Review of LifterLMS: Another Platform to Create Your Course

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Building a course is a good way to bring in revenue. An extra way of getting money is what everyone is looking forward to. People find it attractive to do a one-time gig and get continuous revenue. People are starting to invest in lifetime investments.

LifterLMS Pros

A lot of advantages come with LifterLMS that’ll trigger you to test the product if you want to do a course. Here are some of the highpoints:

  • It incurs no cost to use
  • It fits in well with renowned programs
  • The builder has a drag and drop feature
  • It is compatible with your online store

The core version is free and incurs no cost at all; that’s the biggest advantage of LifterLMS. During the pandemic, there were global changes that lead to the shutdown of many companies, and employees resulted in working from home.

A course can help you generate revenue if you ever find yourself in a tough financial situation. You don’t need to worry about paying anything because the cost is free. If you find the course interesting, and you’d like to go deeper, then you’ll have to pay for the extended version.

Another added advantage to this is, the course doesn’t need to be coded. If you were to code, it would have been stressful because you’ll need to program the interface, and to do that, you’ll have to learn at least 2 programming languages and in-depth knowledge of some topics.

This is not too possible because it would be difficult to find someone who understands specific topics like marine biology. Everyone has his/her specific topics, and you can’t be sound in every field. The developers thought about all these and made the platform in such a way that you only need basic knowledge to take a course.

Taking pieces of the course from one position to another is quite easy. The drag and drop feature is something that has been made available for years. If you integrate it with WooCommerce, the task becomes easy. With that put in place, you can put your books up for sale, and sell other extras along with your course.

LifterLMS Cons

I would do right by not only talking about the advantages of this program but also its disadvantages. This is a great opportunity to generate revenue, and it delivers good value, but you should know about these two:

  • Extensions are costly
  • The design needs more work
  • Integration becomes difficult when you have a big file

LifterLMS needs to be cautious and improve on the quality of its product because it is not the only course creator available; others like LearnPress and LearnDash are also competing with it.

The product can serve as an excellent start since you’re not paying any money for the core version. You can’t complain at first when a plethora of options lie before you at no cost at all. Even with all of these, you’ll need to purchase a payment getaway.

The payment getaway will cost you about a hundred USD. It is not realistic to think you would get to use the product to the fullest, accept payments, and still not spend a dime. If you want to collect payments in different ways and own multiple gateways, it would cost you more money. If you can’t afford all of these, you’ll have to wait and not get started.

LifterLMS Pricing

It’s been noticed that the pricing on its bundle is quite expensive. This damages the product in different ways. When people, who use your product, are not many, it will be difficult to receive updates quickly.

So, if you try talking to your audience in your forums, they won’t reply because they have switched to a product that is less expensive than yours. It is advisable LifterLMS should try as much as possible to reduce the price so it can attract more people to use its products, thereby bringing more people to the forum.

Why Do You Want to Create a Course?

Some of you might not have any experience with teaching. It’ll take long hours to learn a variety of skills. But you still want to create a course right?

It is important to note that there are many advantages to constructing a course. The first advantage is that it helps you to grow your business at a faster rate. To expand your business, it is good you scale it and make sure you have tools that can help you on your journey.

Doing everything on your own makes everything slow, and your business expansion will only move at a slow rate. In LifterLMS, quite a number of things are automated. You make sales without having to be on your computer 24/7.

It is also important you take advantage of everything you can place your hands on. For example, you can make money if you get sponsored by a cookware Company because you create videos whenever you’re in the kitchen.

The Free Options

LifterLMS is glad to announce that it’s made a free version of WordPress available. WordPress has taken over one-third of the internet because it is simple to use. This product makes it easy for you to take courses. The payment for the program has to be done manually because they don’t want PayPal or your credit card to charge you extra.

When you use the free version, you can perform some functions like providing your learners with achievement badges. This will encourage your learners to strive and work hard to accomplish the next task, so they can get another badge.

Another great way to keep your students engaged is by issuing certificates. With the alarming rate at which college fees are rising, it is good news that this course is a good way to learn technology and get promoted to network and security.

Not many advanced jobs require a college degree to work with them. Pass the examination and then pay the fee to show you comprehend the knowledge you’ve been given.

Automated emails have been provided to help your students by giving them additional resources to learn from.

LifterLMS Quizzes

A quiz is a reliable way to test the mastery of your student on a course. There are many ways you can train employees with this product if you find yourself in a professional setting.

A theme named LaunchPad was created for WordPress and it is compatible with the software. LaunchPad can also be utilized on other pages even if you have no intention to make your course look better.

The owners of this package really put in a lot of effort to make the product customizable. The design, layout, and arrangement of the page can also be customized to your preferred taste.


If you want to be a serious course creator, it is advisable you use the extended version instead of the free version. The extended version is expensive, but it has a lot of options. The highest bundle is $999.00, and it lasts for a whole year while it opens you to a lot of active sites. You can also switch on the video feature and group feature too.

If you want to seriously go into this, you’ll have to invest in it, and it’ll cost you money. You can subscribe to the lowest bundle which is about $99.00; this will enable you to accept payments. If you want to generate revenue every month, you must subscribe to a bundle.


This article aims to tell you about LifterLMS. The article also aims to tell you the advantages of this product and the offers attached to it. LifterLMS can also be used in a professional environment, and to earn monthly, you’ll have to subscribe to one of its bundles.

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  1. I found this article very relatable and also very interesting and timely as well, I have been thinking of creating a course for a long time now and I didnt have an idea on how to even begin but this really made me feel that it is easy to build one. I am definitely going to try this out now. Thanks for sharing this amazing opportunity


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