What is Wealthy Affiliate about?

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This review will give you insight into what Wealthy Affiliate is about and how anyone can take advantage of this business community to make cool money online.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of entrepreneurs from South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and the rest of the world. It’s a money-making network where people, from all walks of life, receive affiliate marketing certification with access to numerous tools and marketing resources.

This is, indeed, a network that truly makes concerted efforts at giving you the best mentoring and helping you genuinely become a success with those tools.

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An important note to readers: This review contains some affiliate links which means I may earn a commission from any sale that comes from the page. Please refer to my affiliate disclaimer policy here.

What is Wealthy Affiliate about?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About?

Wealthy Affiliate is the online business community that truly creates extraordinary ways to make legitimate money online. It helps you earn revenue in so many ways such as:

  • Earn direct and recurring commissions from the network,
  • Get paid to offer quality blog comments,
  • Earn cash credits creating training tutorials, videos & courses for the community.

On a yearly basis, you can win an All-expense-paid vacation trip to the US to hold private meetings with Kyle, Carson, and the other super affiliates from all walks of life.

In the WA community, you have all resources at your own disposal to become a successful online entrepreneur.

I’ve been into the online marketing hassle over the past decade without having a clue into how a blog is run profitably not until I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

Kudos to WA for creating what has been a truly wonderful opportunity for affiliate marketers and for providing such an entrepreneur certification that covers all areas of affiliate marketing in particular and online business in general!

You earn lots of dollars creating training for other members in the community and you can withdraw all your earnings to Paypal whenever you want and lots more.

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with all needed training resources together with free videos to walk you through the process of completing tasks at each stage of the online entrepreneur certification.

You get a certification badge upon completing each course.

Wealthy Affiliate is singled out as one of the best online business communities in the online world and rated as the most active internet marketing community. It has helped a lot of people showcase their entrepreneurial skills as well as turn their passion into a thriving online business.

Wealthy Affiliate Program
Wealthy Affiliate Program

The only requirement for you is to be an action taker. Action takers are money makers. Time-to-time support is given by co-founders and the entire community – the group of people who are always more than ready to help you become successful.

Have you got scammed times without number in the course of searching for home-based online business opportunities? Have you attended a series of seminars or bought many eBooks online but all to no avail?

I am pleased to inform you today that you’ve found the right program already, and you will never get scammed again so far you’re ready to take actions now.

When you become part of the community (Affiliate Link), you will learn the right approach for building a WordPress website in just a few clicks. You will further learn how to get a first-page ranking in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines by implementing working strategies.

The SEO technology in WordPress integrates your branded website for high search engine rankings.

My Review About Wealthy Affiliate
My Review About Wealthy Affiliate

When you start receiving search engine rankings, this will reflect in your site traffic, and you will earn consistent revenue in a lifetime.

Wealthy Affiliate Program
Wealthy Affiliate Program

As you move near the first page in Google, your revenue increases exponentially.

Getting started doesn’t cost you a dime. It only takes a moment to create a WA free starter membership account, and to set up your account profile which is in 4 stages as shown below:

  • Add an image
  • Add a description about yourself
  • Set your money goal
  • Start training.

With the free starter membership, you will have two free websites hosted free by the most integrated, yet, the best hosting platform (SiteRubix) in the world.

Build websites of your own alongside getting paid to offer comments to blog or creating training tutorials, videos & courses.

How does this sound to you?

I’m Israel Olatunji & I’m disclosing to everyone that this review is dedicated mainly to the like-minded persons – the group of people who have decided and determined to bury procrastination & build up rocking and successful websites leveraging the most awesome resources and site-builder tools at WA and continue rocking the online world with the right mindset! They are not the “Get rich quick” type of people, not at all!

Which group do you belong?

If you’re the right person with the right mindset, continue reading this review, but if not, please don’t. It means the review is not for you.

Now, to the business……

Do you know there’s an awesome online business community called WA – the one with over 1.5 million members from all parts of the world – the community of people who are trained through the online entrepreneur certification and are becoming highly successful online entrepreneurs every day?

So, if you’ve been on the lookout for such an opportunity, let me seize this avenue to congratulate you. I was a potential online entrepreneur like you before I stumbled at WA and have been in this community for over 19 months now.

Check my training resource page there and you’ll find that, as at the time of updating this review, I’ve produced 435 training resources for the community from which I’ve earned a lot & am still earning.

Wealthy Affiliate Training
Wealthy Affiliate

And I was also a potential online entrepreneur like you, but not sharing the get-rich-quick mentality – the bad mentality that frustrates and ruins lives. You can check my training resource page here.

For me not to waste any much time at all, I’m going to share my own review of the program below so you can go through and have more knowledge about what you’re about to venture into. You’ll find that it’s the most amazing online marketing platform you’ll ever need in the whole of your financial life if you’re truly and really serious about making money online.

It’s my #1 Recommendation ever. I’ve made a lot of money from this platform and I’ll show you some live screenshots of the payments I received on 9th July 2019 which is just last week.

Upon joining and taking action, I have a lot of goodies for you:

  • 61% discount off your first monthly upgrade;
  • 24/7 support and full-time mentoring;
  • You’ll be shown how to become a successful trainer at WA;
  • You’ll be shown how you can become a successful blog commenter at WA and earn seriously from this;
  • You’ll be shown how you can monetize your websites with Google AdSense and get your approval in less than 24-72 hours and lots more.

If I’ve been talking to someone out there, and you’re ready to kick-start your own online business now, don’t hesitate to reach me via the contact box below this review.

My review about Wealthy Affiliate will clarify how genuine and trusted the network has been over the past 10 years and the numerous ways to maximize its membership for building up an online brand.

Wealthy Affiliate is meant for everyone, and it currently has over 1.4 million trained members from all countries of the world.

Wealthy Affiliate has the best Keyword & Niche Research tool which analyzes the main keyword parameters for creating online campaigns, content & for getting first page rankings in Google.

It makes clear references to those parameters such as Quoted Search Result, Keyword Quality Indicator, SEO, Article Power, Monthly Searches, Traffic, and others.

Wealthy Affiliate is a network that facilitates money-making techniques. It fully uncovers the major secrets for earning consistent revenue which most online marketers have ignored long ago.

Wealthy Affiliate has the following benefits for you:

  • Little or no internet experience is required to get rolling
  • You Become Successful Through the 24/7/365 Interactive Support and Training
  • Getting Started Is Totally Free And Creating A Free Starter Membership Account Only Takes A Moment
  • You Get Two Free Websites Hosted (Unlimited) With Your Free Membership
  • You Get 50 Websites Hosted (25 Free Websites + 25 Owned Websites) + Free SSL Certificate + Unlimited Email Accounts + Free Privacy + WHOIS Registration
  • Free Mentoring From Highly-Successful Online Entrepreneurs And From Co-Founders
  • Series of Live Interactive Classrooms And Weekly Webinars.

How Can You Make Money Directly Within Wealthy Affiliate (Updated with effect from 10th November 2018)?

My Review About Wealthy Affiliate
My Review About Wealthy Affiliate

A lot of people have really missed the road that links to genuine online success to have compared Wealthy Affiliate to just an ordinary affiliate marketing network.

In the network, you have diverse ways to earn online revenue consistently So, affiliate marketing is not a must for you at all. You may not promote any product if you so wish and you’ll earn revenue working in the comfort of your bedroom. That is WA for you in the online world. If you’ll ever need a helping hand with anything going forward in your business, don’t hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment in the box below this post.

The affiliate program is meant for anyone who is particularly interested in promoting self and other people’s products. You are rather taught how you can have a personal brand and become a successful internet entrepreneur.

Earn Lifetime Revenue From the Wealthy Affiliate SiteComment 2.0 Platform

Through the recently-launched WA SiteComment 2.0, you’ll have the unlimited opportunity to earn $0.50 per comment using the tool any time meaning that whenever you offer another member a comment of at least 50 words, you’ll get paid $0.50 instantly and there’s no limit to the number of comments you can offer daily.

Through the WA SiteComment 2.0 tool, you can earn as much as you want daily doing what you love doing in the comfort of your home.

Once you’ve offered 40 comments in any day, you’ll have earned $10 cash credits and 20 community credits which appear instantly and automatically in your WA credit dashboard and can be exchanged for the dollar equivalent using the slider tool. Once exchanged for dollars, it’ll get paid out via PayPal on the first of every month.

The only requirement to earn lifetime revenue offering comments on the WA SiteComment 2.0 platform is to remain a certified commenter.

Every premium member of the WA community who requests site comments through the Site Comment 2.0 platform is authorized to approve or disapprove any comment based on how authentic and relevant the comment is to the original post. This is allowed in order to keep the platform intact and let it remain a pay-it-forward system. It’s also to kick against spammers who wouldn’t leverage the platform to fulfill the purpose for which it was created.

Note that you don’t have to wait for the next 30 days to pass before you can get paid. Not at all! Every $0.50 you earn per comment automatically goes straight to your WA credit dashboard as explained above and this can be exchanged for dollar equivalent at the rate of $0.50 per cash credit instantly.

What’s Required to Become a Certified Commenter at WA?

You simply need to leave 50 comments at least on other people’s blogs within WA with at least 80% approval rate and at most 20% skip rate. Once you’ve reached this level, you’ll be congratulated as a newly certified commenter to start earning consistent revenue directly within WA.

You’ll only get a skip-record in the Site Comment 2.0 platform once you have chosen the “I am not interested” option. In order to avoid having a lot of skip records, click on the “Edit your interests” button and choose the niche of comments you’ll like to be receiving.

You can choose as many interests as you want and there’s no minimum or the maximum number of interests you can choose any time. It’s such an awesome community to earn more than extra revenue doing what you love doing in the comfort of your home while building your own virtual real estate alongside.

To keep your certified commenter status using the new SiteComment 2.0 tool, you must ensure that you leave not less than 50 comments within a 30-day period. In case you still have some inquiries to make about the use of the WA SiteComment 2.0 tool, don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below this post and I’ll be more than happy to help as much as possible. You must make money online!!!

