6 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Platforms

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The first thing that comes to mind when you decide to create a WordPress website is the domain name and the hosting service. Without this, it is not possible to get a website up and running.

You may have come across many hosting service providers, but if you’re new to WordPress, you may not be familiar with the terms “shared hosting” and “Managed Hosting”.

The cost of managed hosting service tends to be higher than the regular shared hosting service which is easily affordable; this is because, in managed WordPress hosting, the user does not need to have a prior knowledge of web development since everything needed to keep the website up and running is handled by the hosting provider.

The significant technical area that includes speed, backups, performance, regular WordPress software updates, caching, WordPress security, etc. are all handled by the hosting service providers. This allows the user to be focused on creating quality content and driving traffic to the website.

In managed WordPress hosting, the hosting back-end looks so simple and easy to navigate that even WordPress beginners can manage it. Though managed hosting is quite new in the hosting industry, it has developed much faster due to the growing popularity of the WordPress platform.

The aim of the managed hosting service is to provide an easy and smooth experience to WordPress users. With this, users can enjoy email stability and control, and it’s best suitable for websites with very high traffic and daily users.

Managed Hosting and Why It’s Important

Due to the fact that the WordPress platform is becoming very popular, many web host companies now provide services especially for websites hosted on the platform. The most interesting thing about managed WordPress hosting is that the user doesn’t have to manage any technical aspects of the website.

This includes dealing with your site’s uptime, updating your website to the latest version of WordPress, backing up data on a regular basis, website security, speed, and scalability of your site.

Above all, the advantage of using managed WordPress hosting is that it leaves you with enough time and focus to grow your website rather than worrying about technical issues that may come up.

People who have dedicated their time to learning WordPress can enjoy regular support from the best WordPress managed hosts because all issues that have to do with the website are handled by them.

Since WordPress managed hosting was introduced, it has become very popular in the hosting industry. It features many options that meet the needs of a complete WordPress beginner. It even provides the best hosting solutions to websites with large daily or monthly traffic.

Typically, we have 2 types of managed hosting in WordPress:

The True Managed WordPress Hosting:

With this type, WordPress managed hosting solutions that take care of all technical issues that have to do with the WordPress website are fully provided. The prices are normally more expensive, but it’s ideal for large traffic websites.

The Beginner-Oriented Managed Hosts:

This service is mostly offered by big hosting providers who recently added their services to the WordPress platform. This kind of hosting doesn’t have the same features as the one mentioned above, but it’s a great choice for beginners.

Thus, using a WordPress managed hosting will help you maximize your WordPress website and improve its performance with you doing the tedious tasks.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

Web Host
Managed Web Host

There are so many advantages of using managed WordPress hosting. Below are some reasons many bloggers and website owners are upgrading to a managed hosting package:

Improved WordPress Development Tools

With managed hosting, you will have access to some important developer tools in the world.
You will have staging area tools, version control, and other useful WordPress developer tools that you may not likely access elsewhere.

Virtually Zero Site Downtime

Your website will not experience any downtime with managed WordPress hosting. This is very trustworthy even with websites having a large influx of traffic.

Automated Regular Site Backups

Your website will be backed up on a daily basis. This gives you more assurance because you will always have a copy of your website’s data. So, you can easily restore your WordPress website whenever you wish without any hassle.

Site Optimization Recommendations and Support

You will enjoy the services of a team of engineers who understand and can provide solutions to the kind of website problems you have. You will also receive full expert support for your managed WordPress website which is not available with shared hosting.

They will keep you updated with information that will enhance the performance of your site, and also resolve any issue with your site.

High Level of Security

It’s often said that the important aspect of a managed WordPress host is the stability and safety you will enjoy. If your WordPress website is managed by reliable hosts, it will be fully secured from an unexpected data breach.

Managed WordPress hosting providers will handle the tedious tasks of constantly scanning for malware and block all hacking attempts without your notice. Most hosting providers offer free cleanup if your website ever gets hacked. This leaves you with overall confidence knowing that your website is fully secured.

Web Hosts
Best Web Hosts

Improved Performance and Speed

By using a managed hosting service, you are left with the benefits of enjoying a smooth experience with a server specially channeled towards WordPress websites.

Your site speed and bandwidth wouldn’t be a problem for you, because your website will be extremely fast compared to a shared hosted website. Your website is also equipped with add-on CDNs to enhance your website’s speed.

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

Honestly, managed WordPress hosting may be a preferred choice for everyone. Below are some reasons to look into before choosing managed hosting.

You will lose Some Level of Control over your website. Truly, there are many full-time bloggers who will never give up control of any aspect of their website. If the technical aspect of your websites is managed by a third party, there are a couple of changes that you may not have control of. Managed WordPress hosting is ideal for users who do not want to manage the technical aspects of their website.

Your Plugins May be Limited

Depending on your choice of managed hosting, there are certain limitations you may encounter with the plugins you want to add to your website.

Once your website is hosted by a managed WordPress hosting service, all plugins slowing down the performance of your site will be removed. This should be taken into consideration before choosing a managed hosting provider.

