Instagram Video Platform (IGTV): How to Use it for Business

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Online marketing has become so important that businesses without an online presence are losing sales. Your business will experience a dramatic increase in its return on investments (ROI) if you are able to use the Instagram video platform (IGTV) effectively for business.

Small business owners can now market their products and services using Instagram IGTV.

IGTV, one of the most popular online video platforms for marketing, offers you the opportunity to promote your business on Instagram and get customers.

This Instagram video platform is for long vertical videos that help local businesses promote products and services.

Don’t be alarmed if you are unsure how it works.

After reading this guide, you should be able to use IGTV for the great affinity between your brand’s audience and your brand.

You can use the Instagram video platform to get leads to your site and boost your conversions. Video is an excellent marketing tool that combines two engagement forces, such as noise and body movement.

People tend to pay more attention when you speak and move your body in a video.

If you found this helpful, it would be even more interesting to learn what IGTV is and how it functions for marketing on Instagram.

Areas to Cover:

  • What is IGTV?
  • How IGTV works
  • Requirements to use IGTV
  • Pros and cons to IGTV
  • Ways to Use IGTV in Business
  • Audience targeting
  • Promotional Offer for Brands
  • Content re-purposing
  • Grow YouTube channel
  • How to upload videos from Instagram to IGTV
  • Best IGTV videos for beginners
  • How much money can you make on IGTV?
  • Conclusion

What is IGTV?

Instagram introduced a new feature called Instagram Television, also known as IGTV.

IGTV is available as a mobile or web application that allows you to share up to 60 minutes of video on Instagram for free.

It wasn’t the first time that Instagram users shared videos. Initially, Instagram allowed you to share a one-minute video.

Creators were forced to trim the most interesting parts of their videos in order to upload them. It was quite annoying.

Instagram finally released IGTV after many complaints. Users can now create high-quality videos. Both brands and business owners have used IGTV since then to connect with their customers.

IGTV is the closest competitor to YouTube, which has around 1.3 billion users.

How IGTV Works

Instagram launched IGTV in June 2018 and offered two access options. You can use IGTV through the main Instagram app, or the standalone IGTV app.

If your Android device has the Google Playstore, you can download IGTV App. To download the IGTV app for iOS, visit Apple Appstore.

IGTV and Instagram are different apps, but you must have an Instagram account before you can use IGTV. If your goal is to make a profit, you will need to create or use an Instagram business account.

Instagram had an IGTV button in the top right corner on its homepage. It was removed recently.

There are many ways that IGTV can be used for your business.

A Facebook staff member disclosed to TechCrunch that the button is rarely used by users to access IGTV.

This means that you don’t have to use the standalone IGTV app in order to view longer videos. The company decided to remove the button from its homepage so that users could access IGTV via other channels.

IGTV was created to allow your Smartphone to function as a TV app. It’s no surprise that the video you view after launching IGTV appears instantly.

Users don’t have to search for content that’s been shared by people they already follow.

IGTV gathers videos automatically from people you follow. This will take the hassle out of searching for and playing videos.

Only the creator can be searched for by users using his Instagram username to locate his content. All content will be organized on the screen so you can start watching it.

Users can only access the live-stream video (videos being broadcast at the same time as they are being recorded) but not both.

The platform also focuses on quality and organization in order to ensure their users receive the best possible video content.

It might not be possible to make the promotion service readily available.

This means that if you have low-quality videos, you won’t be permitted to promote them.

Using IGTV Requires Certain Requirements

There are no restrictions on how IGTV can be used for business purposes. This allows creative video creators to freely share their work with the world.

All existing Instagrammers can now use this feature on Instagram. In this instance, the IGTV app makes it easy to upload videos and promote your business via Instagram.

IGTV video is for everyone, regardless of whether you are a new or well-known Instagrammer.

You can download the standalone IGTV app on iOS or Android or you can use the Instagram Web app on your browser to upload content directly from your device. Note the following requirements:

  • Your video can be vertical or portrait orientation
  • A video must have an aspect ratio of 9:16
  • As recommended, the IGTV video must have a dimension of 1080 pixels x 2048 pixels
  • Your IGTV video should not exceed 650MB
  • If your account has not been verified, you can upload videos within 15 seconds to 10 minutes. Videos for up to an hour can be uploaded to a verified account.
  • Not all videos can be uploaded to IGTV using the Instagram web platform.

