3 Practical Ways to Build Quality Backlinks without Guest Posting

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Earlier this week, there were some sorts of an announcement by Matt Cutts that guest posting is a bad way to build links. This is one major issue I have made serious warnings about in time past. I don’t really know if it is the product review bloggers’ listing in “Media kits” that seems to be “PR Friendly” or the clients who still tolerate submission of articles.

Link building requires you to be smarter in terms of strategies. Your brand doesn’t need to be endowed with much money to get links. You just need to be smart and creative with ideas.

Owing to the fact that you do have a ton of technology that didn’t exist in the ’90s or early 2000s, you can still come up with a ton of high-quality links and rank your sites. Listed below are three different ways you can build backlinks that are of high quality, useful, budget-friendly, and don’t require guest posting.

Before I share these advanced link building strategies, I want to share some insights about quality content, the reason being that quality content is majorly based on something resourceful, original and of great quality.

What is Quality Content for Backlink Purposes?

Tactics for Link Building
Link Building

The major backbone of SEO is quality content. It means creating an interesting user experience for the people involved. Quality content requires coming up with useful relevant information that people want to share. It’s an easy-to-use process for completing a conversion. It adds value and makes articles to be actionable without adding a load of fluff or filler. The content must also be appealing to your user base, the people shopping, and the bloggers that write for your brand.

Now, take a quick look at how content is defined above and how you can apply this to the link building strategies I listed below.

1. Build Backlinks with Video & Technology

Build Backlinks with Video
Build Backlinks with Video

I have been engaged with a company called Viewbix for the past two years. Viewbix is an active video player that has over 20 interactive apps that allow people to sign up to your newsletter, scroll through calls to action, or even stream Youtube channels through the video player.

One Viewbix strategy that does help in building video links is the moment a Viewbix player is shared on social media sites like facebook and twitter. The functionality remains intact, thereby, giving you a wide exposure to those who follow it or come across it in a newsfeed.

This strategy works perfectly well and helps you use video to build links naturally and effectively. And it only works if you have some informative and compelling video content that people want to share and watch.

How does it work? When you make a video, choose the apps that are most relevant and needful for the content. For instance, if you are coming up with some video content having to do with Blue Widgets and have got a video series, section or infographics about other features of Blue Widgets, you’re likely to reference these within the video content as extra resources.

An important thing to do first is placing the video content in the player. You can then leverage the YouTube app to stream other videos in your series, so people can see that you are able to support your findings and knowledge with more detailed videos that can justify the same topic.

Also, try as much as possible to reference different episodes or any available resources on your website within the videos, so people won’t have a hard time finding them. Viewbix also adds a little update on their list app which allows you to open the app midroll and show a link description, and also add an image to the exact location you are referencing.

In order not to interrupt the video, you can set the list app to open at the end to display every other thing you have referenced, thereby giving the viewers a way to find your resources, promote and share them and hopefully link to them instead of your video.

What is the List App?

Building Backlinks for SEO
Building Backlinks for SEO

The list app performs so many roles; it allows you to upload a list of images, descriptions and trackable links to your video. Using the app can make you link it to highly resourceful and quality posts you make reference to within your video.

By having the list app open at specific times during the video, people can easily search and get relevant pages and useful information portals if they need to access it.

Another thing to always remember is to be certain that people can reach you. The inscription button on the player via your main call to action can say “Buy Now” or you can add a phone number, contact form or email link.

To spice it up, you can add the Skype app, or make it accessible to people on Facebook and Twitter – who can choose to call you through the actual video. The need to get journalists and bloggers through the video so as to have a direct line of communication with you is important. It will be helpful if you can make it work.

This is one of the reasons Viewbix is amazing in building backlinks with your videos. You’ll be able to track, measure, test and then repeat the whole process to generate a ton of quality links if you do it the right way. Viewbix is sectionalized in two versions, the free and paid versions and I do suggest you try both out.

2. Build Backlinks with Webinars

Build Backlinks with Webinars
Build Backlinks with Webinars

Almost everyone talks about webinars as a link building tactic but on the contrary, I haven’t got to see many people who have been able to make it work. It is normal for an executive site from a large company to be able to get almost a million people to listen, but often times when I hear someone say some things, it is majorly ton of fluff and this implies that people will be less willing to work with you.

Instead, they will connect to the “Authoritative Voice” site, to the webinar sign up page or anywhere around your URL.

Always use the big name to get and impress a lot of people but also make yourself available to give actionable items while trying to be nice with “Experts”. This will definitely result in higher quality and in-depth content that users will like to read for tips and reference in turn.