Earn Lifetime Revenue (Cash Credits) Creating Training for the WA Community

Once you have reached your first two months mark within the WA community, you have the privilege to earn 10 cash credits ($5.00) on every training tutorial, course, and video you create for the community and you can create 2-3 training tutorials per day which earns you 600-900 WA cash credits ($300-$450) a month. This is, of course, an appreciable extra income opportunity for anyone from any location in the online world.

Before you reach your first two months mark as a premium member of the WA community, you’re not entitled yet to earn from creating training, not until you’ve consistently remained a premium member for at least two months.

Good news to everyone out there who has got convinced and has determined to seek financial freedom through WA; the only online business platform that has grown at a pace beyond the industry and at an almost equal pace with the entire online world!

In the WA training platform, you’ll have the opportunity to upload images, texts, or videos from the directory or directly from your computer and you can publish training at any time of the day.

Congratulations to the WA trainers who have got the passion for consistently creating training as well as engaging the audience through training resources as they’ll surely rank their training resources in Google with time and earn cool and consistent revenue in a lifetime. What an ocean of revenue opportunities within the WA community!

What’s more to congratulate you guys for at WA?

A few days ago, I received a private message from Kyle; the co-founder of WA notifying me once again about the upcoming full-time revenue opportunities directly within WA for premium members.

Gone were the days when members would have to struggle to get the monthly re-subscription fee! Not any more! This challenge has, of course, lured so many people away from getting financial freedom through WA. Congratulations!!!

Upon successfully creating a brand, you’ve started a sure journey that leads to financial freedom and there’s no barrier on the way so far you are ready to give it a go.

You’ll be creating quality content based on your niche (Your interest/passion) from time to time, and you’ll be engaging your audience which is a very crucial strategy for getting a first Page Ranking.

My Review About Wealthy Affiliate
My Review About Wealthy Affiliate

Earning consistent revenue online with your website is as simple as four major steps as shown in the image above.

You start first by choosing an interest. Then, you move on by building your niche website which will represent your brand and virtual real estate.

The next step is to start attracting visitors by implementing the content marketing strategies put across in the training; then, you’ll earn consistent revenue working in the comfort of your home.

You’ll also get tons of organic traffic by constantly requesting comments to your website. This is the best way to engage your audience using Wealthy Affiliate marketing/SEO tools.

Getting Started At Wealthy Affiliate

By starting here, you are truly starting up a business, and you have all the tools and resources at your own disposal. You must begin taking actions in earnest. And you will have a journey full of accomplishments ahead.

Begin first as a free starter. Then, upgrade to the premium when you’ve got totally convinced to begin a journey that leads to financial freedom.The network is confident enough to give you access to its free starter membership. You may then decide to take action as to whether you should upgrade or not. Currently, members are well above 1.5 million in number and it keeps growing every day.

Once you follow all steps sheepish without skipping one, success is guaranteed here. I will personally be your mentor in giving 24/7/365 support and mentoring.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Program

There are two major training programs in the Wealthy Affiliate marketing network. The first one is the Online Entrepreneur Certification, while the other one is called “Affiliate Bootcamp”.

My Review About Wealthy Affiliate
My Review About Wealthy Affiliate

You have five levels of 50 lessons altogether in the Online Entrepreneur Certification while the Affiliate Bootcamp is in 7 different phases.

Completing all levels of training will turn you a successful online entrepreneur within a month or two.

You will be learning, to the fullest, the tips to making money online with a brand while studying through the Online Entrepreneur Certification.

You’ll be receiving special training at the Affiliate BootCamp towards earning online revenue even if you don’t know how to choose a blog niche at all. So, Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone.

The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

Though the free starter membership is restricted to some particular countries, once you are able to sign up free from your own location, you will have access to the first ten lessons in the online entrepreneur certification.

Wealthy Affiliate Program
Wealthy Affiliate Program

 You will upgrade your free starter membership account once you’ve found that it’s the best program for you.

With the free starter membership account, you can create two free websites and get a lifetime unlimited free hosting package worth much more than the top tier $250 monthly hosting packages.

To unlock those amazing tools such as the keyword & Niche Research Tool, Link Tracking, Affiliate Classroom, Affiliate BootCamp, Site Content, Site Comment, Site Feedback, Site Manager, Site Builder, 24/7/365 Live Chat & Site Support, you need to upgrade to premium.

Upgrading to premium simply means that you are ready to make money.

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials

My Review About Wealthy Affiliate
My Review About Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle and Carson; the founders of Wealthy Affiliate have created multiple streams of income for the hundreds of affiliate marketers in all the parts of the world. Be part of this today.

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials
Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials

They have successfully gone a long way in setting up what has consistently generated online revenue for everyone in the community.

The two Canadian affiliate marketers started the network together as far back as 2007. The project they began more than a decade ago has now turned into a multi-million dollar brand for the benefit of more than 1.4 million affiliate marketers today.

The network has wonderfully grown up to over 1.5 million members in the last 12 years.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit?

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a scam. There are many things to love about Wealthy Affiliate. They claim to offer affiliate marketing training that includes videos, tools, and coaching.

A scam to me is anything that takes your money and then runs away.

What does it Cost to be a Wealthy Affiliate Member?

Wealthy Affiliate is available at $0, $49/month for the Premium package (or $49 for the first month and then $99/month after for the Premium Plus package).

The Free Plan includes:

The Premium Plan includes:

  • Access to coaches and feedback/support via the website
  • All training
  • 2x higher affiliate payout
  • Access to the community
  • 50 sites
  • Direct messaging

You can start keyword research by signing up for a free membership. What are you waiting for?

You’ll still learn some good stuff from the training included in the free section.

Why the Free Plan is not for me

To be successful in earning online income, the Free Plan is not enough.

That’s fine. A “freemium” model is acceptable. Some of the items they offer as perks for the Free Plan are not even usable.

SiteRubix is the website that provides a “free and fully functional” site. Have you ever heard of it? That’s me too. It’s not possible to use it to create a successful website.

Kyle Loudon of Wealthy Affiliate speaks out about SiteRubix.

He says that it’s okay to start with, but you are dead if your domain is not moved to your own. Your site will be useless unless you upgrade from Standard.

Here’s a summary from a thread on WA about why SiteRubix isn’t worth your time. SiteRubix is a waste of time.

How much money can you practically earn from Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate claims it will give you all the tools, guidance, and support you need to start affiliate marketing. However, I guarantee that you will not make $0 with the free plan unless you sign up for others.

It is up to you to resolve on how much you can make from the other training. You can find enough information in these videos to help you get started.

You could also coach the community and make some extra money if your hustle is extreme.

That’s not a reality for most people. You can make legitimate money by becoming an affiliate of WA.

What is the Maximum Money You Can Earn Through Their Affiliate Program?

The average earning of WA affiliates

WA affiliates make an average of $121 per referral.

It’s that aspect that makes it so attractive. Retained commissions are earned if your referral continues to pay a monthly subscription. You’ll still get paid.

Imagine referring someone to WA, and they become a premium member. (WA converts approximately 12% of all free users). You receive a portion of those sales. Imagine that they pay for a full calendar year. You get a part of that.

About 12% of users are converted to WA.

This is what makes it so appealing. It’s why so many people are promoting it on the internet.

When Wealthy Affiliate first came to my attention, I was a bit skeptical. I’m self-made.  You only need passion and a website to label them spam.

Since I am now focusing on giving back, I felt obliged to clarify the situation. I did it, and it was pretty satisfying.

After spending a week researching WA, I finally narrowed down my lessons that I have learned in these five days.

These are the basics.

Wealthy Affiliate is the most well-known affiliate marketing community and training course.

This community of over 2.4 million people is designed to help complete beginners become profitable affiliate marketers. It offers training, tools, coaching, and a website that functions.

Your membership provides everything you need to make a living from affiliate marketing, including:

  • You will get the best coaching and support from your community.
  • Training on niche selection
  • A guide to affiliate programs so that you can make money from your traffic
  • A website builder
  • Subscribe to the tools you need
  • How to get free traffic to your site
  • How to master paid traffic

These are some interesting facts about the community:

  • Daily, 23,000+ people get help
  • 1,800 coaches
  • 4+ million members
  • Start a business with 10,000+ employees

Caron Lim and Kyle Loudon founded wealthy Affiliate to help others realize the same dreams back in 2005. They wanted to help people live a life free from constraints while making money through affiliate sales.

They were something I knew of, but by the time they hit it big, I was already making a living through SEO and affiliate marketing. So I decided to just “eh” and continued.

I was not bothered by the controversy that was gaining steam.

I am not a beginner marketer and don’t need to take another course. Now that I am looking at other classes and trying to help others, I signed up for this course to be transparent and speak for myself. I recommend Wealthy Affiliates for MOST People

I watched the videos and read the community. I also followed the founders online – but not physically. I looked at the tools and arrived at this conclusion:

WA is an excellent resource for beginners. It will teach you the basics and give you a direction. You’ll also have access to valuable tools.

Who am I to give advice? I am a seasoned entrepreneur with over ten years of experience.

WA certainly has value. I’ll be covering all my concerns and likes throughout this training so that you can make your own decision.

It all comes down to what you expect from the service.

Are you looking for a beginner-friendly service and offers essential advice, basic tools, and a support network to answer your questions?

It’s then actually okay.

Do you want to make money online? Are you looking to become a successful entrepreneur and have elite training? WA is good for you.

Wealthy Affiliate has its pros and cons

Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent service. It helps you understand how to make money online with affiliate marketing and saves you the hassle of purchasing tools and paying for web hosting.

Who is the brain behind Wealthy Affiliate?

Kyle Loudon  

Kyle Loudon, the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate and its face, is Kyle Loudon. He’s also the one you’ll most often see at the training sessions. He’s my feeling. Kyle is an instructor and chief marketing officer, as well as an affiliate marketer.

Carson Lim

Carson Lim, Kyle’s right-hand man, is the designer and co-founder. He is responsible for bringing ideas to life, whatever that may mean.

Jay Neil is the last person you should know.

