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Postloop is a US based content writing platform whereby you earn as a writer and get paid whenever you want to get paid. The platform solely belongs to Ryan Royal and its trust score is approximately 80%. Postloop is a forum exchange posting site whereby writers make money making fun at the comfort of their homes. Writers work at their own pace and receive payments through Paypal.

Postloop equally creates a medium through which blog/forum owners exchange posts and get possible means to engage their target audience rapidly. When it comes to audience engagement, Postloop helps a lot. It simply helps blog owners receive quality comments to their blogs and allows them to choose the type of writers they want based on user ratings.

Postloop Reviews

Are you eager to learn more about Postloop? The Postloop reviews below will be uncovering all you would need to know about the platform. Postloop is a popular content marketplace and the best forum posting platform that provides home based job opportunities for passionate and consistent writers. It currently has over 4000000 exchanged posts and is used by hundreds of writers and blog owners from all parts of the world. International writers are accepted to participate and anyone can become a writer and earn from the platform.

For anyone who has great passion for writing, Postloop is an opportunity to earn posting long or short articles. If you can write with correct English Grammar, you can leverage your writing skills to earn some bucks at Postloop. I had been a member for over a year now and have earned lots of cash posting comments at forums and blogs.

Though Postloop may not give you the exact financial freedom you’ve always aspired for, it can be used to get comments back to your site and leveraged to get first page rankings in search engines. The ball is in your court already. How Postloop is going to be relevant and helpful to your business now is that it will enable you to earn some bucks to get started online. If you are just getting started online, you can leverage your writing skills to earn some extra cash.

As a blog owner, you will be leveraging the platform to receive relevant blog comments from writers for search engine optimization. That is a great way to earn massive traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. As you consistently engage your target audience, your site traffic multiplies.

This is one of the major algorithms used by search engines to rank your site. This is a proven way to get rankings quickly and start earning revenue online. Do you have passion for writing content at all? Do you know that you can actually leverage that talent of yours to get rankings fast from search engines? Congratulations to you then!

It costs nothing at all to join this network, but blog owners may purchase Postloop points to advertise their sites. How do you advertise your site at Postloop? You exchange posts with writers and other blog owners within the platform and pay writers with your Postloop points. Writers withdraw points as cash and get paid through Paypal. You truly have the best way to take your site to the next level in the online world if you can leverage Postloop this way.

As part of the steps to build your site traffic, you will not be writing articles on your site alone. Every content you post must be engaged. What do I mean by having your content engaged. You will be encouraging discussion on each of your contents, asking your audience to speak their minds and write feedbacks or comments. This is what Postloop can simply handle for you without spending a dime.

Get Paid Writing Online

Getting paid to write has never been easier. For writers, the system requires that you submit ten sample posts for review which will strictly determine whether you can be an asset or not. Your sample posts undergo review by a staff of Postloop and you get a feedback in less than 24 hours as to whether you’ve been approved for posting or rejected. It’s easier to be rejected than approved. The problem is that you may not have the opportunity to apply to the platform anymore once you are rejected.

Postloop actually shut down the system sometimes in 2016. They categorically announced to all members that the shutdown would be a permanent one. Coincidentally, that was the exact time I heard about the platform for the first time and was so eager to join. On getting to the site to join, I found that the platform had just shut down and would be permanently gone.

Could you imagine how I would feel at this time? I hadn’t figured things out then about becoming a successful entrepreneur because I hadn’t come across the best money making platform I mentioned above. So, I was extremely sad about the shutdown and seriously baffled to find out that the platform had been in operation for several years but was being shut down exactly when I was to join.

For the rest of the year, anyone that visited the site would be redirected to a newly set up content marketplace. Everybody thought the ownership of Postloop had been moved to that new site, but the platform came back amazingly in April, 2017 and waxed stronger. Members heard about the reopening and started logging in their various accounts happily to continue earning.

