Increase Traffic With Social Media

Increase Traffic With Social Media
Increase Traffic With Social Media

Increasing traffic with Social Media is a major strategy towards diversifying traffic on your website and diversifying website traffic leads to first page rankings in search engines.

When it comes to diversifying traffic, it simply works out by engaging your  fans on Social Media as well as engaging your target audience.

Google and other major search engines will rank your site quickly and you will make money doing what you love doing at the comfort of your home.

Increase Traffic With Social Media
Increase Traffic With Social Media

As an internet entrepreneur, your daily goal would be on getting first page rankings and you would want to try all within your possible best to ensure that this goal is achieved within the shortest possible time.

Social Media will help you out. When you first create your website, the very first step would be writing your first post which is usually your About Me page.

Other necessary menus might be created which are menus for your site privacy policy, affiliate disclosure, homepage and the rest.

Increase Traffic With Social Media
Increase Traffic With Social Media

There is a particular menu that must be created for all of your blog posts. This is also called the blog roll.

The menu contains both recent and old posts and you must enable all of your visitors to share your posts with their fans on social media.

This helps you generate lots of backlinks to your website. Google determines the ranking of your site based on social engagement, visitor and audience engagement.

Get More Traffic With Social Media

Increase Traffic With Social Media
Increase Traffic With Social Media

You can get unlimited traffic with backlinks to your website leveraging the social media. Learn the strategies to leveraging the social media in generating backlinks and you will find out why Google recognizes traffic that comes from the social media.

Thus, you must never overlook the social media platforms because you will be getting much more traffic therefrom than elsewhere. Checking out the effectiveness of those media, Facebook is found to be the most effective among others.

Increase Traffic With Social Media
Increase Traffic With Social Media

When it comes to using the social media for social engagement, I do recommend starting out first with Facebook, Google+, then Twitter.

While using the Facebook platform, you must add some friends who are people you may know.

You try doing this on a regular basis so that you can increase the number of friends you have on Facebook.

The more you grow friends, the more you grow likes, and the much more you grow visits to your website.

As a newbie in the online business community, you may likely want to make money online as soon as possible and then begin to gamble around the net, but it’s not going to work out that way.

You must sit back and receive training so that you can know the needful before getting started.

How To Attract Visitors To Your Website

Increase Traffic With Social Media
Increase Traffic With Social Media

Attracting visitors to your site comes with certain strategies.

Some of these strategies include socializing with fans on the various social media platforms, engaging your fans on social media, engaging your target audience and the rest.

Google counts so much on social and visitor engagement to assign you rankings.


Once you have a good number of friends on Facebook, you can invite them to like your page and this will automatically pump out traffic to your website.

When your invited friends accept invitations to like your page, definitely, majority of them would visit your site and you get more traffic to your website automatically.

Best Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

Increase Traffic With Social Media
Increase Traffic With Social Media

The best ways to generate traffic to your website are through social and audience engagement.

These are one of the best ways, yet the most effective. Many bloggers do fail due to lack of orientation.

It’s good that you have deep knowledge about something before practicing it. You simply try and make the most out of social media in order to generate unlimited traffic therefrom. 

Increase Traffic With Social Media
Increase Traffic With Social Media

Five major social media platforms are enough to go with. Start leveraging Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn to drive unlimited traffic to your site.

While using Google+, you will be adding people to your circles and will be sharing every new or most recent post with your followers near and far. You must be performing these activities on your site everyday.

Twitter is equally great when it comes to socializing and you would want to leverage this platform too for traffic generation.

The major social engagement activities to be performed on Twitter include posting Tweets daily, building out your followers and following some other people. Twitter is endowed with traffic potentials and can help you get rankings in no time.

Earn Consistent Revenue

Increase Traffic With Social Media
Increase Traffic With Social Media

Once Google finds that your audience are fully engaged or perhaps gets to know that audience and social engagement activities are leveraged through your site, it gradually starts delivering unlimited traffic to your website and this will help you make money.

As traffic keeps growing, your revenue will keep flowing and you wouldn’t have to worry about traffic any longer.

You will be performing the visitor engagement right on your website on a daily basis. One thing I try to always do is that I reply every comment in less than 10 hours no matter how many comments I have pending on my site.

This encourages my audience and motivates them to try posting to my site whenever they have questions to ask.

Increase Traffic With Social Media
Increase Traffic With Social Media

When traffic becomes much more than ever, you automatically start making money even while sleeping, eating, drinking, or doing just anything.

You can monetize your site in respect of the traffic potential you have built therein. Affiliate marketing is the king when it comes to monetizing a website with high traffic potentials.

As you move on building out your site, you will be growing your online revenue.


Increase Traffic With Social Media
Increase Traffic With Social Media

Having learned about the social media platforms and how they can be leveraged to increase traffic to your site, you should start taking actions and you will continue to see heavy traffic flow.

Should you ever have any question or comment, do not hesitate filling out the form below and I will be more than happy to respond as soon as your message comes in.

