My Review About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a home based online business community set up by Kyle and Carson, two Canadian affiliate marketers about 12 years ago. They’ve been recognized as one of the most prosperous online entrepreneurs in the online business world today.

My review about Wealthy Affiliate will be giving a total insight about the community and how it can be leveraged by anyone to make cool money online.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business platform used by thousands of online entrepreneurs from South America, North America, Europe, Australia and the rest of the world. It’s a money making platform and a community whereby people from all parts of the world receive training to become successful entrepreneurs with lots of tools and marketing resources.

This is, indeed, a business network that truly works to give you the best of mentoring and ensures that you genuinely become a success using those tools.

On a yearly basis, you will be qualifying to travel to the United States with all expense paid vacation included holding official meetings with ambassadors in the affiliate marketing network and with other great entrepreneurs from various locations of the world.

In the Wealthy Affiliate network, you have all resources at your disposal to become successful online.

I had been into blogging and marketing online for years but didn’t have any clue about running a blog profitably not until I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

Kudos to the co-founders of this community for creating what has been a logical breakthrough and marketing package for affiliate marketers and providing such entrepreneurial training stuff that covers all aspects of affiliate marketing in particular and online business in general!

Wealthy Affiliate is the only network that guarantees the highest earning potential in the industry today.

It helps you make money in so many ways such as earning direct and recurring commissions from the network, earning with your own products, sharing advertising revenue with Google, creating training for other members in the community, earning cash credits which can be withdrawn to Paypal anytime you want and lots more.

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with all needed training resources together with free videos to walk you through the process of completing tasks at each stage of the online entrepreneur certification and you get certification badges upon completing each course.

Literally speaking, Wealthy Affiliate is singled out as one of the best money making platforms in the world and rated one of the best among other affiliate marketing networks online for making people discover their entrepreneurial skills and turning dreams into reality.

The only requirement for you is to be an action taker. Action takers are money makers. Time-to-time support is given even by the co-founders and by other successful entrepreneurs in the community.

Have you got scammed times without number in the course of searching for home based online business opportunities? Have you attended series of seminars or bought many eBooks online but all to no avail?

I am pleased to inform you today that you’ve found the right money making program at last and will no longer be scammed by anyone so far you are ready to take actions.

When you become part of the community , you will learn the exact approach to building a WordPress website in just few clicks. You will further learn how to get it ranked in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines.

The SEO technology in WordPress integrates your branded website for high search engine rankings.

When you start receiving rankings from search engines, you will begin getting tons of traffic and will earn consistent revenue in lifetime. Getting rankings is the most needful as far as earning online revenue is concerned.

Getting started doesn’t cost you a dime. It only takes a moment to create a free starter membership account and set up account profile. With the free starter membership, you will be creating two free websites and have them hosted free by the best and most powerful hosting platform in the world.

Reviews About Wealthy Affiliate

My review about Wealthy Affiliate will be clarifying how genuine and trusted the network has been over the years and the various ways to maximize its membership towards building an online brand.

Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone and currently has over 1 million members from all countries of the world.

Wealthy Affiliate has the best keyword search tool or keyword analyzer which emphasizes so deeply on the keyword parameters needed for online campaigns, content creation and marketing as well as getting rankings with all of your content.

It makes clear references to those parameters such as Quoted Search Result, Keyword Quality Indicator, SEO, Article Power, Monthly Searches, Traffic and others.


Wealthy Affiliate is a network that facilitates money making techniques so far you are ready. It fully uncovers the major secrets to earning consistent revenue which other affiliate marketers have refused to reveal over the years.

Wealthy Affiliate has the following benefits for you:


  • Little or no internet experience is required to get rolling
  • You Become Successful Through the 24/7/365 Interactive Support and Training You Stand To Receive
  • Getting Started Is Totally Free And Creating A Free Starter Membership Account Only Takes A Moment
  • You Get Two Free Websites Hosted (Unlimited) With Your Free Membership
  • You Get 50 Websites Hosted (25 Free Websites + 25 Owned Websites) + Free SSL Certificate + Unlimited Email Accounts + Free Privacy + WHOIS Registration
  • Free Mentoring From Highly Successful Online Entrepreneurs And From Co-Founders
  • Series of Live Interactive Classrooms And Weekly Webinars.

How Can You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

A lot of people have missed the road to online success likening or comparing Wealthy Affiliate to just an ordinary affiliate marketing network.

In the network, you have diverse ways to earn online revenue consistently and affiliate marketing is not a must for you at all.