Create Your Account For Free

Registration at Postloop is free and only takes a few minutes. You can join as a writer or, perhaps, as a forum/blog owner. As a writer, you must get approved before you can start posting at the platform. For blog owners, no posting approval is required unless the blog owner is applying for the writer’s job position.

Upon a successful registration at the platform, you must check your mail inbox to verify your account. The next step after account verification is setting up your Postloop account profile which allows you to choose up to seven interests. Once you are done setting up your account profile, approval process should begin in earnest.

Aside from creating your Postloop main account, there’s another account through which your ten sample posts must be submitted. This is called Postloop portal account. It must be noted that this particular account is different from the first account you have created. To begin submitting your ten sample posts, you need to subscribe to the Postloop portal first, then may start submitting sample posts.

At Postloop, it’s necessary to subscribe first before making posts to any site or forum. That is how the system works. How you will be subscribing to the Postloop portal is explained below in simple English grammar.

Subscription to the Postloop Portal qualifies you to start making your posts and will get your written sample posts submitted for staff review. As explained earlier, you will be notified within 24 hours about the decision of Postloop as to whether you will be posting to other sites or not.

Get the description to subscribing to the Postloop Portal now. Note that the Postloop Portal is like the gateway to submitting your trial posts. To start the subscription process, you simply click the forum tab at the top of your Postloop main account dashboard. A message says, ‘Click here to show steps necessary to receive approval at Postloop’.

Follow the instruction sheepishly and then scroll the next page down to locate the Postloop Portal link. You will find this link below the yellow page. That will only be necessary if you haven’t registered at the Postloop Portal at all. Don’t forget that the purpose for coming here is to subscribe to the Portal.

You will see a green + icon at the extreme right side of the Postloop portal link. Click on this icon and get redirected to the subscription page where you will be required to enter your Postloop Portal username and email address only. Once you enter those details correctly, you will be notified instantly that you’ve been subscribed to the Postloop Portal under the submitted username. It’s the right time to begin making your ten sample posts.

How To Get Posting Approval

Getting approved for posting is guaranteed once you can follow the simple guide you are being given in this review. You must be very patient while writing your sample posts because the platform is operating on a rating system. Once you can’t receive a good rating, you won’t have access to many forums or blogs and, thus, won’t make money.

Another issue with the rating system is that your user rating determines your average post per day. So, users with very low ratings get very low pay rates and, thus, usually get discouraged and eventually opt out of the platform.

Do you want to make money at Postloop? Do you want to receive a good rating on approval? It’s up to you whichever way you want it. With a good rating, you can start earning up to $10 a day, though this can still not give you the deserved financial freedom, it’s great for a newbie who’s just getting started online.

Postloop Rating System

As mentioned earlier, Postloop operates on a rating system and this determines how much you will be making as a writer. A blog owner can also be a writer if he desires to write for the platform. Many blog owners at Postloop leverage the platform to earn some points on a daily basis and use that to pay writers for every post submitted at the site.

Upon getting posting approval, you will receive a new user rating instantly from another user and this could either encourage or discourage you. If your user rating is below 4.00, you will be getting no bonus point. If your rating falls between 4.00 – 4.24, your bonus point is going to be 0.25. With a rating of 4.25 – 4.49, your bonus point is 0.35 while it’s 0.50 for a user rating that falls between 4.50 – 4.74 and 0.75 for a user whose rating falls between 4.75 – 4.99. For a user rating of 5.00 stars, bonus point is 1.00.


With a full year experience, Postloop had been a trusted and legit writing platform and hundreds of users who are either writers or blog owners from different locations of the world have leveraged the platform to earn some extra cash or get some site comments from other writers. This helps a lot in getting search engine rankings. Once you start getting rankings, you will earn revenue with your site. Rankings equal traffic and traffic equals revenue.


