Is Powerhouse Affiliate A Scam?

By | May 1, 2019



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  • Members (Both free and premium) have access anytime to the support help desk.
  • Both categories of members have access to the affiliate marketing certification/training.
  • A free member can access his Vault Media account anytime & apply to promote any of the CPA offers in the network.
  • A free member can earn by promoting the awesome CPA offers within the private network of PA.
  • Members get paid weekly via PayPal, direct deposit or Payoneer.


  • Free members don't have access to the support forum and several other tools, resources, and platforms within Powerhouse Affiliate.
  • Free members don't have access to other courses except for the affiliate marketing certification course.
  • Free members don't have access to the CPA affiliate marketing certification/training.
  • The Powerhouse Affiliate referral program is only meant for premium members.
  • All affiliates must pass through a 30-day probationary period after which they can start receiving payments on Friday of every week.

You’ve heard about the revenue opportunities at Powerhouse Affiliate but haven’t yet decided to take massive actions, right?

You will, of course, decide whether or not to try it out today after reading this review as you’ll be shown all you need to know about the building/creating potentials loaded in Powerhouse Affiliate.

It’s great to know that you’ve been on a proper research on where to receive the world-class performance marketing certification which definitely ensures that you’ll have made enough findings before diving at all into any sort of affiliate marketing stuff.

Though I’m an affiliate marketer leveraging the Powerhouse Affiliate Vault Media platform, the review is not channeled towards selling a product. Not at all! It’s strictly to show you raw facts about the PA community and why you might want to consider trying it out.

There’s an opportunity for any new user at PA to check things out for free first before taking any further action at all.

Here is the awesome opportunity for you…

Try it out at $7 for the first 14 days

Powerhouse Affiliate – Try it out at $7 for the first 14 days

There are two membership options at Powerhouse Affiliate: the free & premium membership! Anyone can sign up to the community as a free user and later upgrade to the premium membership option at leisure.

By doing proper research into the performance marketing industry, you’ll come across several honest reviews and will be able to pick which platform is the right one to join.

Build a long term affiliate marketing business

Build a long term affiliate marketing business

What is Powerhouse Affiliate?

Before I describe what Powerhouse Affiliate is to you, let me make this known that I’m a premium user of this community promoting the private CPA offers as well as building out my own landing page (Virtual real estate).

Not writing this review at all because I happened to be a premium affiliate member, but because I’ve had a wondrous creating experience being an active user and would like to see other like-minded persons rush into the community to build their own businesses soon as well!

Now to the business

Powerhouse Affiliate is an online business community offering training/certification on affiliate marketing, promotion of cost per action (CPA) offers, digital performance marketing; teaching the white hat SEO strategy as well as showing other great marketing channels to explore for affiliate marketers of all levels.

This is a Canadian affiliate marketing community started by Joey Babineau in February, 2013 after he had been a super affiliate for more than a decade.

Powerhouse Affiliate - Pick your passion

Powerhouse Affiliate – Pick your passion

Without talking to people directly, you can earn all of your cool revenue working from the comfort of your home, even without selling anything to anyone.

Traffic is the antidote of getting real online breakthroughs and Powerhouse is the right place to be when it comes to learning accurate methods for driving paid and free traffic as well as scaling up.

Get paid and free traffic & scale up

Get paid and free traffic & scale up

Who Can be a Powerhouse Affiliate User?

Powerhouse Affiliate is meant for anyone who:

  • Is interested in learning online entrepreneurial skills as well as building a long-term business.
  • Wants to venture into digital performance marketing as well as master everything about paid and free traffic generation.
  • Can spend quality time on all of the training courses as well as complete the affiliate marketing certification courses.
  • Is not interested in selling or generating referrals.

Wherever you’re in the world, this opportunity is equally exclusive to you.

Here is the major route to get started & get rolling…

PA - Become a Super Affiliate

PA – Become a Super Affiliate

What is the Cost of Becoming a Powerhouse Affiliate Member?

At Powerhouse Affiliate, there are two membership packages:

Free Membership: This membership package lets you access some resources, tools, & platforms such as the Affiliate Marketing certification program, a couple of free templates for a landing page setup, the support help desk, & many more.