11 thoughts on “Increase Traffic With Social Media”

  1. Israel,
    I worked Google + and Twitter hard last year for a lot of traffic. I had an accident and it left me not working on my websites for about 5 months. I am now just starting to push these two social channels. Do you have a matrix on when and how often to post to each network to make the most of your time.

    Do you use a posting service to post to your networks (Hootsuite, Buffer).

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, John! Much appreciated! I wish to express my sincere concern about your accident and how it’s affected your overall progress in building out your site. i hope you’re recovering gradually!

      Google+ and Twitter are two great social media platforms that help you generate tons of traffic if you properly learn how to leverage them. Actively using the platforms, helping other people solve their problems, chatting with friends regularly as well as replying comments will really work it out for you.

      I haven’t been using those posting services, but rather prefer following the fundamentals of blogging, working the blogging techniques with the right energy. I have some of those blogging techniques in the posts shortlisted posts below.

      Get updated with practicable tips and bring your business to the next level by reading the following posts.

      How To Blog With Strategies
      Blog Comments For SEO: How To Do Blog Commenting
      How To Grow Your Blog Audience
      Blogging Tips For New Bloggers: 10 Blogging Tips
      How To Build Backlinks For SEO
      How To Become An Expert In Your Niche

      Wish you breakthroughs,
      Israel Olatunji

  2. Hello Israel,

    Increasing traffic to my sites has always been a challenge. I’m sort of an Introvert so I don’t share a lot and it comes off in the online world.

    What are some things besides just sharing my blog posts can I do to get more engagement with my social media audience?

  3. Hello there,

    I have been using LinkedIn to share my articles, and drive traffic, and I have to say that it has not been good for me.

    I keep building my connections and posting more articles but I have not seen things go well. What advice would you give me to help me change that?

    1. Thanks for reading my post, Dave! I am glad to see you make progress gradually with your blogging business. As you mentioned here, it’s great to leverage the social media platforms while building traffic, but it doesn’t work instantly as you think.

      It entails a lot of commitment and social engagement being active at the platforms at all times. It further entails making friends, helping a lot of people out, answering questions and solving problems.

      If you are ready to follow us in driving tons of traffic the better and faster way, read through all of the posts below, digest all the practicable tips within and be ready to move your blog to the next level.

      How To Increase Sales Conversions
      How To Grow Your Blog Audience
      Blogging Tips For New Bloggers: 10 Blogging Tips
      Get Paid To Post Comments
      How To Build Backlinks For SEO

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  4. Great tips on getting traffic with social media! I agree that it’s important to engage on social media. When I started affiliate marketing, I tend to be all over the places. I realize that I can’t be good at Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter all at once. And certain niche works better at certain platforms. What’s your thoughts on this?

    1. You must be fully engaged on social media and must engage your fans too in comments and conversations so that you can gain enough reputation to gain more traffic from search engines. This is how you can leverage the social media to get hundreds of website visits daily, weekly and monthly. I regularly use Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and get lots of traffic to my site.

      Sincerely, you can be good at all of these social media if you can learn carefully and patiently through the online entrepreneur certification courses given at Wealthy Affiliate. This is why I ask people not to skip a step while going through the online entrepreneur certification training course. It’s well treated and clearly explained there.

      You may think or assume that certain niche work better or more effectively than others, but this is not real. No particular niche is more effective than any other. What matters while choosing a niche is to ensure that your chosen niche is within your area of expertise or what you know much about and can write a lot about. Once this is done, success is guaranteed.

  5. I appreciate your informative post. As a new affiliate marketer, I am just coming up to speed on my social media awareness. When developing a WordPress site, which social media plugin would you recommend adding? I like the streamlined format of social media icons that I see online. I am using the sociable plugin now and feel like the icons crowd my pages too much.

    1. You don’t have to be so meticulous about a particular social media plugin, but one thing I would love to say while choosing a social media plugin from the WordPress plugin directory is that you should try and check out for plugins that allow you to enable multiple options in the settings page. Such a plugin helps you customize social media buttons that you activate on your website.

      Be rest assured that spending the whole of your time between social media networks will not help you succeed with your website, but will only keep you away from working on your site. To really become successful, you must focus more attention on working within your site than wasting much of your time on social media.

  6. Thanks for the great post on how to increase traffic with social media! I agree that whether you have a business on or offline — social media can help you make thousands of dollars if not more if you take time and learn how to use all the networks.

    What would you say are your top social media platforms? For me personally, I like Facebook and Google +.

    1. You have said it all, Michael. Social Media can be leveraged to earn hundreds of dollars if they are used and managed the right way. When you are just starting out with a brand or product, you would have to leverage these media to get some instant traffic to your site. Even if you study the techniques in using the social networks, you won’t be generating Instant traffic alone, but unlimited traffic for that matter. 

      I leverage five major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. I get most of my traffic from these five major social networks and work actively within the networks. 

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