  • You simply make money making fun and you get paid whenever you want.
  • You withdraw once you have 100 Postloop points and get paid via PayPal.
  • You withdraw whenever you want and there’s no tedious work at all.
  • Once you can write good English grammar, there’s no stringent requirement.
  • The rating system can be so favorable if you are grammatically sound.
  • You can easily earn $10 – $20 a day totaling $300 – $600 a month, yet this cannot give you financial freedom unless you consider joining the best money making platform in the online world.


  • You won’t earn any reasonable income from Postloop if your rating is low.
  • It’s easier to be disapproved than approved.
  • It a blog owner requires a high rating, you won’t be able to earn at all for not meeting up.
  • Any act of spamming should be avoided because this is strictly prohibited. Postloop doesn’t give a second chance. Once you are caught with any sort of spamming, you may never be reconsidered.
  • You have daily limits to the number of posts you will be making and once the limit is exceeded, you won’t be able to post to the particular forum or blog for the day.
  • Your morale may decline if you find that your user rating has been dropped by another user.

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Should you have any comment or feedback you want to pass across or, perhaps, have any question you want to ask,  don’t hesitate filling out the form below and I will be more than happy to respond as soon as possible.

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  1. I love this site and will keep it bookmarked, Israel. Postloop is a new concept to me and I am looking forward to taking a closer look at it. You have explained its history and purpose clearly.

    I also like the way you very cleverly introduced your best money making system in the world at the end of the post following your summary with the pros and cons of Postloop. You have totally won me on this and I have to say I am in.

    Your own style of writing is very clear and easy to read and you have managed to convey a lot of valuable information about Postloop without boring me for a minute.

    Well done and thank you!

    • Thanks for visiting and reading my blog post, Judy! Kudos for deciding to leverage and take a look at Postloop for your online business!

      Postloop is not that rewarding when it comes to getting paid to post, but you can get lots of comments from the platform which can help you move your blogging game to the next level. Thanks for visiting!

      Wish you breakthroughs,
      Israel Olatunji

  2. Hey there,

    I have been working on different writing platforms like Fiverr, Elance, odesk and others but haven’t quite gotten the kind of quality service I am looking for.

    Being paid whenever you want sure seems nice but then the low rating is something that really brings the writer down especially if they put their all into writing the article that got them the low rating.

    Compared to iwriter, is Postloop the best?

    • Thanks for getting back with a valuable thought, Dave! As regards posting jobs all around the freelance writing platforms online, none of them offers good and appreciable rates when it comes to paying writers for writing posts or completing writing projects.

      Writers don’t get nicely rewarded by most of these freelance writing sites and it’s deliberate; not that the money is not coming in, but Postloop has a little difference, not really in terms of getting paid as a writer, but in terms of giving you access to subscribe to a huge list of forums and blogs and make posts.

      I am not affiliated by any means to Postloop, but as a writer who has worked for several months writing for forums and blogs, I can speak about this platform better than anyone else in the world.

      For the past few months now, I have not been writing for any forum / blog owner any longer, but for myself alone and I have seen great dividends in doing this. I strongly recommend that you do the same too, though I still leverage the platform for receiving blog comments.

      Learn more about leveraging such platforms for building backlinks through blog comments below.

      Get Paid To Post Comments

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  3. I hung on to every single word because for years and years, I have been looking for a great place to write and make money doing it. This does look like a great place. However, for me at this point of my online career, I don’t think I could devote the time needed.

    However, I do have a few friends just starting out and I think this would be great for them to see that you actually can make money online. Thanks for the great review!

    • Hello Dale,

      It’s lovely to meet you here and I just want to encourage you that making money online takes some time and effort with lots of commitment, working the techniques with the right energy.

      If you had carefully read through this post, you would see that you need the platform to build your online entrepreneurial business with blog commenting more than the newbie bloggers you mentioned here.

      Postloop is a freelance writing or forum posting platform with more than 1 million exchanged posts/comments. It’s an avenue for you to pay writers who came from the different parts of the world to write for you and comment on your blog.

