11 Practical Blogging Tools to Help Control Your Time

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Time is one of the most valuable things that never seem to be enough.

Almost every blogger has daily tasks. These tasks include promoting your websites, writing useful content, keeping in touch with other bloggers, being in good standing with social media and a whole lot of other things.

The good thing is that there are some tools that can help you better maintain and manage your time. You may have heard about Hootsuite and IFTTT. We will do a review of some other tools you may not have heard about.

1. Co-Schedule

Schedule Your Posts With Co-Schedule

Site Address: Coschedule.com

Co-Schedule is a highly resource plug-in that is integrated with your WordPress blog. For just a peanut of $10/month, you will surely get a drag and drop tool that can manage your social media posts.

During the process of writing your blog, you can easily create a social media post, meaning you don’t have to toggle between different tools.

During the process of writing your blog, you can easily create a social media post, meaning you don’t have to toggle between different tools.

This is a very technical tool most especially if you are managing a team of writers and you need everyone to be able to see what is coming up, due dates and creating a nice workflow across projects on your blog. One of the most interesting things about Co-Schedule is that it has a 14-day free trial and then you can decide if it is right for your blog or not.

2. Time Doctor

Tracking Software For Teams
Tracking Software For Teams

Site Address: www.timedoctor.com

This is one of the best and most useful time tracking software for teams; it can be used on Windows, iOS and all other Android devices in six major languages namely English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish and Russian.

The app makes provisions for an easy and clean interface which allows time tracking quickly. The configuration setting is just like a digital solution that provides time tracking, computer work session monitoring, reminders, screenshot recording, invoicing, reporting tools, integration and more to help promote and make businesses to be more productive.

The configuration of Time Doctor is quick and easy. There are a few basic one-time settings. The alternative configuration allows various levels of employee tracking like screenshot monitoring, payroll, GPS tracking, and many more. It can work perfectly with 32 top apps like Basecamp, Asana, Jira, etc. It increases work functionalities and makes project management even better.

The reports dashboard indicates tables and charts view of hours worked on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and over a custom date range. The reports also indicates time usage stats based on time used on various projects and tasks, daily timeline reports, poor time used, GPS tracking, etc.

The edit time functionality includes a calendar-like view which allows users to add manual time on the fly. The manual time is added to the user’s timesheet after the review has been processed by the manager.

There’s a free plan offer, which is a $5/month Solo Plan. There’s also a premium plan offer, which is a $9.99/user/month Pro Plan for teams.

3. ProofHub

Project Management Solution With Great Time Tracking Features
Project Management Solution With Great Time Tracking Features

Website: www.proofhub.com

This is a web-based project management solution with great time tracking features; it is fully loaded with powerful elements that eliminate the stress for having too many tools to work with.

It will be an added advantage for bloggers because of its file-sharing software that works as the central unit for storing, organizing and passing across all other important files.

It stands as a perfect platform where bloggers can come together, share feedback and help collaborate when needed.

Web-Based Project Management Solution
Web-Based Project Management Solution

Few of its major functions include Task management, Online Proofing, Discussions, Notes, Gantt charts, Reports, etc to name a few. It also has third-party applications such as Google Drive, One drive, Drop box, and Box. The best part about Proof Hub is the fact that it’s also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS users.

The Premium plan starts from $45/month if billed annually.

4. Rescue Time

Rescuetime Helps To Monitor Your Daily Habits
Rescuetime Helps To Monitor Your Daily Habits

Website: www.rescuetime.com

Have you ever wondered why you waste a lot of time spinning your wheels or been unable to figure out if your focus is quite right? This tool runs with Windows or Mac and checks how and where your time is spent. This tool helps to monitor your daily habits and then gives you feedback, so you can know what is getting you distracted and the need for you to change it.

Rescue Time gives a weekly report and suggestions for using your time more effectively. For example, if you’re spending three hours a day playing Candy Crush, then you are distracted and you probably need to limit your online gaming time.