Premium Membership ($7 for the first 14 days & $47 per month): The Premium Membership package will give you overall access to the Affiliate Marketing Certification program; the Support Forum, where members ask questions and get their responses quickly from hundreds of other awesome members that are always willing to help; the Facebook Group, where you can learn more from hundreds of super affiliates; & to all of the other platforms, tools, & resources within the Powerhouse Affiliate network.

The Powerhouse Affiliate Training Program

Powerhouse Affiliate offers the most current affiliate marketing training as well as updates this from time to time for the betterment of its members. It has a well-organized support forum where members ask questions related to affiliate marketing, CPA marketing & get responded to within the shortest possible time.

Affiliate Marketing Certification

Affiliate marketing certification

Affiliate marketing certification

If you needed to learn the most working mechanism for affiliate marketing, this is one of the best platforms out there to do that.

Though the affiliate marketing training courses at PA may last you more than a week, it may take shorter anyway depending on your learning speed & determination.

During the course of going through the training, make sure you complete all actionable tasks and do it the right way.

Building an Email List (Your own asset)

Email marketing campaign

Email marketing campaign

When it comes to turning your one-time visitors into active subscribers, email marketing is the way-out for you. It’s one of the best marketing channels to explore in ensuring that your traffic turns into conversions in no distant time.

Many people have concluded that email marketing is a thing of the past, whereas, this is a complete blogging heresy to make a lot of people derail from exploring the right performance marketing channels for their affiliate marketing business.

Digital performance marketing

Digital performance marketing

Before getting paid traffic at all, first set up your email marketing campaign to ensure that your one-time visitors are turned into active subscribers.

Cost Per Action Affiliate Funnel Strategy

CPA cash vault 3.0

CPA cash vault 3.0

CPA simply means the real cost of getting customers or leads to execute certain actions such as free app downloads, free trial form fills, free email submits, & many more.

The cost per action affiliate certification course is exclusively for premium members, though free members can equally promote CPA offers & earn. While free members can earn commissions promoting CPA offers within the private network of Powerhouse Affiliate, they may not earn referral commissions as this is exclusively meant for premium members.

Vault Media

Vault Media

The most awesome thing about promoting the CPA offers through the Powerhouse Affiliate private network is its quick request approval unlike many CPA networks out there that wouldn’t approve requests on time.

At several CPA networks, affiliates get frustrated for not getting approved for weeks and months to promote.

Additional Income

Additional Income

Website Traffic Certification

Website traffic certification

Website traffic certification

Here, you’ll learn how you can leverage several traffic sources and tap seriously into these to build tons of traffic for your website. Some of these traffic sources include Display, PPC, Native Ads, PPV, & many more.

Traffic is the driving force of any BOOMING affiliate marketing campaign and this training will show you acurately how you can drive quality and targeted traffic to your landing page.

Specifically, it teaches how to set up your Google Ads, Bing Ads, Native Ads, & Facebook Ads. Free traffic sources are also explained, though this may take a bit longer to start seeing results.

Additional single lessons on traffic generation include:

  • A quick guide to solo Ads;
  • CPV Lab tracking setup guide;
  • Tips for setting up FB campaigns;
  • Bing Ads Campaign setup guide;
  • Landing pages tips for higher conversions;
  • Google Adwords campaign setup guide; and
  • Keyword research tips.

CPA Display Academy

CPA Display Academy

CPA Display Academy

Here, you’re going to watch live how you can set up your Native Ads campaign to make the most out of CPA performance marketing.

The CPA Display Academy will also teach you precisely the kind of direct linking campaign, landing pages, or squeeze pages that is most profitable for your CPA marketing business.

Free Web Hosting for Premium Members

Web hosting

Web hosting

Powerhouse Affiliate offers a state of the art web hosting service to all premium members for them not to incur extra spendings anymore on hosting. This is integrated into the platform to further help premium members focus on what matters which is making money with their landing pages.

You can, at any time, move your landing page to other hosting platforms to continue with your business.

In less than 15 minutes, you’ll be able to set up your profit center using the PA hosting platform.