      One fantastic thing about the platform is that you simply control how you want your writers to post to your blog, the exact quality you want, the rating of the writer within the platform and lots more. I am not, by any means, affiliated to this platform, but I have been leveraging the service to get lots of comments to my blog for a couple of months.

      Get more exposure by learning tips to making attention grabbing comments through Ryan Biddulph and Hassaan Khan. Visit and read through the blog posts below to learn more about link building for SEO and don’t forget to subscribe through our email subscription form located on the right sidebar.
       Best Way To Build Backlinks

      Get Paid To Post Comments

  4. Great review! It’s the first time that I came across Postloop. This sounds like a great way to make money writing content, but I would prefer to write for myself (my website). The value of a blog post over time is a lot higher than content writers getting paid to write one.

    However, one thing that makes me interested about this website is that you can choose your area of expertise and write about that topic.

    How much could you earn on this website if you write for one hour a day (on average, I know that not all writers are the same)? In fact, I am thinking about hiring people from this site to write content for my website? What attracts me here, again is that the writers have an interest to the topic of my website, this could make a better article.

    • Postloop is a great way to make money writing content, though you shouldn’t expect to get financial freedom therefrom. It’s a writing platform whereby you can at least earn some extra cash doing what you love doing and it’s a great money making platform for anyone who is just getting started online. When it comes to getting quality comments to your site from real people, Postloop is great and superb.

      Yes, every user chooses his own area of interest and this is part of what makes the platform more interesting and user-friendly. When I first started at Postloop, I was earning $5 a day and increased this to $10 a day, totally $300 a month. Now, I have been making $10-$20 a day which adds up to $300-$600 a month.

      If you need any extra guide on how you can make the most out of Postloop, don’t hesitate getting back to me. I will reply as early as possible.

  5. This was a very informative article about Postloop. I may check into it. I do love to write. I have a great passion for writing and enjoy doing that. However, I am a bit confused about the best money making program mentioned in the middle of the post. I just want more clarity on that and wish to know why it was included in the post.

    • If you are so passionate about writing as you mentioned, then you have come across the right platform to leverage your writing skills and potentials. There is a list of forums and blogs right on Postloop where you will be subscribing and posting to after getting approved.

      I mentioned the best money making program in the post explaining that you won’t get financial freedom from Postloop, but only need it to earn some extra cash and get some quality comments from real people.

  6. Good review! I have looked at a few different ways of making money through freelance writing, but I have not heard about Postloop before. This does sound like a great way to earn as you gain much more experience with writing content. Now, seeing how you need to get approved with 10 sample posts makes me assume that you must have a ton of experience with writing.

    However, on the bright side, since you mentioned being able to choose your own interests to write about, this makes it seem a lot better, compared to other sites where you write about things you don’t know much about.

    My question is, how would you compare this to sites like iWriter or Upwork? Do you feel that earning $10 a day is worth the amount of effort and time that you put in? Also, does the length of the article you write determine the amount you make from it?

    • Postloop has been operating for some years now and currently has over 4000000 exchanged posts/comments to date. It’s still the best among the paid forum posting platforms when it comes to getting paid almost Instantly on making posts at forums and Blogs. To become a writer, you must submit your ten sample posts which could be a combination of threads and replies. 

      You will be required to choose up to 7 interests which will enable you to post on related ideas. Upwork, iwriter and other related sites are freelance writing sites that pay writers, but the big difference is that you don’t have to wait for writing assignments or tasks to earn. Once you get approved for posting, you will be able to subscribe to sites and start making posts immediately. 

      You cannot get financial freedom at Postloop, but considering the opportunity of getting paid almost instantly and leveraging it to get comments back to your site, you would find it so indispensable for your online success. The length of your posts never determines how much you can earn, but writing quality and relevant posts. You just need a minimum of 50 words per post to keep your user rating going forward. 

      Should you need some guide that will help you get approved for posting at Postloop, don’t hesitate filling out the form below and you will receive the guide in earnest. 


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