, I don’t agree with this thought because of the reasons listed below:

  • New premium content gets added every week: if you’re of the opinion that this course is just that static, outdated or just content pieces without constant reviews or updates, then you are wrong. A new piece of content always gets added every week. Sometimes, it is in the form of a Vlog update, a new keyword research training course, or a free in-house premium WordPress theme. In the online world, I can confidently say that there is no team as dedicated as the Income School team in the upgrading and improvement of existing courses.
  • You can ask any question if you’re stuck: The community is a place where most people work hand in hand and motivate others. They also learn from one another and try to ask questions. You are always free to ask questions from other members whenever you are stranded. It is always an active and interactive web space. People always post a new topic at regular intervals and there are about 50 active people at any time that are ready to provide answers to your questions alongside Jim & Ricky.
  • The yearly fee keeps you engaged and motivated: To face the reality, you will quite agree with me that one of the best methods of investment is putting your money where your money is. By keeping a yearly fee, the members will be motivated quickly and it will help to get rid of skeptical people. There are different categories of people on the platform but they have one thing in common, A zeal to make a breakthrough and make their blog succeed.

Blogging Is Too Much Work

Income School's Project 24 Review
Income School’S Project 24 Review

Unlike the popular opinion about passive income; well, in my view, it is not passive in the real context. It is just a platform where you invest time/energy and money and relatively make profits later. This is just what happens when you are running a blog, creating content after content, almost every day.

Making $8200 a month in a year period seems okay and sounds appealing, but it does require a whole lot of work and energy. It can be likened to the words of the income school guys: “when you are planting your seed in the ground, you know you’re getting returns later”.

Is there never a guarantee of earnings?

The potential return shows that earnings are not the same for everyone. You can make more or lesser earnings as the case may be; this is subjected to so many factors. These factors include:

  • Your niche/topic
  • The quality of your content/ writing
  • Your keyword research
  • Your blog layout
  • The seasonality of the niche
  • How well you can sell products
  • How well you monetized your blog
  • How you promoted your blog
  • How many visitors are on your blog
  • How high your bounce rate is (if people press the ‘go back’ button on their browsers)
  • If your specialty is suitable for premium Ads

I do believe you truly understand each of those points! So, it is wise not to add more to the list. It is good to know that every blog post is different. I might decide to start up a Fortnite gaming blog and engage my audience with it just because the video game is losing relevance; so the bottom line is that you can’t know how big the business will be without giving a try.

Income School Creator Studio Is Cheating!

Income School's Project 24 Review
Income School’S Project 24 Review

While it is correct that the Creator Studio oversees a large number of niche websites and topics, it is quite not possible that they will write about every single topic. And more also, the fact that the creator studio can chum out niche sites faster than regular P234 members doesn’t make the method any less productive.

It’s no doubt that you can hire a whole lot of writers on some freelancing platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork and pay them to help build a full P24 blog in under a week. It is quite possible for everyone including myself and you. This strategy has helped me outsource some of my writing and the results are really impressive.

There Is No Link building In the Course

Income School's Project 24 Review
Project 24 Review

Almost everyone knows that link building is one of the major instruments of manipulating search traffic. It is important to keep building links as you proceed with your (SEO). Link building is very much important in optimizing search engines. But on the contrary, SEO can still be achieved without building links yourself (thus, it is against Google’s terms of service)

How can SEO be done without building links?

It’s good news to know that Jim & Ricky have found a way to do it. It’s working great for me also. I have been engaged with building backlinks for brands back in the days and it’s a memory I don’t like to recollect because the sight of artificial inflation of backlinks to a website always bugged me and that’s why I am one of the happiest when Income School found a great workaround for this.

It still requires Google as one of the main sources to generate traffic (working alongside some other platforms), but you will not get yourself into something suspicious or shady. In fact, concentrating on creating the best content is your best shot towards ranking high on Google to get results.  This is not a hidden trick or secret, but you will come across it multiple times inside the course.

All Specialties Are Taken (By Members of Project 24 or Other Bloggers)

Income School's Project 24 Review
Income School’S Project 24 Review

Haven taken the course to this stage of success and hundreds of people have already joined, will that not be the case that there is no point in starting? Has everyone has already forfeited my chance? It’s a common question that keeps coming back.

All niches are saturated and there is no single thing I can write about.

So many thoughts and excuses will run through your mind as such that ‘The full list of suggested topics will surely be taken and there is no opportunity for me to come in anymore. Then, why even take this course? There is no need for starting this journey anymore.’

All these are just flimsy excuses that will distract you from moving on. The truth is that websites have been created since the 1980s and obviously, you’re not the first person to be afraid of the competition. The truth is, even the P24 topics can be undertaken by each and every member and these sub-niches wouldn’t be saturated even by 1%.

There is such a big opportunity for someone just jumping in and there is a whole lot of content to be written and so many questions have been answered poorly. You, writing this content, show that that you are doing humanity a great deal by contributing to improving the web.

It can never get worse to a stage where no single topic will rank. As Google gets better, so does the content that ranks, but that doesn’t mean there are no opportunities. It is an added advantage and a rollercoaster to think of 30 topics with weak competition, in any niche.

Project 24 Review: The Verdict

From my own personal experience of online marketing, I can say that this is one of the best online marketing courses I have taken so far. The price tag is nothing compared to the in-depth value you’ll be receiving with your purchase. I can say it is worth the money.

But the more benefitting fact is that Jim & Ricky have accomplished something which no other people on the internet have been able to do. Project 24 has really breathed success into my own business ventures again. Income School gives insight and provides you with the motivation required to build something from nothing. Because a blog is just like you sowing a seed; the seed will keep growing and one day turn into a beautiful tree.

The joy of that is something no amount of money can equate to.

Upon joining the community, you will feel what it means to be in the best online business community ever. Everyone is ready to help, support and share their precious ideas with you. Some will even go as far as sharing the URL with you. The increasing number of P24 members daily speaks volumes. The truth is that this course will be around for as long as possible and it can only keep getting better.


If you really want to come up with a website that rocks, don’t hesitate to purchase this; it is really worth the price and it is solely for people that want to build an online empire, long-lasting business, and sustainable online business. It will do us a whole lot of good if we abandon the get-rich-quick mentality and build for ourselves a content-filled blog that can make us money in a lifetime.


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  1. P24 sounds like a great platform especially with all of the resources they have to offer. The only thing that puts me off is the price. Compared to the Wealthy Affiliate platform, it is very expensive. I have been blogging for a couple of years now and am yet to make an income. I am at the verge of giving up, to be honest! I also wonder how it compares to the training at Wealthy Affiliate. 

  2. This is an awesome piece. The train of Online business is moving drastically and I hope many will join the movement. I think this article is worth reading for as many that are or is interested in online business. And one good thing about the course is that it’s not for a specific time. It’s continuous meaning, I can also join when I’m ready


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