Jay Neil

Jay is Wealthy Affiliate’s training chief and a well-respected “consultant” for affiliates.

Wealthy Affiliate Training: What Can You Learn?

In all the chaos is Wealthy Affiliate’s training program on affiliate marketing. Instead of telling you scary stories, I will explain what you’ll be learning and let you decide for yourself.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free 10-lesson crash course on the basics of affiliate marketing.

In theory, you can go from “What’s affiliate marketing?”

Although the advice may seem outdated and simplistic, it is intended for beginners. I think that knowing the basics is OK.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s included.

Training will be provided on:

  • Content creation
  • Choosing your interest
  • Keyword research
  • Your “website”
  • Activating plugins

Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

Wealthy Affiliate does not operate an MLM or a pyramid scheme. Not at all, not strictly speaking!

A pyramid scheme is one in which recruits pay upfront fees to members at the top, with the promise of receiving payments as they recruit “below” them. This means that you pay for your entrance, and then you make money recruiting new members – who then pay.

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT…

It does smell a little bit like this. It is possible to pay for legit training. If you choose the Premium Plan, you will get 2x the commission. It’s not a pyramid scheme, however.

What about an MLM?

A multi-level marketing scheme is similar to a pyramid scheme, but it’s just when a company makes money by enticing its members to recruit new members. It is common to recruit new members, including family and friends, to make money.

The technical aspect of Wealthy Affiliate is different. Learn about affiliate marketing through its training modules, and then go out and make your own.

In a blog post, Kyle first explains what an MLM is like.

However, it is technically the same thing if you create a website exclusively for Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a website, a brand, and a network, but it is solely to recruit people.

He then goes on to explain how an MLM can make you money. Many success stories at Wealthy Affiliate involve recruiting others to Wealthy Affiliate.

My marketing agency is apparent with clients about what they should expect. This is hard work, SEO, Affiliate, or eCom. It’s not easy to make money. It takes hard work and outthinking others to make it happen.

Affiliate marketing is all about making money. If you’re looking to travel, how can you compete with the 7-figure travel bloggers?

You won’t compete if you choose a niche with established players, high-authority sites, and WORLD GOVERNMENTS. You’ll never see results and quit.

Content is more than just communicating with your audience.

Kyle recommends keyword research and planning. This is fair. This is a gross oversimplification.

It’s not enough to use a keyword search tool and find topics to write an article.

Google uses keywords to determine what you rank for. You should optimize your articles using keywords.

You can write articles in some niches and include your main keyword several times. Then, allow related terms to be included in the article. In the vast majority, however, this is not going to help you rank.

Remember, all this will be done without any backlinks. I love great content. Writing reader-focused content is what I love. It is way too easy to forget about optimizing articles for keywords.

It seems that WA wants to make things easy. The Lab is a training course that teaches you how to create good content and optimize it for Google.

Kyle says there is no right or wrong word count. However, he advises students to aim to write 1,000 words.

SEO is not about “aiming for” anything. Analyze the competition to determine the preferred word count for your keyword.

You need to look at the top 10 results.

Google is more intelligent than you might think. Google has historical search term data and has optimized the first page to get the best results.

Imagine that you have a keyword such as “best men’s supplement.”

If you see a first page showing a roundup post with tons of products and an average word count of 5,000 words, you need to do something similar. Your 1,000-word article won’t do any good. My thoughts: Kyle is aware of his audience’s fear if they find out the truth. I can see the logic.

Keyword research is an essential skill in SEO.

Even though you have all the best SEO and drool-worthy linking, it doesn’t matter if your keywords aren’t being used.

What tools are needed to locate keywords?

He claims that no tool on the market could provide the data he required.

He then goes on to explain that Jaaxy is the ultimate platform for internet marketers to conduct research.

Jaaxy first provides these data:

Jaaxy provides keyword, average volume, traffic, competition

The most important thing is that keyword research can be complex. Kyle simplifies the process by focusing on low-competition keywords and then writing the corresponding articles.

Yes, it would probably work in a niche with low competition in 2014. What’s the best part? It’s not so.

Ahrefs is a great tool to find competitors ranking at the same level as yours. You have a high chance of ranking for them. You can start there.

Although I can’t go into detail on this right now, you must use Ahrefs and do extensive keyword research and planning. You must then build it brick-by-brick.

Carson and Kyle are too busy sailing around the globe with supermodels to maintain their affiliate sites. The ones they offer are out of date and dead and don’t even make any money.

Here are two sites Kyle personally built:

  • Howtolosebellyfattoday.com
  • Waystoavoidscamsonline.com

Are you conducting affiliate training on a site you haven’t updated since 2015? This is not a good look.

Affiliate marketing is a long-term endeavor.

Note: Kyle also uses an exact matching domain. Exact match domains are when your domain name matches precisely a keyword that you want to rank for.

Jay is the training leader at WA, and his leading site is affiliateresources.org. He’s probably a great guy in real life. But business is business, as they say.

It had to be its section, rather than being included in the previous section on outlandish claims.

After a bit of training on audience targeting for WA Affiliates, he claims that you can easily make 1,000,000 USD per year by using this training, only with ONE NICHE.

It’s not easy to make a million dollars with any type of product, and it’s even more complicated when used for advertising.

After he teaches content writing and guides you on the path to creating your 1000-word masterpieces, you will have dozens of videos.

Kyle is the brain behind the operation. He is the face and primary trainer of the brand. He seems to be a decent guy, and I feel that he wants to help others.

Because he is a marketing expert, he has had success in affiliate marketing. From what I can see, he is active in chat and responsive. It all looks good.

It’s safe to say that Kyle was earning good money as an affiliate marketing specialist when he set up this company. It exploded from there. Jay keeps the essential training videos online, does webinars to update members, and enjoys nightclubs in Monaco.

Carson Lim is Kyle’s co-partner in Wealthy Affiliate. He is the co-founder and design chief of the operation.

From what I have seen, there isn’t much information about him. His IG is active, however. He’s an avid traveler and basketball fan. He’s also a committed husband and father.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium

Although the Bootcamp will get you started, it won’t allow you to make any money online. You will need Premium.

Positively, the Premium plan covers all the essentials of making a living as an affiliate marketing professional, including:

Even if you disagree with the advice, it will still give you a solid foundation from which to build.

Review of Wealthy Affiliate

There are many positive reviews. TrustPilot’s 5-star rating is a good example.

Wealthy Affiliate has helped many people make a lot more money. Their community has also helped a lot of newbie to market and begin earning an affiliate income.

These are the main issues that everyone faces:

WA members love WA. They love it like a deity. Because they make money off it, they promote it ruthlessly. Anyone who speaks out against it is often bribed.

It’s designed to encourage you to promote the company: Wealthy Affiliate members can make a lot of money by recommending it to others. The company will push you in that direction as soon as you join the ecosystem.

What I like about Wealthy Affiliate Premium

These are some of the good points:

  • Videos that provide clear and simple-to-understand information
  • All bases covered
  • Social media is a primary focus
  • Productivity and goal setting included

“The premium and free training modules were OK. It seems that the training modules on promoting WA will also be available …”.

The Affiliate Training Bootcamp guides you through:

  • Taking a break to do something else
  • WA’s huge dashboard
  • Selling to customers and keywords
  • Writing readable content
  • Internal linking
  • How to backup your website
  • Bonuses
  • How to make your website look and work better
  • Sharing and writing reviews

What are the Key Points Wealthy Affiliate Does NOT Teach?

My humble opinion is that WA doesn’t grasp many vital points regarding SEO. Many essential points can help you increase your rankings, grow and make money.

These are the main points Wealthy Affiliate does not teach (but you will need):

  • Instagram
  • Not having an affiliate disclosure can land you in serious legal trouble
  • Email marketing
  • Outsourcing content
  • YouTube SEO
  • Outsourcing SEO tasks
  • Snippet SEO
  • Google AdSense
  • External linking
  • Any of the most popular WordPress page builders!
  • Nofollow

This stuff is essential. Without it, you risk letting low-hanging fruits fall by the wayside. At worst, your site will fail.

Fair enough, most of this stuff is covered elsewhere on the site (forums and webinars, etc.). It may not all, but it is most of it. This stuff must be in core training. Otherwise, students will not even know what they need.

Wealthy Affiliate Support

This is a big plus for me. Wealthy Affiliate support is quick and easy, at least according to my experience.

Both Kyle and Carson are available via private message and are often quick to reply. Jay is the same. You can also contact Kyle or Carson privately.

There are over 2.4 million members around the globe who are active 24 hours a day. It’s hard to argue with that.

According to the company’s response time average of 1.8 minutes and the number of community interactions per day, more than 32,000 get responded to.

Through its leaderboard, WA encourages community members to get involved.

More “community credits” can be earned based on:

  • Asking questions
  • Blogging
  • Answering questions

Welcoming new members to the community is a great idea.

Although the last part of the sentence is a bit too pyramid-like, I still like this idea in communities. It promotes knowledge sharing and helps others solve problems faster.

Their forum was very helpful in filling in knowledge gaps and major issues (not sure why).

This is because rankings are determined through interaction. There’s a lot of spam. While WA prohibits this, it is difficult to enforce. Wealthy Affiliate strictly prohibits spamming

I received a lot of welcome mail from other members as soon as my account was created. Training videos and webinars are accompanied by strange comments.

Why are there a lot of positive reviews of Wealthy Affiliate on the Internet?

As you’ve likely noticed, Wealthy Affiliate is highly recommended by many people.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a series of videos that teach you how to promote your product. They push you to promote their product and give you a generous commission if anyone signs up.

Even within his forum, he promotes WA strongly.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

WA claims ample evidence to show its members make a lot of money through its training. Many of the success stories revolve around promoting WA and not running niche sites.

Many success stories are “cultish.” They praise the “amazing” system and repeat mantras such as “hard work pays off!” or “This changed my whole life.”

There are many exciting success stories, to be fair. I was particularly interested in one. This was about a student that created eBooks and made money by selling them on Facebook using affiliates from well-known bloggers.

Many of the greatest success stories are, however, quite old.


