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Upon trying out several grammar checking tools online, I figured out that Grammarly emerges the best and the most effective tool for website owners, schools, offices, and organizations worldwide.

Unlike most other grammar checking tools out there, it detects errors quickly as you write your content and provides a couple of suggestions to get those errors fixed right away.

Grammarly Earning Potentials
Grammarly Earning Potentials

Whether you’re grammatically poor or rich, the tool is still an excellent one among others for all of your writing assignments be it on your personal site or on just any freelance writing platform.

Most especially, grammarians would find Grammarly more indispensable than those who don’t feature well in grammar.

Review of Grammarly
Review of Grammarly

As your ranking might be hurt by common grammatical errors and mistakes, Grammarly becomes a crucial tool for your online success. No matter how mistake or error conscious you may be, you’re naturally made to make mistakes especially while creating content.

Even if you believe you can edit your content multiple times to ensure no grammatical mistake is left out, you will certainly skip one or more errors untouched. And that’s where this tool stands in for you. It ensures that all of your content is perfect and ready for a first Page Rank.

Accuracy of Grammarly

I can speak adequately about the accuracy of Grammarly having used it for a couple of months to write email scripts, blog posts, comments, guest posts, forum posts, and many more. It really makes a lot of sense when compared to its counterparts out there.

I sometimes wrote my content first using the Microsoft Word as the program tries detecting errors and suggesting what to ignore and what to use for accuracy purpose. That was long ago and when I had not started using Grammarly yet. But when I had started using Grammarly, I discovered more accuracies in my content and the tool enhances my ranking potentials in search engines.

I invested with Grammarly after testing it out on blogs and the tool is worth investing with by webmasters and bloggers who mind content accuracies in all respect.

The tool has both free and pro versions but you wouldn’t want to stay long using the free version alone. This is because all features are complete and found with the pro version.

I’ve personally checked the overall accuracy of Grammarly as I cross-checked several writing documents for grammatical errors and mistakes using Grammarly against other grammar checking tools out there.

While the free version would only detect and correct a few errors pointing your attention to other likely errors that might come up but which may not be corrected using that version, the pro version would help you perfect your content writing as all possible errors would be detected and corrected together once.

So, it wouldn’t be necessary for anyone installing this tool without being ready to upgrade to the pro plan.

If you would love to enjoy the full benefits of using Grammarly even after signing up for the free version, then it’s worth awaiting further emails to be sent from Grammarly. In those emails, you will find options to upgrade with awesome discount rates and this might be the best time for you to enjoy the cost-effectiveness of this tool.

Review of Grammarly
Review of Grammarly

Easy-Of-Use Application

Among its counterparts, Grammarly is easy to use and it’s compatible with standard web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Most people chose Grammarly because of its easy-to-use features and compatibility with the widely-used web browsers. It can be accessed and properly used on different apps and on word documents.

Aside from other factors, Grammarly completely underlines only texts that contain grammatical errors or mistakes in red ink and that can be clearly seen by anyone regardless of age.

Grammarly is not invasive unlike most other grammar checking tools and it’s visible in just any box that contains texts.

At the bottom of every text box, there used to be a gear icon that must be clicked for Grammarly application to start working. By clicking on this icon, the application will automatically start detecting all grammatical errors and mistakes across the entire page and provide suggested corrections to those mistakes.

Aside from getting suggested corrections to all the errors and mistakes found through a popup, you may equally choose that the application may redirect you to any other resource where you can get details of corrections made so far.

Potentially, the application provides content analysis for your articles and further suggests tips to help you improve your writing abilities.

Aside from using the application directly online through a blog, word document or any other resource, its app can be downloaded and installed on your mobile device to assess your writing accuracy and performance.

Using the Grammarly app, you can simply create and save documents which you will visit and revisit at a later time and you can as well edit and control settings for your account.

On a more serious note, Grammarly is cost effective and it has better and faster functions than that of its counterparts out there. It’s taken the pioneer position over other grammar checking tools online.

It costs a bit less than $30 per month to upgrade to the pro version while it only costs $139.95 to go yearly. So, it pays pretty much to go yearly than re-subscribing monthly.

