How to Promote your YouTube Videos for Utmost Traffic

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There are definitely hundreds of videos on YouTube solving a problem or meeting a need in every niche you can think of. But most videos do not get many views. This shows that there is a lot of competition in the business of posting videos.

Now, with this level of competition, how can you make your video visible among all the videos dealing in the same topic? How do you get your video to rank among the top 10 or 20 videos? What can you do to make the audience choose your video?

To make a video that will rank high on YouTube, you must ask yourself these questions and more. But from the moment you know the right things to do, your videos begin to rank among the best videos and you can begin to earn much money through YouTube.

Now, there are techniques of achieving a high ranking video that have been proven to work. Try using them to drive traffic to your channel and see the results.

Use SEOs on Your YouTube Channels

Learn how to use SEOs for your videos. This may seem like a big deal to you, but really, it isn’t. You need to know the language of search engines. After all, it is through search that most online users locate information.

Learning and using the search engine algorithms can help you get your videos ranked very high. SEOs determine which videos will be viewed based on the search queries of the viewers.

So, if you add SEOs to your YouTube channel, it means that whenever there is a query for your topic it gets to be ranked among other channels that will be viewed. You can use SEOs without having to worry on incurring promotional costs.

YouTube rankings

YouTube uses its expert system to run the videos taking certain parameters to know how the channels with the highest traffic make it. Online Business Publication has been able to identify some factors used to rank videos on YouTube. Take a look at the following:

Title tags, description tags, length of video, captivating the audience, number of subscribers earned after watching, comments, and reactions (likes or dislikes).

How Can You Apply These Factors to Your YouTube Videos?

As you prepare your video, you need to do keyword research. You can do it on YouTube or on Google. There are also other tools that you can pay for and use them for your keyword research.

Choose a keyword and type it into the YouTube search. You will see several results based on frequent searches. You can also use Jaaxy, Google search or Google’s keyword planner. Type in a keyword or phrase and add video to it.

Look at the videos that come up on the first page of the search result. The videos that will come up are the most sought videos. Now, you can use the result in planning your video or if the video has already been made, you can use the result to know how it will rank.

If your video is on YouTube and it doesn’t come up among the top results, then it is possible that you have not used the right keywords. You can also use the free version of Jaaxy or Keyword Tool for your search.

The main keywords in your video should be a set of about three to six words. The keywords give the main idea in your video. There should be other words that will also help your video rank high.

These supporting keywords help the search engine understand more what the content of your video relates to. These are known as Latent Supporting Index (LSI). Correct use of keywords determines whether or not your video will rank high when a search is made.

Okay, Let’s Move on to See How You Can Add Keywords to Your Video

Before you record your video, you would have to prepare your script. Make sure that in your script, you have added those keywords. You don’t have to fill your script with so many keywords, but enough to point to your video whenever a search is made. You must also make conscious effort to use those keywords in your video.

But more than just using keywords, you should make sure that the content of your video is as authentic and as interesting as possible.

Describe Your Video

When you describe your video, make sure that you use enough words that can pass on a clear meaning. You can use about 120- 150 words on the average. Let them know what they are going to benefit or learn from watching the video.

Make sure that you mention your main keywords about four times. And the supporting keywords like twice. Use hashtags too. When you use hashtags, your audience can find your video faster.

Also, add any of your social media profiles and encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel.

The Title of Your Video

Make the title of your video short and as CLEAR as possible. Do not use ambiguous words that will mislead the audience. With a clear title, it is much easier for SEOs to link your audience with your video and for your audience to find your video.

If the video is about tech trends, you should include a time frame because trends change with time.

Make sure that your tags are related to your keywords. Without the keywords, the search engines might be unable to locate your video.

Video Length

Don’t make it too short, say, less than one minute and don’t make it too long. If your video is too long, you might not get much audience or at some point you will lose their attention. But make a video of two minutes or as much as five minutes if the content is much and captivating.

If it is a long video, it would be better to break it into parts. If you begin to lose audience on YouTube, then your video will start losing ranking. It is better to avoid such.

The thumbnails in your video should be something that whenever your audience sees it, they can recognize the video as yours especially as it is the first thing that they see of your video. Also, if your video is more than two minutes, then you add a clickable annotation to it. Even if the viewer did not finish watching the video, YouTube will know that the person is through with it.

Guide Your Audience for Action

At the end of the video, ask your audience to take an action. It could be a like, share, request to follow a link, comment or subscribe. This call to action helps you in two ways. First, it helps you to know what your audience thinks about your video. So, the action of viewers can promote your video.


Rank Your Channel

There are many things that you can do to get your channel well ranked. Every time you create a video, make sure it shows some similarity with a previous one, this takes us back again to the discussion on niches.

If you have chosen a niche, make sure that you maintain that niche. Create your content with your audience in mind. If your viewers actually find your solution useful, it may not be difficult to get them to take an action.

And whenever you are making a video, remember to use the right keywords because keywords go a long way in getting your videos seen by your audience. Using keywords that are not right for your video may keep it far below where it should be ranked.

Always remember to use SEO for your videos. They guide you and give you an idea of how your videos will be perceived and ranked. You can promote your videos on social media to improve your ranking.

