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When it comes to writing quality content, a good writer must possess certain attributes and that’s the basis for our discussion today. Do you have what it takes to be a good writer? What do you understand about building out a site with quality and helpful content?

Do you know what it takes to create quality and engaging content for higher rankings? Let’s discuss this topic in depth as well as other facts related to writing quality content.

What are qualities of a good writer? What are those attributes a writer must possess in order to get ranks? Content/writing quality is one of the top major factors in the hierarchy of Google’s ranking factors . Below are some of the qualities:

  • A good writer must be grammatically sound. He must apply the correct use of grammar while writing content or, perhaps, preparing for indexing and ranking. This includes the use of tenses and appropriate construction of English sentences.
  • A good writer must make proper use of punctuation marks while creating content. The punctuation marks include the use of full-stop, comma, inverted comma, apostrophe, exclamation mark, question mark, colon, semi-colon and others. Google checks the correct use of punctuation marks while deciding on ranking your site. This and other parameters are considered altogether for ranking your site.
  • A good writer must be mistake-conscious while creating content. It’s usual with humans to make grammatical mistakes or errors in the course of writing and this can adversely affect the overall ranking assessment of your site in the sight of Google and other major search engines. This too determines a lot when it comes to assessing a good writer.

Quality Content Writing Services

What are quality writing services? How can you leverage such services to maximize revenue on your site? What are the benefits of delivering quality writing services on your site? The logic about content writing is that it’s the second mentioned factor in the hierarchy of Google’s ranking factors.

A lot of people need website content and can pay hundreds of dollars to hire a writer to write for them. When they see the expertise they expected in you, you stand to appear like a professional freelancer to them.

If you would find it more profitable to write for yourself, then you would be said to have a great vision towards becoming a professional online marketer.

When you check out for the rates at content marketplaces, you will find out that a thousand word article is worth much more than $40. Leveraging your writing skills can create you multiple streams of income while writing on your own blog.

Writing for other sites is just like neglecting your own business and focusing on another man’s business. Using your writing skills for other bloggers amounts to building other people’s business at the expense of yours with little or no payments at all.

You won’t be happy for reasons stated below if you are not leveraging your writing potentials to earn through your own blog:

  • You are not the owner of the business, so you may be driven out of the system anytime the owner deems fit.
  • You don’t have your own freedom in the work you are doing.
  • There is no job satisfaction in most cases.
  • You will not be making enough money.
  • There is no future reward for the daily effort you are putting in to promote other people’s business.
  • You only earn little or no payments from the writing jobs you do.

Aside from earning as a freelance writer, writing for websites, you may want to consider leveraging some freelance writing platforms that connect you (The Blog Owner) to forum posters (Writers).

Because Google ranks a site with higher visitor engagement through blog commenting, such platforms become high potentials  for blog owners to connect and pay writers in exchange for blog comments . With this, ranking is guaranteed and making money becomes a fun.

How To Write Original Content

Writing unique content is of paramount importance to the success of your brand and once you have chosen a niche that really flows with your expertise, your brand continues to grow geometrically.

Invariably, you may copy your written articles and paste in a plagiarism checker tool in order to see if the articles are genuine or plagiarized. An overall percentage greater than 96% would be considered unique and original and that’s good for SEO.

Plagiarized articles don’t get ranked in Google and other search engines… This is because Google has some special algorithms for detecting plagiarized content in any site.

They have scored zero in total. Even if Google wouldn’t be able to detect that they used those tools containing spamming elements on any particular review, more complex machines could be used to detect them.

The truth about using an article re-writer or spinner tool is that those tools contain spamming elements and are easily detected by search engines.

So, using such tools brings no success both in the short-run and in the long-run and it’s obvious that the developers are critically poor in the knowledge of SEO. Another fact is that the tools make lots of grammatical mistakes and errors which are even difficult for anyone to rectify.

Find Content Writers

Finding quality content writers is for those who have created a niche website, but didn’t have sufficient time for writing content on their websites. Despite the serious need for building out a site with engaging content, there are hundreds of competent and experienced writers who don’t bother creating their own personal websites, but simply get very busy writing at a very high level for article marketplaces and forum posting platforms.


Thus, content writers are usually found at article marketplaces whereby writers submit articles and have them listed for sale, freelance writing platforms whereby writing projects are regularly forwarded to writers, and forum posting platforms whereby writers make money making fun. Instead of deciding to go back to article re-writer and spinner tools, it would be great to buy fresh content in order to keep up with your site publishing frequency, though there’s nothing so sweet like having your whole time with your online business.

What Is The Purpose Of A Content Management System?

Aside from the common content marketplaces, freelance writing and forum posting platforms, there are some other writing sites referred to as Content Management Systems (CMS). These are writing sites that offer writing services in a different way. They don’t sell articles, but simply allow writers to register at their sites and share a percentage of the revenue that comes in from advertisers’ ads. Examples of such sites are YouTube, HubPages, EHow, Associated content as well as Triond.