The affiliate program is meant for anyone who is particularly interested in product promotion. You are rather taught how to own a brand and become a successful internet entrepreneur.

Upon successfully creating a brand, you’ve got to start a nice journey to financial freedom and there’s no barrier for you on the way so far you are ready to give it a go.

You are going to be writing quality content based on your niche from time to time and will be engaging your target audience which is the most crucial step to getting rankings.

Earning consistent revenue online is as simple as four major steps as shown in the image. You start by choosing an interest. You then move on by building your niche website which will be representing your virtual real estate.

The next step here is to start attracting visitors using the various marketing tools and content marketing strategies; then you earn consistent revenue working at the comfort of your home.

Furthermore, you can get tons of traffic by requesting comments to your niche website. This is the best way to engage your audience using the Wealthy Affiliate entrepreneurial training tools.

You earn $0.50/comment and $0.50/feedback when you offer comments and feedback to other people’s websites and this is what really makes the community a pay-it-forward system. Earning from these sections is unlimited.

Getting Started At Wealthy Affiliate


By getting started here, you are truly starting up a business and you certainly have all resources at your own disposal. You must begin taking actions in earnest and will have a journey full of achievements ahead.

You may start out first as a free member and later upgrade to premium when you will have got totally convinced to proceed to financial freedom.

The network is confident enough to give you access to its free starter membership. You can then decide later to take actions as to whether you should upgrade or not. Currently, members are well above 1.2 million in number and this keeps growing everyday.

Once you follow all lessons sheepish without skipping a step, success is guaranteed here. I will personally be there for you to give 24/7/365 support and mentoring.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Program

There are two major training programs in the Wealthy Affiliate marketing network. The first one is referred to as Online Entrepreneur Certification while the other training program is called Affiliate Bootcamp.

You have five levels of 50 lessons altogether in the Online Entrepreneur Certification while the Affiliate Bootcamp is in 7 different phases.

Completing through all these levels of training will turn you a successful online entrepreneur within a month or two.

You will be learning, to the fullest, the tips to making money online with a brand while studying through the Online Entrepreneur Certification and you’ll be receiving special training at the Affiliate Bootcamp towards earning online revenue even if you don’t know how to choose a niche at all. So, Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone.

The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

Though the free starter membership is restricted to some particular countries, once you are able to sign up free from your own location, you will be given access to attend the first ten lessons in the first level of the online entrepreneur certification and may upgrade at will if you find that it’s for you.

With the free starter membership account, you can create two free websites and host them free for life.

To unlock those amazing tools in the network such as the keyword search tool, link tracking, affiliate classroom, affiliate bootcamp, you’ve got to upgrade to premium.

Upgrading to premium means that you are ready to make money.

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials


Kyle and Carson, the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate, have emerged one of the most successful online entrepreneurs in the industry today.

They have successfully gone a long way in setting up what has been consistently generating online revenue for everyone following those tips in the training platforms.

These two successful affiliate marketers emanated from Canada and started this network together as far back as 2007. The project they started over a decade ago has turned out a machine that has been consistently generating hundreds of dollars.

The network has wonderfully grown up to over 1 million members in the last 12 years.


Wealthy Affiliate is proven to be one of the best home based online business platforms in the entire online world and has helped a lot of people succeed online through its various earning strategies.

The aim of Kyle and Carson is to provide an online medium through which everyone can just come in, start learning money making tactics in diverse ways and set up a goal towards becoming financially free online.

Wealthy Affiliate has launched a system popularly known as pay-it-forward system and has really shown that the system is exactly serving the purpose .

You are always given the best of support and mentoring both at the Site Support and on live chat.  Some people are reluctant to take actions even when they have found the way. Don’t be like such people.

In this community, members are earning $12000 – $14000 in 2 – 3 months. Everyone at the community shows love and true compassion for one another especially the just coming members who still need slow and steady mentoring.


If the whole world should join this network today, everybody will be fine and there won’t be joblessness anywhere in the world.

The network provides a lot of money making tools and training resources and ensures that everyone gets rolling immediately.

Attention is given to you on any inquiry pertaining to success or, perhaps, to some other issues in the course of setting up your brand.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches basic principles for setting up a home based online business network. These principles have been fully analyzed in the training resources you are going to have access to when you become a member.

They come in form of tasks and videos that walk you through the process of earning consistent revenue online.


  • 24/7/365 interactive support and unlimited training.
  • Weekly webinars and live videos to help you learn at various levels practically.
  • Training begins immediately after registering an account.
  • Overall access to the most powerful domain and hosting platform
  • Several tools to become an authority in any niche.