My Review About Wealthy Affiliate
My Review About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is waxing stronger daily. And It’s grown now at a pace that is faster than the industry.

It has helped a lot of people succeed online through its numerous earning strategies.

The aim of Kyle and Carson is to provide an online medium through which everyone can come around from any part of the world, start learning tactics for building up virtual real estates as well as set up a goal toward becoming financially free online.

Wealthy Affiliate has launched a blogging system known as “Pay-it-forward“, and this has really ensured that the system is exactly kept to serve that purpose.

You are always given the best of support and mentoring both at the Site Support and through live chat. Don’t be like such people who wouldn’t try things out but choose to remain skeptical due to the past frustrations.

In this community, members are earning $12000 – $14000 a month. Everyone in the community cares for one another especially for the just coming members who need slow and steady mentoring.

My Review About Wealthy Affiliate
My Review About Wealthy Affiliate

If the whole world should join this network today, everyone will be fine and there won’t be joblessness anywhere in the world.

The network provides a lot of tools and training resources and ensures that everyone gets rolling immediately.

Attention is given to you on all inquiries pertaining to success or to some other issues in the course of setting up your brand.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches basic principles for setting up a home-based online business network. These principles are fully embedded in the training resources and you will have access to all of these when you become a member.

They come in the form of tasks and videos that walk you through the process of earning consistent revenue online. You need to be consistent, determined and ready to make money online. Action takers are money makers, remember.


  • You get 24/7/365 interactive support and unlimited training.
  • You have access to weekly webinars and live videos that will help you learn at various levels practically.
  • Training begins immediately after registering an account.
  • You get overall access to the most powerful domain registrar and can leverage the hosting plan that’s worth more than the third-tier $250 monthly hosting packages in the online world
  • You have several tools at your own disposal to become an authority in any niche.
  • It’s a helpful community, though I don’t know how much trust I would have in some people there.
  • An essential roadmap is provided
  • Hosting included
  • Access to keyword research tools


My Review About Wealthy Affiliate

  • Your account gets deactivated automatically once you can’t subscribe within the given grace period, though a backup is kept for your website up to 6 months after your account has been deactivated.
  • You only have 30 days to reactivate your WA account after it’s been deactivated. However, you can move your domain from WA before the expiration of the grace period.
  • Training starting from 2013
  • Google’s algorithm has changed completely
  • Largely text-based

You can post a question and get an answer in minutes. Although not all advice is right, I think it’s great to know that there is always someone who can help you. It was something I wished I had when I first started.

People link up and share each other’s content via social media. There is nothing wrong with this. This is a great way to accelerate a site/business’s growth, especially in its early stages.

The flip side is that WA has a lot to offer, and many people make money. Also, the community is vast, active, and supportive, so it’s not surprising that so many people love it.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a fraud. They offer basic training and support in affiliate marketing and teach that you should follow your passion and create a niche site.

WA is an excellent place to start if you are looking to learn and meet other affiliate marketers to support you and make your community a stronger one.

Sign up if you are comfortable with the basics and give it a shot. A complete course in affiliate marketing is essential if you want to make money online.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below in case you want to learn more about WA and the potential ways to make money from it. I truly care about you and your online success.

137 thoughts on “What is Wealthy Affiliate about?”

  1. Hey Israel,
    Thanks for reviewing it and sharing such an insightful post. Whether you are just getting started, have some experience, or are an ultra-successful affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliate is made for you!
    I am thinking of using it for my creating my Ecommerce Business, but cant deny the fact that competition is bit tough.

    • Thanks for your beautiful comment, Monica! Aside from considering the competition out there, there are a lot of blogging routines that must be put into action and the ability to manage time wisely will make this come into reality. Thanks for your presence!

      Israel Olatunji

    • Thanks for your comment, Shelly! WA is an online business community that’s ready to help you, every step of the way, gain financial freedom. If you need any further questions, don’t hesitate to let me know.

      Israel Olatunji

  2. I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for a long time now and the experience is really worth it, I also loved your review, I wonder why anyone would imagine that the platform is a scam, it is really cost effective and also provides free training even if you’re not in premium mode, it also has other great features 

  3. Hi Israel, 

    What a fabulous review of the Wealthy Affiliate system. I loved the way u explained how one can earn from comments, and also from making training modules for others. I think this is truly one of the finest reviews I have seen of the Wealthy Affiliate program. Well done Israel.

    Knowing you to be such a prolific writer, I am not surprised. You are the best trainer Wealthy Affiliate has. What would we do without all those great training lessons that u have uploaded?

    Thank u Israel.



  4. I said it that comparing wealthy affiliate with other affiliate program is an error. WA has a solid foundation, no questionable deal, everything is transparent. Though it is a money making platform but it also aim at educating it’s members meaning. I learn, I earn. Thank you for creating this platform for the benefit of all

    • You’re always welcome, Olugbenga. If you’re interested in the affiliate marketing business and don’t want to build a blog, there’s no problem about that at all, though it would be so profitable to do affiliate marketing using your own personal blog and there are hundreds of opportunities out there for you to leverage so far you’re willing to be a super affiliate. Thanks for the reading!

      Israel Olatunji

  5. Out of all the affiliate platforms and other affiliate marketing programs I would have to agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the best! The training they provide and walk you through is so simple and easy to follow. It truly is a you GET what you GIVE program that I enjoy and have always enjoyed the challenges thrown at me. Are there any suggestions or tips you have from switching from just blogging to monetizing your blogs?

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my Wealthy Affiliate review! You’ve said a lot of things right there that resonate with the WA community.

      For example, you said it’s such a community that is easy to follow which is true. Wealthy Affiliate will continue to wax stronger and stronger for the owners are committed to the platform more than anyone else. Thanks for your awesome visit and for stopping by, Alisha!

      Israel Olatunji

  6. Hi, I always love to read about the platform I work with for 2 years now and it’s benefits.

    I have 4 websites running, being hosted for the same price here and all of them generate an extra income. Another Pro you didn’t mention is also the hosting platform which has a backed up copy of our websites at all times. This is very comforting, I don’t have to think about backing up my website my self. If a problem occurs, I just sent a support ticket and within just about 15 minutes my problem is addressed.

    All in all I’m very happy with this product, I work on the platform 6 days a week for just less than a dollar a day 🙂

    • Great to hear from you, Stefan! Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a valuable comment here! Much appreciated! WA has become a blessing for humanity, especially, those who are like-minded and are willing to build their own online business working from the comfort of their homes.

      And it has all the tools and resources at their disposals to rock their websites in search engine result pages (SERPs). Thanks for your lovely comment! Wish you success in your online endeavors!

      Israel Olatunji

  7. Thank you for sharing this post! I am a member of the wealthy affiliate community and I have to say that I have never been part of a Real Helpful and Caring group of people like this. At WA, you can ask any question get nswered within minutes, You can host all of your websites or blogs on the SiteRubix hosting platform that is super fast and secure … Simply the best Affiliate marketing and training platform around!! To your success 

    • Thanks for stopping by, Rick! Kudos for your valuable comment and for the passion! WA is an affiliate marketing community for affiliate marketers of all levels and has grown at a pace faster than the industry.

      It offers so many features such as the Site speed, site security & privacy, site protection, unlimited email accounts, an unlimited hosting package that is worth much more than the third-tier $250 monthly hosting package offered elsewhere. Thanks for your lovely visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  8. Thank you for sharing your review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I have stumbled upon this program several times while searching for ways to make money online. However, I have not considered joining yet until I’ve known enough of what this internet training platform is all about and what benefits I can gain from it. When it comes to these kinds of online training programs, I am a bit cautious because I joined others before and they did not meet my expectations as to the value of education and training they provide.

    Having read so many reviews about Wealthy Affiliate, I do not see anything new other than the SiteComment 2.0 Platform. I find it really interesting that a member can actually make money just by offering valuable comments to other peoples’ websites. With that said, I’m quite impressed with the way the founders of this online community are constantly upgrading the benefits for their premium members. I’m guessing, they always have something up their sleeves to help their subscribers make money and be successful.

    By the way, if I were to join Wealthy Affiliate, which training program do you suggest I should do first, the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course or the Affiliate Bootcamp? 

    • Thanks for stopping by, Alice! Kudos for your valuable comment! Much impressed! I think the same thing almost happened to both of us because I had equally stumbled at the WA platform dozens of times before I finally decided on taking action. When I joined back in December 2017, it wasn’t easy paying the monthly re-subscription and lots of referrals that came in through me couldn’t cope with the monthly subscription then.

      Special thanks to the co-founders of this vibrant community for releasing the new Site Comment 2.0 platform which has made it possible for anyone to upgrade and re-subscribe their accounts monthly! The platform has moved the community forward now to a new level completely. If you were to join the community, I would recommend that you should start with the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course first. Thanks for your lovely comment!

      Israel Olatunji

  9. Hey Israel Olatunji I am very happy to be part of such a great community. the people here are so helpful and supportive. They have the best platform in the world. Then you can even get help from the ones who started WA more than a decade ago. I am glad that I found this post “My Review About Wealthy Affiliate” because this was a great help to me. I needed to know more about Wealthy Affiliate Site Comment 2.0 Platform. This is a great review and very helpful.

    • Much welcome, freddie! Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad to inform you that the WA Site Comment 2.0 platform was released on 5th October 2017 in a blog post by Carson – A co-founder of the vibrant community! No more difficulty in paying monthly re-subscription! No more difficulty in upgrading accounts at WA! Kudos to Kyle and Carson!

      Israel Olatunji

  10. What an incredible blog post!

    I always enjoy all of your writing and this one is no exception. When leaving comments I try to add something to the conversation but you have left me with nothing else to add except what a great Job. I enjoyed the pictures and how often they were used throughout your post. Appreciated all of the summaries of the facts you shared about Wealthy Affiliate. I have come to enjoy WA myself in large part because of people like yourself being part of the community and always there to help other bloggers out like myself who are just starting. 

    May I ask, how long did it take you to craft this post from start to finish? 