Quality is the primary focus of IGTV’s video requirements. To get approval, however, you must have high-quality videos.

You will be noticed and become a well-known Instagrammer by posting amazing videos.

Pros and Cons of IGTV

If you are able to use IGTV for your business, it can be a great alternative to YouTube.

IGTV’s main benefit is its ability to allow users to upload long, high-quality videos while still allowing for shorter videos.

No matter your skill level, creating short or long videos on Instagram is an opportunity for everyone. You can post videos that are less than one minute long using your regular Instagram account.

This is done to ensure high-quality videos on IGTV.

IGTV is a platform that targets mobile users. It has been designed so that it can be used on mobile devices.

Similar to a YouTube channel, IGTV allows users to save videos, create a series or Playlist, and even create a channel.

It has almost all of the YouTube features except for ads monetization, which will be added in the near future. YouTube is still the most popular online video-sharing site in the world, despite sentiments.

Instagram has been hard at work to make IGTV more efficient so it can compete with YouTube for revenue generation. Instagram recently announced that ads monetization would soon be available to all creators after a beta test.

Even video creators were tipped by the platform that the IGTV ad revenue sharing ratio could be 55/45 (55% to creators, 45% to platform), which is similar to YouTube.

If Instagram wants to catch up to YouTube, there are rumors that it might have to raise this number to 60%.

YouTube is only a step behind IGTV. When it launches fully, you’ll be able to see the difference.

How to Use IGTV in Your Business?

The following strategies will help you use the Instagram video platform (IGTV) to promote your local business.

Target Audience

There are many ways that Instagram allows business owners to promote their brands on IGTV. It is important to learn how to use IGTV to market so that you can build an audience on IGTV.

Linking your Instagram account with your Facebook page is a great way to grow your IGTV audience. This will allow you to send your Facebook fans directly to your IGTV channel.

You can also add Hashtags and links to your video description to generate leads for your business on IGTV.

This will allow you to send your audience via IGTV directly to your website, or any other online platforms that you use to market your business.

If you are an affiliate marketer, IGTV can be a great way to promote your affiliates. Make a video about the product/service you are promoting.

It is most likely that people who find the video helpful will click on the link. IGTV allows you to build and maintain your Instagram followers.

Promotion of Brands

Creators can also use it to promote brands.

Many Instagram influencers used to split their videos to be able to post them on Instagram. Most people lost the message or value of the videos because they were doing it this way.

IGTV allows you to cut down on the video length or divide it into multiple parts before posting it to Instagram. It might not be necessary to redirect your viewers to YouTube in order to view full videos.

IGTV allows you to reach out to your followers through your videos for as long as it takes.

Re-purposing Content

IGTV allows you to upload any video. You can re-purpose your best content on the platform. This will allow you to edit and give a new sound to your video.

If your video is horizontal, you will need to adjust the orientation to make it suitable for IGTV.

Horizontal videos on YouTube and Facebook are supported. If you want to reuse an old video from your IGTV channel or YouTube channel, make sure you change the orientation during editing.

You can’t just reuse existing content. To attract viewers, your video should be timeless. If this method works for you, you won’t have any trouble digging into your archives and finding more popular videos that you shot in the past.

Increase YouTube Channel Subscribers

You may also want to use IGTV to increase your YouTube channel. Simply add your channel link in your video description, and then expertly redirect people there.

Simply create a YouTube video and upload it on IGTV to promote your channel and gain more viewers.

IGTV doesn’t allow for ads monetization fully, but video creators can add links from other platforms to their videos.

CTA can be described as a type of phrase or image that you add to your content in order to generate leads for a company. This tactic is used by most marketers on Instagram IGTV to promote their business or brand.

How do I Upload Videos from Instagram to IGTV?

Uploading videos to IGTV is easy and accessible to everyone. Just ensure that your videos meet the above requirements.