There are several pro version plans such as monthly, quarterly and yearly plans and it’s allowed anytime to switch between plans.

Grammarly Sign Up Details
Grammarly Sign Up Details

Sessions To Receive Feedback From Grammarly

This is the session for editing and receiving feedback from Grammarly. Once you create a feedback session for Grammarly to always feed you back, getting all detected errors fixed becomes feasible and easy.

The most interesting part of using this tool is that even when an error proves difficult to fix, the application further helps to do the right thing with such an error for work to continue perfectly.

Once you’ve upgraded your account, you’ll start receiving status updates from Grammarly on your work probably every week. This is part of what makes Grammarly the best among its counterparts out there.

From the status updates you’ll be receiving weekly, you’ll learn how far the application has helped you check errors and mistakes, get to know how many words the tool has checked and corrected for you as well as most common errors and mistakes detected so far.

Review of Grammarly
Review of Grammarly

Choice Of British or American English

This is another feature that allows you to choose a genre for your writing as well as customize your grammar as to whether you’re choosing British or American English.

As your voices change depending on the type of audience you’re writing for, Grammarly comes in and makes it possible to cope with a form of a writing project.

The application is so flexible that it’s easy to ignore its instructions any time you wish to. It’s user-friendly and not rigid.

Review of Grammarly
Review of Grammarly

Full Staff/Customer Support

Using the request feature, you can get full support from Grammarly any time of the day. In case you can’t find what you’re exactly looking for in the “Frequently Asked Questions” page, you can submit a ticket right away and you will get a reply in less than 24 hours.

On occasions whereby you’re submitting a ticket during business/working hours, you can usually get a response in less than one hour.

This application is pretty superb in the sense that you can upload both open and saved document quickly unlike most other grammar checking tools that wouldn’t let you do your uploading easily. You don’t have to restart the system before you can upload and edit any document including word documents. It emerges the best grammar checker online.

Review of Grammarly
Review of Grammarly


Grammarly is smarter, faster, better, more accurate, more perfect, and more effective than any other grammar checking tool online.


The application never stops prompting you until you upgrade to its pro version.


Grammarly is an excellent tool when it comes to detecting and checking grammatical errors and mistakes.

Google penalizes for typos within your content and Grammarly can help you out of that trouble. Those who have problems with grammar will get their solutions simply by using Grammarly to create web content.

The application interferes with your writing process making sure that your work is very okay and suitable for a first Page Rank in Google. So, you have to hold on for the application to finish integrating your writing process.

Aside from other benefits, Grammarly makes it feasible for you to leverage its advanced checker. This is suitable for professional writers who offer professional/quality writing services to clients home and abroad. I use it too because I help site owners write content including companies.

By using the application, I get maximum confidence prior to presenting projects to my clients. And after delivering projects to clients, I get higher ratings and pull in more clients. Kudos to Grammarly! It’s made this a reality.

With the effectiveness of this application, it’s worth pretty much more than its price. To prevent your Google ranking potential from being hurt by common errors and mistakes in writing, start using Grammarly today and be accurate.

Veteran bloggers who quit eventually ignored useful blogging tips like these. Never ignore helpful blogging tips. Start implementing working strategies and watch your blog skyrocket to the first page in search engines soonest.

What grammar checking tool do you commonly use to create and perfect your content to make it grammatical error free?

Have you used the Grammarly application ever? Tell us what your experience has been with the Grammarly application as compared to other grammar checking tools out there.

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20 thoughts on “Review About Grammarly”

  1. Thanks for this review, Israel.

    I think I had heard of Grammarly before, but never really knew what it was. It sounds like a very helpful editing tool, which would not only correct mistakes, but give the writer confidence in moving forward.

    I took a look at the affiliate opportunity with Grammarly, using your link, and it looks pretty generous! So I saved the page to refer to later. Thanks again!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Danette! Grammarly has taken an edge over all of the grammar checking tools ever launched online and this is something you will need as a blogger to perfect your writing towards achieving the first-page ranking in Google. Thanks for the visit!

  2. I love Grammarly! I’ve been using it as my primary editing tool for months now and I find it to be very thorough and useful.