Using SEO alone is not enough to get you that traffic that you desire. Think of the over 2 billion active users on Facebook. You don’t need to make a video for all of them, but from among them; you should be able to have a sizeable audience that will benefit from your video.

Apart from Facebook, there are several other social media where you can get people to watch and subscribe to your channel. Remember that the search engines do take note of the actions that people take on your video and that helps it to increase its ranking.

Advertising on Facebook

Every day, Facebook records over 8 billion video views. On the average, people spend about 32 minutes visiting Facebook and 32% of those that visit check out brands when they visit.

This is an opportunity to deliver a smashing ad for your video. Now, by focusing on a niche and a subject in that niche, you already have an audience. You can reach out to them using Facebook ads.

As you place ads on Facebook, make sure that in the first three seconds, your audience members are able to see what they will benefit from your video. This time is enough to determine if a person shows interest in your ad or not.

As you advertise on Facebook, remember to channel your ad to your target audience through the use of the right keywords. Make sure that your advert is worth what you spend to create it by reaching out to the right audience.

If you reach out to the right people, you will compound the interest on what you spent on the ad but if you made a general or broad group advertisement, then you will be reaching out to so many people that your post is irrelevant to; this means that you will be spending money without achieving your goal.

You can also GEO-target your ads to a specific area. It may be that your video would be more beneficial to people in certain geographical locations than others. Then you need to focus on these people to make sure that your ads are able to reach them.

Focus on where you can get the highest value for your clicks. You can use Google Analytics to determine that.

You can advertise the same way on any social media platform you choose – Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or other relevant online communities.

Brand Your Channel

While you are promoting your videos, try to brand your channel. Make it one of a kind as such that at any time, it can be linked to you. Branding also contributes to the success of your channel. Let us see how you can do this.

Introduce your brand briefly by putting forward the benefit they would gain from it. Even if they were randomly selecting videos, at that point, they will pause because you have been able to catch their attention. Make sure what they see also impacts them positively to make them want to see the video.

Link Your Video to Your Website

If you have a website, you may want to link your video to it. Reading the content of your site also prompts viewers to see the content of your video. The video should not be exactly the same as the content of your posts but should relate to it.

In the same way that you can have several blog posts, so also you can have several videos on your website! This will also help search engines locate your videos easily. That way, your YouTube channel and your website will both grow traffic for you.

Take Action

You can be one of those people with influential and trending videos on YouTube. Making a video and posting it on YouTube does not necessarily mean that you will earn from it. You just have to put effort to get it worth viewing and worthy of viewers.

To summarize all that we have discussed, the quality of the content of your videos matters a lot. To know how it will be perceived by your viewers, make use of SEOs, including keywords. You need to get the keywords right because they very much determine your ranking.

Don’t forget to use social media to your benefit by advertising on them. Also, leveraging both your website and YouTube channel to generate traffic is to your advantage. Take the right steps today to promote your videos and get the much desired audience and traffic to your channel.

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  1. I like this. The information is not only for online publication. Some publishers does not take note of all these points. Let the topic be bold and captivating,if the content is nice but the cover or title is urgly no one Will want to go for it. So packaging is key, lengthy videos can cut attention. I really appreciate this. Thank you for sharing 

  2. Hello! Thank you for sharing this article on promoting YouTube videos. I have gone through it and I must say it is a very helpful review as the information here is exactly what I needed for my YouTube videos. I opened a YouTube channel not long ago and it has not be doing so well yet, with these tips of yours I will be able to promote my videos, thanks.

  3. Great tips Olatunji,

    I especially liked the YouTube part, I never thought of using keywords to rank, wow! All these while I’ve been using keywords for my blog only, doing so on YouTube will definitely help me cut through those low competition keywords with high traffic. Does the YouTube keyword ranking work with social media too like Facebook?

    • Thanks for stopping by, Riaz! You just need to use low competition keywords in your blog content and video content, that’s all.

  4. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoy going through your review as it contains valuable information one needs to be aware of. I have a friend who recently started a YouTube channel, i guess she will definitely need this info here to make her channel grow stronger.

  5. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your article as it contains valuable information’s one could hold on to. I recently started a youtube channel but like you said i don’t get much views, i think these steps you mentioned would really help go a long way. Thanks for the tips.

    • Oh yes, Philebur! The guide narrated in this post will help you start getting views to your YouTube videos in no distant time. Implement the working strategy and get results.

      Israel Olatunji

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    • The guide explained in this post for promoting a YouTube channel works like magic for anyone wanting to drive traffic to their channels. Simply do it as instructed and get results in no time. Thanks for reading!

      Israel Olatunji

  7. Wow, your article gives a thorough explanation of the tactics and strategies on how to get the most organic traffic to one’s youtube channel.

    But I’ve got a question since I am a shy and introverted person, what ‘s the great way to be comfortable while talking in front of the camera? This is my “fatal” downside and I really don’t know how to overcome it…

    Anyway, I appreciate your article and I already bookmarked it for future use!

    • Hey Zac, thanks for your comment! Everybody had a similar challenge in the first place when it comes to talking before the camera and that’s why there are tools like Vidnami that let you create stunning and visually-engaging videos yet without having to show up before the camera. If you don’t mind, consider exploring Vidnami.

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