How to Create YouTube Videos without Showing Your Face

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YouTube is a platform where you can make and upload videos for the viewing pleasure of your audience. Several people go to watch YouTube videos for various reasons. Some may be there to watch funny videos that help them release some stress, to get more enlightened or follow a procedure.

There are a couple of video types available on YouTube. Some people would love to create a video with them featured in it. Some people may not want to be seen by their friends and family in the video, some are naturally shy, while some others get flustered when they are in front of the camera.

Of more interest to the viewer is the content of the video than knowing who made the video. This means that viewers do not care if you feature in the video or not. You can make a vlog where you upload videos for your audience to watch.

Lots of the videos uploaded on YouTube usually show the maker of the video doing the talking or carrying out the action. These are people who do not mind being seen on camera.

However, there are many other people who are camera shy. Some of them have a lot of ideas to show to the world or have solutions to problems affecting people, but being camera shy makes them silent or hesitant.

If you are one of them, there is good news for you. It is possible for you to create and upload videos without being seen in the video. Not being comfortable before a camera should not be a barrier to being a creator of YouTube videos.

Those who make videos on YouTube without being seen get to have hundreds of thousands and millions of viewers and followers like those that are viewed in their videos. So, it is more about the content of the video and the quality of production.

Let us look at some types of videos that would still be interesting to viewers even if your face is not seen in the video. One thing that is very important in the online business world is having a niche.

Your niche should be something that suits your personality or something you have a passion to do. If you are in a niche where you do not have much interest, you may not be able to produce content that will hold the interest of the viewers.

There are so many skills that people are seeking to learn. You can make a list of those skills, assess the list to see the ones you can do efficiently and which you have the necessary materials to do. Then you set your list in order of priority or the simple ones first which you will use to perfect how to make the videos.

For example, you can do a simple video on tourism, charts or dialogue boxes explaining the symptoms of Covid-19, steps in setting up a household biogas digester. You can make videos like this without even showing your face in the video or even speaking. You can visit YouTube to see examples of such videos.

For example, if you decide to make a video on tourism, you can select a country from any part of the world, get photos of some tourist attractions in the country like waterfalls, rivers, rocks, museums, get photos of some things that can be used to show their culture for instance, cultural troupes, marriage rites, traditional cuisine and also get pictures of some notable places in that country.

You can then arrange the photos you have collected into a slide. Give clear and vivid written descriptions and give it some sound track from that country.

Edit properly, make sure the title will make the viewers curious to watch the video. Preview it and then get it on YouTube. Make sure that as you give the descriptions, you use words that are commonly searched for.

Videos that Show How to Do Something

You can also make a video that shows how to rear fish (aquaculture). In the video, you can show the steps in a quiet section of your house, backyard or in the garden. Show the selected plastic pond empty; show it being filled with water up to three-quarters.

Show another slide of the arrival of the fish, then the fish in the pond. You can show the different routines of feeding the fish, changing the water, making sure the environment is cool and predator-free for them. Then you show the fish at maturity. All of these do not need you to show up in the video.


This is one niche that is making waves on YouTube. It has to do with drawing and designing. You can use it to create short videos for entertainment or educational projects. You can make such videos even without any voice recordings.

The actions alone are enough to keep your audience captivated but bear in mind that the quality of production of such videos matters a lot. Animation is in different categories. There is the traditional animation, 2D and 3D animations and motion graphics.

The most popular among them for now is 3D animation. You can use Content Samurai to make creative videos from stock images. You don’t do much with it. All you need to do is prepare the text, upload it on the app, and choose a template. The app will make the selection of the video and photo clips and match your text with them.

Using Presentation Slides

You can prepare a slide show on PowerPoint. You can show your content on a slide while adding descriptive information. You can also use Google slides from your Chrome Browser to make beautiful videos.

If you are using PowerPoint presentation, all you need to do is open a new PowerPoint presentation file, choose a slide format, and then you select a template that you will use. Be mindful of selecting what will project your content adequately.

Screen Recording

You can decide to show something on the screen of your computer and record it while explaining or instructing your audience. For example, you can give tutorials on how to design a website or blog.

Using the screen of your computer, you can take it step by step and give the audience practical details of how they should move from one step to another as they design their website or blog. There are many apps that you can make your choice from to achieve that.

Fact sharing

Mini researches are a good source of videos. Conduct research to find out facts, and then you record and upload the facts and share with audience on YouTube. You can upload historical and archeological facts or scientific findings. You can also upload videos about nature or even wonders of the world.

Product Reviews

This niche is not so saturated on YouTube but it is a niche where you can generate a lot of income because people do go online to check information about products of interest.

This niche does not require you to be featured in the video. You can explain using your voice or you can give text descriptions and information about the product. You can do product reviews by finding a product, reviewing it or comparing it with another similar product or brand.

Review electronic gadgets, Smartphone and other smart gadgets, clothing, home appliances, renowned brands and many other things.

Musical Videos

This niche does not require you to be seen or heard at all and it does not need you to give any explanations. Most viewers on YouTube love music. You can upload musical videos on your channel and let your audience enjoy it.

Electronics and other Gadgets

You can produce short video clips that showcase trending electronics especially when new ones are released into the market. If you are good in electronics repairs, you can also show videos on electronic maintenance and repairs.