Follow these steps to post a video to IGTV via Instagram:

  • Open your Instagram App

You’ll find the IGTV icon on your Instagram account. It looks like a small TV with an antenna. To launch IGTV on Instagram, click on the icon.

  • Click on the symbol or your profile photo.

To convert the orientation of your video to portrait, choose a vertical video (9/16 aspect ratio). Next, set the video’s length to at least 15 seconds and 10 minutes.

  • Hit the Next button located in the right-hand corner of the page.

Continue following the steps below.

This will take you to your gallery, where you can add your video and thumbnail (a picture that represents your new video).

You can choose to use a portion of the video, or a new image from your gallery, as the thumbnail.

  • To draw attention to the video, add a title.

A good title is a key to attracting viewers. To maximize your video title, follow these steps to create catchy IGTV titles or descriptions.

A short description should be added to your video. This description is meant to give viewers a hint about the purpose of the video. This feature must be used to create a captivating description.

To send leads to other platforms, you can add relevant Hashtags and links to your description.

You can add the video to your IGTV series. This is similar to a playlist.

You can also post a preview. This will allow you to upload a short portion of your Instagram story that isn’t longer than one minute.

  • Tap Edit Profile Cover.

Click Make Visible on Facebook. This will instantly share your video or story to your Facebook timeline as soon as it’s published on IGTV.

The Best IGTV Video Ideas to Start with

IGTV allows you to upload videos of any length.

Comedy skits: If comedy is your forte and you can make people forget about their troubles, why not make videos of those jokes?

You will need a Smartphone and a video editor. I recommend Inshot or Vivia video. These tools can be downloaded from the Appstore or Playstore.

You will be recognized everywhere after two to five videos.

Broda Shaggi and Lasisi Elenu were just a few of the comedians who used Instagram to reach their target audience. They also gained a large number of YouTube subscribers.

How-to videos: Are you able to cook, sew or teach? IGTV allows you to target those who need this training. You can use IGTV for your audience building and to make a name of yourself.

When you demonstrate your skills in real life, people will be more inclined to approach you. You can get more customers and make money by promoting brands that are related to your business, such as sponsored posts.

Review: Are you a gamer or shopper? You can review the products and games you’ve bought by creating a video. This is a great way to market IGTV and get brand endorsement deals.

Reviewing a service should be transparent. It should cover both the pros and cons.

Dance and music videos: You can’t create a dance video until you are able to make robotic moves or master break moves.

Now, shake your body to show others how you move. There’s always something for everyone.

You can also take clips from other videos and combine them into one video. These clips could include the best parts of a movie or powerful words spoken by motivational speakers.

These videos are becoming more popular, especially on platforms such as Facebook.

Videos about tourism: When you visit museums, beaches, or amusement parks, you can also take videos and upload them to YouTube. Let people know your thoughts about these places and why you recommend them to others.

These are just a few of the many ideas that you have to make your own IGTV videos. Animations, short dramas, and videos about pranks are just a few of the many ideas.

As I mentioned earlier, there is always something for everyone.

What is the Maximum Amount You Can Earn from IGTV?

You may have wondered how much you can make on IGTV.

I can’t give an exact figure right now, as your earnings are largely dependent on how many followers you have and the sponsored brands.

Petal Card says that an Instagrammer with less than 100,000 followers can make up to $88.00 per posting, while one with more than 100,000 can make as much as $200.00 per posting.

When you have one-million+ followers, the real wealth begins to appear. Your earning potential is unlimited. Your earnings are directly proportional to your followers and the quality of your videos.

Instagram boasts over a billion monthly users, which makes it easier to gain followers and maximize your earning potentials.

When monetization becomes available to all, Instagrammers’ income should increase.


After learning about different ways that IGTV can be used for business, you should now have begun to rationalize how you can generate income from IGTV.

Avani Gregg, a well-known creator, was quoted as:

IGTV has allowed me to share more of myself with my followers, which has helped me grow my personal brand.

It is obvious that IGTV can be used to market a brand.

Grab this opportunity (not before it gets crowded like YouTube) and establish yourself as one of the top video creators on Instagram.

It’s easy to make money online, but only if you’re creative and smart.

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