The content management system requires high quality writing stuff from writers, and getting qualified to write for such a system may sometimes be tedious especially for those writers who are just starting out with the system. Despite all, you won’t get financial freedom from those systems unless you start writing for yourself on your own website. Learn how you can set up your own website free in just few clicks.

Above all, the content management system is preferred by so many writers to leverage their writing skills for earning online revenue. In as much as the systems earn revenue from advertisements, they share percentages with writers on all of the posts published by them. With all these, you will only be sharing revenue, not earning directly. You are not in control of cash. You should rather consider creating your own website and write for yourself.


Having learned the qualities or attributes of a good writer, you would want to leverage those tips in writing great content on your site. You need to be a good writer in order to get ranked in search engines, though that’s not the only parameter for getting your site ranked in Google and other search engines. Getting ranked would be your ultimate goal for becoming a good writer.

Once you can achieve this, you wouldn’t ever want to join any freelance writing platform spending so much time for other people and earning token which is just a remnant that drops from their tables. The earlier you realize this fact, the better for your online writing career! Start writing for yourself today and you will discover that content writing has a great potential for turning you a millionaire in just few months.

If you ever have any question you want to ask about content writing or becoming a good writer, don’t hesitate filling out the comment form below and I will be more than happy to reply you as soon as possible. We truly care about you and your financial success. Kindly share this post with friends, groups, fans, followers and communities on social media platforms.


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8 Comments on “Qualities Of A Good Writer”

  1. Hi there, really interesting! It’s good to be refreshed from time to time about what it takes to be a good writer. It made me realize that I should go over my use of correct punctuation and grammar. I do the best I can and proof read at least 3 times before I publish but sometimes I find it difficult to know exactly where to put colons and especially semi-colons. I’m going to brush up on these skills thanks to you. I think it may be time to go over all my old work and revamp it.

    You are right, building your own online business rather than building somebody else’s is definitely preferable…to me anyway. And the best platform I know of is Wealthy Affiliate. The training is brilliant and you get plenty of help for those times when you get stuck but it is well worth the effort in the long run

    1. Hello Stefanie,

      Yes, you need to be refreshed at constant intervals as that would help in bringing the best out of you when it comes to getting ready to become a good writer. The use of punctuation marks coupled with the right use of English grammar and paragraphs will do your content a lot of good in the readability and ranking aspect.

      Proofreading your content up to three times or more before publishing your post is greatly instrumental to writing a great website content and, therefore, instrumental to getting first page rankings in due time. This is worth giving attention in order to become successful as soon as possible. You can develop further in learning punctuation marks and grammar generally as these are instrumental to your blogging success.

      It wouldn’t be good enough to consider building other people’s blogs through content writing at the expense of your own blogging success except for being reciprocity and outreach wise. You can learn further by visiting Blogging From Paradise.

  2. I love the post. It is not easy to become a great writer and it is not something that everyone is capable of doing. Could you put up a post specifically about these content writers? Thanks for the great info and kudos to you for the tips put across. Keep up the great work.

    1. Becoming a good writer is not an easy-to-achieve task and it’s not what you can figure out perfectly in a day unless you follow certain strategies and adhere strictly to tips obtained from authoritative bloggers. Writing is a skill every internet entrepreneur needs to acquire as content is king when it comes to SEO. Content writing is what gradually and naturally assigns ranks to your site over time.

      You need to start building your writing skills as this will help you a lot in building out a trusted and highly ranked site. Putting up a post specifically for content writers wouldn’t be a challenge in any way as I am working already on this. Learn more about leveraging the internet to earn revenue writing for yourself here.

  3. Thanks for this great information on your article! It helps me a lot because I would like to be a writer someday. One of my main goals this year is to be a great writer and this article has given me a great insight into becoming a great writer. Thanks for the great work!

    1. You need to be a good writer in order to build out your site. Getting first page rankings requires a lot of content and being a good writer would be an added advantage. You will be writing articles based on your niche and your grammar must be very okay to really boost rankings.

      In my own research, I noticed that 2000-3000 word articles gain more grounds on the first page than articles of lengths below 2000 words. So, you must be passionate about writing in order to make your way up in building out your site for first page rankings. What is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

  4. Thanks for this informative article! It is truly an art form I think to becoming a great writer and it’s something I personally aspire to. And hopefully, practice makes perfect!

    The one thing I’m considering is getting some help with writing which you allude to. What would you say the best place to find quality writers is? I have tried once but struggled to find a half decent one.

    1. It’s vital to be a good writer when it comes to managing and building a website. So many parameters are checked when ranking your content and the overall website. These parameters include the use of English grammar, use of punctuation marks such as full-stop, comma, question mark and others.

      It’s great using the freelance writing platforms or, perhaps, using the forum posting platforms to get quality writers to write content for you. As a matter of facts, we have a team of writers in our network here that can write you quality and engaging content from time to time and on any niche. Just reply with a comment by filling out the form below and demand for the services of our devoted and highly-skilled writers. You can demand for articles of 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 words in lengths anytime and you receive your orders in less than 24 hours.

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