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Things to Remember for Generating Backlinks from Webinars

Digital Marketing Tactics
Digital Marketing Tactics

When using webinars to generate quality backlinks, there are some useful things you have to put in mind. These include:

  • Include actionable items people can take away with the resources existing on your website.
  • Description and information should be hosted on your site to ensure they keep coming to you as people share.
  • Be sure internal links direct people to useful and relevant resources on your site and make them accessible for review by panel members before the webinar.
  • First have the webinar signup, listen-to, and download pages on your site. If it exists on your site, when people share and link to it, you get the social signals and backlinks.
  • Add social sharing apps on the webinar download page, if it is different from the sign-up page.
  • Link people to guides, resources, and infographics that reinforce topics on your site using the signup, listen-to, and download pages. Do not include spam content.
  • Include links that will enable listeners to see what resources are mentioned at any time on your site.
  • Always promote your URL, and endeavor to appreciate everyone for attending, and do bring to their notice when the recording will be available.

Webinars can also be another cool method of attracting links. By having an authoritative voice, you can bring bloggers, journalists and other listeners on board. This is achievable by also having other panel members with solid experience to share actionable items, so you can have access to a lot of follow-ups and people that are making reference to the webinar. If it’s been mentioned or referenced, then there is a good chance that it will get linked to.

3. Build Backlinks with Traditional PR

Build Backlinks with Traditional PR
Build Backlinks with Traditional PR

I guessed you have heard about the ancient days when people read magical things called Books and Magazines that were extracted and made from dead tree by-products.

This was one of the great ways to capture people’s attention to your brand. They will definitely be on the lookout for newspapers, magazines, and they will pick up the other magical tool called a Land Line telephone.

At a certain stage, an operator would connect you with the people you were trying to reach. This can be the first step in SEO. How can you utilize this old basic model to build quality links back to your site?

Pitch new sites with bylines & article ideas

In time past, appearing in these publications will drive more attention, calls and foot traffic to your store. But in recent times, we tag these as visitors, links and traffic. It is so simple.

You can buy an Ad space in the publication, or pitch an idea to a journalist to write about a topic and include you. You also have to think about what the primitive PR firms did earlier on before the internet came up and repeat those practices back into your link building strategies.

Host an industry event or use direct mail

You can organize an event and invite your local bloggers, journalists, and industry people. Send out affordable and valuable gifts. Make sure it is special, or mind-blowing. Having a creative PR and Marketing team makes it easier to work within a budget or no budget. Also, getting a group of local businesses together could build the needed awareness to generate interest and get a ton of high-quality links. You can do it online or offline, depending on your business.

You should be well informed that PR isn’t dead. It has become cliché owing to the fact that everyone is out there copying everyone else and nobody is ready to be creative. Search around for those relevant and creative people and start listening to them. They are not always coming out simply because other people get the attention they deserve within your company. Open a platform and let everyone share their thoughts and ideas in an open and safe environment.

This PR platform of yours can help unveil that, if someone that is currently being ignored sits quietly in one corner, he doesn’t get the needed attention because such people don’t usually speak up, but they do have what it takes to build a ton of high-quality links.

You can even introduce a secret submission form where everyone can submit their ideas and still retain a second copy, so when you pick the idea, only the right person can claim it.

You can grab what Matt said with levity, or ignore it (which a ton of people will do), or you can get back to the basics. I prefer to go to the fundamentals – which is creating quality content that people will find engaging, want to share and link to.

Once you have the quality content, create a sales or lead funnel that is easy to follow and find a way to get your information out there.

Closing Thoughts

Let’s just assume that guest posting exists no more (which is far from the truth); there are still so many other methods to build and connect quality links to your site.

You can make use of technology to improve your current marketing tactics and help people discover the great content and resourceful links to your site. If you are into webinars, search for how you can integrate the resources your site provides into the conversation. You also want to have the right audience and get quality backlinks.

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  1. I never heard of Viewbix but I like their process as you explained. I think it is a great way to get more exposure for your content and eventually make sales.

    It is definitely something that I want to learn more about. Because I have been thinking to add a video promotion business to my content. Will it be okay to share videos that I have already published on Facebook and YouTube?

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I do not know much about Backlinks or Guest Posting, but after reading this article, I have not just been able to know what Backlink and Guest Posting are, I have also been able to know what how they work, how they can be utilized and can be beneficial if properly utilized. I also got to learn the 3 ways one can work hard to get quality Backlinks without having to bother about guest posting.

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