Earning from the Powerhouse Affiliate Program

Powerhouse Affiliate Program

Powerhouse Affiliate Program

If you’re a premium member of Powerhouse Affiliate, you’re entitled to the three-tiered recurring monthly commissions. All you need to do is copy your affiliate link and share with friends on social media, forums, or simply embed it in any article composed for paid Advertising purpose.

Going by the affiliate commission rates here, I must say it’s an awesome revenue opportunity for anyone.

The most amazing thing about the recurring commissions is that members earn in three tiers aside from the mentor bonuses.

Here is how it’s calculated:

First Tier Commission Payout: When you refer a friend or anyone to Powerhouse Affiliate and such upgrades to premium, you’ll be paid 50% commission instantly. And you’ll continue to earn recurring commissions monthly for as long as such a referral continues to resubscribe monthly.

Second Tier Commission Payout: Wben one of your direct referrals introduces PA to a friend and such upgrades to premium, you’ll receive a 10% commission instantly as a tier-2 commission payout.

Third Tier Commission Payout: When your referral’s referral brings a friend to Powerhouse Affiliate and that one also upgrades to premium, you’ll receive a 5% commission instantly.

Is Powerhouse Affiliate Legit or Scam?

Powerhouse Affiliate has been found as one of the so few branded affiliate marketing communities out there. Thus, it’s worth your time & investment and the revenue potential is worth giving a try.

In case you’re a novice in affiliate marketing stuff, you don’t have to get worried at all. Just follow the simple steps below as I walk you through the process of registering an account at Powerhouse Affiliate.

How to Get Started at Powerhouse Affiliate

Simply follow the steps below to registration & get rolling:

  1. Create an account here;
  2. Fill out the registration form with your correct details such as Email address, Name, Password, & Username;
  3. Try it out with $7 for the first 14 days (If you are from locations like US, UK, Canada, Australia…) or upgrade to premium straight away using PayPal or credit card from any part of the world;
  4. Once upgraded, you’ll be redirected to the affiliate marketing training section;
  5. Congratulations & welcome to Powerhouse Affiliate!

Where Should You Start From After Successfully Upgrading?

There are various courses to take at Powerhouse Affiliate as read above & you can simply get into any of these by clicking on Courses through the left-hand sidebar.

If you’re a novice in affiliate marketing stuff, don’t rush into the performance marketing certification yet. Rather start from scratch – the Affiliate Marketing Certification! Take the courses one after the other in order to have an in-depth knowledge of what affiliate/performace marketing is all about.

Because I’ve already completed the online entrepreneur certification (OEC) courses long before I became part of Powerhouse Affiliate, I went straight to the Cost Per Action (CPA) Affiliate Certification Course, where I received full training/certification (8 CPA Cash Vault 3.0 lessons) on:

  • What CPA Affiliate Marketing is all about;
  • How to get accepted into the top CPA networks;
  • CPA offers, restrictions, & traffic sources;
  • How to collect leads & prepare your killer sales funnel;
  • Setting up the squeeze page, & many more.

So, do the needful & succeed.

In the CPA Display Academy, you’ll learn practically how you can promote and earn with the aid of the live videos already created for you.

The CPA traffic surge equally teaches you everything about driving tons of traffic to the offers you promote on your Tripwire landing page. So, becoming a successful CPA affiliate marketer here is guaranteed.


I’ve always heard about how some affiliates were earning $31000+ a month from CPA affiliate marketing & have wondered how they were going about it. Not until recently that I came across Powerhouse Affiliate, where I was trained to become a CPA affiliate marketer, I was completely a novice in the performance marketing industry.

Do you have a personal website that you’ve been working on for some months or years now? Should I tell you that you already have a great potential to earn lots of dollars every day from promoting CPA offers? Yes, you do.

With your own landing page, you’ll learn more how you can set up a Tripwire landing page and earn greatly from your Tripwire offers. You’ll receive training on how you can implement the CPA affiliate funnel strategy to earn promoting.

Do you have further questions to ask on CPA affiliate marketing? Have you been a free user at PA but now considering to upgrade to premium? Let me know if there’s anyway I can be of help on anything going forward.

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