JVZoo Affiliate Review: Is It Legit?

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When you first start involving yourself in Affiliate Marketing, choosing the right affiliate program like JVZoo is significant.

These days, it appears like many people are running to JVZoo.

Whatever question you might want to ask about the affiliate network will be answered in this comprehensive review of the JVZoo Affiliate Program.

Affiliate marketing seems to be a challenging skill if you’re a newbie in the game or even a rookie entrepreneur.

That’s not to offend you, but it is to awake you to a reality check and so you could consider whether you have the required resources and time to invest in a business model like this.

In this review, no stone will be left unturned, and at the end, you’ll understand how to succeed with this platform, and know why so many people are going for this program in 2020.

Let’s get started.

What Is JVZoo?

The main thing you need to understand first about JVZoo is that it focuses solely on digital products such as software, digital services, online courses, and much more.

JVZoo does not have any physical products for promotion. While some are discouraged realizing this fact, many are immediately attracted to this platform.

This is because digital products are usually far more profitable for Affiliate Marketers to promote, have higher commission rates, and a huge pool of people who are actively purchasing these products on the internet.

True, there seems to be a lot of competition in this niche. But if you would invest your time and resources, the rewards could be phenomenal.

In 2001, this company was founded and since then has established a track record for being one of the most profitable and reliable affiliate programs in the world.

Also, it’s among the fastest-growing companies in the world.

For many reasons, both vendors and affiliates are fascinated with this program.

But in the end, it is all summed up to one thing: There is simply a lot of money to be earned from this site.

Affiliates do fall in love with JVZoo because they are paid immediately on all the commissions earned, and they find it easy to keep track of their affiliate marketing achievement and progress with this site.

Vendors are also equipped with a lot of tools and support systems that assist them with keeping track of their products and the affiliates who are promoting them.

As an affiliate, you are offered the opportunity to earn significant bonuses if you’re a well-performing affiliate who turns in great numbers.

And be assured you could earn even 100% commission on some front-end products.

Listed above are only a few substantial benefits of going for JVZoo, and there are a lot of reasons to opt for this program.

The JVZoo Marketplace

JVZoo Marketplace is a place for you to go as an affiliate so as to choose products to promote.

Although JVZoo is focused on digital products, there are actually a lot of various niches within that broad category that you can choose from.

In fact, there are more than 200 niches to choose from. But if you really want to make some money with JVZoo, it is advisable you stick to the most well-known niches in the Marketplace.

These popular niches are e-commerce, Software, Finance, Self-Improvement, and Health & Fitness.

Having said this, Health & Fitness and Self-Improvement products find it hard to make it to the best-sellers list on the JVZoo’s Marketplace.

This doesn’t imply that these niches aren’t successful. They only have less money to be made.

To figure out which products are actually selling fast, check the best-sellers list.

While there might be a lot of products for you to choose from on JVZoo, some aren’t worth your time.

In picking out the best product, you’ll have to be pretty strategic and careful. Therefore, take enough of your time and carefully make your decisions.

Of course, the best way to know if a product is worth selling is to purchase it yourself.

Affiliate Marketers should always buy and test out the products they’re selling, and this is a great way to find out if particular products have potential.

When you have the knowledge of a product, you find it much easier to promote to your audience.

Also, remember, to succeed as an Affiliate Marketer, you always need to review the product you’re trying to promote to your audience.

Usually, this is saying you should write a blog article or film a YouTube review.

Don’t forget as well that products on the bestsellers list aren’t always of high quality. It contains a lot of faulty and substandard products. Be careful!

A lot of products are e-commerce products that make outrageous claims. They often brag of features that are entirely infeasible and sometimes difficult altogether.

Ensure you do thorough researches before you start promoting a product on JVZoo.

How to Choose The Best Product

But what if you’re totally new, and you don’t know how to differentiate the good products from the bad, what are your chances to succeed on JVZoo?

As it is, there are a few techniques you can adopt to ensure you’re always choosing the best products that’ll earn you a lot of profit.

There are many websites out there whereby you can research products before you make your decision to promote them. Try out Muncheye and JVNotifyPro for starters.

However, you find it quite tough to do a comprehensive research on a product if it’s totally new to the market.

When a product is just released, the only thing you’ll probably find is marketing information scattered around the web.

This promotional content is usually filled with propaganda, buzzwords, and void of actual facts.

If you’re considering promoting a brand-new product, wait for some time before you start.

After a little period of time, like a month or so, other affiliates will start coming out to write reviews encompassing their experiences. This will give you the needed fact and a real idea about whether or not a product is actually worth it.

However, do not trust reviews that were written on the same day the product was released.

One other great way to figure out a product’s potential is to check out the refund rate.

This crucial information, along with their other sales data, is usually plainly written on the statistics page.

Remember, opening a JVZoo account is free, and you’re immediately given access to all of these important sales data for each product on the database.

Does JVZoo Have Quality Control?

JVZoo offers a massive product database, and a lot of new products are released every day.

There’s a lot going on, and JVZoo doesn’t make many attempts to control it for the most part.

Every day, there are tons of deceitful and shady products popping up on JVZoo.

The affiliate program on its own side doesn’t also take any tangible action to get rid of this scam rubbish from its database.

Truly speaking, this means that you are left with the responsibility of assessing products.

Don’t give yourself out to be duped. You have to be really careful about which products you’re choosing and be careful of products that are way too good to be true.

Furthermore, note that even JVZoo’s “Product of The Day” is prone to being a pretty shady product.

It appears as if this honorary title is awarded to products that simply make the top three best sellers list.

In fact, do not completely trust their recommended products.

It appears like JVZoo is just picking the products that earn the most money, and not the highest quality products.

Sometimes, the product of the day appears to be the best option. But even with the provision of this recommended option, you still have to do your research to figure out if the particular product is actually worth it.