  • You need to be consistent, determined and ready to make money online. Action takers are usually known as money makers.
  • Once you don’t get a response to any of your inquiries on time at live chat or at the site support, it becomes necessary to resend it to other committed members.
  • Your membership gets deleted automatically once you can’t resubscribe within the given grace period, though you may still have the opportunity of regaining full access once you are able to resubscribe.

If you ever want to make inquiries about what you’ve just read from this post, feel free to leave a comment below and you will receive a response from me in due time. We truly care about you and your online success.

Hope to see you on top soonest!

Israel Olatunji


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  1. Another great review about Wealthy Affiliate! This place is great, isn’t it? I have been around for a couple of years and can say it is the best affiliate marketing platform online, period.

    No place gives you so much support as they do. I appreciate you pointing everybody in the right direction and hope it leads to someone else discovering what Wealthy Affiliate is about.

    1. It’s great to have someone like you on board who has been a member of the WA community over the years. For the fact that you’ve been there longer, I must say I have learned so fast that I am sharing internet marketing experience today like someone who has been in the platform for the past 5 years.

      I went through the online entrepreneur certification effectively and digested the affiliate bootcamp training courses within a short period of time. This gave me a great eye-opener and led me into what I am doing right here.

      I have been blogging around making guest posts, leaving authentic blog comments on niche related blogs and strategizing outreach campaigns. Doing all of these has given me maximum exposure and an appreciable increase in site trust.

      We regard you as a valued visitor and would love to invite you checking out some of the most recent posts on this blog that will give you the right direction to building high quality backlinks.

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      You might also want to read one of the most recent posts On Ryan’s blog through the link below.
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      Wish you gigantic success,
      Israel Olatunji

  2. As a member of wealthy affiliate, I can honestly say that this place is one of the best places around to learn all of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. I would recommend anyone to look up wealthy affiliate that is interested in learning how to build a home-based business.

    1. Hi Jacob Schilling,

      Thanks for your comment on ‘My Review About Wealthy Affiliate‘! This platform is still the only one I have ever come across in life whereby you get 24/7/365 full and interactive support from both members and founders. I don’t wait more than a few minutes before I get replies to all of my questions.

      That’s one of the awesome things about Wealthy Affiliate and that’s why the community has grown so large and to such an extent that no single affiliate marketing network in the whole world can boast of over 1.2 million active and successful internet entrepreneurs.

      As most members in the community have become full-time internet entrepreneurs today, I have just quit my 9 – 5 full-time white-collar job recently and will never get back into that anymore. Wealthy Affiliate has made this truly possible for everyone.

      When you talk about building an online empire through home-based online business opportunities, WA is the choice and the most trusted brand. To start building high quality links for SEO, I highly recommend reading this post. Don’t forget to subscribe through our email subscription form placed on the right sidebar to get our latest posts.

  3. I love this review because it covers everything Wealthy Affiliate is about! My favorite part about wealthy affiliate is the community in general; everyone is willing to help others become successful. My website is currently new, and thanks to wealthy affiliate I can search keywords on Jaaxy for free. For sure, I recommend Wealthy affiliate, and this article does a great job covering the program. Thank you!

    1. The love and passion everyone has for one another is part of what makes the community unique and outstanding among its counterparts. Wealthy Affiliate is the most preferred network among the thousands of affiliate marketing platforms online having trained over 1.2 million successful affiliate marketers from all parts of the world.

      The community is loved by hundreds of affiliate marketers in the world for its 24/7/365 interactive and full support and for its fantastic incentives and money making opportunities open to members. It accepts members from all countries of the world believing that anyone can make money online so far there are series of sound training resources made available for members.

      Did you say your website is still new? Do not relent in posting articles and engaging visitors who offer comments on your site from time to time. Sky won’t be your limit and you will soon start earning hundreds of dollars daily, weekly and monthly from your virtual real estate which your website represents. congratulations!

  4. Hello,
    Another best Wealthy Affiliate review! Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is great. I am also a premium member of this network. Wealthy Affiliate provides the best training, best support and the hosts of facilities which are not provided by other affiliate marketing networks. The keyword research tool, the WA community and SiteRubix are all great for a newbie as well as any experienced affiliate marketer.
    How is your journey at Wealthy Affiliate?

    Thank you for this great review!

    1. Wealthy Affiliate is great when it comes to providing full and interactive support. There is no platform like the Wealthy Affiliate network as far as offering high training stuff for affiliate marketers is concerned.

      In the WordPress account set-up, an all-in-one SEO plugin is automatically installed and activated for each and every new member and the SEO technology in WordPress really helps in running a profitable blog.