    • Thanks for stopping by, Todd McKeever! It really affords me great pleasure to receive and read your comment and I’m much impressed to reply you in respect of this lovely and valuable comment. Thanks for appreciating my humble blogging stuff! In response to your last question, it only took me one hour to craft the post. Thanks for asking!

      Israel Olatunji

  11. I cannot help but agree with everything that you have written in this review. I love the community and I love the new features that came out in 2018. There are always improvements being made to the platform and the creators of WA, Kyle and Carson, always have our best interest in mind.

    I love that we can earn on the platform and don’t even need to grow a website, but of course, it’s best to follow the training and to create our own website because that’s what will give us the potential to make money from home online. 

    WA is a platform for action takers and really, building an online business is all about taking consistent action, even if it is out of their comfort zone. It’s doing what others are not willing to do, that will bring us the success.

    Nice to see another great review and it’s nice to meet you, Israel. I will definitely re-visit your site because I can see you give such great and accurate information.

    • Hello Reyhana, thanks for stopping by! Kudos for the passion to build your own online business and for appreciating my humble blogging stuff! As you can see, the WA community had been in operation for over 12 years and now has a population of over 1.5 million action takers who are premium members from all parts of the world.

      The most fantastic thing about the platform now is that you can earn $0.50 instantly to your credit dashboard on every other comment you offer to other people’s blogs and can withdraw via PayPal once you’ve reached $10. Congratulations on making it to WA!

      Israel Olatunji

  12. I love your review of WA. I’ve never read a review with the sitecomment platform mentioned in it. This is a very thorough review of WA platform. I enjoyed reading WA reviews every time because I learn new things every time. I’m currently a new premium member for about 3-4 months now and still trying to learn, much to learn. Thanks for sharing, I learned something new from your review today.

    • Thanks for your comment, sheilandc! Kudos for the reading and for learning a new thing from my review! Much impressed! It’s good to know that you haven’t read a review with the Site Comment 2.0 platform talked-about before. This is awesome. With the Site Comment 2.0 platform, you can earn $0.50 instantly to your credit dashboard on every other comment you post to other people’s websites. Congratulations on making it to WA!

      Israel Olatunji

  13. This is an amazing review of Wealthy Affiliate. Being a member myself, I can testify that it really is the best place to learn how to make a regular income online.

    I also liked how you went into detail of the many other ways you can make money with WA — which if you do it actually will also help your business.

    Again all I can say to anyone reading this, is try this platform out because you literally have nothing to lose since you can sign up for free — and see whether or not you like it.

  14. awesome information , things i didnt know were available on wealthy affiliate as i am still on the training in my first month on WA , but i will definately keep this in mind when ive got some down time from the training and help promote everyones own brand as it is a very good community and very active which i like even more . great work on this page.

  15. This is a wonderful review of Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been looking for affiliate training and it seems like they’re all so expensive out there, but Wealthy Affiliate actually seems to be a reasonable price. Worth trying for a bit of time, anyway. Thank you for taking the time to write this detailed review and really explain the program. It’s definitely got my interest!

  16. I really love the way you outlined the review of wealthy affiliate, using yourself as a case study will also inspire people like me to gear up. You really did a great job on analysing the starter and premium account, this will really turn out to be helpful for people searching for relevant information about wealthy affiliate.

    your article was concise and precise with details explanation. Keep up with the good job. Thank you

  17. I’ve been on online businesses for several years now and I have not gotten that major break through. I joined Wealthy Affiliate just last o month and I’m already breaking through. I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best program for Affiliate marketing and marketers. It’s starter and novice friendly. I’ve been able to introduce some friends also who are giving me testimonies. 

  18. Wow, thank you so much for this incredible review Israel. 

    This is the most extensive and comprehensive review I’ve read on Wealthy Affiliate.

    I am already a member of WA and have been for a few months but I still learned a lot from it. I’m sure anyone that doesn’t know about WA will learn everything they need from this review and even some of us most recent members.

    This post covers all aspects of Wealthy Affiliate and even explains the process of creating an account and getting started which, I believe can be the only part where people might get confused, after that, everything is explained through videos and questions are always answered by other members and founders.

    To me specifically, it helped me a lot to know that you can earn extra revenue by creating training and leaving comments.

    • Thanks for your valuable comment, Fran C! Much grateful! Thanks for finding my review of Wealthy Affiliate detailed enough even to help the newbies get the basic concept they need to be familiar with in order to be successful in this business.

      Yes, you can now start earning $0.50 on every other comment you offer to other people’s blogs/websites without a limit to the number of comments you can post per day. You’ll also start earning cash credits every day once you’ve hit your first two months mark in the community as a Premium member. Thanks for your lovely visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  19. Thanks for this review on the wealthy affiliate, it explains exactly how they operate and all the site is about. I joined wealthy affiliate last month, someone actually recommended this platform to me, I started with doubt but right now I can say I am well convinced. It is the best platform to learn and earn from anywhere in the world. Their training is exceptional. I learned how to create my own website for free on wealthy affiliate. This is truly awesome.

    • Thanks for your really awesome comment on “My Review About Wealthy Affiliate”, Seun! Kudos! When it comes to leveraging the most awesome Site Builder tools and resources, WA is the right platform for anyone wishing to make money online.

      And aside from building your personal website, you can earn revenue offering comments to other people’s websites/blogs. Congratulations on making it to WA!

      Israel Olatunji

  20. I am excited to be part of this community for just over three months now. I am starting my fifth and final level of certifications. Clicks are starting to appear in Google Console. 

    I’m beginning to realize how important my content will be in continuing my own road to success. Like Kyle said in his latest webinar – I paraphrase: You have to love to learn in order to be successful in this business. That is true! I orient my outlook in such a way that I am excited to learn and share that with my readers. 

    Thank you

  21. The post is good, very informative. I actually wanted to read every word to see where is was going.  The article was thorough. As a review I think you should not neglect to tell your readers about dedication and hardwork that is needed.  Most people out there are deceived by thinking that they can just spend 30 minutes or so and make lots of money, it could help to dispel the wrong picture put out there.

  22. I have been a premium Wealthy Affiliate member since early 2015. One of the training resources that I like a lot are the Live Events that happen most Friday evenings/Saturday mornings depending where in the world you are. 

    Thank goodness that these Live Events are recorded and the recordings available to premium Wealthy Affiliate members a day or two after the Live Event. Some really good information can be gleaned from those sessions. 

    They are one reason of many why I am still a premium Wealthy Affiliate Member. 

  23. This is a review well put together. I just joined Wealthy Affiliate and I am very happy with the training and the help. I had bad experiences in the past with other sites but I am happy to say that I have found a site that can help me build my online business from the ground.

    I like the training videos because everything is explained step by step, even someone like me who is not tech savvy, can build a website. and the community members are so eager to help and they don’t make you feel stupid for asking a question.

    I highly recommend that anyone who wants to make money online should join Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Congratulations on making it to WA, Rose! You’ve taken the best of actions and have made the wisest of decisions by joining the WA community – an online business community that has grown at a pace faster than the industry. If you ever need a hand with anything going forward, don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll be more than happy to respond in earnest. Thanks for your lovely visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  24. My mentor,  

    What a comprehensive review and analysis of what Wealthy Affiliate stands for.

    You are a well deserved ambassador of this noble site, without your rigorous preaching and your quest to set humanity free from poverty, I wouldn’t be here.

    You have said it all and clearly laid out what WA is, from provision of right tools to unlimited opportunities to fulfilling one’s dream of earning online which scammers have made so dreadful .

    Wow need I say more? Kyle and Carson are blessings to this generation. 

    • Thanks for stopping by, Kabirat! Much grateful! Kudos for appreciating the mentoring, support, training and all of that!

      Yes, WA provides amazing tools for blogging and everyone keeps thanking these people as they’ve successfully created what has been a truly-wonderful online opportunity for affiliate marketers.

      See you at the top soon, Kabirat! Thanks for your lovely visit! Kudos for the diligence! Much impressed!

      Israel Olatunji

  25. Wow this looks pretty good,

    I’ve been wasting a lot of time over the years learning a bunch of stuff to get nowhere.  Well, I know at least a few things that don’t work now I guess.  I really like this however, for starters you can see who runs it.  You would not believe how many businesses are out there where you can’t see any contact details other than an email.

    I pretty interested in the yearly paid for trip. That really sounds good to me. After reading this post, I was not really surprised about the amount of positive comments you have received.  This is one of the best programs I read a review about.

    Thank you

  26. Hi Israel,

    Yes Wealthy Affiliate SiteComments is very useful to start earning a bit of cash online.  I have earned some money with it and am now concentrating my efforts on email marketing and Bing Ads to build a list.

    Youtube is very useful for acquiring knowledge and I am finding it quite useful getting snippets of information from videos I watch.

    All in all WA is brilliant and I have learned a lot and still am.

    To Your Success,


  27. Wow, your review about Wealthy Affiliate is so comprehensive and self explanatory.  I like the fact that one can become a Certified Commenter at Wealthy Affiliate.  Its a great blessing to have all these benefits packaged under one roof. and I like the fact that we can earn lifetime points too. 

  28. Hello! Yes you are right, I have known Kyle for more than 5 years now at that time, he was still finding his way up. So, when I checked Wealthy Affiliate this year, the boys have made a huge difference from 5 years ago I will definitely give them that. You have a strong community of help anytime 24hrs and that’s impressive keep it up lads.

  29. Great review! Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing platform and one that is a fantastic opportunity for anybody looking to make money online. There are no other platforms I can think of that offer such an amazing array of tools and as supportive a community as on WA.

    How long have you been a member? Have you experienced a lot of success with your website?

  30. I was definitely excited when the new site comments 2.0 feature was released. I hope people joining wealthy affiliate today know hype lucky they have it. I certainly didn’t get paid for commenting on other people’s niche website when I started almost two years ago.

    As far as these full time earning opportunities that Kyle has told you about, can you give info on it or will he give a public announcement soon? I am really curious now. I can always use more ways to earn.