    I actually think it picks up much more than the built-in editing software in content platforms like Microsoft Word. I’ve been considering upgrading to a paid version to have access to suggestions that’ll help me improve my writing, but I haven’t made the plunge quite yet!

    • Much impressed to hear this from you, Tucker! I cherished your courage and determination to upgrade to the pro version of Grammarly and hope you’ll have a much more wonderful editing experience using Grammarly. Kudos to you for the participation!

      Wish you much success!
      Israel Olatunji

  3. I’ve been a blogger since three years, and I own two successful websites. I have been using grammarly since 2 years now. Earlier, some people used to point out some mistakes in my content, so, I started proofreading one article many times. It was then I came to know about grammarly.

    So, I started using it in my proofreading and it helped me a lot. It has a very good accuracy and according to me, if you are in an online business like me, it will definitely help you. Even though I recommend you to proofread your content manually after using this as after minute errors are acceptable.

    • Thanks for leaving a thought, Hari! Your valuable comment is much appreciated. Grammarly is still the best when it comes to writing excellently and editing efficiently. But a lot of bloggers haven’t considered using a grammar checking tool like this ever and this is affecting their Google rankings. Thanks for your wonderful editing experience with the Grammarly application!

      Wish you much success!
      Israel Olatunji

  4. I’ve not used Grammarly so this review is interesting to read. I am currently using the free version of Ginger to counter check whenever I finished an article on Google Docs.

    The thought of doing a thorough proof reading did cross my mind, but I’ve also seen some articles riddled with faulty grammars that actually ranked quite well on the first page so I am questioning the benefits of using these tools for the long term.

    Maybe I could try the free account and see where it goes from there. Thanks for the insights.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Cathy! Kudos to you for the reading! Unlike before, Google is more meticulous about your grammatical accuracy than ever. Pro bloggers of today never had access to awesome grammar checking tools like Grammarly when they started out years back.

      Ever since Google took over the ranking of sites from Alta Vista, Yahoo and others, things have totally changed about getting a Page Rank. So, you need to become aware of the fact that grammatical accuracy is now included in the Google search algorithm for getting a first Page Rank unlike before.

      Thanks for the visit!
      Israel Olatunji

  5. I’ve been hearing a lot about Grammarly recently! It’s been very prevalent in YouTube ads. I will need to check it out, especially as a fellow blogger.

    Do you know any of the details about how grammar affects rankings? I’m really not sure, but I’ve tried to be as careful as possible.

    Do you know of any resources like Grammarly that have the ability to help with multiple languages? Or does Grammarly do this? I would be interested to find a tool that could help me to write posts in multiple languages or to communicate with others in their native/preferred language.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Jordan! Much appreciated! Grammarly has truly taken its edge over other grammar checking tools online and is currently being used by millions of brands in all the parts of the world.

      Use of grammar and punctuation marks generally affect your ranking in a great way. I could remember a post published by Brian Dean (A world-class SEO expert), a couple of months ago titled “Google Top 200 Ranking Factors”.

      Brian together with his fellow data analysts searched for over a million articles in Google and analyzed the top 200 ranking factors of which content and links are the top 2 ranking signals.

      Down the hierarchy, I found that grammatical accuracy, spelling, and punctuation marks constitute a great impact on your ranking too. And that was why I love using the Grammarly application.

      This application is all I need to perfect my writing. No matter how careful you may be, you are prone to making mistakes unless you make use of a reliable application like Grammarly.

      Thanks for the visit! Wish you much success!
      Israel Olatunji

  6. I really enjoyed reading your review on Grammarly.

    As you, I also always relied on Microsoft Word and hoped for the best.

    You’re right, nowadays it is crucial to write proper grammar (especially if you want to either hold your reader’s attention and as you said rank in search engines).

    Before I always thought a word processor was sufficient to assist in grammatical errors, but have also realised that apart from spell check, it does not have that much to offer.

    I haven’t used Grammarly yet, but think I’ll give it a go.

    Thanks again,

    • Thanks for stopping by, Sally! Much grateful! Ever before I started using Grammarly, I had tried a lot of grammar checking tools out there but wasn’t satisfied with their features not until I heard about the Grammarly application. It’s given me a super blogging experience. Thanks for the visit!