Then, Rescue Time takes it a step higher. You can come up with a schedule concerning deadline on certain activities or websites and the program will block them after that.  For example, if you want to spend 20 minutes a day on facebook chatting with friends, you will just set the program for that and it will block facebook once the 20 minutes period elapses.

Rescue time offers a Lite version which is free and also a premium version which has more advanced features. It lets you track time away from when you are away from your computer as well as receive alerts, block websites and check daily achievements for about $9/month (discount allowed if paying per year!).

5. StayFocusd

The Right Productivity Tool To Keep You On Track
The Right Productivity Tool To Keep You On Track

: chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/stayfocusd/

If you do use Chrome as your browser, StayFocusd can be the right productivity tool to keep you on track. Every blogger always needs and likes to have access to information. This shows that bloggers love to read and get new information and discoveries.

It is vital to be at the peak of your niche topic and always create nice content that talks about new updates and developments in the industry; this can consume a lot of time but in the real sense and reality, you don’t have to talk about food and diet when your niche is about technology topics.

In order not to spend too much time on your vices, such as entertainment gossip or whichever gossip might likely waste your time, StayFocusd allows you to come up with time limits on the sites of your choice. You can also approve certain sites at all times or block certain some others. You can tweak the configuration settings from day-to-day, but once you’ve used up allotted time for a site on any day, it will be blocked for the remaining part of that day.

It is free to add to Chrome. If you like the program, they do ask you to consider donating $10 to them, but it is not required.

6. YouMail

Youmail Quickly Converts A Voice Mail To A Text You Can Read Quickly
Youmail Quickly Converts A Voice Mail To A Text You Can Read Quickly

Website: www.youmail.com

This tool works with iOS, Android and Blackberry phones. Are you the type that finds yourself spending a lot of time on dealing with phone calls and voice mails? This special app is created for you. This special and free (Ad-supported) app may just allow you to gain some extra time. It quickly converts a voice mail to a text you can read quickly.

One of the major features of this app is that you can set up different voice mail greetings for different callers. For example, if you have a call from a client, you can greet him and exchange pleasantries, and then assure him that you will message him back shortly.

Probably you have a client that calls every 15mins; this may not be convenient for you, if you are always in a meeting. This program will let you set an auto responder feature, a quick text or email that will confirm you have received their voice mail and explain to them that you will respond to their call when you get out of your meeting.

YouMail offers two plans: the personal plan runs $5/month and the business plan with some pro features runs $10/month.

7. RoboForm

Roboform Allows You To Connect And Follow Up With Different Online Tools And The Passwordsthis Image Has An Empty Alt Attribute; Its File Name Is Blog-Image-Roboform-1024X489.Jpg
Roboform Allows You To Connect With Different Online Tools And The Passwords

Website: www.roboform.com

Security experts are of the opinion that having different passwords for each site is the best thing to do, and it is very easy to forget which exact password you are using for your blog, a bank and other sensitive sites. Have you ever wondered how much time you wasted resetting password because you forgot?

RoboForm allows you to connect and follow up with different online tools and the passwords to each and every one. It does not only help you keep track, but also helps you type them in as you proceed, and keep it secure and safe.

This password manager works with windows, Mac, iOS and all other Android devices. It is also 100% free, which appears as a nice perk. It follows the concept of a “Master password”. This is a password that remains the same no matter what may happen. RoboForm stays secure by not saving the password anywhere, so be very sure you can remember it.

The moment you log in to a site, Roboform will ask if you want it to remember your password. That’s just it. You won’t have to store the password in your memory once RoboForm has it. You can also use the same RoboForm on any of your devices.

8. Wunderlist

Wunderlist Helps You Carry Out Assignments
Wunderlist Helps You Carry Out Assignments

Website: www.wunderlist.com

Did you ever forget to carry out some assignments on your to-do-list? Or maybe you haven’t had time to worry about one? Any experienced or successful freelancer will tell you that a to-do list is a must. Regardless of this, you don’t have to use a traditional pen and paper style to-do-list to be productive.

Does your to-do list get lost? Maybe you haven’t got the chance to bother with one? A successful freelancer will tell you that a to-do list is compulsory. To save yourself some stress, you don’t have to use a traditional pen and paper style to-do list to be effective.