      The community is so loving and a working pay-it-forward system is being operated generally. The most advanced keyword search tool in the world is owned and managed by this community and premium members have access to the tool at all times.

  5. Awesome! I found Wealthy Affiliate in November, 2017 and after reading what the program has to offer, I joined immediately. They have a caring community that is truly interested in your online success. The people at wealthy affiliate have always helped me whenever I am stuck and the customer support is spot on, they answer all my questions promptly and resolve my issues immediately. I really enjoyed your article about wealthy Affiliate. I thought it was very informative and to the point.
    Great Job!

    1. Belonging to a money making platform and an online entrepreneurial training community like Wealthy Affiliate that truly cares about the success of others is awesome and motivates a lot. Wealthy Affiliate is a complete breakthrough marketing solution for hundreds of internet entrepreneurs in all parts of the world. 

      Within the community, you stand to get 24/7/365 full support and mentoring from other members. So, you can’t be stuck anywhere and be left alone. You are in a community of over 1.2 million trained and successful entrepreneurs. 

  6. I can only endorse everything you have said in this honest and fresh review of Wealthy Affiliate, I especially liked the paragraph where you explained the earning potential through Wealthy Affiliate.

    Action takers are money makers was a great motivating quote. I will hang on to that one. You have clearly outlined the how and why we should choose WA as our platform for earning extra income.
    Great review!

    1. Hello Judy!

      Yes, action takers are destined to make money, be it online or offline. The earning potential at Wealthy Affiliate is great indeed and I have never seen a money making platform anywhere on the internet with that level of earning potential. This is part of what truly makes the platform the best in the world.

      It’s quite motivating to hear that action takers are money makers, but most people quickly give up online expecting to get rich overnight. It’s great to have a platform like this at this time that scams are all over the internet.

  7. Hello there! I’m a student and I’m looking for a way to earn extra money online. I heard great things about Wealthy Affiliate but I don’t know if it’s the perfect job for me.

    I have a lot of time with a decent amount of money to invest in Wealthy Affiliate. Do you think this is really good and profitable for me without facing consequences? I really appreciate your response.

    1. Hi John Rico,

      It’s my pleasure to get back to you in regard to your inquiry about Wealthy Affiliate and how it can be leveraged to make tons of cash.

      Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing network with a vision to training entrepreneurs and making people see the possibility of making the most out of the internet.

      The internet is an international market as you know and would be a great potential for anyone from any part of the world to earn consistent revenue.

      Having read my review about Wealthy Affiliate and decided to take a step of success in earnest, I am pleased to inform you that, with your own personal brand and the training you are going to receive from the network, you will start a journey to financial freedom soonest.

  8. Great website Israel. Thanks for taking the time to research and to share such interesting information. I am happy to have come across a website that gives a complete review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I am a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate and love it. In my many year earning on the Internet I have never come across such a useful and honest affiliate program.

    I love visiting your website as I always find something new and useful.

    I look forward to your next article.

    Best wishes,

    John ツ

    1. Hello John,
      It’s good to have someone like you in the platform. The entire members who are over a million in number including you and I would testify to the greatness and uniqueness in Wealthy Affiliate. We all know that this is the affiliate network with the greatest earning potential in the world.

      Where on earth would you find such a platform whereby you have all resources at your disposal to succeed and all you need to become a giant entrepreneur.

  9. Greetings!
    In truth, I found Wealthy Affiliate about some time ago. What can I tell from my experience? The community is so friendly and the positive aura they have can make you succeed. Thank you for this review. It inspires me even more!

    1. Hi Nikolay,
      Thanks for getting back here with your own view about Wealthy Affiliate! I have been on the look out for such a wonderful money making and entrepreneurial training platform, but couldn’t figure this out on time.

      Anyway, it’s great I found it at last and I must say I have been overwhelmed by the fantastic resources and traffic building tools I found in the network.

  10. This looks pretty interesting as an opportunity and at least it isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Are there really any niches left though? With the number of people and number of websites out there isn’t the competition through the roof to create your own site?

    1. It isn’t a get rich quick scheme as such. Many people do give up quickly when they can’t see any income coming up as soon as they start out. That’s worrisome anyway on the part of such people, but I believe it’s time for people to wake up to reality as there’s no shortcut to wealth and no fast lane to financial freedom.

      If it’s worth doing at all, then it’s worth doing well. You only lose when you believe you can’t achieve it. Never give up. Keep moving. Keep learning. Keep practicing. You will surely get there.

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