There are many different ways by which you can filter the best sellers list.

These four list options are Daily Best Sellers, Yesterday’s Best Sellers, Weekly Best Sellers, and Monthly Best Sellers.

This is why you find the ownership of your own digital assets and your proficiency to sell from the results you make in a local lead generation more beneficial.

You find yourself in charge of quality control with the local business entrepreneurs you’ve partnered with who are receiving all the referral calls from your lead generation sites you’ve taken your time to rank online.

There are no available crooked options in our coaching program that is focused on guides to generating leads for local service providers.

The concept is that you generate money when your client, the local business owner, is of a profitable arrangement and chooses to pay you over a long-term contract for the ongoing results you provide.

That’s a big disparity in digital marketing efforts from the mainstream service providers who would just want a paycheck but being held accountable for their actions as far as digital marketing is concerned claims to get you ranked at the top of Google for a particular amount of money each month.

Bottom Line: You will see the product of your hard work if you would invest your time and resources and do solid work.

How Much Do They Pay?

The JVZoo affiliate program pays commission rates that range between 30% and 75% based on the product.

Each product is distinct. But to give you an idea, the price of each product varies between $35 and $100 which generates good commissions.

Another benefit is that they offer many recurring billing products that earn you recurring commission; that is, with these products, you earn every month if the customer chooses that product.

How Much Can You Make On JVZoo?

This always appears among the most important questions potential affiliates would ask.

Yes, you can earn a lot of money on JVZoo.

In fact, there are a good number of affiliates who are currently earning thousands and even millions of dollars with this affiliate program alone.

No one is saying it’s easy, but this is certainly feasible. Every professional affiliate marketer is aware that this industry is a place to make easy money.

Succeeding in this business requires you to work hard, doing research, and devoting your time.

Affiliate Marketing is not far different from most other businesses. If you want to succeed, dedication is key.

However, choosing the right product is probably the most crucial factor when we talk of JVZoo.

The Drawbacks of Using JVZoo

  • As earlier said, the major downside of this platform is the realization that the Marketplace is bombarded with substandard and untrustworthy products.
  • Having said this, you should be aware that you’ll find the same issues with other affiliate platforms. So, maybe this isn’t such a big deal.
  • Whether you ask vendors, the newbie, or some of the top affiliates on the site, it is a mutual complaint they’d give you.
  • Vendors might also pull the plug on their products with no warning or instruction. And once they leave, you’ll find it impossible to reach them and get any support.
  • This is all summed up to one main setback with JVZoo which is the fact that the people running the platform are not very careful in their selection of vendors and products. And as once mentioned, this becomes your responsibility.
  • So, if you want to use this platform, you have to be ready to do a series of research and homework before going for a product.

Things to Keep In Mind

One thing you should keep in mind is that you actually have to get the vendor’s permission before you are allowed to start promoting a product on JVZoo.

Most vendors are very anxious to start working with you, and it’s not really much difficulty.

Though JVZoo is not a bad place for beginners, you might find it hard with them as a newbie.

That seems why it’s perhaps ideal to gather some experience as an affiliate marketer prior to starting work through JVZoo.

Though it’s a user-friendly site, you’ll probably find it most beneficial if you’ve already established yourself as an experienced affiliate marketer elsewhere.

But JVZoo’s very own educational program helps even professional affiliate marketers.

This educational program is known as JVZoo Academy and has proven to be a great resource for anyone who wants to learn how to pilot through the affiliate marketing program like a veteran.

With that said, you may lookout for better affiliate marketing courses elsewhere.

Other courses might not specifically focus on JVZoo, but they’ll probably give you a deeper insight into affiliate marketing in general.

Also, JVZoo isn’t really expensive. With a one-time fee of $27, it’s worth giving an attempt.

7 thoughts on “JVZoo Affiliate Review: Is It Legit?”

  1. JVzoo sounds like a great program to be apart of if you are wanting to be an affiliate marketer for digital products!  I totally agree that affiliate marketers should buy and test out the products that they are selling! It makes selling and writing blog posts about these products so much easier. I love how honest you are with some of the products that JVZoo promotes.

    Thank you for this post! I am going to go and check JVZoo out!


  2. Hey nice review you have there. I have read about JVZoo in other articles, but none of them is equip with relevant information like the one on this article. This article has given me a better perspective of it’s framework. Nevertheless, the commission rate offers by JVZoo is really captivating and has given me more than a result to be a member of this platform. I perceived it as a viable opportunity I needs to explore

    • That’s true; the JVZoo affiliate program is a viable one and it guarantees payments when it comes to paying commissions to affiliates. It’s a program you can trust and promote.

      Israel Olatunji

  3. The JVZoo platform like many others sounds risky. In the sense that after taking the time to choose your product and researching about it, in the end you may be left stranded. Having said that I must also say that I recognize the risk of being in business.

    However, it does have some wonderful perks particularly its high commission. Therefore, to me JVZoo sounds like a great platform if you are willing to keep your guards up and work hard.

    • Oh yes, Carol! JVZoo is one of the most viable affiliate programs you can ever promote, and when it comes to getting paid on time, there’s no cause for alarm. Thanks for your comment!

      Israel Olatunji

  4. I had never heard of JVZoo before, but the payout is quite nice, although I am a little bit concerned with those warnings you pointed out in the article. Have you tried? Is it stable? My main concern will be trying to get paid from some of these not trusty companies. It is a headache to go after a cheque, I wouldn’t imagine it with some of these guys.



    • Thanks for your comment, Duran! JVZoo is one of the best when it comes to getting paid on time! Your sales are tracked and affiliate commissions accurately calculated and paid out. Kudos for your interest in affiliate marketing!

      Israel Olatunji


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