People usually go online to search for help when they have some problems with their electronics. If your videos on repairs are actually helpful, then they become a constant source of seeking help anytime people have problems with their electronics.


You can have a YouTube channel where you popularize games. You can review games, especially new games or the latest versions of older games. You can also review instructions about playing some games. Your reviews can include features that ought to be included or those that you think should be removed.

In Conclusion

There is so much you can gain from YouTube. You don’t have to be a viewer alone. You can also be on YouTube to help people solve problems or add value to them.

Your personality should not be a hindrance to you succeeding on YouTube. There are many ways to make videos for your audience. While many people love to be featured in their videos, you don’t have to be if you are not comfortable being seen on camera.

You can make your videos without being a part of it. But one very important thing is that you should have a niche. It will help you focus on what your audience will be expecting from your videos. Also, remember that clear and quality videos with good content have a lot to contribute towards the amount of views that you get on your YouTube channel.

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  1. Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of information. There are a lot of various reasons why someone will opt out of showing their face in their YouTube video and the fact that there is an opportunity for them to avoid that choice is a really great thing as you have shared valid information in your article. 

  2. Ths is a good article to read about and it’s a lot better because it is very useful to YouTubers and also those that are looking into making youtube videos without showing their faces, not everyone loves to be seen for different reasons. I really love using animations, thanks for these ideas, they are valuable.

  3. Hello there once again, thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must confess going through this article is really educating. I recently started a youtube channel but must of my hosts are not really comfortable showing their identity, this has been a huge problem for me. After going through this i think i have found the right way to handle such problems. Thanks for sharing this

    • You’re most welcome, Philebur! Glad you found it very useful! You can create an intriguing and visually-engaging video yet without having to show your face before the camera. A video creation tool like Vidnami would make that possible for you.

      Israel Olatunji

  4. Bingo!  I am the one who will fluster if speaking before video.

    I never think I will make YouTube video for myself not only because I feel shy, but also the reason of limited knowledge.  On the other hand, I know that I need to enrich my knowledge if I want to have progress on my online business.  

    Your article exactly provides me the required knowledge step by step.  It is an excellent post to me.  Thank you.


    • You’re much welcome onboard, Dolbe! It doesn’t matter if you still do have little or no knowledge of what you’re blogging about. With any level of knowledge, you can get started right away. If you don’t know what to write and how to write, you can simply outsource content and move on with your business without any issue.

      Israel Olatunji

  5. Excellent. I am one of those people who have a niche I want to explore on a Youtube channel but really don’t want to be featured in any video. I am an off camera person and suffered stage fright in my younger years when I sang on stage. Nothing has changed. I am not more emboldened as I age so hearing that I am not alone in being an introvert wanting to make video is reassuring. Your many examples as to how this can be achieved is worthwhile information and I have bookmarked your article so that I can refer to it when I am a little further down the road to realizing my ambition. Thank you for a comprehensive “how to.”

    • Thanks for stopping by, Judith! You are just like me, honestly, and that’s why I chose Vidnami as my favorite video creation tool. All you need to do is enter your script and the tool does the rest of the magic for you. It helps you create a stunning and visually-engaging video for your audience. Thanks for reaching out, my friend!

      Israel Olatunji

  6. So I recently read that you start getting paid on youtube when you have 1,000 subscribers, but it sounds like maybe you’d get paid if you had a bunch of video views (even if you didn’t have that many subscribers??)?

    In any event, having a solid video marketing channel is definitely a smart idea. People prefer to consume media in all kinds of different ways, and failing to incorporate video means missing out on a huge chunk of your potential market.

    Thanks for sharing so many actionable tips to help demystify the process of getting the youtube channel up and running successfully without having to go in front of the camera.

    • Oh yes, Aly! You can stand in front of your competitors with extensive video marketing and you don’t need to appear before the camera or buy expensive cameras to achieve this, not at all! You can leverage tools like Vidnami to create visually-engaging and stunning videos all with the use of a cloud-based video creation tool. Thanks again!

      Israel Olatunji

  7. Being shy and introverted is my biggest downside that makes me uncomfortable while talking in front of the camera, and that really put me in a hard time in growing my online business and personal brand.

    But this article answers all my doubts and shows the exact ways to create YouTube videos without showing my face. I am glad you share all those useful tactics, and strategies. Thank you!

    But I’ve got a question, does it matter if I create the video without fancy equipment because I really don’t have much budget for it, but I do care about the quality of the video. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Of course, yes, Zac! You can create stunning videos without having to show your face before the camera or incur heavy expenses on the purchase of big cameras! The tool I currently use (though not free) is Vidnami – a great, professional video creating video that will do the magic for you once you’re with writing your script. Thanks again for reading!

      Israel Olatunji

  8. Not that I have a problem with my face, but sure, if I want to start making videos I may not want everyone to look at me all the time, it would be kind of awkward and not something that good content creators do.

    Do you know any good free video editors that I can use? I have been working for years with OpenShot, which does the trick, but sometimes I feel it is missing some key functions that I could use.

    Thanks in advance



    • Thanks again, Juan! I’ve been using Vidnami for some time now and I feel comfortable and satisfied with it. One of the features I cherish about it is that you just need to write your script and once it’s done, the tool does the rest of the magic for you, though it isn’t a free tool. You are only given a 7-day free trial to test it out, but I bet you’ll fall for it. Thanks for asking!


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