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When it comes to learning to earn, Wealthy Affiliate is the answer. This is a community that has grown at a pace faster than the industry. How I wish I came across this community about 12 years ago when I actually tried joining an affiliate marketing company but which was unable to show me the way to financial freedom as I’ve found it now at WA.

If you’ve been on the lookout for a legitimate online business community, don’t hesitate to read this post down the page and make sure to let me know by leaving a comment based on the post you’ve read. You’ll be shown the right way to go as far as having online breakthroughs genuinely is concerned. You’ll be taught the right steps to follow in order to build a successful online brand.

Do you want to start building a personal blog but didn’t know how to go about it? Don’t hesitate to try out WA and you’ll be a few clicks away from starting with your own personal online empire and a virtual real estate. You’ll receive series of online entrepreneurial certification training courses with tasks to be completed by you after completing every level of the training, videos, and images to walk you through the process of successfully building your own personal brand online.

You’ll be practically shown how you can create custom menus on your own personal website, how you can focus on what matters which is making money from your blog while the community handles all technicalities on your behalf.

In today’s publication, I’m going to show you what you can simply do to learn affiliate marketing the right way and start learning immediately:

  1. Join the best and most affiliate marketing community in the world – Wealthy Affiliate
  2. Complete all levels of the online entrepreneur certification training courses
  3. Create content every day
  4. Leverage the WA Site Comment 2.0 tool
  5. Engage your target audience
  6. Build strong bonds with authority bloggers
  7. Get paid to offer comments

Join the Best and Most Affiliate Marketing Community in the World – Wealthy Affiliate

When it comes to learning affiliate marketing from scratch to success, the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the best. It gives training from one level to the other from online entrepreneur certification training courses through Affiliate BootCamp.

Wealthy Affiliate is the only online business community in the online world that has successfully registered more than 1.4 million active premium members from all parts of the world. It’s the only affiliate marketing community that has grown at a pace faster than the community.

Once you’ve started with the training courses, you can start building your website along. You’ll basically learn how you can create custom menus on your website such as the “About”, “Contact”, “Home” and so many pages.

As a premium member, you have the opportunity to host 25 own domain names and 25 free domains, making 50 websites altogether without spending a dime.

The hosting package you get free at WA comes with all site protocols such as Site protection, Site privacy & security, Site speed, Site SSL, WHOIS, Site unlimited email accounts, and a managed WordPress hosting package that is worth much more than the third-tier $250 hosting packages you can get elsewhere.

Complete All Levels of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Training Courses

In the online entrepreneur certification, there are five different courses of 10 different lessons, making 50 lessons altogether. In each of the lessons, there are tasks to perform and videos to walk you through the process of building up your own niche website.

You don’t have to skip any step at all if you really want to learn deeply about how you can become a successful online entrepreneur. There are some tasks that will instruct you to create a blog post while there are others that will only ask you to create a blog page such as the ‘Privacy policy”, “Affiliate disclosure”, “Terms of use”, and other similar pages like these on your site.

Create Content Every Day

Are you ready to start creating content every day? Would you love to be writing daily until your site skyrockets in search results? Yes, writing content every day truly results in catching a lot of traffic.

Publishing a blog post every day is likened to throwing the hook into the water every day in search of fishes. There’s a higher probability of catching more fishes by throwing the hooks several times than throwing them once in a blue moon. That’s what blogging is likened to.

Leverage the WA Site Comment 2.0 Tool

Wealthy Affiliate has an awesome platform that allows you to offer comments to other people and earn $0.50 on every other comment posted. To qualify as a comment poster, you must have posted your first 50 comments, and you’ll become a certified commenter.

In order to keep getting a good approval rate, you simply need to keep posting high-quality comments to other people’s blogs. You can use the cash credits earned to re-subscribe for the subsequent month or simply exchange for dollars and receive an affiliate payment on the first of every month.

Engage Your Target Audience

This is the process of building relationships with your audience in discussions. It simply measures a degree of commitment and responsibility to your ideal audience. It actually leads to better rankings and higher search engine traffic.

Ask your readers to leave comments after the reading and make sure to respond to their comments in less than 24 hours.

Build Strong Bonds with Authority Bloggers

You simply build strong bonds with your audience through blog commenting, guest posting, and other blogger outreach campaigns. Connect to niche-related authority sites to start building high-quality links as build strong relationships.

By leaving attention-grabbing comments on niche-related authority sites, you’ll start building strong relationships with the right persons and will gain the maximum exposure in the online world.

Get Paid to Offer Comments

This is a golden revenue opportunity recently created and fully launched by Kyle and Carson – the co-founders of WA. Once you’ve submitted your first 50 comments, you’ll be free to start earning revenue posting comments to other people’s blogs.

When it comes to getting paid to post comments, no online business platform in the online world can offer the kind of pay rate WA is paying to the certified commenters. As soon as you become a certified commenter, you’ll start earning some extra revenue doing what you love doing in the comfort of your home.

2 thoughts on “Learn to Earn at Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. This was an interesting and thorough post on how learning to earn is possible through the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I have been a member now for almost 4 years, and I can assure readers that come across this post that it is possible to leverage the training, features, and community found within Wealthy Affiliate to earn money.

    As you mention, you can even earn within the platform itself by providing unique and worthwhile comments for other member’s posts and reviews from their websites. I have benefitted from this program in many ways. I can get comments for my posts, I can earn while providing comments, and I learn a lot from reading other’s content as I provide the comments.

    Overall, I have to say that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the main tools I use regularly as an online marketer. Whether it is the keyword tool, the content checker, the free websites, the training, or the community, I find myself coming to the site daily for one thing or another.  

    Not only can you tap into all the resources you can also do it for free by promoting the site and getting paid an affiliate commission for doing so. Depending on the type of membership you have (annual is the best deal), you can easily get one to two members that sign up under your affiliate link. At that point, your access is free, as the commissions will cover you cost!

    Good post and information, I do hope that readers will take action and get started with Wealthy Affiliate. They will not be going wrong and very likely will shorten their path to success with online marketing. There are many products that promise much but deliver little. Wealthy Affiliate over-delivers!  

    • Wow, thanks for the most valuable comment, Dave! This is 100% valuable and topically-relevant. Much grateful, my friend! The comment you left alone is capable of winning the minds of 100 people and convert them to WA right away. Once again, thanks so much!

      I’ve equally been a WA premium member for some time now though haven’t spent much time as you, I’ve tasted the sweetness in building an online business through WA and feel for many out there who still remain skeptical about it as a result of being a scam victim in the past. Thanks for your lovely visit and beautiful comment, Dave!

      Israel Olatunji


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