Wunderlist helps take the whole concept and bring it real to a virtual world where you already spend most of your time. One of the best things about Wunderlist is the fact that you can dedicate tasks by sharing a grocery list or just arrange your own workload.

This list also compliments with others on your team. So, whether you need your husband to pick up some of the grocery list or you do prefer to have team members executing a project while you check them off as they are done, you’ll always get to know the stage where projects get to both personal and professional levels.

9. Wave

Wave Is Easy To Access, Free And Created For Companies With Under 10 Employees
Wave Is Easy To Access, Free And Created For Companies With Under 10 Employees

Website: www.waveapps.com

One of the things that can be confusing to small business owners is accounting, Wave is easy to access, free and created for companies with under 10 employees.

Wave syncs with your bank account, PayPal and other sources. There is no need for you to enter anything manually. Wave enters it all for you. You don’t have to manually enter anything. Wave enters it all for you. The platform also makes provision for excel sheets, link credit cards and even invoices. You can also upload Excel sheets, link credit cards, and even invoices from this platform.

As an added advantage, it is easy to generate reports for tax time. If need be to add it on the payroll, wave offers features starting at $9/month for one employee and $4 more for each additional employee. This rate drops significantly if you do have more than 10 employees.

10. Trello

Trello Is An Online Collaboration Tool
Trello Is An Online Collaboration Tool

Website: trello.com

After you’ve started to work with others on projects and need an online collaboration tool, Trello is a great platform to start with. It is easy to use, and tasks can be moved around quickly with the use of boxes. Trello can also sync up to Dropbox or Google Drive, allowing collaborators to upload documents easily.

This is like a big whiteboard with sticky notes that can be dragged and dropped to different places. You are permitted to name the lists however you want, such as “task”, “draft”, and “completed”.

Trello is free to use, which makes it a perfect tool for bloggers or small business owners, who don’t want to spend a lot of money but desire more organization.

11. Harvest

Harvest Is A Time Tracking Tool
Harvest Is A Time Tracking Tool

Website: www.getharvest.com

Harvest is yet another time tracking tool that does help to use time more effectively. It is quite easy to track your time and you don’t have to install any software for this particular program to work; you just need to set up a simple time sheet coupled with few clicks and you can track how much time you’ve spent on a project.

This tracking is useful in a couple of ways. First, you can be sure you are charging a cheap rate for the time involved.

Moreover, some clients are more demanding than others, it makes them more time consuming, so there may be a need for you to get rid of extremely demanding clients and replace them with the ones who are more grateful and will appreciate your efforts.

Also, some clients are simply more demanding than others, which makes them more time-consuming. You are expected to get rid of extremely demanding clients and replace them with ones who are more appreciative of your work to earn a livable hourly wage.

You can choose to invoice right from Harvest, which is a nice feature for clients you are charging by the hour.

There are so many packages bloggers can choose from, but most bloggers would prefer to settle for the free package which gives you access to bill up to 4 clients and have 2 projects per month, or the solo package, which gives you unlimited clients and projects for $12/month. Try it out first with a 30-day free trial offer.

Making the Most of Your Time

One of the major things to ensure you make the most of your time as a blogger is to be informed about what you are spending your time on. Once you’ve figured out the time wasters, it is much easier to figure out shortcuts for important tasks. By freeing up time both by eliminating waste and streamlining important tasks, you will get more done in 24 hours than you, otherwise, would have.

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  1. Thank you for this article. And I must say this write up is not only for bloggers but for everyone. Time is not always enough so ability to manage time helps to get alot of things done. In order to use time efficiently, you need to have specific goal,plan. Work with time on every task. I really appreciate this and I hope this will get to as many people as possible. What a great article

  2. Staying focus is one thing every one needs to consider,  is vital to be at the peak of your niche topic and always create nice content that talks about new updates and developments in the industry and the time doctor which is also essential, which The app makes provisions for an easy and clean interface which allows time tracking quickly.


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