    • Congratulations on having the new Site Comment 2.0 platform launched within the WA community, Jessie palaypay! No online business community in the online world can release such a revenue opportunity for members to earn more than extra revenue while building out their own virtual real estates. Kudos to the WA community!

      Thanks for your participation!

      Israel Olatunji

    • Thanks for your comment, Jessie palaypay! Yeah, everybody got excited just like you when the new Site Comment 2.0 was finally released. It would definitely help a lot of people to stay back and continue with their business while earning more than extra revenue offering comments to other bloggers. Thanks for your participation!

      Israel Olatunji

    • Thanks for getting back, jessie palaypay! Much appreciated! There’s a severe penalty for those who try to generate backlinks using some automated tools or software. If you’re caught building links with a software, Google will lower your ranking and you won’t make money from your blog. Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  31. Israel, I really found you mentioning the issue of being scammed by get rich quick schemes very important. This too is why I was drawn to wealthy affiliate and beyond happy that I was able to find pages such as yours that eliminates that fear of being scammed. Wealthy affiliate and its community has been so much more helpful than any other platform I have used. Thank you for the in depth breakdown of the multiple ways to make consistent money with wealthy affiliate. This is a category a lot of posts kind of skim over and this was very helpful to understanding the potential of WA.

    • Thanks for contributing your own quotas to the discussion, Alexander Bush! You’re much welcome. Wealthy Affiliate is a complete bailout for every young and potential online entrepreneur in all parts of the world and would help those who had been on the lookout for a decent revenue opportunity make money online doing what they love doing in the comfort of their homes. Thanks for your visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  32. This looks like a great learning platform for me to start building my online business! I’ve checked out the free subscription and it seems to have all the necessary tools to get going, without paying for extra 3rd party services.

    Getting payed for Site Comments is a nice way to immediately start earning some money while I’m building out my website. Thanks for this in-depth review!

    • You’re much welcome, Laura! Congratulations on stumbling across WA; the best online business community in the online world! You’re going to get going once you can leverage the awesome tools available at your own disposal at WA to build your online business.

      Are you a free starter member at WA? If yes, how come you were able to use the Site Comment 2.0 platform when you had not yet upgraded to premium? I thought free starter members have no access to the Site Comment 2.0 platform. What are the tools and platforms you have access to at WA as a free starter member? Thanks in anticipation!

      Israel Olatunji

  33. I found this engaging! (If I wasn’t already a WA member, this would have peaked my interest)!

    Very professional, with great facts about the program. Great information on how the platform works, and all the benefits that come with it!!

    And I learned something new about making money at WA with training, and comments! Thanks for that!! (I’ll be checking that out today)!



    • Thanks for stopping by, Shaunna! Much appreciated! I particularly cherished the revenue opportunity at WA which is not common at other platforms. You can earn more than extra revenue creating training tutorials, videos, and courses as well as getting paid to post comments on other people’s blogs while boosting your own site’s comments at the same time. Kudos to the WA community and co-founders!

      Israel Olatunji

  34. Hello Israel.

    I have been looking a really long time, searching and investing huge amounts of time into finding a way to build an online business and become financially independent. The thought occurred to me when I watched a YouTube video where they made me aware that I was trading pieces of my life for money and I thought there must be a better way.

    Wealthy Affiliate unlike most programs allowed me to test the product before committing and that sold me on it. I like that there is a host of other people also working towards the same goals as me. 

    I would recommend that every person looking to achieve this give the free trial a test and see if its for you. If not then you have lost nothing and gained everything.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Richard! Kudos for the reading! Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the final bus-stop for whoever is going to seek financial freedom through an online business.

      As it offers a free starter membership package, anyone who is skeptical about online stuff may try it out for free first before buying the premium package. Thanks for your participation!

      Israel Olatunji

  35. Well I certainly consider myself an action taker – the only problem I’ve had stopping me is the price of most marketing training online! 

    I’m so glad to see that this option has a free entry level system that even offers some education – I think I’ll take this on to see if I can handle the training going forward. Do I need to buy any tools to take part?

    • Hello Chris,

      It’s good to have you on board. Thanks for stopping by! WA has both the free and premium packages. The free starter membership is for those who still want to learn more about affiliate marketing before taking actions and the premium membership is for those who are ready to make money.

      Once you’ve upgraded to premium, all the tools you’ll need to build an online empire will be unlocked for you instantly. Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  36. Hello Israel,

    What a very impressive review.

    It clearly took you a long time to produce and a lot of research.

    I totally agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing website.

    Wealthy Affiliate is great, but the real power for me is the commenting feature.

    To earn from the commenting system, a member must visit my website and leave a comments on it. This means that not only do i have traffic, but the bounce rate of my site will go down and I also get lots of relevant on topic comments.

    Why are comments on a website good?

    Well have you ever wanted to go for dinner and one restaurant is busy and the one next door is empty?

    Where do you almost always go?

    The buy one!

    Same with your website.

    If potential customers visit a ghost town website, they are more than likely to go somewhere else.

    If they see a site full of comments, they are more likely to stay.

    For me Wealthy Affiliate is amazing.

    Your post is spot on!


    • Thanks a lot for your valuable comment, Tim! You’ve said a bunch of points here useful for a potential online entrepreneur that wants to build an online empire. Site comments help you get the real traffic (Real visitors), your bounce rate reduces drastically and you move towards the first-page ranking easily. Thanks for your contribution!

      Israel Olatunji

  37. Hello brother. Whenever I see Wealthy Affiliate reviews, there is this joy that grows in me. I have been making research about Wealthy Affiliate for over a year+ and did not find a negative review except for that it is overwhelming. It was too good to be true. I had to join the platform and I got blown away by Everything. This platform is amazing.

    • Thanks for your comment, Barry! Much appreciated! Yeah, I equally feel excited reading reviews about the WA community. Thanks for appreciating WA! Kudos for being an action taker! Keep rocking your blog. Keep making cool money online from your blog. Congrats!

      Israel Olatunji

    • Hello John,

      Thanks for the visit! Kudos to you for the reading! Remember that you need to be an action taker to be a money maker. Congratulations on coming across this! If you ever need a hand with anything going forward, let me know.

      Wish you much success!
      Israel Olatunji

  38. Great post, Israel! I just started with WA last month myself and it’s really been an incredible journey so far. One thing I realized is that it needs persistent and consistent work.

    I felt a little overwhelmed tho with all the training but I’m pushing along because I believe they do a great job in training to become a successful online entrepreneur. Thanks so much for your insight! A beautiful website you have here.

  39. As usual your post was amazing and informative to me.
    I loved reading your post always. I will share this post with
    my friends and recommend your blog to them. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks a lot Amar for appreciating my work! Much grateful! Blogging is more of fun for those who have passion for it though there are people out there who quit due to common challenges and all of that.

      Some people expected to get started and begin earning right away whereas blogging does not work that way.

      Wealthy Affiliate comes in there by giving world-class training tools and resources as well as educating a lot of people on the rudiments of blogging lest they have wrong mentality about blogging from the onset.

      Thanks for visiting!

  40. Great Blog! It’s really helpful. Blogging is an amazing skill with which you can share your thoughts online. Love your ideas. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for stopping by John! Much grateful! I am glad you read the blog post and you found it so thoughtful. I hope you read and digested a lot about the WA program. The review is basically about the Wealthy Affiliate network. Thanks for visiting! Wish you breakthroughs!

    • Thanks John for your valuable thought about blogging! Much appreciated! Yes, you are very correct friend. Blogging helps you share your thoughts with a lot of people out there who might need certain ideas from you.

      The most interesting thing about blogging is that you can turn common thoughts or mere ideas into multiple streams of income and this is what gives most people courage to venture into blogging. Thanks for your interest in my work!

  41. Please, this your blog, is it based on the WA program? And what about someone who already has a blog running? Can I use it for the WA program?

    What are the limitations for the starter membership?

    • You are welcome friend! Thanks for visiting my blog! No blog is based on WA neither is my blog based on WA. You can join the WA community and link your running site to WA.

      To complete this process, you must ask your domain registrar to get you the domain transfer settings so you can link it to WA easily.

      As a WA free starter, you don’t have access to the premium tools and resources which can help you build up an online empire within a short period of time.

      If you get stuck anywhere, don’t hesitate getting back to me and I will be more than happy to reply you in earnest.

  42. Hello israel, I’ve done some little research and I want to begin but don’t know how to go about it. Could you pls put me through.

    • You are welcome Dami. You have come across the right money making program online and there is no such program anywhere online whereby you receive a world-class online entrepreneurial training in such an easy manner.

      I will send the sign up details and program details to you via email. If you get stuck anywhere, don’t hesitate getting back to you.

  43. Hello Israel,

    ,……..You only have 30 days to reactivate your WA account. However, you can move your domain from WA before the expiration of the grace period.

    ……..Your membership gets deactivated automatically once you can’t resubscribe within the given grace period.

    In the two lines above, I need some clarification and will send a mail to you about it.

    • You are welcome, Effiong. You received this message because you deactivated automatic subscription in your PayPal account. The WA community provides such tools and resources that you can’t get elsewhere.

      Aside from the domain you bought from the WA platform, the free site speed, free SSL (HTTPS), free site protection and privacy, free WHOIS certificate and free unlimited hosting packages are worth more than $1250 if you are paying for these elsewhere. Thanks for visiting!

  44. I am new to online marketing and this looks really interesting but how much time does it really take to be successful?

    Is this something that you can become super successful at with only working on it for a few hours per week? I only bring this up because I am an engineer and have a pretty big workload plus I’m renovating my house.

    Would you recommend I hold off on getting involved until I can clear my schedule a little more?

  45. Hi Israel,

    I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a while now and just wished I had found them earlier.

    After all the scams out there and sub-quality products that cost, I finally found WA. It is truly a one stop shop for anyone who wants to start a successful online business. I would highly recommend you try it out for free yourself!

  46. I have recently started learning about Wealthy Affiliate and had no idea about them until this year. I like the idea of creating an online business and building some financial freedom but sometimes I get lost in the woods with all of the training.