You Can Only Run on WordPress

If you plan on running a website not based on WordPress, choosing a managed WordPress hosting may not be ideal. Like I mentioned earlier, the servers are specially configured for the WordPress platform.

Costs are High

Managed WordPress hosting is much expensive compared to other types of hosting services in the market. This may not be cost-effective for new websites with low traffic.

The Right Time to Switch to Managed WordPress Hosting

A lot of website owners will switch to a managed WordPress hosting service after weighing the pros and cons. This happens if the users are not satisfied with their hosting environment. Losing a slight control over the technical aspect of your site might turn out to be a great choice because that time can be spent in growing the website traffic and building solid bonds with the audience.

If you’re are currently experiencing issues with your website that is beyond your level of expertise, upgrading to a managed WordPress hosting will be the best choice, because every technical aspect of your website will be handled without any stress or hassles on your own part.

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your website data and visitors because your current hosting provider is unable to meet the security needs of your website.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Companies


Nestify Hosting
Nestify Web Host

Nestify offers fast web hosting services for WordPress websites. It does not only offer incredible features but it also has great customer support that solves your hosting problems within minutes.

There are several top brands in the WordPress hosting industry, and Nestify is another great and world-class competing company in the entire hosting marketplace. It’s stuffed with amazing features. The awesome pricing and impressive page load times are just some reasons to take a closer look at Nestify.

Nestify offers a wide variety of features and renders a pack of services rather than just a piece of the server for web hosting.

We were sure of that; its price is also very comparable. With no doubt, you cannot find the type of hosting features that Nestify offers at such low prices anywhere online; its prices are extremely affordable, and the page load time is amazing.

When we tested Nestify for the array of features available for the managed hosting and checked its interface, we noticed that even the shared hosting costs more with other hosting providers. The team of engineers who work with Nestify are very experienced and have worked really hard towards gaining high speeds and stability.


Dreamhost Pricing
Dreamhost Managed Web Host

Dreamhost provides cheap managed WordPress hosting solutions to websites from the beginner level to the advance level. There are many reasons for WordPress website owners to be excited about it.

Dreamhost is now one of the best-Managed WordPress hosting services available in the industry. If you’re willing to create a new WordPress site or your existing web hosting service could do much better with an upgrade, the Dreamhost 55-second launch process will definitely appeal.

Currently, Dreamhost offers its users 3 packages that meet the needs of their websites.

Below are some of the features of their managed hosting service:

  • Easy WooCommerce integration and support
  • High responsive customer support to fix website issues
  • Unlimited website backups and free SSDs
  • It prevents brute force and hacker attacks

Liquid Web

Liquid Web Managed Host
Liquid Web Host

Liquid Web is very outstanding for its premium hosting and managed web hosting plans. There are zero limits to the number of traffic or Pageviews on their hosted websites.

Liquid Web offers the following features:

  • Built-in image compressor
  • Bundled SSL certificate
  • Automated daily backup
  • Easy multisite management and monitoring tool
  • Automated WordPress updates


Siteground Web Host
Siteground Managed Web Host

If you’re a non-technical person in search of a cheap managed WordPress hosting service provider, then trust Siteground for its smooth user interface.

Siteground offers you the following WordPress hosting features:

  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Automatic updates
  • SuperCacher for high website performance
  • WordPress site monitoring for malware vulnerability

Siteground has a support team available 24/7 to resolve your website issue. It offers both basic and advanced hosting packages depending on your website traffic.

WordPress.com VIP

The WordPress.com VIP web hosting service was designed from the ground up to meet the security needs of business websites. Whether a data loss results in the collapse of your business websites or the loss of all your photos and blog posts, who can afford to lose all their website data and content?

Although WordPress itself is hard to hack, your websites can be easily hacked with advanced hacking techniques if you do not take the right steps.

With all the most recent developments in the web hosting and online security world, the WordPress.com VIP team of engineers can automatically detect compromised browsers, defend against DDoS attacks and block bad bots.

With WordPress.com VIP hosting your sites, you’re in good hands; all of your website’s files and database content are stored on SSD drives using RAID-10; this means if something goes wrong with any of the servers, the replicated content will be restored immediately.

The WordPress.com VIP team takes care of your website’s security for you; it prevents brute force and hacker attacks.

Below are some features offered by WordPress.com VIP:

  • Unparalleled speed and unlimited scalability
  • Regular code checks and performance reviews
  • State of the art security practices to protect against hackers attacks
  • Automatic software updates and regular backups

Bluehost: Incredibly Fast Speed

Bluehost Pricing
Bluehost Pricing And Features

With Bluehost hosting servers, it is possible to make your amazing WordPress websites faster.

The Bluehost hosting server has an in-built CDN which helps increase your site speed at an incredible pace. Its robust front-end technology makes it possible, and that gives better search engine results to faster-loading sites because Google knows how essential speed is for any website.

Bluehost offers highly scalable hosting architecture which helps build a robust, reliable, and faster site. Bluehost also offers an advanced caching feature that reduces your website server load to the minimum which in turn helps to create a super-fast website.

Below are some features of Bluehost:

  • Top-notch security features which include Advanced CDN SiteLock and SiteLock WAF
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Bundled ManageWP to manage more than one website.


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