The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Rich Pins

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I will first start this guide by introducing everyone to the Pinterest Platform that helps new users, existing users and also those that are first getting to know about the platform for the very first time comprehend to the fullest what it is all about – this innovative social network where you can paste photos, videos, and other graphic content on a virtual bulletin board to share with other users.

As I said earlier, the main use of Pinterest is the discovery of new ideas in the form of images, stationary, and their storage in thematic “bulletin boards”; you can also do many other things like interacting with other users, network with them, share ideas among many others.

Has it been said that you are not registered yet and do not even know where to start? Don’t panic!

I’ll start by walking you through the process of creating a Pinterest account if you want to use it on smartphones and tablets or via the official Android app, and iOS.

To register on your Smartphone or tablet, download the Pinterest application.

Once the download is completed, start the application with the button in the Abierto store or by touching that icon, which has been added to the start screen for your device.

Once the application is started, it will now be sufficient to enter the data required in the registration form (A valid email address and a password) or perhaps register using Facebook or Google.

The process is similar to registering on the official website: Access the home page and complete the form with your data or use a quick authentication button.

I’m sure you won’t have problems creating your account and logging into the social network for the first time; however, for any questions, you can always point to my tutorials where you can find specific information on how to register and access Pinterest.

Alternatively, you can press the Current button, located at the top right-hand side of the application.

This will open the menu. Send PIN that will allow you to take advantage of your voice, aside from allowing you to share videos through the messaging application installed on your device.

The Pinterest Rich Pins

Have you been thinking about the fuss and the social media hype about “Pinterest Rich Pins?” Or the reasons you might need them?

On the Pinterest platform, Rich pins are structured Pinterest pins that show your profile name, title, your image, and description on the pin image.

They are considered to be like a Meta description, and here’s why:

Meta description and rich pins are termed not to be a straightforward ranking signal.

What this means is that they won’t make your posts and pins rank high on Pinterest or Google search. But a powerful Meta description can lure users to click on your post over others.

After you’ve installed your rich pins, the Meta description will show on your pin (and it will stick with it).

And in case you decide to change the title or Meta description of your blog post, the information on the rich pin will automatically change too.

The extra information in-bedded above or below the image on a close-up view helps you spot a rich pin by the bold title in the grid.

They can help you acquire a lot of traffic; they can also help with profile views and followers as they display to users the original pin source.

And by pulling in information from your pins, users will get to know what your pin is trying to say and this will also make them more prone to click on the post.

What types of Rich Pins Are Available?

There are four main types of rich pins that you can leverage:

  • There are the Recipe rich pins that add some info to your pins such as cooking time, ingredients list, and many other special recipe instructions.
  • The Article rich pins that display the Meta title of the post, Meta description, and the author of your blog post (these are the types of rich pins that most bloggers utilize).
  • The product rich pins are the updated version of buying able pins, demo pricing, and product info, along with the place users can buy and how many you have in stock.
  • · The App install rich pins are for directing iOS users to the app store so they can download any app you just released in the apple or play store.

Why Do You Need to Set up Pinterest Rich Pins?

You might be asking yourself why you really need them and of what use will they be to you right now? Well, in addition to what I mentioned above, just consider this:

  • The user most times will take action based on the information that is being given to them through the Pinterest rich pins.
  • They boost your pin engagement and let it get seen by more users who will likely click and repin.
  • Your pins are also expected to stand out in the feeds due to the bold title.

#HEADSUP – If you’ve been a regular user, you would have observed that they like changing and experimenting with new things! The same is also true with rich pins.

Here are steps to using Pinterest Rich Pins:

1. Install the WordPress SEO by Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast is an SEO instrument that assists with optimizing your blog post so that they can be ranked higher on Google and many other relevant search engines.

But let’s digress a bit! We’ll be using that metadata for Pinterest explanation purposes.

In case you don’t have the plugin installed already, head over to your WordPress dashboard and click on plugins (left sidebar), and after that, you click on add new (at the top).

On the page click on the search navigation bar and Search for Yoast, install and activate it.

Immediately you finish installing it, SEO will start showing on your left sidebar. Hover over it and click on the social button.

You should be redirected to a page where you’ll add the links to all your social media accounts.

Then hover your mouse to the Facebook tab and double-check that Facebook OpenGraph is enabled.

This option is always enabled by default, and in case it is not enabled already, ensure to enable it.

2. Set Up a Pinterest Business Account

This step explains how to open a Pinterest business account and in case you’ve got a business account created already; don’t hesitate to skip this step.

If your account is still limited to the personal account type, then click on the setting tab in your account; also click on account settings.

You’ll see the business type section at the bottom, and a notification will say something like changing to a business account.

Now, you might want to ask questions like, I want to still have my personal account! Is there no possibility for me to just create a new one for my business?

The straight answer is that it depends on a lot of factors. If you’ve been sharing a lot of personal pins to your user account, you might want to choose the option of starting a new one.

When you’re making use of Pinterest for business, your targeted audience and niches related to you are what you’ll want people to see.

3. Use the “Claim your website” Feature

The major benefit of this act is simply verifying with Pinterest that the pins you share are yours.

This step is very easy to follow. And it will also interest you to know that you’ll need this step before you can explore Pinterest analytics, ads, yep, and rich pins.

