How to Publish on Medium

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If you consistently publish regular posts on your blog, then you will already be aware of the boundless advantages of business blogging. Even if you post content regularly on your blog, or use different social platforms to promote your blog, there are still some other existing strategies you can implement for increasing the visibility of your blog.

Medium is a social publishing platform that was introduced to the internet in 2012. It was purposefully designed to be a platform where everyone could share, read and exchange different ideas under a diverse range of niches.

Medium allows you to publish stories or blog articles. You will also find well-known publishers and amateur writers on the platform. It can boast of about 80 million visits per month.

Like many other social platforms, Medium also has its downsides. You must find effective ways to add this marketing channel to your content strategy. In this article, I’ll give you guidelines that will walk you through the process of adding Medium to your blogging strategies.

Why Publishing on Medium Should Be an Option

  • Build credibility and thought leadership

Just as you can post content regularly on LinkedIn, you are also given the opportunity to post regularly on Medium. When you post highly engaging and thought-provoking content on the platform, you will be building credibility for yourself and your blog.

  • Improve your engagement level and content reach

When you have decided to publish content on Medium, you will automatically increase the chances of getting your content out to more audiences. Your blog can generate loyal subscribers that search engines will never bring to you. But Medium gives you the opportunity to show your content to an unlimited audience of people.

There is an option on Medium popularly known as the social share button. This option allows your readers to share your content on other platforms they are part of.

  • Get your audience where they are

There are lots of popular niches on the platform and these aren’t limited to startups, technology, design, science, and entrepreneurship. If your blog happens to be one that focuses on any of these niches, then you have the opportunity of meeting your audience where they are.

When you publish highly engaging and remarkable content related to these popular niches, you will gather a lot of loyal followers.

Things to Consider before Including Medium in Your Blogging Strategy

Before including Medium in your blogging strategy, you have to be aware that there are some downsides to it. Relying too much on third-party platforms to promote your content may be a really stressful thing.

Because of this fact, you need to consider adding other options to your blogging strategy. Having at least two different strategies for promoting your blog will go a long way in increasing the reach of your content.

Content Publication Strategy to Use on Medium

  • Publishing syndicated and original content

There are basically two ways to publish content on Medium and they are; publishing content from another site or publishing your own content.

If your major aim is to use Medium to increase your content’s visibility, then publishing syndicate content will be the best option for you. But you also have to know that reposting other people’s content may give you some SEO issues. If search engines notice syndicated content, it may get you penalized

If you want to republish other people’s posts, Medium has a wonderful tool that will help you do it the right way. The Import tool on Medium allows you to republish existing content very easily. This way you can post any pieces of content without being penalized for duplication.

  • Personal publications and company publications

A very important decision you need to take before adding Medium to your content strategy is; will you be publishing content from a person or company’s publication.

If you decide to publish from a company’s publications, all your posts will most likely remain in the name of one single author. When you publish from a personal account, you will be able to feature your account under different writers and authors.

Publishing from a personal account also allows you to make some level of customization to your content. But there are also some limitations of using a personal publication to publish content. One of the limits is that your content can only be on one publication at a time. This is very important to help the platform avoid repeated content.

Guidelines for Publishing Properly on Medium

  • Explore the Import tool for syndicated content

A very good benefit of using Medium’s WordPress plugins is that it will add different canonical tags to your Medium posts. These canonical tags point back to the original source of the content. This source can simply be your blog or website.

An effective way to check if the canonical tags are placed properly is to;

  • Click directly on the Medium post
  • Look at the page and then search for the word canonical

Using these tools that Medium provides you will increase your post’s chances of being discovered by readers.

  • Don’t republish for a period of time

Before importing content from your blog to Medium, give at least a period of two weeks before doing so. This will give the original content some chances of giving you more viewers on your blog, and possibly ranking for some keywords.

As soon as you have published content from your blog to Medium, there will be a link to the content that directs readers to the original content.

  • Use relevant tags to organize your content

Tags are used on Medium to suggest your content to interested readers. This is the more reason you need to attach tags to the content you publish on Medium.

When you are a user on Medium, you can use these tags to select the kind of content you will see on your homepage. When you decide on the kind of tags to use on your content, be sure to select the ones that are widely searched for on the platform.

  • Use the analytics tool to learn about your audience

When you are a publisher on Medium, the analytics tool on Medium makes it easier for you to generate more content. You can use this tool to search for different topics that your readers might like. The data provided by the tool will then help you in producing better content.

The tool is also useful when trying to source content for your blog. So, we can say that the tool is valuable on both ends.

  • Focus more on Quality

The main interest of Medium is how relevant your content is on the platform. Posting long and useless content will not give you a good following on the platform. You have to put in more effort to make your content valuable and beneficial to your potential readers.

These kinds of posts are those that will leave your readers asking for more. You have to find these pieces of content that people are interested in. And then fit them into the style of content you produce.

A good way to find relevant content is to stay in touch with the trends and happenings in your niche. These updates will help you produce content people will love to read.

  • Publish regularly

Like other marketing channels you might be using, consistency is of great importance. In order for you to stay relevant in a widely used platform like this, you not only have to create quality posts but publish them regularly.

Producing content regularly will keep your reader’s attention. It will also help you get a lot of followers on the platform. People like great content, but they are more interested in consistently-produced ones also.

  • Use relevant images to increase readability

Images are what will most likely attract people to read your content. People will be more attracted to your content when you use a lot of images. For this reason, you have to make your content have a good visual impression.

The images will not only help in attracting more readers to your content but will also increase the readability of your content. If you have pieces of content that are very long, a good way of keeping your reader’s attention is by adding relevant images.

Wrapping up

Getting enough traffic to your content is becoming more difficult by the day. This is as a result of different search engine changes and updates and other different regulations that have been implemented by Google.

Because of these factors, it’s become more important to use different social platforms to promote the content on your blog. This is the more reason we had to focus on Medium for this post.

Medium has been used by a lot of writers to build a very strong audience, and I hope you, as a writer, can do so too. Before using Medium to promote your content, be sure to use the guidelines mentioned in this article.

Would you love to start exploring Medium today? Medium allows you to republish your blog posts without the fear of being penalized for duplicate content.

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