Strategies for Receiving More Comments on Your Blog

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Are you familiar with what makes a blog rank well in search engines at all? Do you really know that blog comments take an integral part of what ranks your blog high in Google and other major search engines? Well, I’m pleased to inform you today that you can get a high Page Rank in Google once you’re ready to move your blogging game to the next level through blog comments.

How do you receive comments on your blog? Do people leave comments on your blog frequently? Some people have actually asked me this same question times without number. What is the essence of a blog that receives content daily yet without receiving any comment? How does Google rank blogs based on blog comments?

Google believes you have some high-quality, informative, and engaging content on your blog so far you have what it takes to engage the audience. Readers won’t stay long on your site once they can’t find any comment or an appreciable number of comments on your blog.

On the other side, you’ll receive more comments when readers find out that you’ve been receiving quality comments from people who have visited your blogs ahead of them and have read some posts on your blog.

New sets of readers and visitors will get motivated to leave their own valuable comments once they can find that others who have been there had read and commented on posts.

What strategy do you simply implement to receive more comments on your blog? How far has commenting impacted your blog in search engines? In today’s publication, we shall talk about comment taking, the relevance and efficacy of comment taking on your search engine ranking and traffic, how you can drive tons of high-quality and attention-grabbing comments on your blog, as well as the strategies to make readers and visitors leave valuable comments on your blog before clicking away.

How to Go About Comment Taking

Comment taking is what most veterans have found so difficult to accomplish, whereas, there are a lot of good ways to receive valuable and attention-grabbing comments. Why do you think some people have only built their sites consistently for a period of 6 months after which they started earning hundreds of dollars if not that they did thorough engagement on their audience?

And why do you think some veterans ended up getting zero traffic even after creating content persistently for a period of 1 year or more if not that they didn’t do engagement on their sites the way it boosts rankings? Have you seen anyone who quit blogging all because of low or no traffic?

A lot of veteran and newbie bloggers have called the game a quit when they couldn’t pull in any traffic on time. They felt so frustrated and decided to give up financial freedom without knowing. It wouldn’t work at all creating content alone without doing the site and social engagement at all.

Here are things you can do to start receiving valuable comments on your blog:

  1. Ask your readers to leave valuable comments once they’ve finished reading the posts on your blog.
  2. Promise your readers that you’ll respond to all of their comments in less than 24 hours and do exactly as promised.
  3. Read posts on authority blogs and leave comments with your website URL added in the comment box.
  4. Write for niche related authority bloggers and get links back to your blog.
  5. Help a lot of people solve their problems on social media and engage everyone thoroughly across the channels.
  6. Buy real and targeted bulk comments from platforms like
  7. write compelling and remarkable blog posts at all times to build an ideal audience for your blog.

Ask Your Readers to Leave Valuable Comments Once They’ve Finished Reading the Posts on Your Blog

How do you ask your readers to leave valuable comments after reading the posts on your blog? When you want to create a post of say 1000+ words on your blog, you’ll have to include in the last paragraph of the post, a phrase asking the potential readers to drop some valuable and authentic comments once they’ve finished reading.

How do you convince the potential blog readers to leave comments after the reading? You’ll have to make a promise somewhere in the last paragraph that you’ll earnestly get back to them in response to their comments. You’ll also have to include in your promise that you’ll help them resolve any challenge they might be facing and answer any inquiry they might want to make after the reading.

You need to implement these strategies to build your blog and move the game to the next level in earnest. By asking and motivating the readers to leave comments this way, you’ll successfully receive comments from at least 50% of the potential readers who visit your blog to read posts.

Promise Your Readers That You’ll Respond to All of Their Comments in Less Than 24 Hours and do Exactly as Promised

It’s very necessary to make a promise of responding to their comments specifying the exact time they should expect to receive a response(s) from you. This will ginger them up and motivate them to drop something appreciable in comments.

Once they’re very sure of receiving a timely response from you, they’ll eagerly read down the page and happily leave an attention-grabbing comment before clicking away from your blog. People actually need a lot of morale to do certain things or take certain actions.

Read Posts on Authority Blogs and leave Comments Adding Your Website URL in the Comment Box

Do you really consider reading posts on authority blogs part of your blogging game at all? Whether you do or not, reading posts on authority blogs is part of the game you need for a successful blogging.

When you read posts on authority blogs and leave attention-grabbing comments frequently, you’ll get noticed someday and the blogger will surely link back to your blog through one of the comments you’ve left so far to check out what you do on your blog. In a situation whereby the authority blogger finds out that you have good and high-quality content on your blog, he won’t hesitate to leave some comments and may give you free mentions on his own blog linking people from his own blog to yours.

Aside from receiving the visit of an authority blogger, you’ll generate more followers. All those who have been following the authority blogger on forums, on social media, and elsewhere will also follow you believing that you really have what an authority blogger can admire on your blog.

Write for Niche Related Authority Bloggers and Get Links Back to Your Blog

You can write for a niche related authority blogger either by way of guest posting to earn backlinks or working as a paid writer. It pays more to write guest posts to earn backlinks than receiving tokens as a paid writer without being able to get backlinks.

Pending the time you’ll start receiving guest post invitations naturally from other niche related bloggers, you can, of course, be accepted by some authority bloggers to write guest posts on request. You’ll simply do this by submitting a proposal via the site contact box.

Help a Lot of People Solve Their Problems on Social Media and Engage Everyone Thoroughly Across the Channels

Find out who you can help one way or the other on social media, on forums, and everywhere else. By helping others succeed, you’ll surely become successful. It simply works with passion and this is all you’ll ever need to do consistently to get a lot of people following you through your blog.

Once you’ve got a good number of followers who actually follow you to your blog, you’ll automatically get more quality comments on that blog and your ranking will improve with time.

Buy Real and Targeted Bulk Comments from Platforms like

There are platforms that sell real traffic, real people, and real comments at cheap prices. Experientially, no other way can make you rank faster than receiving real comments and replying on time.

While you’ll be asking the readers to leave their comments after the reading engaging them, you’ll also need to buy real comments from platforms like the one mentioned above, though I can hardly recommend comment trading platforms except for this particular one.

Write Compelling and Remarkable Blog Posts at all Times to Build an Ideal Audience for Your Blog

When it comes to building an ideal audience for a blog, it entails publishing compelling and remarkable content frequently to satisfy the readers’ appetites. This is the kind of content that a large number of readers will be willing to read over and over again.

What do you understand by compelling and remarkable blog posts? These are posts that people will find so helpful and will be full of information, tools, and resources that others can leverage to build their own business. These are kinds of blog posts which a lot of people will love to bookmark and revisit at their leisure.

Start writing informative and well-researched content on your blog frequently while engaging visitors and expect to see pro blogging results soonest.

Did you enjoy the reading and would you love to make an inquiry based on what you’ve read? Do not hesitate to ask your questions or contribute to this post by leaving a valuable comment in the box below and I’ll be more than happy to respond to your comment in earnest.

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