    How do you suggest someone learn and work hard but also know you are heading in the right direction? I have heard of so many people being successful and others who are banging their heads against the wall.

    I am so new to all of this that I wonder if I’m about ready to breakout with success or bang my head into a wall. Do you have any suggestions to be sure a person is on the right path? Is it just a matter of being in the right program with the right leaders?

    • Hello Rick,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a thought! I too have been in the WA community for quite a while now and have had so much experience both inside and outside this community.

      The impression I got from the WA community is that it gave me the right exposure I needed about making money online as per starting out online.

      The WA community also made some tools available for the ease of affiliate marketing though not sufficient enough to have a breakthrough online.

      Having got the exposure into affiliate marketing through WA, I came across some pro bloggers outside this community who gave me greater exposure into what I can do to really skyrocket my site to the first page.

      I began getting results as I implemented those working strategies and got highly motivated to do more.

      I personally found that being in the right program with the right leaders is really good and helpful but success is not guaranteed without getting exposed to other people’s strategies out there.

      The cause of this is that Google changes algorithms from time to time and some strategies become outdated due to updates in algorithms.

      For instance, you need to optimize your site for mobile devices to rank this 2018. Google is ranking sites this time around based on its Mobile-First update popularly called “Mobilegeddon”.

      To ensure you get ranked this 2018, read the post below, leave a comment and implement working strategies. I will respond to your comment with tips and useful suggestions.

      Top Mobile SEO: How To Optimize Your Site For Mobile

  47. I personally have been a Premium WA member for around 9 years now, and you are 100% right that Wealthy Affiliate offers more tools and training than any other Affiliate marketing program. And just when I thought the site cannot get any better, Kyle and Carson make improvements that are leaps and bounds above anything I could ever dream of.

    Sure, in the past I too have fallen for the “get rich quick” schemes. We all know the ones that promise quick results with little or no effort, but once I realize the errors on my ways, and that you can’t achieve success without efforts, I always end up coming back to WA.

    Anyone that is truly serious about starting an online business should give them a try cause I know you won’t find another program with the amount of training WA offers for the money. Thanks for posting!

    • Hello Jennifer,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Kudos for reading my review about the Wealthy Affiliate community! Much appreciated!

      I have personally found that the WA community has ever been the most active affiliate marketing community in the world.

      You have all tools and resources at your own disposal to build up a multi million dollar brand working at the comfort of your home. Thanks again for visiting!

  48. Hi, Israel! A premium level member myself at WA for just over 3 years now, your review of that outstanding educational platform hit the nail right on the head. Without a shadow of a doubt the site offers such an incredibly high level of educational training, state of the art tools and a wonderful community of active members that simply cannot be matched by any other similar program on the Internet.

    Yes, a member can join for free and stay at that level, although he/she would not be receiving the full benefits offered at the premium membership level. Still even at the free level, again comparing what WA has to offer versus any other program is like equating an elite pro basketball team to a college division 2 squad.

    I don’t quite agree with the first “con” that you mentioned in your review: the fact that it would take a consistent and determined effort put forth by a business owner before he/she could make a mark for him/herself and grow financial profits. Really could it be any other way.

    Fraud, get-rich-quick programs all tell the lie that little effort would be required to earn money through their “proven systems”. NO, as without work, persistent and effort put forth by an online business owner, he/she will see nothing coming back as far as the ability to financially grow his/her business.

    Therefore, I don’t see it as a con, looking at the WA program where consistent work would be required in order to grow an online business. It’s just the straight facts!

    Still, your review Israel of this program was indeed quite thorough in providing the reader everything that he/she should know regarding making a decision to enroll at WA!


    • Thanks for your comment, Jeff! Kudos for reading my review! The WA community has really gone a long way in helping a lot of people discover their entrepreneurial skills towards building up an online empire.

      I haven’t stayed up to three years but I must say kudos to the awesome community for unlocking such amazing tools and resources which are the most needful when it comes to building up an online entrepreneurial business. Thanks for visiting!

  49. Hello Israel!

    You’ve nailed your review. Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself I couldn’t agree with you more. It is one of the best programs out there and stands out among many in the field of online business marketing. The support of this community is awesome! I really would recommend anyone who wants to start seriously to check out WA!

    • Thanks for leaving a thought here, Kate! Kudos for stopping by and reading my review! Much appreciated! You have said a lot already about the Wealthy Affiliate community. It’s still the biggest and most active affiliate marketing network ever seen online.

      I appreciated this network most importantly for giving me great exposure into the real and legitimate practice of affiliate marketing. Kudos to WA! Thanks for visiting!

      Wish you breakthroughs,
      Israel Olatunji

  50. Hi Israel!

    You’ve got an incredible site here–so thorough, well thought-out and expressed! Wealthy Affiliate thrives on its community of like-minders who share the common interest of becoming successful in an uncertain world. Your information is in-depth and the reviews are helpful!

    I love working at WA full-time, as it has become an instant passion for me, and the income is immeasurable! Thanks for providing such a place where visitors can come and be exposed to a great opportunity that can make all the difference!

    • Thanks for reading and visiting my blog, Erin! Kudos for appreciating my work here! Much appreciated! I love the kind of support and help I get from the WA community. I haven’t ever found such an affiliate marketing network anywhere like this community.

      WA is a great place to earn for both newbie and veteran affiliate marketers though understanding the need to work consistently between social channels, online communities and authority sites alongside building out your site with quality and helpful content while engaging visitors will help a lot in getting there. Thanks for getting back, my friend!

      Wish you breakthroughs,

  51. Hi Israel,

    This review of Wealthy Affiliate makes things very clear. I read your pros and cons about Wealthy Affiliate, and I think it’s definitely not a con when you do not get an answer in the live chat, you can forward your question to site support to get an answer within minutes.

    They have backed up the possibility that the people in live chat can impossibly know everything. I know, it is hard to find any cons, my con would be, Wealthy Affiliate can be overwhelming to new members because of the huge amount of information and the incredible friendliness and helpfulness of the community.

    • Thanks for leaving a thought, Eimhier! You have said a lot about the WA community and the helps and support anyone can get becoming a member. You even emphasized on the fact that being able to contact the site support alternatively whenever a question cannot be answered on time at the live chat is not a con. Kudos!

      Wealthy Affiliate has gone a long way in truly raising giants of affiliate marketing and developing super affiliates year-in year-out.

      What is your ambition about becoming a super affiliate in 2018? Do you wish to travel to Las Vegas this year at all? What have you been doing to ensure that you qualify for this trip in 2018? Thanks for visiting!

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  52. Hello Israel,

    Great program to learn how to sell products online! They provide all the tools you need. You broke it down so even a beginner could understand what is included.

    It takes time to make money online. You can waste your time as well as your hard earned money on courses that just don’t work.

    Like you said you must take actions. You must also have discipline in order to succeed. Some people have better results quicker than others. I like the way the community helps you out.

    I have seen so many people quit and then eventually come back because they found out it was the real deal. I did it myself. We seem to always be looking for faster results.

    You just got to stick it out. They have all the tools and training you need for success. You did an excellent job explaining the program and we will see you at the top.

    • Thanks for getting back, Ken! Wealthy Affiliate is such an awesome money making platform that can’t be found anywhere in the world. Kyle and Carson studied and searched through the affiliate marketing industry properly and made a difference today.

      The network is complete in all respect and all tools to succeed with affiliate marketing are found in the community. People who want to be successful are becoming successful easily.

      They understand technology, search engines and affiliate marketing to the core. They even said once in the past that they were born affiliates. Thanks for visiting!

      Wish you success,
      Israel Olatunji

  53. Good review!

    I have been consistently reading about Wealthy Affiliate lately, because I am planning to continue investing in it, but I wanted to make sure that I’ve made an informed decision.

    I’m pouring a lot of time and effort into succeeding with affiliate marketing, and I want to be spending that time well.

    I didn’t know you could earn money for giving comments and feedback! Is that only for spending on getting comments and feedback in return? I thought it was just a give and take kind of thing.

    • Thanks for getting back, Jordan! You made a great point here by making it known that you really want to invest much time into affiliate marketing and would wish to invest the time well.

      As you’ve figured it out already, affiliate marketing is the best way to earn the most online based on your understanding of how it works and what really works to earn.

      Wealthy Affiliate is nothing but a major source of breakthrough for mankind, believe me with those tools unlocked for premium members. Thanks for visiting!

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  54. Great job explaining the WA program! I came across your site and if I wasn’t already a member I would sign up. Great review! I will say this even if I am someone who has never done this before, it is easy to learn in this program. Good luck moving forward, I wish you all the best.

  55. Thank you so much for this thorough review! How long have you been a member of Wealthy Affiliate? Have you been able to earn money online with this platform?

    Your knowledge of the system seems to be very thorough…is it something that you would recommend for everyone? I have tried many systems and I am always looking for great website opportunities.

  56. Hello Israel,

    Thanks for your review of WA! It’s true that WA has a lot of tools and techniques to help new entrepreneurs to make money. As for me, I’ve noticed that since I am more consistent and inclined to develop my business, things are starting to change. I’ve been more positive right now about my business and determined to make a difference with my blog. Thanks!

    • Thanks for leaving a valuable thought, angelce903! Kudos for commending WA for all the online marketing tools and resources made available for members! Wealthy Affiliate is such an awesome online entrepreneurial training and money making platform that has one of the best affiliate marketing resources in the industry.

  57. I think you’ve covered all my favorite features of Wealthy Affiliate. There really is no other affiliate marketing platform like it. The fact that you can try it out completely free just goes to show there’s no risk, and they clearly know their product is going to win people over. I was reluctant when I first came in, but I figured for free, why not? I’m so glad I did. It’s the best business decision I’ve ever made.

    • Kudos for standing positive about the Wealthy Affiliate training and money making program, Sunny! I have tried a lot of affiliate marketing networks out there before I came across this community and can’t liken WA to just any other network in the industry.

      When I first started out online, I joined an affiliate company with $94 and there was nothing to show for it even till the end of the first year. Kudos to WA for making the community a truly amazing money making platform for affiliate marketers!