      Wish you much success!
      Israel Olatunji

  7. Hi Israel,

    Well, that was an eye opening review of Grammarly! I had no idea they allow for British or American English depending on the audience you are writing to – that is very unique and exciting.

    I blog all the time and even the tool I use misses some basic spelling errors. This is very frustrating so I clicked on your link there and I am going to give them a go.

    Thank you very much for explaining the features as well and I am even more excited to give a go.

    There is nothing like write a 2/3/4/5/ thousand word post, getting it indexed in Google, and reading it some time later to see plenty of errors! Ugg, it’s just not worth the hassle not to have the perfect error catch such as Grammarly. It just saves the embarrassment and reduces the perception of your article in the eyes of your readers when there are too many.

    I delighted I clicked on your link and I am looking forward to giving your suggestion a good go.

    Thanks again Israel.

    – Philip.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Philip Colbert! Thanks for the reading and kudos for considering to try it out! I had tried several grammar checking tools before I moved to Grammarly finally.

      One fascinating thing about the tool is that a lot of major improvements have been made to it over the past year.

      Now, your writing can be checked with Grammarly everywhere you write even for free. And aside from that, the Grammarly’s mobile keyboard has been fully launched for effective and clear documents, emails and lots more.

      Furthermore, the Grammarly browser extension can be installed on Firefox, Safari and Chrome. And Its grammar and spelling checker is available for free. A lot of other features are still there unmentioned in this comment at your disposal.

      Thanks for the visit! Wish you much success!
      Israel Olatunji

  8. i am a blogger by profession and since 2 years, I’ve been using Grammarly to have a final check for my blog regarding its grammatical mistakes. Many a times, there were minute mistakes which my readers pointed out but Grammarly helped to overcome this.

    If you were a blogger like me or someone who needs to write these content, then I will definitely recommend you to use it once for a final check as it has helped me also. (obviously before the final check via Grammarly, you will give a proof read to your article yourself and it will point out your mistakes)

    • Thanks for stopping by, Hari! Much grateful! Your experience about Grammarly is exact confirmation of mine, and I would possibly recommend this application to all bloggers who really want to rank their content soonest. Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  9. Hi Israel, thanks for this tip!

    You are right, getting the grammar and spelling right makes our content much more readable and people are more likely to read to the end.

    As a “Brit,” I would like to point out that there is no such language as “British” since Britain consists of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The other countries have their own languages and also speak a form of English. Those forms of English have words and grammar unique to their country. e.g. a child in Scotland is a “bairn,2”, and a house in Scotland is a “hus.2”.

    The language often refereed to as “British” English is English English. I have tried many grammar and spell checkers and have found the MS Office ones as faulty as any others, so I have developed the habit of first running the checks then correcting some of the mistakes myself, not to the suggestions in the grammar checker.

    There are some pretty good sources of correct English on the net, The British Council has a lot of grammar and spelling advice and lessons. It is a minefield and, as you say, so important.

    I will give Grammarly another try. I tried it a couple of years ago and was not impressed but it has been upgraded quite a lot since then. Thanks again for your tips, they are much appreciated.

    • Thanks to you for the reading, HappyB! Much grateful! Though Grammarly was not truly as great, accurate and effective as it is now some years ago, things have changed totally now with the application.

      Kudos to you for the language emphasis you made in your comment, my friend! Much impressed! Grabbed some ideas from your honest emphasis! Thanks to you for the visit!

      Wish you much success!
      Israel Olatunji

  10. Of course, I highly appreciate your review of Grammarly. I still use a free account, And it supports more for my grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. I totally agree with your information. While I was reading this post, I thought I should upgrade to the pro version of Grammarly now.

    Before I read this, I didn’t know anything about the feature of the pro version of Grammarly. I really like your post and I want to thank you for writing this to inform us. Such a great article! Thanks!

    • Thanks to you for stopping by, Samantha! Much appreciated! When it comes to grammar checking tool, Grammarly has no rival.

      There is no grammar checker online that is currently competing with the Grammarly application. It’s such a superb grammar checking application and it’s being leveraged by the millions of people in all parts of the world now. Thanks to you once again for the visit!

      Wish you breakthroughs!
      Israel Olatunji


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