Immediately you’re able to claim your site, your profile image and the link will come out beneath the Meta title on all pins you share from your site.

To claim ownership of your site, with your mouse, just go over to settings, and then claim:

You’ll receive a message that your website has already been verified; the green checkmark will show up right there on your account.

To get this done, you’d have to fill in your website URL and hit the claim website button.

When you get into the next screen, ensure you select add HTML tag and copy the code (you’re going to paste this into Yoast in your next step).

Now head back to your WordPress dashboard and select SEO > social, which is located on the left sidebar.

Make sure you click on the Pinterest tab. Toggle over to your Pinterest confirmation field and Paste the HTML code there, now Hit save! You’re done!


The last step is to just go back to your Pinterest account and click on the red finish button. Then you’re good.

4. Validate and Apply for Rich Pins

This process is quite easy and straight forward; just head over to the Rich Pins Validator and enter the URL for a blog post (anyone will do).

Make sure you enter a link to your post instead of your domain link; otherwise, the validator tool won’t work even if you keep trying.

The links you’re seeing below is a typical example of what a valid-able link looks like:

This –

Not this –

When you’re prepared, click on the blue validate button. Immediately the green button is checked and you’ve received a notification like Your Pins have been validated! you can apply.

Pinterest will validate your pins immediately. Be patient anyway, as there have been situations where the process took about some days.

As soon as you see this message….We’ll review it and email you with any questions or next steps.

…you can start checking your pins over the next few days to see if your profile image and link have started showing up. That’s how you’ll know they’re rich pins!

5. So, You Are a Rich Pinner, What Next?

Now that Pinterest is adding up some metadata to your pins, you’ll now have to roll up your sleeves and get down to work in terms of pin optimization.

A whole lot of standard SEO techniques also apply to Pinterest SEO and the rich pins in particular.

Now that you have installed your Rich pins successfully, whatever images you pinned from your site will reveal additional info on the pins.

Enabling Rich Pins is only half the task you’re still to do though because you will now need to utilize them!

Also, note that the copy you wrote for your Meta description is expected to control the description that is shown in your article Rich Pins.

If you ignore the Meta description, your Pins will automatically show the first few lines of the article.

You can make use of the description space by adding a very compelling description to every post.

You should use this simple formula: Natural use of keywords + why they should click (CTA’s); avoid using social media plugins if you can because in using a social sharing plugin, the social media info may be displayed rather than the Meta description (snippet).

For Recipe Rich pins always include helpful information to your recipe cards that you believe pinners will be searching for.

Most recipe plugins on Pinterest have a section to add short information of the recipe.

Remember what I said above: See your pin title and the pin description of your post (Rich Pins) as a form of ad copy.

The elementary objective of rich pins should be to make pinners regard your pins and posts on the platform as an avenue to get new information.

The title and description should lure your readers to click through or save your Pin for further reading.

Why Do You Need Rich Pins?

Now you would want to also ask yourself why you need rich pins.

The straightforward answer is that you need it for many reasons including branding, SEO, high-visibility, and credibility. Let’s discuss a bit about them:

Branding: Whenever you start taking advantage of the rich pin feature, your pin will start looking exquisite & legit (making it more likely for a Pinterest user to pay attention to them.)

High-visibility: With Rich Pins, the chances that users will click on your website are higher since you’re giving them an extra layer of information.

Credibility: Your Pinterest profile starts getting more credibility which makes it more likely for Pinterest to rank your content higher.


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  1. Wow, Never knew rich pins are so powerful! I use Pinterest a lot, but mostly to search but I never knew about it’s usefulness on making your images more detailed, that is actually a pretty cool life-hack. I think Pinterest is something I need to venture on to get more traffic for my blog. Time to get started and boost my blog to a whole other level! 😀

  2. Hey nice article you have there. I have heard little about Pinterest Rich Pins from a friend, having stumbled into this article, I now have a better perspective of its framework. Nevertheless, I am more interested in the Article Rich Pins, how can I have it working in my website, what are the process that is involved in it’s usage ?. Anticipating your reply. Warm Regards

    • To ensure that rich pins start working properly on your site, all you need to do is validate rich pins for your site by using the rich pin validator specified in the post.

      Israel Olatunji

  3. Thank you for the lesson, i used to have a Pinterest account and it was my highest traffic source. but recently my view are reducing and some of the pins have not been counting, although I use the chrome extension before, and when I notice that, I decided to use manually but it still not counting. What do you think is the problem.

    • Hello, let me ask you this question first, have you validated rich pins for your site? Let me know and we’ll see what next we can do about the drops in your traffic flow. Thanks for contributing!

      Israel Olatunji

  4. I have been making use of Pinterest for quite some time and although I have gotten some success it has not been the way I wanted it to be. I always thought rich pins can help a lot with traffic but I have not made use of it as I am not entirely sure how to do it yet and don’t even know much about it.

    I have definitely gotten some info on it from its post which I would apply to create my own rich pin images. I have to give it a try and see how it helps me in my business.

    • Sure, you’ll get a boost in your Pinterest referral traffic once you can validate rich pins for your site. You can use the rich pin validator mentioned in the post to do that.

      Israel Olatunji


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