      I equally noticed the confidence in WA co-founders knowing that their product would be a hot selling one. I am proud of them. Congratulations on joining the community! Be rest assured that you’ve taken the wisest of decisions in lifetime.

      Happy earning,
      Israel Olatunji

  58. I believe that Wealthy Affiliate has the best business model on the planet when it comes to the online world. When you look at the community, the people and the training, you know that you are part of something great.

    For anyone who is looking for a platform that is solid and can make money in the online world, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be.

  59. Hello Israel,

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I am honored to say it is a good place to start your first step in online marketing. It’s not a scam and members are always honest to one another, giving useful and correct guide.

    Being an action taker is the basic element to being a money maker, and the right direction / effort is another element to be successful. I recommend others to come here. It does help you make money online.

    Thank you WA!

    • Thanks for your valuable thought, Ariel! Wealthy Affiliate is such a money making platform that truly cares about you and your financial success. It gives full and interactive support with 24/7 live chat access to other members who are over 1.2 million in number and from all parts of the world.

      If you had been scammed severally online, you will never be a scam victim any longer because you wouldn’t be searching for money making opportunities anywhere again. You will become a trained and successful online entrepreneur within a short period of time and this will give you greater exposure to the internet opportunities than before.

      You must be an action taker if you really want to be successful online. Action takers are money makers.

      You may check out on some of our latest posts below for greater exposure:

      How To Grow Your Blog Audience
      Blogging Tips For New Bloggers: 10 Blogging Tips
      Get Paid To Post Comments
      How To Build Backlinks For SEO

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunnji

  60. I love Wealthy Affiliate! Since I’ve been a member, I haven’t paid any other product or given my attention to anything else.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. I just hate I didn’t start sooner. Everything you need to become successful is right here. I wake up excited to get to work. Consistency really does pay off!

    • Thanks for your valuable thought, Jamie Clay! Congratulations on joining Wealthy Affiliate; the best online entrepreneurial training and money making platform in the world.

      You are very correct, Clay. The platform gives 24/7/365 full and interactive training and support to all members and you get a lot of excitement working and building out your site daily.

      It’s been so nice working online at the comfort of my home and no job in the world can ever replace this in my heart. Thanks once again, Clay, for your contribution.

      Wish you much success,

      Israel Olatunji

  61. Another great review about Wealthy Affiliate! This place is great, isn’t it? I have been around for a couple of years and can say it is the best affiliate marketing platform online, period.

    No place gives you so much support as they do. I appreciate you pointing everybody in the right direction and hope it leads to someone else discovering what Wealthy Affiliate is about.

    • It’s great to have someone like you on board who has been a member of the WA community over the years. For the fact that you’ve been there longer, I must say I have learned so fast that I am sharing internet marketing experience today like someone who has been in the platform for the past 5 years.

      I went through the online entrepreneur certification effectively and digested the affiliate bootcamp training courses within a short period of time. This gave me a great eye-opener and led me into what I am doing right here.

      I have been blogging around making guest posts, leaving authentic blog comments on niche related blogs and strategizing outreach campaigns. Doing all of these has given me maximum exposure and an appreciable increase in site trust.

      We regard you as a valued visitor and would love to invite you checking out some of the most recent posts on this blog that will give you the right direction to building high quality backlinks.

      Get Paid To Post Comments
      Blogging Tips For New Bloggers: 10 Blogging Tips
      Best Way To Build High Quality Backlinks

      You might also want to read one of the most recent posts On Ryan’s blog through the link below.
      How to Build Your Business Online by Blogging (Video)

      Wish you gigantic success,
      Israel Olatunji

      • Really appreciate the link bro. Yes I am stalking all bloggers everywhere Israel 😉 This review is first rate. In-depth, transparent and helpful. Your blog is an information portal. No other way to put it. I dig you adding helpful links to comments as well. Incredibly generous of you and sure helps for linking in and out as well.


        • Thanks for visiting and finding my blog an information portal, Ryan! Kudos for reading my post! Much appreciated! After several years of being on the lookout for legit online business opportunities, I came across this very community (Wealthy Affiliate).

          I got my first impression from the tools and resources made available for affiliate marketers in all parts of the world. This includes the “Site Content”, “Site Comment”, “Site Feedback”, “Site Support”, “Site Builder” and “Site Manager” platforms.

          My second impression was found in the domain name registration that comes with free SSL certificate, free site speed, free site protection & privacy, free unlimited email lists and free unlimited hosting package worth more than the top tier $250 monthly hosting packages.

          I went through the online entrepreneur certification course which goes in five main stages of 50 lessons and the affiliate BootCamp which is in 7 different phases of 70 lessons altogether and got great exposure to online marketing.

          The most interesting thing about WA is that you can earn lots of dollars offering training courses and tutorials to a community of over 1.5 million members who are from the different parts of the world. The section to offer training to the community members is part of the earning potentials at WA.

          When I first stumbled at Blogging From Paradise, your blog, I saw blogging in a different way again. Then I got more excited to re-tighten my blogging belt and to say “No” to blogging heresies. Thanks for visiting Ryan!

          I just published my latest post 24+ hours ago and would love to invite you to assess it. It got Google indexed 4 hours after hitting the “Publish” button.
          Revenue Maximization Point: How To Make 600 Dollars In A Week

          Deeply appreciated,
          Israel Olatunji

  62. As a member of wealthy affiliate, I can honestly say that this place is one of the best places around to learn all of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. I would recommend anyone to look up wealthy affiliate that is interested in learning how to build a home-based business.

    • Hi Jacob Schilling,

      Thanks for your comment on ‘My Review About Wealthy Affiliate‘! This platform is still the only one I have ever come across in life whereby you get 24/7/365 full and interactive support from both members and founders. I don’t wait more than a few minutes before I get replies to all of my questions.

      That’s one of the awesome things about Wealthy Affiliate and that’s why the community has grown so large and to such an extent that no single affiliate marketing network in the whole world can boast of over 1.2 million active and successful internet entrepreneurs.

      As most members in the community have become full-time internet entrepreneurs today, I have just quit my 9 – 5 full-time white-collar job recently and will never get back into that anymore. Wealthy Affiliate has made this truly possible for everyone.

      When you talk about building an online empire through home-based online business opportunities, WA is the choice and the most trusted brand. To start building high quality links for SEO, I highly recommend reading this post. Don’t forget to subscribe through our email subscription form placed on the right sidebar to get our latest posts.

  63. I love this review because it covers everything Wealthy Affiliate is about! My favorite part about wealthy affiliate is the community in general; everyone is willing to help others become successful. My website is currently new, and thanks to wealthy affiliate I can search keywords on Jaaxy for free. For sure, I recommend Wealthy affiliate, and this article does a great job covering the program. Thank you!

    • The love and passion everyone has for one another is part of what makes the community unique and outstanding among its counterparts. Wealthy Affiliate is the most preferred network among the thousands of affiliate marketing platforms online having trained over 1.2 million successful affiliate marketers from all parts of the world.

      The community is loved by hundreds of affiliate marketers in the world for its 24/7/365 interactive and full support and for its fantastic incentives and money making opportunities open to members. It accepts members from all countries of the world believing that anyone can make money online so far there are series of sound training resources made available for members.

      Did you say your website is still new? Do not relent in posting articles and engaging visitors who offer comments on your site from time to time. Sky won’t be your limit and you will soon start earning hundreds of dollars daily, weekly and monthly from your virtual real estate which your website represents. congratulations!

  64. Hello,
    Another best Wealthy Affiliate review! Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is great. I am also a premium member of this network. Wealthy Affiliate provides the best training, best support and the hosts of facilities which are not provided by other affiliate marketing networks. The keyword research tool, the WA community and SiteRubix are all great for a newbie as well as any experienced affiliate marketer.
    How is your journey at Wealthy Affiliate?

    Thank you for this great review!

    • Wealthy Affiliate is great when it comes to providing full and interactive support. There is no platform like the Wealthy Affiliate network as far as offering high training stuff for affiliate marketers is concerned.

      In the WordPress account set-up, an all-in-one SEO plugin is automatically installed and activated for each and every new member and the SEO technology in WordPress really helps in running a profitable blog.

      The community is so loving and a working pay-it-forward system is being operated generally. The most advanced keyword search tool in the world is owned and managed by this community and premium members have access to the tool at all times.

  65. Awesome! I found Wealthy Affiliate in November, 2017 and after reading what the program has to offer, I joined immediately. They have a caring community that is truly interested in your online success. The people at wealthy affiliate have always helped me whenever I am stuck and the customer support is spot on, they answer all my questions promptly and resolve my issues immediately. I really enjoyed your article about wealthy Affiliate. I thought it was very informative and to the point.
    Great Job!

    • Belonging to a money making platform and an online entrepreneurial training community like Wealthy Affiliate that truly cares about the success of others is awesome and motivates a lot. Wealthy Affiliate is a complete breakthrough marketing solution for hundreds of internet entrepreneurs in all parts of the world. 

      Within the community, you stand to get 24/7/365 full support and mentoring from other members. So, you can’t be stuck anywhere and be left alone. You are in a community of over 1.2 million trained and successful entrepreneurs. 

  66. I can only endorse everything you have said in this honest and fresh review of Wealthy Affiliate, I especially liked the paragraph where you explained the earning potential through Wealthy Affiliate.

    Action takers are money makers was a great motivating quote. I will hang on to that one. You have clearly outlined the how and why we should choose WA as our platform for earning extra income.
    Great review!

    • Hello Judy!

      Yes, action takers are destined to make money, be it online or offline. The earning potential at Wealthy Affiliate is great indeed and I have never seen a money making platform anywhere on the internet with that level of earning potential. This is part of what truly makes the platform the best in the world.

      It’s quite motivating to hear that action takers are money makers, but most people quickly give up online expecting to get rich overnight. It’s great to have a platform like this at this time that scams are all over the internet.

  67. Hello there! I’m a student and I’m looking for a way to earn extra money online. I heard great things about Wealthy Affiliate but I don’t know if it’s the perfect job for me.

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