PinWizz Review – A Powerful Social Media Tool to Search for Pinterest Pins

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Pinterest may not be as popular or widely used as Facebook and Instagram, but the social media platform does have its strengths. With over 300 million active users, the image-sharing platform is a good place to promote your brand to the world.

Also, people that you refer to Pinterest are twice more likely to shop on your online store than those referred from Facebook. If you’re using Pinterest for your business, it means you’re leaving money on the ground for your competitors to pick up.

There’s this cool Pinterest tool that can help you manage all your social media marketing on the image-sharing platform. And I will be throwing the spotlight on it through this review, with the goal of helping you discover if it’s the right Pinterest tool for you.

Our PinWizz review offers you in-depth coverage of the tool that includes its features, workings, pricing, and other vital details.

About PinWizz

PinWizz is an essential social media tool designed for searching highly attractive Pinterest pins and adding them to your boards. Its goal is to help users narrowly target their campaigns on Pinterest in order to attract high-quality traffic that easily converts.

PinWizz is the brainchild of Rudy Rudra who has managed to accumulate considerable experience in IM. With this product, Rudy intends to help others achieve success in all that they do on Pinterest.

Main Features of PinWizz

Here’s a rundown of some features of PinWizz.

1 – Photo Editor

The photo editor presents an easy to use interface for creating highly interactive images on Pinterest.

A photo editor is a handy tool that can be used by users of all skill levels, whether you’re a new or advanced user. If you can handle a computer mouse, you’ll be able to use it to create powerful visuals for Pinterest users.

2 – Pinterest Board

This PinWizz feature makes it so easy for you to work with multiple boards with ease. It’s a reliable tool that you can use for managing all your Pinterest pins.

You have complete control over how your boards should be organized. It’s up to you to decide how people should browse your profile or even explore your content.

3 – Search Boards

This feature enables you to freely access the search boards of other Pinterest users. You can use it for finding out details of the highest repins so that you can follow or unfollow them. With this information, you’ll be able to optimize your campaigns and take your business to new heights.

4 – Search Pins

This PinWizz feature enables you to search out and include your products or affiliate links into the account of other Pinners.

It’s a tool that empowers you with all that you need in order to attain a high level of success in your marketing efforts.

You can optimize your brand’s exposure, promote all your affiliate offers, and reach the right audience through the Search Pins feature.

5 – URL Shortener

With the link shorter you’ll be able to format all your links so as to enhance the reading experience of your posts on social media.

The tool makes it easier to share your links on social media without ever been banned on any of the platforms.

6 – DFY Images

PinWizz DFY Images gives you access to visual content that you could use to stimulate interest and engagement with your audience.

These video tutorials take you through a step by step process to help you understand the tool and start driving your campaigns.

How it Works

Here’s a simple 3 step guide to activate your PinWizz and start using it.

Step One – Log in to your PinWizz account (you must have created the account before now.

Step Two – Insert your Pinterest account or any account that you want to manage with PinWizz.

Step Three – Add those highly engaging pins that you have searched out.

Benefits of PinWizz

PinWizz is the ideal tool to manage your social interactions and engagements on Pinterest. There are lots of benefits that you will derive from using this tool, however here are my favorite benefits.

  • Enables you to create boards for pulling in the right traffic to your business or brand. The moment you start using it you’ll realize that all your Pinterest traffic problems are over
  • It’s a social tool that can deliver instant results to you, sometimes within a few hours after you start using it
  • It will help you achieve better results on Pinterest without spending so much time on the social media platform.

Who is PinWizz Meant For?

This social media tool is ideal for marketers, bloggers, freelancers, business owners, managers, and webmasters.

Also, if your business has an active account on Pinterest, then this tool is for you.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s a tool to use for driving automated and highly targeted traffic to your profile, products, and website
  • Offers you a simple to use Pinterest management tool that requires no technical skills or experience to use
  • Those that newly sign up for PinWizz have access to a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • None found yet

PinWizz Pricing

PinWizz offers 1 Front End (FE) plus 5 OTO to its users.

PinWizz Front End comes at a cost of $17 and it includes PinWizz software (worth $97 a month), Step by step video tutorials (worth $297), and a quick start guide (worth $197).

Other features include live chat support (worth $497), step by step Pinterest exclusive training (worth $997) and Bonuses #1 to #5 (worth a total of $3,925), and many others.

OTO 1 – PinWizz Unlimited which costs $37 and contains features to help you obtain maximum traffic, and sales.

OTO 2 – PinWizz Pro which costs $47 and it includes features to boost traffic by 300% and also manage your pins effectively.

OTO 3 – PinWizz DFY which costs $197 and includes features to boost traffic, landing page builder, autoresponder, and fully branded social media account.

OTO 4 – PinWizz Exclusive which costs $47 and includes features to help you engage and convert your Pinterest traffic with great images.

OTO 5 – PinWizz Reseller which costs $97 for those who want to earn a steady income from selling the product to their audience.


Pinterest is a great platform to meet your target audience, engage them with great content, and promote your offers to them.

PinWizz is the ideal tool that you can use to manage all your marketing campaigns and efforts on the social network. This review offers you all the insights that you need to know before using PinWizz to drive your social media campaigns.

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